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FOR THE YEAK 1887-8. 



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Visitation of James Goldwell, Bishop of Norwich, beginning 
5 October, 1492. \_Tanner MS. 100, fol. 28.] . 

Visitation of Richard Nicke, Bishop of Norwich, beginning 
27 April, 1514. ITanner MS. 210, fol. 1.] . 

Visitation of Richard Nicke, Bishop of Norwich, and his suf- 
fragan. John, Bishop of Chalcedon, a.d. 1520. \_Tannei 
MS. 132, fol. 1.] . . . ■ 

Visitation of Richard Nicke, Bishbp of Norwich, a.d. 1526 
ITa^mer MS. 132, fol. 96.] . 

Visitation of Richard Nicke, Bishop of Norwich, a.d. 1532 
[Tanner il/5. 132, fol. 124.] . 

Index of Religious Houses visited . 

Index of Persons ..... 









When the fifteenth century was drawing to a close there were 
in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk at least fifty-one religious 
houses of various denominations, without reckoning the Cells or 
dependent establishments which were used from time to time as resi- 
dences for the inmates of the parent-house who required "a change." 
Of these, forty-three were places of retirement for men, eight were 
nunneries for women. They may be roughly divided into three 
classes: (i) the houses of Monks and Nuns under the old Benedic- 
tine rule, (ii) the houses of Canons who were supposed to be 
governed by the rule of St. Augustine, and (iii) those which had 
some peculiar rule of their own. The old Benedictine houses 
included two of the first importance — t^ie magnificent abbey of 
St. Edmunds Bury and the priory of Norwich— and one abbey of 
the second rank, that of St. Benet's Hulme, besides three that were 
insignificant establishments— the abbey of Wymondham and the 
priories of Horsham in Norfolk and Eye in Suffolk. The number 
of Benedictine monks in the diocese may be estimated at not less 
than one hundred and twenty; the nuns can hardly have numbered 
more than eighty in the three Norfolk and the five Suffolk houses. 
The houses of the Canons were fur more numerous; there were at 
least twenty-four of such houses, great and small, and the number 
of their inmates must have exceeded two hundred and thirty when 
each house was at its normal strength. 

At the beginning of the fourteenth century the current of feeling 
which had been running more or less continuously in favour of the 


conventuals began to take another direction. For three centuries 
at least, a system of robbing the parochial clergy for the endowment 
of the monasteries had been going on, almost without intermission. 
In the reign of Edward IK., men began to feel that the parish 
priests required to have their hands strengthened, and that the 
regulars had not done and were not doing all that had been 
expected from them. A new fashion set in. Men of wealth and of 
philanthropic temperament struck out a new path, or at any rate 
bethought them of a new experiment that seemed to them worth 
trying. Why should not the secular clergy — i.e. the working 
clergy — be enabled to work in combination and associate together 
in corporations under one roof, carry out the parochial system with 
an intelligent understanding of each with all, instead of continuing 
to work in isolation, jealousy, mutual suspicions, and rivalries ? 
Accordingly an earnest attempt was made to combine the double 
object of keeping the secular up to the mark in the discharge of his 
pastoral duties among his own parishioners, and of giving him 
at the same time some of the advantages of the conventual 
life. The parsonages were converted into colleges, in which the 
parish priests lived in common under statutes which the founders 
of the colleges judged it well to frame ; and the parishes instead of 
having one or two clergymen, each living his lonely life, and 
following his own way, found themselves with six or eight or more 
oflRciating ministers, who gave a far greater air of pomp and 
magnificence to the services in the church and who were always 
ready at call when the people were in trouble, or sickness, or needed 
special counsel. The earliest college in the diocese of Norwich 
appears to have been the college of Rush worth, founded by Gonville 
in A.D. 1342. Within half a century Gonville^s example had been so 
well followed that no less than eight of these colleges had sprung 
up in Norfolk and Suffolk, and at least two of them were splendidly 


endowed. The '■' Fellows," or " Canons," or " Priests," — for all 
these names were used — who lived in these colleges and kept up some 
conventual discipline within the precincts, numbered about sixty- 
five, thus raising the number of the Regulars in the diocese who were 
to be found in the older houses and in the colleges to a total of 
about five hundred. To these again must be added the inmates of 
houses which had something peculiar in their rule, which this is not 
the place to dwell on — I mean the Gilbertine house at Shuldham, 
the Trinitarians at Ingham, the Cistercian Nunneries of Marham and 
Brusyard. It would be a reasonable estimate which should give 
the total number of men and women within the diocese who were 
members of the monastic orders at the beginning of the sixteenth 
century at five hundred and twenty to five hundred and thirty ; and 
this is exclusive of the friars, the brethren, that is of the mendicant 
orders, whose numbers it is very difficult to estimate, though they 
cannot have fallen short of two hundred, in the thirty houses, great 
and small, which were to be found in the diocese. The grand total 
of men and women who in the diocese of Norwich were members 
of some religious body, bound by solemn engagements to live a life 
of self-surrender, purity, and devotion, and to submit to the disci- 
pline and " Rule " of the order which they had joined, can certainly 
not have fallen short of seven hundred all told. The numbers of 
the parochial or secular clergy, judging from the ordination lists 
and other collateral evidence, must have been quite double that of 
the regulars, whether monks, or canons, or friars, of all orders. 

In theory all the religious houses in any diocese were subject to 
the authority, control, and therefore visitation, of the bishop of 
the see. But, from the first, there had always been an impatience 
of episcopal supervision among the religious orders. It was always 
the aim of a great monastery to get for itself exemption from any 
interference on the part of the bishop. The great abbey of St. 


Edmunds was one of the first that succeeded in procuring for itself 
from the Papacy this dangerous privilege. The Premonstratensian 
liouses were in no sense subject to episcopal visitation, and the same 
may be said of the Cistercians and the Gilbertines. There were seven 
of these exempt houses in the diocese, viz., St. Edmund's abbey, the 
Gilbertine house at Shuldham, the Cistercian nunnery of Marham, 
and the four Premonstratensian houses at West Dereham, Langley, 
Leiston and Wendling. The whole number of houses which are 
reported as visited in the following pages make up a total of forty- 
four, including the two Norwich " Hospitals," which, in fact, 
belong to a different class of institutions. 

The episcopal visitation of these houses took place once in every 
six years, and usually occupied about six months. The Visitation 
of Bishop Nicke in 1514 was planned to begin on the 27th April, 
and was to have been completed some time in the autumn. But 
there seems to have been no hard and fast rule observed; and when 
the reports concerning any house or the complaints that were 
brought forward were unsatisfactory, the visitation was prorogued 
or adjourned; that is, the visitor reserved to himself the power of 
inquiring further, and the house was considered as still under visi- 
tation, and liable at any moment to have a fresh scrutiny entered into 
until the proceedings were formally declared to have come to a close; 
or, as the technical expression was, the " visitation was dissolved." 
As a rule this expression is used only when no fault was to be found 
and things were going on well. When things were going on badly, 
and the presentments or evidence were of a character to lead to the 
belief that reforms were necessary, the bishop took time to consider 
what the next step should be. In some cases he summoned the 
delinquents, or persons suspect, to appear at Norwich or elsewhere, 
and in the meantime the matter was looked into by his officials. In 
other cases special injunctions for the reform of the discipline of the 


house were issued, and these injunctions had all the force of enact- 
ments, which were binding in future and were referred to as in force 
even in subsequent times. Tliese injunctions were indeed very like 
the PrcBtor's Edicts at Eome, at once additions to existing bye-laws 
and authoritative interpretations of laws which might or might not 
be strictly enforced hereafter. The " further inquiry '^ wbich was 
made in cases where the visitation of a house was adjourned or "con- 
tinued '*' appears to have been carried out by the bishop's officials or 
by commissaries appointed for the work. Unhappily we have no 
records of any such commissions of inquiry ; but it is ckar that a 
strict examination was made, such an examination as would have 
been quite impracticable during the short time at the bishop's 
disposal while his ordinary visitation was proceeding. The abrupt 
breaking off of the inquiry at Thetford (p. 90) is probably to be 
thus explained. The bishop had heard quite enough; a more 
searching examination was to be entrusted to his deputies.* 

The visitation of a monastery by a bishop was rather of the 
nature of a visit paid to the inmates of the house with the view of 
listening to any complaints they had to make of grievances suffered, 
insubordination persisted in, or tyranny exercised. It also com- 
prehended an inspection of the condition of the buildings, an 
inquiry into the general discipline, and an audit of the financial 
condition of the community. But there was nothing inquisitorial 
about it. The bishop was there to hear complaints, but he was not 
there to extort from every poor man and woman the secret sins of 
their hearts and lives. If any were burdened with such this wjis 
not the time to hear such sad confessions. The visitor was here 
now as a mere inspector. The inspection being made, correction 

" Compare, too, pp. 51, 111, 87, and manj other instances that the reader will meet 
with, not to mention the cases of Walsingham, Norwich, Wjmoudham, and "Wcstacre. 


and reform might be called for of the body or its members as the 
case might seem to require. Complaints and tale-telling he might 
be forced to give an ear to, but compulsory cross-questioning of any 
on bare suspicion, and demanding from any a recital of his falls or 
his shame, such recital to be used against him on occasion, that 
was a thing which was never contemplated in any episcopal 
visitation. How should it be ? If men and women were asso- 
ciated in a community with the object of keeping up a life of 
devotion and self-surrender, the presumption w^as that they were at 
any rate endeavouring to live up to their ideal ; at least they 
would hardly sink below the level of bare decency in conduct 
which ordinary men of the world maintained; and charity, if not 
the most elementary notions of justice and fair play, demanded that 
a corporation of persons should be regarded as living at least a 
blameless life if no accusations or evil reports came to the ears of 
the visitor from outside. 

When the Inquisitors of Henry VIII. and his Vicar General, 
Cromwell, went on their tours of " Visitations " they were men 
who had had no experience of the ordinary forms of inquiry which 
had heretofore been in use. They called themselves Visitors : they 
were in effect mere hired detectives of the very vilest stamp who 
came to levy blackmail, and if possible to find some excuse for 
their robberies by vilifying their victims. In all the hideous 
comperta which have come down to US'* there is not, if I remember 
rightly, a single instance of any report or complaint having been 
made to the " Visitors" from any one outside. The enormities set 
down against the poor people accused of thein are said to have been 

» I published those which are concerned with the Norfolk monasteries in Mr. 
Walter llye"s Norfolk Antiquarian ARscellatiy (vol. ii. p. 434) in 1883. The note 
which Mr. Rye has appended to p. 442 will be taken for what it is worth. 


confessed by themselves against themselves. In other words, the 
comperta of 1535 and 1536 can only be received as the horrible 
inventions of the miserable men vy^ho wrote them down upon their 
papers, well knowing that, as in no case could the charges be sup- 
ported, so, on the other hand, in no case could they be met or were 
the accused ever intended to be put upon their trial. 

No such charges or anything like them are to be looked for in 
the following pages. On the other hand there is quite enough 
evidence, direct and indirect, to allow us to arrive at a fair estimate 
of the condition of the religious houses and the general tone and 
habits of their inmates during the half-century or so immediately 
preceding the dissolution of the monasteries; and it can hardly be 
doubted that, now that a beginning has been made by the publica- 
tion of the present volume, other episcopal visitations will be dis- 
covered, and that the next few years will enable inquirers to form 
a far truer estimate of the work and influence of the religious houses 
in England than hitherto has been at all possible. 

The reader will be surprised to find that there is very little 
indication of any falling off in the numbers of inmates of the 
religious houses. It is true that in one case there is a complaint 
that the Priory of Norwich in 1514 only contained thirty-eight 
brethren, and that there ought to he sixty (p. 73), but this is one of 
those random statements which are so easily made by a grumbler, 
and for which there could be found no confirmation. If the first 
founder of Norwich Priory did intend to provide for sixty monks 
it is extremely doubtful whether the full complement was ever 
maintained, and forty seems to have been the average number. 
As far as the evidence contained in the records we have before us 
in the following pages carries us there is no sign of any serious 
falling oflf in the supply of candidates for vacancies in the East 
Anglian religious houses If a monastery became burdened with 

CAMD. see. b 


debt or suffered from insufficient revenues, or if it got a had name, 
then of course the best men avoided it, and, as only the worst men 
resorted there, so tlie bad traditions of a house had a tendency to 
perpetuate themselves. This is very noticeable as we look into the 
evidence that comes before us in the following pages. 

The priory of St. Mary at Wymcndham had been for nearly four 
hundred years a cell of St. Albans when, by a cunning piece of 
diplomacy, Pope Nicholas Y. was induced to convert it into an 
abbey in 1448.* In the whole course of its history we hear little 
or nothing to the credit of the house or its inmates, and the tone of 
the place can hardly have improved under its first abbot, if we may 
judge of his character from a letter of his which has been preserved. 
The revenues of the house were considerable, but apparently not at 
ail more than would be necessary for keeping up the establishment 
on a respectable scale without any magnificence, and the severing 
of the connection with the great Abbey of St. Alban's released the 
dependent house from the burdens which it had hitherto had to 
bear. Wlien Bishop Goldwell visited Wymondham in 1492 (p. 20), 
John Kyrteling had been abbot of the monastery for upwards of 
twenty years, and the house had not prospered under his rule. The 
buildings were scandalously out of repair ; there was scarcely the 
appearance of any discipline ; there was hardly a pretence of learning 
or devotion maintained. The report was so bad that the bishop 
felt it necessary to take a decided course. The abbot was prevailed 
upon to retire, and the visitation was kept open ; that is, time was 
given on the one hand to the convent to reform itself if it could, 
while on the other the bishop might resort to stronger measures 
if the monks should show no signs of amendment. But the traditions 
of the place were bad. For ages it seems that the Wymondham 
monks had been an unruly and insubordinate set, and as they had 
* John of Amundesliam, Annales S. Albani, vol, ii. App. (L), p. 366, 


been so they seemed disposed to continue to be. Abbot John 
Kjrteling had been succeeded by one John Redmayn, and he by 
one Thomas Cliamberlain, another obscure personage, who appears 
to have been elected abbot no very long time before the Visitation of 
Bishop Nicke in June 1514. The condition of the monastery was 
disgraceful. There were, indeed, two more monks in the house than 
there had been twenty-two years before, and only two of the former 
inmates were still alive, but things had got from bad to worse. 
There were free fights in the cloister; the brethren went in and out 
as they chose; the prior behaved like a madman; the servants were 
insolent; the buildings were in shameful decay; and, worse than 
all, more than one or two disgraceful instances of habitual drunken- 
ness were reported, and there were grave suspicions of improper inti- 
macies with women who obtained admission into the monastery. 

Again the bishop interfered, and the prior was summarily dis- 
missed from his office, though what further measures were taken 
we are not informed. Another six years pass, and in the meantime 
Abbot Thomas had been succeeded by a man of learning and high 
character, a scholar, a suffragan bishop in the diocese of London, 
the teacher and friend of Sir Thomas More, and the author of the 
first Latin grammar printed in England by "Wynken de Worde 
about the year 1497.* This was John Holt, titular bishop of 
Lydda. He must have been by this time an old man, but the house 
had evidently greatly improved under his rule. Eight of the 
monks who had been visited six years before were still members of 
the convent but only one new brother had been admitted. It 
looks as if the scandals of the former time had kept away any 
fresh applicants. We hear of no such disgraceful scenes as had 
been reported in 1514, though there was still a great deal more drink- 

* Wood's Athena Oxon. (Bliss), vol. i. p. 14. 


ing at night than could be passed over without notice, but the 
abbot on the whole seems to have had his monks well in hand. 
Before the next visitation came he had either died or resigned, and 
his successor was William Castleton, a monk from Norwich. If 
Abbot John was indeed the reformer of Wymondham it seems that 
his reform was maintained. In the visitation of 1526 we find no 
serious complaints, and the number of the monks had increased by 
the admission of three or four novices, whose only cause for dis- 
content was that they could not get all the instruction which they 
desired. The inference that we cannot help drawing from this 
retrospect is that according to the character of the head of a house 
so was the tone and character of the inmates likely to be. The 
constitution of a monastery was so essentially monarchical, and the 
brethren were such children, so dependent, so incapable of stand- 
ing alone, so helpless when they were not governed and kept in 
leading-strings, that when a weak, vicious, or incompetent abbot 
or prior was at the head of affairs the life of the convent became 
intolerable, and like idle schoolboys the men took to quarrelling 
and grumbling; sullen discontent led to wickedness, and vice and 
immorality were the result, not necessarily of a taste for wickedness, 
but of the condition of affairs which left the fraternity without 
employment, without amusements, without interests; left them in 
fact with nothing to do. 

The priory of Norwich has nothing to boast of in its history. 
It was not set down in the wilderness, it had no half fabulous past to 
look back upon. No saint had come forth from it, no martyr or 
hero had ever shed the lustre of his name upon its annals ; only one 
really eminent man with more than a loi'al reputation had been 
educated within its walls. From first to last it had been a singularly 
useless institution as compared with any other great English mon- 
astery with equal resources. But what was the moral and intellec- 


tual character of tlie inmates of the house during the period with 
which we are engaged ? This at least is evident, that when Bishop 
Goldwell visited the priory in 1492 he was by no means disposed 
to pass over irregularities ; on the contrary, there was, as there had 
been often before, an absence of cordiality between the bishop and 
the convent, and if the visitor had had any cause to believe that 
grave offences had been committed, any great laxity of discipline, or 
any notorious immorality, we may be quite certain that he would 
not have passed such things over. That in a community of nearly 
fifty men of different ages, temperaments, and parentage, all should 
be living devout, virtuous, or blameless lives, it would be foolish 
to suppose, but there are no signs that in the year 1492 there was 
anything like a general laxity of conduct among the Norwich monks, 
or that vice and immorality were looked upon with toleration. 
There was not that strictness of discipline which was desirable, the 
gates of the close were not regularly shut at night-time ; laymen 
were not shut out from the refectory; there was no observance of 
the silence and decorum which the monastic life enjoined; learning 
was at a low ebb; there were some damaging reports of the valu- 
ables of the monastery having disappeared; there had been rumours 
of indiscreet gossiping and chattering in the church between some 
of the monks and certain women whose characters it was said were 
not free from suspicion ; moreover the convent tailor, and convent 
barber, at any rate, had their wives and families within the close, 
and long ago this presence of women within the precincts had been 
forbidden ; it was contrary to the rule, and to be discontinued. 
But if this were all it was not much, and if there was more to tell 
to the discredit of the monks it did not come to the bishop's ears, 
and it has not come down to us to comment on. If the bishop 
wished to adjourn his inquiry for a month the convent had no 
objection, but the monks had nothing more to say, and the bishop 


had nothing more that he could discover. But when Bishop Nicke 
visited the priory in 1514 there was a very different condition of 
affairs. By this time Robert Catton who had been one of the 
youngest monks in the monastery in Bishop Goldwell's time had 
become prior, and things had been going very wrong. The prior 
did not even put in an appearance, and no excuse was made for his 
absence. Tlie sub-prior was denounced as a profligate who was 
showing an evil example, the buildings were dilapidated, there was 
no school deserving the name ; the monastery was in debt ; some 
of the monks wore strange dresses; some were in the habit of 
dancing in the guest-hall night by night ; some were openly accused 
of unchastity; the services of the church were conducted in a 
slovenly negligent manner ; women went in and out at pleasure. 

The condition of the monastery was scandalous, morally and 
financially. The bishop was again by no means inclined to leave 
things uncorrected. He issued immediate injunctions for the 
reform of such abuses and he kept the monastery under visitation, 
giving the monks till the next year to reform themselves, appointing 
the first Sunday in Lent {i.e. six months hence) as the day in which 
he would hold his next inquiry. Before the next visitation came 
round in 1520 there had been a decided improvement. The prior 
answered to his name and produced his accounts: there were no 
complaints worth mentioning: the vicious sub-prior of 1514 had 
disappeared, so had brothers John Siblys and William Wingfield, 
against whom some serious charges had been brought: and the 
impression left upon us is that the convent was in a fairly satisfactory 
condition, and the brethren living in comparative harmony. Bat 
during the next six years the old mischiefs had broken out again. 
By this time Bishop Nicke had become the object of suspicion and 
dislike in high quarters, he had many enemies; in his diocese his 
authority was seriously on the wane. On the other hand the prior, 


Robert Catton, was playing his own game ; he was an ambitious 
man and had been working with a single eye to his own advance- 
ment. When the bishop's official appeared to carry on the 
visitation (for the bishop it seems was not there) the prior was 
absent, there is some reason to believe that of late he had been 
absent a great deal, and the sub-prior, Dr. William Repps (who 
eventually became bishop of Norwich, and in 1550 was compelled to 
resign his bishopric)^ was letting things go as they would, and seek- 
ing only to get the suiFrages of the younger and disorderly among 
the monks with a view to winning their votes when the prior, 
Robert Catton, should receive the preferment which could not long 
escape his grasping hands. 

It is somewhat difficult to make one's way through the tangle 
of perplexing tales and rumours, complaints and counter complaints, 
trifling gossip and evident slanders, or at least gross exaggeration, 
which the report of the 1526 visitation brings before us. There 
seem to have been at least two parties in the monastery which were 
animated by very acrimonious feelings against each other. There 
were two brothers_, Thomas and John Sail, who had managed to 
provoke against themselves deep dislike. The first of them, Thomas, 
was third prior; the second, John, was precentor and communiarius. 
The third prior, especially in the absence of the prior, was a person 
of some importance in a inonastery, and the discipline of the place 
depended very greatly upon his firmness and vigilance. If he were 
supported by his superiors, the prior and sub-prior, he could keep 
things together, prevent laxity and enforce the rule in its minutest 
particulars, he could punish the disorderly, compel the juniors to 
pursue their studies and the seniors to show in externals at least a 
good example. But if he were thwarted, his sentences annulled 
and his orders cancelled, the consequences that would ensue were 
obvious. Thomas Sail was evidently not. supported. The prior 


and sub-prior excused the juniors from the penances imposed upon 
them and gave ear to the tales and slanders that were going. 
There were complaints and recriminations on both sides, rather 
ugly stories they were; but that the tailor's wife should have 
indulged in familiarities towards Dr. Eepps in public, or that the 
filthy story which Kicholas Fraunsham told against the sub-prior, 
can have been strictly true, or that, if it had been true, Lopham 
himself or some one else should have had not a word to say in 
corroboration, is upon the face of it incredible^ and the more so 
when we remember that Lopham and Fraunsham had joined 
together in a kind of '* round robin " against the sub-prior for his 
excessive strictness in compelling the juniors to commit the Psalms 
to memory and to repeat the lessons which were enjoined upon 
them (p. 198). John Sail was evidently a man of energy and a 
man of business. The office of precentor involved a great deal of 
work, and when to this were united the duties of communiarius (who 
may roughly be described as chief accountant or auditor of the 
convent) the administrative duties which lay upon him implied 
that he was fully employed for many hours a day. It was necessary 
that such a functionary should have his own private office or 
chamber, and it might often happen that he would be kept at 
work till late in the night at his books and accounts. John Sail 
had such a chamber but it was contrary to the rule to have his bed 
in it. That was suspicious. The juniors made complaints; suggested 
that he would be safer sleeping in the dormitory, and though they 
did not venture to bring a charge against the precentor they did 
hint that lohen he tvas absent certain evil things had occurred. 
]\Ioreover, John Sail had an irresistible hankering after fine clothes 
— there was no denying this. His very purse which hung at his 
girdle was a dainty piece of workmanship : his shoes were a marvel. 
They had been known to be positively tied with red silk bows. 


importance in the diocese of Norwicli, and the church of the priory 
had long been a favourite place with the gentry. In these visita- 
tions the report is invariably the same: there are no complaints, no 
dissensions, nothing to reform. In the report which the commis- 
sioners made upon Pentney Priory in 1536 it is set down that there 
were then " religious persons in the house nine, all priests of very 
honest name, and good, religious persons, who do desire the king's 
highness to continue and remain in religion, .... and the house in 
very good and requisite reparacion." The prior, one Robert Codde, 
had presided over the house for fifteen or sixteen years, and had 
previously been prior of Bromehill; he became subsequently master 
of St. Gileses Hospital in Norwich, and survived the suppression 
just ten years. Of Pentney during the five centuries that it lasted 
we hear nothing but good reports, the canons of that house kept up 
their character to the end. 

It was in the smaller houses with insufficient revenues tlvat a 
lower tone and a laxer discipline might be expected to be found. 
Such were Beeston and Weyburne on the coast, near Cromer, 
Hempton near Fakenham, and the little priory of Thetford. They 
were all wretchedly poor, and the inmates were often driven to 
great shifts to find even the means of livelihood. At Hempton the 
canons seem to have cultivated their small estate with their own 
hands. At Weyburne they lived by serving the churches round 
At Beeston the prior in 1514 seems to have been a man of loose 
life, but he repented, the school was revived, and, as appears from 
evidence not produced in these pages, the house had a short gleam 
of prosperity ; but at Thetford things grew from bad to worse, and 
at the time of the dissolution the convent had sunk down into a 
corporation sole. In none of these houses, at any time during the 
last century of their existence, could there have been half-a- dozen 



inmates ; as religious institutions they were effete, as educational 
institutions they were quite useless. 

Occupying a middle place between these decayed houses which 
were really useless, and such a house as that of Pentney, which was 
doing good work, there were some Augustinian houses where the 
canons were living a harmless, pleasant life in society, the tone of 
which depended, as elsewhere, almost entirely upon the character of 
the prior. Such were Bokenham, Butley (in Suffolk), Hickling and 
Coxfbrd. We hear no great harm of the inmates, they seem to have 
lived in community, keeping up a form of religious life, the services 
in the church duly performed day by day ; some sort of educational 
work, too, going on. The canons were pretty much in the 
same position as the fellows of colleges at Cambridge or Oxford 
except that they were rarely men of the world or students ; they 
were, in fact, resident landlords brought into daily intercourse with 
their tenants, managing their land in the immediate vicinity of 
their houses, and personally superintending their labourers, easy- 
going county gentlemen, usually keeping up a school for the 
neighbourhood, though latterly it seems that this duty had not been 
as generally observed as in the old days. They were not rich, they 
were rather bad men of business, and they were almost always 
suffering fi'om their predecessors having made the churches and the 
monastic buildings a great deal too large for the income at their 
disposal. The complaints of the cost of repairs or the need of them 
are made again and again. Indeed, it is abundantly plain that the 
smaller monasteries everywhere were suffering from the reckless 
overbuilding in former times. The consequence was inevitable ; 
the monasteries everywhere, except where the income was derived 
from some source which supplemented the mere rent or produce of 
the land, were becoming steadily poorer, and this meant that they 
had less to offer by way of attraction to the abler men to throw in 


their lot among them. The names of the inmates of these Augus- 
tinian houses, with one exception, indicate that the canons belonged 
to a class below the gentry at any rate. That one exception was 
the important priory of Westacre in the valley of the Xar. It was 
by far the richest Augustinian house in East Anglia, and appears to 
have been a place of safety for the younger sons of the landed 
gentry or of the merchants of Lynn and Norwich. In 1514 the 
names of six or seven prominent Norfolk families are conspicuous in 
the list of the canons, but here things were in an unsatisfactory 
state when Bishop Goldwell visited the place on the 11th August, 

Kichard Pell had been prior of the house for many years. He 
seems to have been a weak man and. to have left himself very 
much in the hands of his sub-prior, Edmund Lichfield, who was 
quite able to manage the house with ability. Lichfield was perhaps 
inclined to domineer, he certainly was ambitious ; he gained for 
himself the office of prior of Flltcham in 1498, and became titular 
bishop of Chalcedon and suffragan bishop in the diocese of Norwich 
in 1500. As sub-prior of Westacre he showed himself a great 
deal too busy and active; he took the rabbit-warren under his 
charge, he managed the swannery, he was inclined to tighten the 
reins of discipline. Of course he had some supporters, but there 
was a party in the house that made a set against him, and he and 
his party made a set against the prior. The prior had been remiss; 
he had so mismanaged the accounts that the school did not pay its 
expenses; the gentry were charged too little for their boys. The 
sub-prior had found fault with this, had tried to bring about reforms, 
to practice economies, but as to anything else being wrong. No ! 
There was no one who had any complaints to urge. Brother Henry 
Tolle declared he was at peace with most men — with such men for 
instance as brother Robert Patryk— but charity had its limits, and 


he was not at peace witli Galfridus SwafFham, he could not be at 
peace with him ; not — that is with a safe conscience ! 

Prior Kichard seems to have lived many years after this ; he must 
have remained head of the house till a great age, and when bishop 
Nicke came on his visitation in 1514 Westacre had by no means 
recovered from the effects of the old gentleman's inefficiency. The 
priory was greatly in debt, and the new prior, Eichard Clarke, 
found himself much cramped for want of money. The canons, as 
usual, looked cut for a victim, and, as usual, the victim was the 
sub-prior. The prior had found John Smyth — a servant or steward 
of the house — very useful and very necessary in the way of business, 
and the prior might be reached through Smyth, and certainly 
through Smyth's wife, for Smyth was a married man. So the 
sub-prior was dismissed and brother John Spilman was elected in 
his place, and the obnoxious Smyth was also dismissed. The prior 
had been brought low and a faction of the house had carried the 
day. Yet in the midst of all this tittle-tattle there are again no 
serious complaints or murmurings, and so flir as we are permitted 
to see anything of the inner life of the house it appears to be going 
on far more creditably and far more seriously than we should have 
expected. There are younger brethren pursuing their studies at 
Cambridge. They had not to be sure received the full amount of 
the exhibition that had been voted, and young Richard Cobb was 
not able to go to the university at all, for money was short. The 
service was kept up only too strictly, for as brother Robert Pepyr 
Avas the only one of the canons who could play the organ the prior 
would never grant him leave of absence. There was a library, and 
rather too easy access to it, and at the usual times the rule of silence 
was observed, though now and then the rule was broken, and the 
bishop was prayed to take notice of the fact. In all this there is 
no evidence of any grave evils. But during the six years that 


followed, the debts of the house and its difficulties had increased 
and its reputation had declined. There was a new prior, and he 
not all that was wanted. The school had come to nothing; the 
lectures which it seems had been kept up formerly had ceased; 
there were indeed three of the canons at the University and at 
least two of the canons in residence were qualified to start the 
school again, but there were no funds forthcoming ; the house was 
undeniably in a state of sore decay, and the prior was a " sensual 
person," which may mean anything, but which probably means no 
more than that he was touchy and irritable. Once more the prior 
was reached through the sub-prior, who was deposed: and the 
bishop's visitation was kept open. The priory was to be further 
dealt with by-and-bye. 

When next the bishop visited the house he found things very bad 
indeed. William Lowthe, the prior of 1520, had disappeared, and 
so had his successor Thomas Bryggett — a man of distinction at 
the University and a scholar of some repute. The new prior was 
William Wingfield of Dunham, and was allied to some of the 
most influential houses in the county. But the prior was evidently 
a cipher, and the discipline of the house was bad. The debts were 
increasing; the reputation of the place was falling; the number 
of the canons had not been kept up, and worst of all there had been 
a hideous and revolting scandal among the brethren. Heading 
between the lines, I cannot resist the impression that the horror and 
surprise of this frightful business staggered and perplexed the 
visitors. The bishop or his official had arrived at Westacre on the 1st 
August; he left the place that same afternoon issuing a few formal 
injunctions. But the dreadful moral offence was to be dealt with 
more deliberately. Next day the visitation of Pentney was carried 
out, and it looks as if some consultation had been held there on the 
case that had come before the visitors. Certainly, nearly a week 


passed before the visitation was resumed, though the priory of Cox- 
ford, which was next inspected, was not more than half a day's ride 
from Pentney. What the result was we are not told. 

The last visitation of the house does not tell us much, but what is 
revealed is not very satisfactory. Prior Wingfield had let things go 
their own way. He had evidently allowed his kindred outside to 
plunder the priory. One of the Calibuts of Castleacre had recently 
married a Wingfield — I think a sister of the prior's. Antony Calibut 
had been granted an annuity, or corrody as it was technically called, 
out of the revenues of the house, and Francis Calibut had been 
appointed /)wice/"?2a, z'.e. he had taken a contract to provision the 
convent, though he was an immoral man and ought not to have 
shown his face in the house at any time. Moreover, the recent 
scandal had evidently produced a great effect. Several of the canons 
of 1526 had deserted the house and the numbers had so seriously 
declined that the king had recently forced a stranger upon them, 
and taking alarm at this significant act the convent had elected a 
batch of five novices to fill up vacancies. The names have all a 
strange outlandish sound to East Anglian ears; the canons had to 
look far afield to find candidates for admission to the house. If 
we could lift the veil, if we could recover the evidence that has 
perished, or cross-examine witnesses that have been dead for 
centuries, I doubt not that we should find in the records of the 
last eighty years of the priory of Westacre the history of the decline 
and fall of an Augustinian monastery that was doing good work at 
the close of the fifteenth century, but which, partly from the 
untoward accidents to which persons and institutions are exposed, 
partly from the faults of its rulers, partly from the pressure of forces 
which were at work tending to degrade the tone and to destroy 
the discipline of all such houses as this — in thirty years had 
become hopelessly deteriorated. It is difficult to see how such an 


institution could ever have recovered its character or ever again have 
become what it had been. 

But of all the religious houses in the diocese with which tliese 
visitations deal, and with whose condition they make us acquainted, 
the famous priory of Walsinghara seems to have been the most 
disorderly and demoralized. It is to be wondered at that no 
historian has ever attempted to write a monograph upon the history 
of this famous monastery. Erasmus, while ridiculing the superstition 
on which the place had thriven for generations, and which brought 
to it a handsome revenue, says expressly that the lives of the canons 
so far as he had heard were "not much amiss," he even seems to 
have formed a high opinion of their sincerity and devotion. It is 
very strange that they should have stood so high in public estima- 
tion, and that the great scholar should have heard nothing to their 
discredit during his visit or afterwards. Bishop Goldwell in 1494 
found the place in a very unsatisfactory state ; he tried to get some 
information out of the canons but failed. It was quite certain that 
things were going on badly. but no one dared to speak, and there 
was nothing for it but to adjourn the visitation and to threaten 
strong injunctions which might help to correct evils that were more 
than suspected to exist in the monastery. The prior at this time was 
John Farewell, and the result of the visitation of his house was 
that he accepted the rectory of Ryburgh and resigned the more 
important and lucrative office. Between the visitation of Bishop 
Goldwell in 1494 and Bishop Nicke in 1514, Walsingham had 
benefited very largely indeed by bequests aiid gifts of pilgrims. 
Henry VII. had ordered by his will that a costly image should be 
set up in the shrine. Henry VIII. and Queen Catharine had each 
made a pilgrimage there. Erasmus has left an account of his visit 
in 1511. In twenty years the number of the canons had nearly 
doubled. The income from offerings alone was very large indeed. 


But the moral and religious state of the community was disgraceful 
in the extreme. The prior was living a dissolute and scandalous 
life; he robbed the treasury of money and jewels; he went about 
in the dress of a layman; he kept a fool to amuse himself and his 
friends with his buflfoonery ; he was commonly believed to be keeping 
up an illicit connection with the wife of one of the servants; he 
behaved towards his canons with the utmost violence and brutality ; 
and the result was that the canons themselves were a dissipated, 
noisy, quarrelsome set, among whom the very pretence of religion 
was hardly kept up ; while the very keeper of the sacred shrine, 
the very man whose reverent demeanour had personally impressed 
Erasmus three years before, had been absent from matins sixty times 
in the course of the past year, a heinous offence indeed in the eyes 
of the religious. Of course the servants were insolent, the boys in 
the school mutinous, there were evil reports everywhere and not 
without foundation; for the canons frequented the taverns in the 
town and worse places, and hawked, and hunted, and occasionally 
fought, and scaled the walls, and got out of bounds at forbidden 
hours ; some broke into the prior's cellar and stole his wine, and 
some sat up all night drinking, and rolled into chapel in the early 
morning and fell asleep and snored. It is a shocking picture and it is 
quite evident that it is not coloured too highly. The bishop deter- 
mined on measures of reform, and the prior was compelled to resign. 
A new prior was appointed and new statutes for the govern- 
ment of the house were drawn up. But here came in the difficulty 
which so frequently retarded measures of reform. It was not 
easy to get rid of a recalcitrant member of a religious house, he 
may be almost said to have held a freehold in his monastery, and if 
a majority resolved in the rejection of the new statutes the minority 
however well intentioned were really powerless. Cardinal Wolsey 
himself had made a pilgrimage to "Walsingham in 1517, and there 


are some indications that in drawing up the now statutes he had 
been consulted; but the new prior, Richard Vowell, found himself in 
a nest of hornets, and when the next visitation came round, though 
the grosser and more flagrant scandals seem to have been got rid of, 
yet the house had by no means recovered from the eflPects of those 
scandals, nor was there by any means concord and harmony among 
the brethren. 

Prior Richard, after this, seems to have managed to reduce his 
house to something like order, but in 1526 there were no scholars 
sent up to the university, no pretence of educational work carried on 
in the priory, no learning among the canons, the numbers had fallen 
seriously, and there had been what looks suspiciously like a sudden 
accession of novices in anticipation of the bishop's visitation. Six 
new canons had been admitted at once, and even so there were 
not more than twenty-two brethren in the house, all told. Prior 
Richard continued head of the house till the dissolution, and 
received a handsome pension at last, but no further revelations of 
profligacy or disorder have been made — the decencies of life were 
not again outraged as they had been. 

The Colleges in the diocese, as judged by theevidence here presented 
to us, furnish us with none of those startling pictures which the 
older and more powerful houses bring before us. It must be con- 
fessed, however, that looked upon as institutions to promote holiness 
of life among the clergy, to foster learning, to advance education or 
to exhibit a higher ideal of life in action, and so to set before the 
laity the beauty of holiness as exhibited in the daily walk of the 
members of these corporations, the colleges, too, had proved a failure. 
Comparing the reports which have come down to us for these forty 
years, the impression produced is that the colleges were doing very 
little good though their inmates were doing no harm. Here, too, 
it seems that the brethren or fellows were, as a rule, living without 
CAMD. soc. e 


reproach. Thompson, Wingfield, and Attleborough Colleges were 
poor little places, and the fellows were so few that the ritual obser- 
vances in the church and the looking after their agricultural busi- 
ness outside kept them from idleness and its attendant vices. 
Sudbury seems to have got into debt before the visitation of 1526 
took place, and as usual dissensions and quarrels began, and laxity, 
too, folloAved. At Eushworth the fellows were prosperous in Bishop 
Goldwell's days, but thirty years later they had got into slovenly 
and negligent ways, and the school had almost come to nothing. 
In 1532 the school was revived and the boys put under the tuition 
of no less a personage than Thomas Becon the Keformer, then a 
young man of twenty, who had but recently taken his B.A. degree. 
Metyngham College was a place with larger resources than those 
hitherto noticed. The picture we get of the rollicking life of the 
place is amusing enough ; the dropping the monastic garb and using 
the regulation gown as a saddle-cloth may provoke a smile; but it 
is not till 152C that we hear of any decided impropriety, and when 
we do hear of it we hear that the discovery of the oifence against 
morals had been immediately followed by an attempt on the part of 
the master summarily to expel the offender, though it appears that 
by reason of some informality the validity of the expulsion could 
not be sustained. The peculiar circumstances which bring the 
great college of Stoke so prominently before us in the following 
pages contributed in a great degree to confine the attention of the 
visitor to the mere financial and strictly legal position of the college, 
but on the other hand those same circumstances would certainly 
have acted powerfully in the direction of tale-telling and exaggera- 
tion of indiscretions, if there had been any serious instances of moral 
impropriety to point to and report upon. 

There remains only to cast a glance at the evidence which comes 
before us in these visitations regardino; the condition of the Nunneries 


in the diocese. It must be borne in niind that as in the houses of 
monks or canons there were very wide differences not only in 
the rule, the resources and the traditions, but also in the social 
standing of the several houses; so was this very much more the 
case with the nunneries. It often happened that an ambitious 
young man would gain admittance to a flourishing monastery 
with the object of availing himself of such facilities of study as 
the place afforded. There was perhaps a good library, a scholar 
of repute whose lectures were worth attending; learning was the 
fashion of the place, and many students were to be found in the 
cloister ready to help and guide and encourage research; if a lad 
showed promise he would be sent to the university; if he returned 
with a good reputation he might reckon on being employed in one 
of the many diplomatic missions that were constantly calling for 
able men to conduct them. Then as now the country parsons 
were regarded as shelved men : preferment very rarely indeed fell 
to them; the Regulars— -ih^i is the members of the religious 
houses — monopolised all the preferment in the church and a great 
deal of the preferment in the State that was worth having. There 
is much greater significance than may appear at first sight in the 
complaints that are so frequently to be met with in these pages — that 
there was no schoolmaster for the juniors in this or that monastery. 
It meant that there was no one to make the young men proficient 
in speaking, and especially in writing Latin with ease and fluency. 
A command of Latin was a sine qua 7ion to success in life in the 
cloister or the church. It was absolutely essential that the head 
even of a small religious house should be able to me Latin, not 
merely to understand it. The monk who was so ignorant that he 
could not write a letter, keep accounts, maintain a conversation 
with a stranger or preach a sermon in Latin, had no hojic of 
risin"' even to ofiice in the monastery, much less had he any hope 


of preferment outside tlie walls. But with the cultured and 
diligent and ambitious young conventual, his career was only 
beginning— the world was all before him ; and such men, so far 
from regarding the daily routine of services and ceremonial as the 
end to be content with, rather acquiesced in them and used them 
as only the means to something more. The conventual regime 
was so much discipline preparatory to a career that might offer itself 

But for the nun, after she had once taken her vows, there was 
no career, no possibility of a career, there was no future, nothing 
in this world to hope for. Let her prepare herself for the celestial 
life if she would— this life had nothing to promise. When a lady 
had once realised this, or her friends, before they consented to 
allow her to enter a conyent, had realised it for her, it became a 
question of very great importance — in fact, of vital importance — 
what the character of the nunnery was to which the girl was going 
to attach herself for the remainder of her life. " Was the abbess a 
desirable person to be under ? Were the nuns ladies ? Were they 
the right sort of people to mix with in the parlour, in the cloister, 
in the dormitory? On the other hand, the lady abbess and her 
nuns had their point of view also. They did not want to have 
a plebeian damsel admitted to their set, however liberally the 
wealthy kinsfolk of the young novice might be disposed to deal 
with the house if she were received without demur. It is obvious 
that the nunneries would tend to become much more exclusive 
than the monasteries (using that word here for convenience as a 
religious house of men only), and that where a nunnery had a 
reputation as a resort for the daughters of the upper classes, and 
consequently admission to its precincts had got to be a privilege 
Eomewli.'it jealously guarded, laxity, irregularity, and anything in 
he nature of scandal, would be seriously prejudicial to the interests 


of tlie institution. A nunnery with a bad name would find it hard 
to recover its character in half a century. A nunnery must be 
above suspicion. 

On the other hand all nunneries certainly could not be the 
resort of high-born and highly connected women. If there were 
monasteries and monasteries so emphatically were there nunneries 
and nunneries. As in our own days, a small school of no repute or 
a small college " which has gone down," cannot afford to be too 
particular in admitting applicants. So many a small nunnery, with 
insufficient resources, burdened with debt, or otherwise in decay, 
might be willing to admit a novice without questioning too care- 
fully as to her antecedents. Some poor girl, perhaps, had gone 
astray, the victim of some villanous seducer; overwhelmed with 
shame and remorse it might be, or cursed it might be by proclivities 
which were only too apparent, her friends were glad to put her 
into hiding, and get her kept out of harm's way. Such secrets are 
as a rule ill-kept, and it would be hard, almost impossible, to con 
ceal what the outside world knew only too well. It is easy to see 
how the house which had welcomed the fallen sister might get to 
be regarded as a place of refuge for others whose sin and shame was 
matter of notoriety, and it would become extremely difficult for 
such a house to be looked upon with kindly eyes by outsiders. Not 
only so, but in such a society the frailty which had betrayed itself 
at one time might show itself again at another and then .... 

Thus it may have been with the little nunnery of Crabhouse. In 
the first half of the fifteenth century there had been a time of great 
prosperity there, when Joan Wiggenhall was prioress from 1420 to 
1444. The good lady had been able from her own resources and 
by the help of her friends and kindred to carry out some important 
building operations in her little domain. If she had over-built her- 
self, and if the house had become burdened with debt in consequence, 


it is only what had happened too frequently elsewhere. It may be 
that the finances of the house had got into a bad way and the usual 
results had followed. Be it as it may, when Bishop Nicke came to 
Crabhouse in 1514 it was reported to him that Agnes Smyth, one 
of the nuns, had been seduced by one Simon Prentis, who turns out 
to have been a gentleman living in the parish and owning a consider- 
able estate there. The wretched woman confessed her sin. The 
child had died. This is absolutely the one solitary instance of 
immorality which comes before us in all these visitations of the 
Norfolk nunneries which cover a period of just forty years. Six 
years later we find that all things were going on well, there was 
nothing to report. 

If the poverty of the nuns at Crabhouse had been a snare to 
them, the poverty of the nunnery qt Thetford was much more 
notorious. In 1492 there were eleven inmates but everything was 
going on as it should. Twenty years later the prioress was 
evidently at her wits end to know how to keep things going. One 
of the nuns was liable to outbreaks of insanity; the number had 
fallen short, and it was declared that the prioress was actually 
intending to admit an entirely ignorant novice, and as though that 
were not bad enough, that a deaf and dumb woman was to be 
introduced shortly. That is, the financial condition of the house 
was desperate, its poverty is complained of again and again, yet the 
last we hear of the place is that the house was "in good reparation," 
the nuns were "of good conversation and living," but there was 
a debt which they seem to have had no means of clearing off ; and 
the moveables, including the very bells, were set down as worth 
nothing. At the nunnery of Blackborough again we hear the same 
story. There the prioress excused her not handing in her account 
to the bishop on the ground that she wished to save the expense of 
an auditor; but the rehgious life was kept up notwithstanding; 


thij: was in 1514. Eighteen years later, four at least of the old nuns 
■were still alive, but the church was ruinous and they had no means 
of repairing it. The poor old ladies were still going on in the old 
round ; if the whole place seemed senio ferme confracta as they 
plaintively confessed, so were they. Four years later came the end. 
There were nine nuns still keeping things going, but the times were 
too hard for them, they were out of heart, and though they were all 
" persons of good religious name,^' yet " they all required their 
dispensation." Let the king have his way ; they might as well go! 
It is to be observed in passing, that the commissioners' report 
represent the house as by no mean^ as dilapidated or in such evil 
case as we should have expected to find it. 

The case of Flixton Xunnery offers a curious parallel to much 
that has already come before us. When Bishop Nicke visited the 
house in 1514 he found the nuns full of complaints and discontent. 
Margaret Punder was prioress, a personage of stern and strictly 
precise character, not apparently sparing herself, and by no means 
inclined to spare her nuns. She kept them on very short commons. 
Twice a week they were compelled to put up with nothing more 
substantial than bread and cheese, a diet the thinness of which was 
unendurable. The convent was in a condition of almost open 
rebellion, and the nuns found occasion against her to report evil of 
her to the bishop. Was it not absolutely forbidden that no nun 
of that house should speak in private with any man who was not 
a clerk in holy orders? But the prioress had a kinsman, one John 
Wells ; he may have been a tottering old dotard of ninety from 
anything that appears to the contrary, but he was a male and a 
layman. " The prioress has been seen talking to a man and more 
than once ! " ci'ied the nuns, and they shook their chaste heads and 
looked shocked, " and for such a prioress as that to domineer over us 
and keep us on bread and cheese ! She has flagrantly broken the rule I 


Let the lord bishop decide between us ! " The lord bishop did con- 
sider the case ; the nuns were clearly not living happily together ; 
Margaret clearly did not seem to be the right person to keep things 
straio-ht. It would be better if she retired ; and as for John Wells, 
these talks, and conversations, and private interviews, could not be 
allowed, he must be got rid of at any rate. So Margaret resigns, 
and Alice Wright is chosen prioress in her place. But when the 
bishop came again in 1520 he finds that the new prioress had shown 
herself just as vigorous a disciplinarian as her predecessor, and the 
nuns had a story against her too ; she too had found it necessary to 
consult with Richard Carr, a bailiff or steward as we must infer, 
and the nuns were trying the same game over again. This time 
the bishop took the prioresses part, Carr must go to avoid the 
appearance of evil, but the complaints were evidently mere fractious 
tittle-tattle, and the nuns must obey the head of the house, and 
submit to her orders. Margaret Punder meanwhile had become an 
insignificant person with a grievance, but she had not much to 
complain of. At the next visitation she appears as an ascetic who 
had given herself wholly to prayer and religious exercises, an ascetic 
to whom the world, even the little world of the nunnery, Avas of no 
concern, and the other nuns were content, and things were going 
on well; as they were still once more, when in 1532 the curtain is 
lifted for the last time. 

The priory of Carrow — which people will persist in calling Carrow 
Abbey, though there was but one abbess in East Anglia, and the 
less said about her the bettor — the priory of Carrow had always 
enjoyed a good reputation, and the house had been for long a 
favourite retreat for the daughters of the Norwich citizens who 
desired to give themselves to a life of religious retirement. Judging 
by the names of the nuns which come before us they were just the 
sort of people we should have expected, and the tone of the place 


seems to have been good. In 1492 Catherine Scgrymc was prioress: 

she too Avas somewhat of a stern ruler; she too was disposed to 

limit the allowance of food, and there were bickerings and murmur- 

ings. In 1514 Isabella Wigan had succeeded her, and again there 

is a murmur that the food in the house was dealt out too sparingly, 

but we hear no whisper of anything worse. Twelve years later the 

same prioress is in office. There were several of the nuns who had 

grown old in the house. The sub prioress had been sixty years 

there. The names of two others occur in the list of 1492, and 

declared they had been thirty-eight years " in religion.-"" The 

good old souls were offended at the pace of the chanting in the 

chapel; they could not keep it up when the Psalms were sung. It 

had not been so when they were young: there ought to be pauses, 

slow movements, and times for taking breath. Sister Katherine 

too found the small beer too small ; it was thin, and at her time of 

life she required more generous liquor. Then too there was a 

merry-making once a year which cost money, and everybody was 

expected to subscribe to it. At Christmas- time the nuns had an 

innocent little drama, and their lady friends were invited to witness 

the performance. Country damsels in the outside world had their 

May-day festival, and they chose a queen of the ^lay. Yonder, too, 

in the great cathedral, the chorister-boys and the schoolboys had 

their annual fun when they chose the hoy bishop, and for one day 

in the year a young urchin was dressed up in mock pontifical robes 

and strutted through the long nave with a great procession of 

youngsters doing him homage. Why should not we the young 

nuns of Carrow have our Christmas revel ? So year by year they 

dressed up one of their number as their lady abbess — no retiec- 

tion upon our prioress, observe — for she is onli/ a prioress, and 

» The xxviii years of Margaret Steward on p. 209 is a mistake for xxxviii. Slip 
was senior to Katherina Jerves. 



the one-day abbess is not going to bead a revolt ! So tbe com- 
pany assembled in tbe great refectory, smiled and applauded tbe 
little play. " But," said sister Jobanna—perad venture a mature 
maiden, a trifle starched and prim—" my lord bishop is requested 
to observe that this foolery costs money ; it is wasteful ; we have to 
ask for subscriptions from our friends to cover the expenses, and 
some of us don't like it !" Old Bishop Nicke had become a soured 
old man by this time, he had no heart for merriment or gaiety now. 
" Let there be no more of this !" he firmly answered. " You nuns 
talk too much. It behoveth a woman to keep silence in our 
churches, and as a rule to hold her tongue and speak nothing ; let 
there be no more playing at making abbesses ! " — vocandi causa, 
whatever that may mean ! Six years pass, and all the dear old 
ladies are still alive — even sister Anna Marten — she had it seems found 
the duties of sub-prioress too much for her at last. The infirmary 
washer place now; sixty- six years "in religion" had she been; 
she must have entered the nunnery in her girlhood. More than 
eighty years old was sister Anna. Her time for grumbling and 
finding fault was gone by. As for sister Johanna, she that got our 
Christmas revel discontinued. Never ! never shall she hold office 
in the convent. Sister Margaret, however, who found the new- 
fangled style of music full of haste and breathlessness, she was not 
to be repressed just yet. As a matter of conscience she really must 
draw the attention of the visitor to the melancholy fact that some 
of the younger sisters were guilty of the dreadful impropriety of 
wearing silk waistbands ! Ah ! this prioress of ours is getting past 
her work, the discipline is getting lax. Seven or eight of us are 
real nuns, averaging (say) three-score years of age; but that 
other half-dozen or so they need being kept in their places. What 
is wanted is for those vivacious young persons to wait upon us, the 
seniors of the refectory 1 Said the bishop: " I agree with this view 


of yours. Be it enacted that the younger nuns shall wait at table 
upon the elders ! " Then the lord bishop went his way. 

There were two nunneries in the county of Suffolk which seems 
to have been very " close corporations," indeed. There were the 
Benedictine house of St. Mary and Holy Cross at Bungay, and the 
more wealthy Augustinian house of St. Mary at Campsey. The 
nuns at Bungay were clearly ladies whose names indicate that they 
were not only above plebeian rank but were the daughters of the 
wealthier gentry. The income of the house was by no means large, 
and it is probable that as a rule the sisters on their admission made 
some substantial offering to the funds by way of guarantee for pro- 
viding for their maintenance. From first to last in all the five 
visitations of the house that are reported upon during these forty 
years there is not a single word of complaint, and in 1532 it is 
expressly said that the house was free from any debt or incumbrance. 
If it be true that that land is happy which has no history, it is 
likely to be true too of an institution, and according to that rule 
the nuns of Bungay may be judged to have lived a quiet and gentle 
life, blameless and happy. There was no quarrelling, no murmur- 
ing. The visitor found nothing to correct, nothing to reprove, and 
in every case he found all things going on rightly ; that visitation, 
at any rate, caused him no anxiety, and he passed on without a word 
of censure or any hint which indicates that the rule had been 
broken or the discipline was other than faultless. 

The nunnery at Campsey was a much more considerable house, 
and its revenues much larger. There, too, the sisters were all ladies 
of blith, children of the old landed gentry in the two counties. The 
Willoughbys, Jerninghams, Bramptons, Wingfields, Everards, 
Heydons, and other such families, whose names arc historic in East 
Anglian annals, had daughters among the nuns of Campsey, and it 
was no small honour to boast of that this or that kinswoman of an 


ancient stock had once been prioress of Campsey. During the 
thirty years with whicli our first five visitations are concerned, the 
condition of the nunnery was in all respects as free from blame 
or suspicion as could be desired. When bishop Nicke came to the 
house in June 1532, the lady prioress was Ela Buttery, probably a 
descendant of the lords o£ Botreaux, whose barony by this time had 
been united to the lordslrip of Hungerford.'' She had been prioress 
nearly twenty years, but of late, as it seems, had shown a disposition 
to austerity and extreme parsimony. Sister Barbara Jerningham 
had retired from the office of sub-prioress, but she would make no 
complaints; not so the other nuns. The lady prioress, they said, 
kept Mem strict enough; the food was disgusting; there was an 
abominably bad cook; the roast mutton was burnt {carnes ovince 
assatcB nimium sunt adustce^ p. 291), they were kept waiting for 
dinner in a shameful manner. ]\Iean while the prioress took very 
good care of her grand friends when gentlewomen came to see her. 
To be sure the prioress pretended that some of the nuns were too 
fond of having gossip with the laity, and sister Elizabeth Wingfield, 
she holding office in the convent too, replied not without asperity 
that they might be lay women but as for lay men the thing was 
impossible. They actually made their confessions in church when 
all the nuns could spy at them ; and as for talking to men, tlie 
prioress would not let them talk even to a learned graduate of the 
university imless in the presence of the whole convent ! " Pray is 
this all ? " said the bishop. There was silence. There was some- 
thing wrong in the distribution of pocket-money, let that be cor- 
rected. As for the rest, the prioress is counselled to be a trifle less 

' Her uame gave the notaries mucli trouble. She figures as Ela Betry (p. 36), 
Ela Booty (p. 1.33), and Ela Buttery (pp. 219 and 291), from which we infer that 
it was not a familiar name in Norfolk ; she had '• come out of the shires," as East 
Anglians says. 


mean, and to amend the bill of fare, and if the cook docs not know 
her work, let her be looked to, it might come to her being sent 
about her business if so worthy a person as sister Margaret Bacon, 
she of the mature age of forty-eight, should be kept waiting a whole 
hour for her dinner, and then be put off with a chop that looked 
like a cinder. Thereupon the bishop took his leave, dissolved his 
visitation, and four years later he died. Within six months of 
that, Campsey Nunnery and every other nunnery in East Anf^Ha 
liad been pillaged, the spoilers had tlieir scramble, and there were 
no more houses to visit. For good or evil the monasteries were 
suppressed and their inmates turned out into the cold to face the 
cruel world from which they had vowed to retire, but which would 
not leave them alone. 

This is not the place for comment upon the policy of that 
revolution with which the contents of this volume can hardly be 
said to be directly concerned. Not even yet, in my jud lament, has 
the time come for writing the history of the Suppression. I believe 
that until now not a single report of any monastic visitation, by any 
English bishop, has been printed; but I trust that others will 
follow ; there must be many such records elsewhere. The archives 
of Lincoln contain many of these reports, and I doubt not that 
in other diocesan muniments, sooner or later more of these will be 
discovered. The Premonstratensian abbeys, though exempt from 
episcopal supervision, were inspected at regular intei*vals, and there 
is at least one important collection of the comperta which were the 
result of these visitations, that is only waiting for an editor to make 
it public property. The more such documents are examined the 
better: if the evidence is damnatory, let the truth be told. Even 
though it should appear that every religious house in England was 
a hell upon earth, and every monk or nun was steeped in the foulest 


depths of vice and wickedness; we may be staggered and confounded 
by the sad, and dreadful, and inexplicable exposure, but must needs 
accept it, though henceforth in speechless shame and horror we 
shall be compelled to allow that this human nature of ours is a 
thousand times more base and degraded than we had hitherto 
allowed ourselves to believe. If, on the other hand, the additional 
evidence that time may discover for us shall prove no more than 
thai which this volume makes us acquainted with, we shall have to 
take a different view from that which hitherto has been the popular 
view. Then it may happen that we shall be forced to confess that 
in the sixteenth century there were creatures in common form, who 
exhibited as shocking examples of truculent slander, of gratuitous 
obscenity, of hateful malignity, as can be found among the worst 
men of any previous or succeeding age; but we shall have to look 
for them, not within the cloisters, but outside them, among the 
robbers, not among the robbed. 

It remains for me to add a word on what may be called the 
literary history of this volume. It was during a visit to the 
Bodleian in 1884 that I came by mere chance, as we phrase it, 
upon the first visitation printed in this volume. I could not but 
be struck by what then appeared to me its unique value, and I 
thought then of getting it printed in the Papers of the Norfolk 
Archseological Society. On my mentioning the subject, however, 
to Mr. F. W. Jackson, of Worcester College, he set to work 
systematically to hunt for any other visitations of the same kind 
that might be lying hid among the huge collection which represents 
the lifelong and very successful depredations which so diligent and 
enthusiastic an explorer and appropriator as Tanner had it in his 
power to make. Tanner started in life as a fellow of All Souls, 
and became successively chancellor of Norwich, prebendary of 


Ely, arclideacon of Norfolk, canon of Christ Church, and bishop 
of St. Asaph. He married a daughter of Bishop Moore, the "rcat 
bibliomaniac of the eighteenth century, and while he was arch- 
deacon of Xorfolk, David Wilkins was archdeacon of Suffolk, and 
Humphrey Prideaux was dean of Norwich Cathedral. Few men 
have had such splendid opportunities for pursuing research. No 
man ever availed himself of them with more sublime impartiality. 
He appears to have been strongly impressed with the conviction 
that a man's right to any document in manuscript is in direct pro- 
portion to his power of deciphering it, and his faculty of estimating 
its value. Accordingly, wherever he went he levied tribute; and 
he may be described as the most magnificent literary buccaneer the 
world has ever seen. It need hardly be said that his collection is 
especially rich in AISS. which concern the diocese of Norwich. 
But the very magnitude and miscellaneous character of that huge 
assemblage of original documents makes it extremely difficult to 
find one's way about it without a very careful scrutiny of the 
catalogue, and it was only by going through that volume page by 
page that Mr. Jackson found out the other visitations which are 
here presented to the reader. The originals are in a fair state of 
preservation ; of course they were removed from the archives of the 
bishop of Norwich. When the Council of the Camden Society first 
did me the honour of entrusting their transcripts to my care, I 
vaguely thought of editing them in a very elaborate manner. Ala? ! 
life is so short that I had to be content with a very humble way of 
doing the work, and even so I am very dissatisfied indeed with the 
result, though I am not going to let the critics know why I am 
so. If a man knows his own shortcomings why should he sound 
a trumpet before himself in the market-place and bid the wicked 
world rejoice over him and his sins, negligences, and ignorances? 
The Latin of these visitations is very unequal; sometimes it is 


ludicrously odd. Surely the clerks or notaries were ]iot quite as 
ignorant as occasionally one is tempted to believe them. Was it 
that they took down the ipsissima verba of some stammering canon 
who was shaky in his grammar, or some young monk who had been 
unfortunate in the schoolmaster of his monastery? 

The spelling of the names is wonderful. I tried more than one 
experiment in the hope of restoring the right orthography, or what 
I thought was the right; but I gave them up as quite hopeless. 
Let those who love to guess riddles and make out puzzles try to 
brino- order out of that chaos which the index has at any rate put 
into alphabetical order. Perhaps the great phonetic laws will help 

Some will be annoyed by the want of explanatory notes. If I 
had allowed myself the luxury of adding them I know not where I 
should have stopped. I soon found this ; and thereupon I followed 
the rule which the editors of the Chronicles, printed in the Rolls 
series, are subject to; and I left everything unexplained. I am not 
sure that the members of the Camden Society will be much the 
worse, and the outside public has no right to complain. 

A.D. 1492. 

Visitation or Norwich Priory. 

[Tanner MS. 100, fol. 28.] 
(Bodl. Libr.) 

ViSiTATio ordinaria generalis Reverend! in Christo patris ct doniini 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia Episcopi Norwicensis, per 
eum in ecclesia sua catliedrali jNorwicensi personaliter cxercita 
sequitur in hunc modum. 

Die Veneris, viz. quinto die mensis Octobris anno Domini millcsimo a.d. li'J-J, 
quadringentesimo nonagesimo secundo consecrationisque ejusdem 5 October, 
reverendi patris anno vicesirao primo. Idem reverendus pater ad 
dictam ecclesiam suam cathedralem Norwicensem, visitationis suae Bishop James 
hujusmodi exercendi gratia, personaliter accedens extra portara ^.^^'Ij'^y^l' 
occidentalem ejusdem ecclesise a priore et toto capitulo solenni cum tion in person, 
processione fuit receptus, et exinde responsorio SuMMiE Trinitati 
a cantore incepto, vexillo sanctse crucis ante eos in aiere erecto, 
campanis etiam pulsantibus organisque psallentibus summuin usque 
ad altare venit. Ubi, precibus immortali Deo porrectis ac solenni 
benedictione sua astantibus impensa, ad statim domum capitularem 
una cum Priore et capitulo ac disertissimis viris Magistuis 
NiCHOLAO GoLDWELLE archidiacono Norwici, Thoma Shenkwyn 
legum Doctore Officiali consistorii episcopalis Norwicensis, Hen- 
rico Falke decretorum Doctore, Correctore sive ejus cominissario 
generali, et me JonANNE Apiiowell publico, auctoritatibus 
apostolica et imperiali notario, actorum scriba per dictum rcvereudum 



patrem in hac parte assumpto, ingressus est. Ubi verbo Dei per 
"Magistrum Framyngham, Suppriorem, ad tunc proposito, mox 
religiosus vir Willelmus, Prior ipsius ecclesia3 cathedralis, coram 
dicto reverendo patre ibidem personaliter comparuit et quasdam 
litteras originales citatorias et inhibitorias sigillo ejusdem reverendi 
patris, ut apparuit, sigillatas quse apud registrum remanent una cum 
scedula^ nomina et cognomina citatorum continenti dictis litteris 
annexa, realiter exhibuit. Quibus palam et publice per me notariura 
supradictum de mandate prasdicti reverendi patris perlectis, dicto 
quoque Priore casterisque commonachis et confratribus omnibus et 
singulis prasdictse ecclesige cathedralis Norwicensis preconizatis et 
personaliter comparentibus, juramento etiam canonicge obedientias 
preedicto reverendo patri per dictum priorem nomine suo ac nomine 
confratrum suorum omnium et singulorum ejusdem ecclesias cathe- 
dralis commonachorum prsestito, litterisque ejusdem prioris per quas 
titulum in ipsa ecclesia cathedrali se habere prastendii non ostensis 
sed protestatus est de ostendendo eas congruis loco et tempore. 
The Visitaticn Prsefatus reverendus pater in negotio visitationis sure praedictse 
legittime procedens examinationem confratrum et commonachorum 
ejusdem ecclesise cathedralis suae Norwicensis dictis Magistro 
Nicholao Goldwelle Thom^ Shenkwtn et Henrico Falk 
divisim commisit, et commissarios suos in ea parte vivae vocis oraculo 
specialiter sic deputavit, compoto quoque dicti prioris de et super 
administratione exhibito etiam et ostenso. Idem reverendus pater 
et commissarii sui antedicti dictum priorem et aliquoscommonachos 
ejusdem domus de et super statu ipsius ecclesire cathedralis tam in 
spiritualibus quam in temporalibus secrete et singillatim examin- 
averunt. Et tunc dictus reverendus pater de consensu supradicti 
prioris et majoris partis capituli visitationem suam hujusmodi con- 
tinuavit usque ad horam secundam post meridiem ejusdem diei 
Veneris inclusive. 

Qua quidem hora secunda adveniente dictus reverendus pater ad 
supradictam domum capitularem una cum preedictis commissariis 
suis personaliter accessit, ubi quibusdam Cceteris commonachis et 

continued by 
his official; 


confratribus ejusdem ecclesiee catliedralis ^'oiwicensis per ipsum 
reverendum patrein et dictos commissarios suos de et super stam 
ejusdem domus item examinatis prtedictus rcverendus pater in prte- 
sentia majoris partis capituliet eorum consensu expresso, continuavit 
visitationem suam hujusmodi ibidem usque in diem Sabbati extunc 
proximo sequentis inclusive. 

In quo die Sabbati adveniente in dicta domo capitulari, ceteris 6th to stb Oct. 
. . . 1492 

aliis commonachis per praedictum reverendum patreni et commis- 
sarios suos antedictos de et super statu domus supradictse secrete et 
singillatlm examinatis, idem Eeverendus Pater in praesentia majoris 
partis capituli et eorum consensu dictam visitationem suam continu- 
avit usque ad et in diem lunse extunc proximo sequentis. reservata 
sibi potestate alios commonachos ejusdem ecclesiee cathedralis in die 
dominica etiam examinandi. Quorum omnium et singulorum prioris 
et commonachorum comperta hie subsequenter inseruntur. 

In primis quod Tertius Prior est indiscretus in correctioni- Report ui>ou 
1 the Visitation. 


Item quod mulieres pernoctant infra cepta monasterii contra 
statuta ejusdem ac roligionis norman. 

Item quod jocalia monasterii venduntur et officium sacristee deto- 
rioratur in centum marcis. 

Item quod non servatur debitum sileutium in choro claustro et 

Item quod singula officia non distribuuntur singulis quia dom. 
DiONiSiUS habet in manibus suis officia Comunarii, Elcmosinarii, 
Infirmarii, Pietenciarii et proventus eorundem et est ^lairister 
Hospitalis Sancti Pauli de Normannys. 

Item quod raagister altaris non jacet in ecelesia et hoc est in 
magnam periculum ecclesise et contra antiquam consuetudinem (foi. 2Sb.) 

Item quod subsacrista profundit prodigaliter pccunias suas et 
vadit extra monasterium de nocte et sodet cum sissorc et ejus uxorc 
extra tempus debitum. Et quod prcxnlictus sissor et ejus uxor 
habitant infra cepta monasterii in magnum scandalum ejusdem. 


Item quod certa jocalia, per Dqminam de Blakeney beatee 
Marias in summo altari data, alienantur per sacristam. 

Item quod in infirmaria male servatur et infirmi ibidem pessime 

Item quod dictus DiONisius servat ad proprium usum unum 
gardinum cum croco. Quod quidem gardinum ex antiquo pertinuit 
Conventui pro herbis. 

Item quod pensiones cantariarum de Harpyngham, Wakeryng, 
et Tye non solvuntur. 

Item laici sedent in mensa cum commonachis et confratribus. 

Item chorus non servatur a commonachis decenter. 

Item quod commonachi sedent et ambulant infra ecclesiam et 
cepta ejusdem et nimium fabulantur cum mulieribus inhonestis et 
cum eis quae sunt malee famce. 

Item quod commonachi non habent ignem sufficientem tempore 

Item quod portae et hostia monasterii non clauduntur de 

Item quod commonachi non sunt ad studium litterarum inventi 

in universitate Oxoh et hoc in magnum scandalum et dispendium 


Injunctions [)g g^ super quibus omnibus et singulis, Injunctiones dicti 

roUowmg upon ,. . . , i 

the Report. reverendi patris sequuntur m hsec verba. 

Jacobus Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia. Episcopus Norwicensis 
religiosis viris priori et capitulo ecclesi^ nostras cathedralis Nor- 
v^ricensis salutem gratiam et benedictionem. 

Cum in visitatione nostra nuper apud vos in dicta ecclesia nostra 
cathedrali Norwicensi per nos personaliter exercita, nonnulla 
reformatione ac correctione digna comperimus quae sub dissimula- 
tione, oculis conniventibus, irreformata et incorrecta preterire non 
possumus, subsequentes Injunctiones ex nostro pastorali officio in 
hiis scriptis cum vox cito perit dimissa per aurem sub verborum 
sequentium serie damns ac facimus. 

In primis quia ambitionem coelum non patiebatur ut in primo 


angelo, decet ut a sancta religione (quae in humiliiate fundatur) 
oranis elationis ac ambitionis ardor se moveatur, Injungendo 
statuimus ac statuendo Injungimus (reducendo* hanc sponsam nos- 
tram sanctam ecclesiam Norwicensem ac fratres in ea Deo famulantes 
ad cunabula primee fundationis) omnia statiita ac ordinationes facta 
et ordinata per Priorem prsemortuum '' et seniores tempore regiminis 
sui, vel per quoscunque alios in ecclesia nostra Cathedrali preedicta 
in observantia regulari servientes, sive in cboro sive extra, per quae 
Priori seu alicui alteri tribuebatur reverentia quae Episcopis solum 
debebatur (ut in attendentia prsecentoris, quse solum facienda est 
Episcopo, ac depositione capiciorum vocationeque hujus nominis 
Patris et hujusmodi) cassavimus annullavimus et irritavimus, prout 
tenore prsesentium irritamus cassamus et annullamus, mandantes 
in virtute sanctse obedientiee et sub poena contemptus quod talia 
de caetero non attemptentur. 

Nee Magistri noviciorum prsesentes vel futuri qui cos in regulari 
disciplina instructuri sunt alio modo eos instruant quam eo modo 
quo ipsi instructi erant ex consuetudine antiqua ab ecclesise funda- 
tione, hanc novam doctrinam penitus removentes et annuUantes. 

Monemus insuper primo secundo et tertio ac ptremptorie omnes 
et singulos dictarum ordinationum seu statutorum (si sic mereantur 
vocitari) inventores, quatenus infra tres dies a tempore publica- 
tionis prsesentium quorum unum pro primo, secundum pro secundo, 
ac tertium pro tertio et peremptorio termino, ea a libris in quibus 
scribuntur faciant abradi et deleri, alioquin culpa mora et negli- 
gentia eorum intervenientibus exnunc prout extunc et extunc prout 
exnunc eos excommunicamus in hiis scriptis. 

Item quia dignus est operarius mercede Injungimus quatenus 
serviatur fratribus, tarn in refectorio quam in aula et alibi, in 

' i.e. for the bringing back. 

»> The previous Prior was John Bonewell, who died 27 Sept. 1488. Bin it is 
doubtful whether the reference is to him, and not rather to the days of Trior John 
Hcverlond [1436-1453], in whose time a fierce quarrel went on between the Convent 
and the Bishop with regard to the submission due from the Prior to the Bisiiop. 


numero ferculorum et bonitate et potu, preesertim singulis majori- 
bus festis et vigiliis, sicut antiquitus fieri consuevit. 

Item ordinamus quod fratres qui solent assignari ad missas tabu- 
latas assignentur ad cantarias et non alii nisi aliud fundatio cantarise 
exigit et requirit. 

Item quia ex subita et insperata remotione priorum manualium 
[sic] multociens tarn removendus prior quam prioratus grave patitur 
dispendium^ statuendo injungiinus ut de ceetero ante sex annorum 
tempus nullus prior removeatur nisi causa subsit legittima, per priorem 
nostrum Norwicensem et majorem partem seniorum et saniorum 
appi^obanda. Et si dubitetur an causa remotionis sit legittima seu 
rationabilis, consulatur Episcopus antequam talis prior removeatur. 
Illos autem seniores in casu praemisso haberi volumus quibus ordo 
susceptae religionis senioritate defert. 

Item statuendo injungimus ut preesidentes, secundum sanctorum 
patrum sanctiones, fratres infirmos in infirmaria diligenter indies 
visitent ac necessaria, juxta qualitatem infirmitatis, in esculentis et 
poculentis faciant ministrari ac secundum numerum infirmorum 
(fol. 29.) servientes pro custodia eorum per Priorern deputentur ne fratres 

infirmi ob carentiam custodum pereant. 

Item cum ultima voluntas pro lege servatur, prse oculis semper 
habentes quod sumus ultimarum voluntatum defensores, districtc 
injungimus vobis ut singulse fundationes obituum et cantariarum 
decedentium, omni remote obstaculo, serventur secundum vim 
formam et effectum primaries fundationis eorundem, sicut sacrorum 
canonum poenas volueritis evitare. In contra venientes gravissimas 
censuras fulminabimus, absolutionem et relaxaiionem earundem nobis 
specialiter reservantes. 

Item, quia non est arandum in bove et asino, ut fratres in suis 
refectionibus semoveantur a censor tiis laicorum, injungimus quod 
fratres qui non servant refectorlum sedeaut refectionis tempore in 
Infirmaria ubi quietius possint intendere contemplationi devotae^ 
communicationi et sacrse scripturee lectioni. 

»• douete, MS. 


Item statuta et Injunctiones recolendse memorise domini AVil- 
LELMi Bateman prffidecessoris nostri, alias in visitatione sua facta, 
preesertim de mulieribus infra cepta monasterii non pernoctandis 
nee suspecte introducendis, monemus^ et volumus quod in suo 
robore permaneant et vigore. 

Item, quod cum sacrorum canonum statuta singula officia sint 
singulis committenda personis, statuimus et statuendo injungimus 
quod nullus commonaclius dictee ecclesiee nostrse cathedralis ad plura 
officia dicti prioratus de ctetero admittatur, sicut poenam transgressi- 
onum canonum volunt evitare. 

Item ut omnis infamia imperitiee amoveatur a sponsa nostra et 
virtutes per doctrinam crescant, in virtute sanctse obedientiae et 
sub poena conteraptus districte injungimus ut duo monachi et con- 
fratres, ad studium apti, ad universitatem Oxon. raittantur studii 
gratia, in loco vestro, infra cepta collegii Glowcester Colage 
vulgariter nuncupati, ad hoc deputato permansuri cum subrogatione 
aliorum cum contingat eos ex justa causa removeri, qua in re 
illustrabitur ecelesia nostra cathedralis, infamia procul pelletur et 
avaritia eorum, qui locum, vestrum ibidem quibusdam ut asseritur 
illicitis mediis conantur usurpare, legittime debet refrenari. 

Item injungimus ut nullus fratrum querelam faciat seu litiget 
cum alio fratre super compertis seu detectis in nostra visitatione sed 
pacifice alius alium sustineat et supportet sub poena suspensionis a 
divinis. Et ut preemissa firmitatem habeant sigillum nostrum 
prgesentibus apposuimus. 

Datffi in manerio nostro de Hoxne xsvij die mensis Aprilis anno 27 April,! -ins. 
Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo tertio et nostra consecrationis 
anno vicesimo primo. 

" mnomus, MS. 


Names of the 
Prior and 

Nomina Prioris et Commonachorum hie sequuntur. 
Dompnus Willelmus Spynke Prior, 

Johannes Methuin (?) 

Rogerus Framyngham 

Simon Lynne 

Thomas Bowre 

Edmundus Derham 

Simon Folkarde 

Dionisins Hyndolveston 

Nicholaus Bardeney 

Willehnus Lynne 

Simon Bylney 
Willelmus Oaly 

Simon Norwich 
Willelmus Salle 
Eicardus Norwich 
Thomas Hoo 
Johannes Hempstede 
Thomas Swaffham 
Johannes Attylburgh 
Willelmus Bakynsthorp 
Nicholaus Bedyngham 
Johannes Colchestyr 
Walterus Burnham 

Johannes Lakenham 
Willelmus Castelacr 
Robertus Yernemuth 
Willelmus Manuell 
Robertus Walsyngham 
Thomas More 
Johannes Norwich 
Reginaldus Boston 
Johannes Felmyngham 
Willelmus Bexwell 
Robertus Boyce 
Stephanus Sutton 
Robertus Staleham 
Robertus Mutford 
Willelmus London 
Galfridus Aylysham 
Georgius Hengham 
Thomas Pellys 
Radulphus Sybelyce 
Robertus Catton 
Henricus Langrake 
Ricardus Chatreys. 

Johannes Sybelyce 

The Visitation Et continuata fuit ista visitatio de consensu prioris et capituli 

to be con- j x • • • -,. • ^^ ■, . 

tinned, usque ad et in vicesunum quartum diem mensis Tsovembris ex tunc 

proxime sequentis et ab illo die usque in diem Mercurii proxime 

post sinodum Paschae extunc proxime sequentem. 


Visitation of the Caiinary at Norwich. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Reverendi in Christo patris et Domini i^o\. 30.) 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia Episcopi Norwicensis in 
domo sive carnaria infra cepta ecclesise cathedralis Norwicensis 
personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum. 

In nomine Domini Amen. Die Sabbati viz. sexto die mensis 6 October, 
Octobris anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo conse- 
crationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo. Idem 
reverendus pater ad dictam carnariam visitationis suje hujusmodi 
exercendse causa, declinans ad ostium australe'' dictae carnarias a 
magistro sive custode ejusdem, cum ceremoniis in ea parte consuetis, 
honorifice receptus fuit. Ubi et ad quando coram prsefato Reve- 
rendo patre in hujusmodi inquisitionis negotio procedente, in prse- 
sentia Magistri Henkici Falk Decretorum Doctoris dicti reve- 
rendi patris commissarii generalis, Magistri Thom^ Wotton in 
legibus Baccallaurii consistoriique episcopalis Norwicensis testium 
examinatoris, et mei Johannis Aphowell publici, auctoritatibus 
apostolica et imperiali, notarii actorumque processus infrascripti a 
dicto reverendo patre scribee assumpti, comparuit personaliter DOM- 
INUS Radulphus Pulvertoft, M agister sive Gustos dictae 
Carnariee, et tactis per eum sacris scripturis corporaliter eidem 
reverendo patri et successoribus suis canonice intrantibus necnon et 
ejus officiariis canonic^ obedientige juramentum pr^stitit, titulumque * 

per quern jus in eadem Carnaria se habere prctendit realiter exhibuit ^j^^ Master 
et compotum ostendit. Mox vero de et super statu ejusdem domus f^''^^^^^^ 
examinatus dicit quod dicta domas erat fundata super quinque sacer- 
dotibus cum uno sacerdote principali qui fuit vocatus Magister sive 
Custos, et tunc ad eorum sustentationem Prior et Conventus ecclesiee 
cathedralis Norwicensis solvebant annuatim eidem carnariee xxij 

" There was only one entrance to the Caruary, viz. the South Porch, which still 



marcas, et x-^bbasac conventus Sancti Benedict! de Hulmo solvebant 
annuatim dictee carnarise viginti marcas in pecunia nunierata. Super 
quibus ostendebat ibidem evidentias sufficientes in dicta carnaria 

Dicit ulterius quod Magister Robertus Ipswell quon- 
dam Gustos sive Magister dictse carnariee fecit multa mala eidem 
carnarise tempore suo, quia babuit ex una cista ibidem xxli: et alia 
jocalia que adhuc non restituit. 
Injunctions Dicit ulterius quod dicta carnaria in redditibus et possessionibus 

Ke'' 01?^ vix habet nunc dierum* ad congruam et convenientem sustentationem 

unius honesti capellani. Et tunc praeftitus reverendus pater 
in [jjunxit eidem domino Radulpho Pulvertoft magistro antedicto 
quatenus integrum inventarium omnium et singulorum bonorum 
mobilium praedictee carnarise fideliter conficeret et illud quam 
primo commode potuerit preedicto reverendo patri exhiberet. Et 
idem reverendus pater ad tunc visitationem suam bujusmodi ibidem 
dissolvit reservata sibi potestate injunctiones in preemissis faciendi 
et dictum dominum Radulpbum Magistrum antedictum ad obser- 
vationem earundem quandocumque compellendi. 

Visitation or the College op St. Mary in the 
PiELDS, Norwich. 

Oct. 1492. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Cbristo patns et 
domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicaB sedis gratia Episcopi Norwicensis 
in ecclesia collegiata sive capella beatse Marise de Campis in Norwico 
personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine Domini 
Amen. Die lunse viz. octavo die mensis Octobris anno Domini 
millesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo consecrationis que ejusdem 
reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo prsefatus reverendus pater ad 

" JVow o' days. 


dictam ecclesiam collegiatam suse hujusmodi exercendae 
gratia accedens, a magistro et coucanonicis dlctse ecclesiae collegiatse 
solenni cum processione fuit receptus, peractisque aliis cgeremoniis 
in ea parte consuetis domum capitularem una cum magistro el. 
concanonicis ac Magistro Henrico Falk Decretorum Doctore 
commissarioque suo generali, ac Magistro Johanne Bulman 
actorum scriba in hac parte mox ingressus est. Ubi verbo Dei 
proposito, adstatim DoMiNUS Johannes Neell, magister sive 
custos ejusdem ecclesiae collegiatse, coram praefato reverendo patre 
in hujusmodi inquisitionis negotio procedente personaliter com- 
paruit et quasdam litteras certificatorias originales sigillo comrauni 
dictse ecclesije coUegiatEe, ut apparuit, sigillatas una cum quadara 
scedula in qua nomina et cognomina citatorum sunt inserta eisdera 
litteris annexa de et super executione mandati praefati reverendi 
patris ipsam visitationem concornentis, qure quidem litteras certi- 
ficatorige originales apud registrum remanent, realiter exhibuit, 
quibus ibidem publice perlectis et dictis magistro et concanonicis Cfol. 30 b.) 
praeconizatis ac personaliter comparentibus, tituloque dicti magistri 
quem in dicta ecclesia collegiata se habere prgetendit exhibitio ac 
fideli compoto ostenso, juramentisque canonicae obediential prasstitis 
dicto quoque magistro ac concanonicis omnibus et singulis de et super 
statu ejusdem ecclesia collegiatae secrete et singillatira examinatis ; 
Quia dictus reverendus pater non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura 
reformatione digna ideo dictam visitationem suara pro tunc dissolvit 
salva tamen sibi potestate certas injunctiones conficiendi et dictos 
magistrum ac concanonicos ad observantiam earundem compellendi 
quotiens er quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Nomina et Cognomina Magistri et Concanicorum prcedictorum. 

Magister Johannes Neel magister sive custos ibidem Names of the 

,^ ^ n . Master, seven 

Magister ISICHOLAUS GoLDWELLE cancellaruiS. Prebendaries, 

Magister Radulphus Danyell precentor. 

]\Iagisteii Robertus Calton thesaurarius. 

Magister Robertus Aphowell prtcbendarius magnaj missa 

and six Con- 
duct Fellows. 


Magister Johannes Bulman preebendarius missse beate 


]\Iagister Thomas Wotton preebendarius missae matutinalis. 

Magister Paulus Geyton prasbendarius missse capitularis. 

Nomina conductorum inibi celebrantiu-Ti. 

DoMiNus Andreas Ibry celebrans pro animabus Johannes 
Wyngenhale et INfatildee Hynde. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Kaa celebrans pro aniraa Willelmi Sede- 

DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS Derham celebrans pro anima Willelmi 

DoMiNus Johannes jMarchale celebrans pro anima Katarinae 

DOMINUS WiLLELMUS BRIGHT celebrans pro anima Bartholomei 

DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS Kefas celebrans pro anima Edmundi 

Visitation of the Hospital of St. Giles, Norwich. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et 
Domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedjs gratia Episcopi Nor- 

(fol. 31.) WICENSIS in hospitali Sancti Egidii in Norwico per eum personaliter 

exercita, sequitur in hunc modum. 

In nomine Domini Amen. Die Martis viz. nono die mensis Octobris 
anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo consecration- 

9 Oct. 1492. isque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo prime. Idem rever- 
endus pater ad dictum bospitale suae diocesis Norwicensis visitationis 
hujusmodi exercendi causa, declinans ad portam occidentalem 
ecclesiae praediiti hospitalis ob omnibus et singulis confratribus 
ejusdem solenni cum processione fuit receptus. Et exinde summum 
usque altare, campanis pulsantibus organisque psallentibus ac dictis 


fratribus responsorium Summ^ Trinitati cantantibus, pcrvenit 
ubi, precibus immortali Deo devote perfusis aliisque ceremoniis in 
ea parte ut movis est peractis, suam benedictionem episcopalem astan- 
tibus humiliter impendit. 

Et ad statim domum capitularem ipsius hospitalls una cum dictis 
confvatribus ac IMagistro Henrico Falk, legum doctore ac com- 
missario general! ejusdem reverend! patris, et me Johanne 
Aphowell, publico auctoritatibus apostolica et imperial! notario 
actorumque scriba in hac parte assumpto, necnon Magistro Thoma 
WoTTON, in legibus baccallario, ingressus est. Et verbo Dei in 
medium proposito, quidam Kobertus Godfrey ejusdem loci 
con f rater procuratorem Magistri Olive ri Dynham ejusdem 
hospitalis magistri se preetendens personaliter comparuit, sed nullum 
procuratorium exhibuit nee ostendit titulum quera dictus magister 
in eodem hospitali habere prsetendit, litteras tamen certificatorias 
sigillo communi sigillatas de et super executione mandat! dicti 
reverend! patris in ea parte dedit. Et ipse idem Robertus God- Names of the 
FRET una cum Johanne Dowe, Johanne Heckar, Georgio Chaplains. 
Vyrly, et Willelmo Hadenham, capellanis ejusdem hospitalis 
confratribus juramentum canonicae obedientiae prjestitit et sic cgeteri 
confratres pr«stiterunt. Et tunc dictus reverendus pater omnes et 
singulos confratres supradictos de et super statu ejusdem hospitalis 
secrete et singillatim examinavit per quam examiiiationem comper- 
tum est prout sequitur. 

In j^'i'i'mis quod magister hospitalis est absens et non residet Report of 
juxta statute hospitalis et propter ejus absentiam domus vexatur Visitation, 
placitis et aliis injuriis plus satis. 

Et quia prsefatus reveiendus pater plura reformanda non invenit 
ideo dictam visitationem ad tunc ibidem dissolvit rcservata sibi 
potestate injunctiones faciendi et dictum magistrum ad earundem 
observantiam compellendi. 



Visitation of Nohman's Hospital, Norwich. 

Oct. U92. 

No accounts 
given in. 


(fol. 31 b.) 

Visitatio general! s ordinaria Reverendi in Christo patris et 
domini Jacobi^ Dei et apostolicgs sedis gratia Episcopi Norwi- 
CENSIS in dorao de Normannys in Norwico per eum personaliter 
exercita^ sequitur in hunc modum : In p^omine Domini Amen. Die 
Martis viz. nono die inensis Octobris anno Domini millesimo 
CCCC nonagesirao secundo consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi 
patris anno vicesimo primo. Dictus reverendus pater ad dictara 
domum, visitationis suse exercendee causa, declinavit ubi hujusmodi 
de causa a magistro sive custode et sororibus humiliter receptus fuit. 
Deinde domum capitularera sive capellam infra eandem domum una 
cum dicto custode et sororibus ac IMagistris Henrico FaLke 
decretorum doctore Thoma Wotton in legibus baccalluario, et me 
Johanne Aphowelle publico auctoritatibus apostolico et impe- 
riali notario actorumque scriba in hac parte assumptOj-ingressus est. 
Et verbo Dei proposito ad statim comparuit dictus Gustos et 
litteras certificatorias de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi 
patris in ea parte exhibuit canonicam quoque obedientiam nomine 
suo ac omnium sororum suarum prsestitit. Titulum non ostendit 
nee compotum fecit. Ipsum quoque custodem et omnes sorores 
per se ipsura et commissaries sues, viz. dictos Magistros Henricum 
Falke et Thomam Wotton, examinavit et examinari fecit. Per qua m 
quidem examinationem compertum est prout sequitur. 

In primis compertum est quod stipendia non solvuntur sororibus 
tempore debito et hoc quia redditus domus seepenumero sunt a retro 
non solute. 

Item quod stipendia sunt multotiens a retro non soluta aliquando 
per viij septimanas aliquando per decem. 

Item compertum est quod nulla admittatur soror in domum nisi 
solvat decem marcas vel ultra qu» est contra fundationem domus. 



Nomina Magistri et Sororum integrarum et dimidiarum. 
DioNisius Hyndolveston magister sive custos. 
Margareta Grene 

Isabella Sammys 
Katerina Bekham 
Matilda Purgold 
Katarina Cossey 
Margareta Dynn 
Isabella Hede 
Margaria Munk 

Names of the 
Master and 

Integree sorores. 

Dimidige sorores. 

Agnes Julyan 
Isabella Davy 
Alicia Coke 
Katerina Kelyng 
Katerina Whyte 
Sibella Hawnys 
Beatrix Angell 

Et tunc pi'Eefatus reverendus pater de consensu Magistri sive 
Custodis ac sororum omnium et singularum, dictam suam visita- 
tionem in statu quo est continuavit usque in crastinum Sancti 
dementis proxime futurum. 

[Half-page blank.] 

Visitation of Carhow Nunnery. 

Visitatio ordinaria generalis Keverendi in Christo patris et (tol, 32.) 
Domini Jacobi Dei et apostolicoe sedis gratia Episcopi Norioicensis 
in prioratu ecclesige regularis sive conventualis domus monialium 
de Carhow suse diocesis Norwicensis pcrsonaliter exercita scquitur 
in hunc modum: In nomine Domiiii Amen. Die Mcrcurii viz. 


10 Oct. 1492. decimo die mensis Octobris anno Domini millesimo CCCC nona- 
gesimo secundo conseci-ationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno 
vicesimo primo. Idem reverendus pater ad dictum prioratum 
visitationis suae hujusmodi exercendee gratia personaliter accedens, 
extra portam occidentalem ejusdem prioratus a Priorissa et com- 
monialibus solenni cum processione fuit receptus, et exinde Respon- 
sorio SunimcB Trinitati a Cantore incepto, vexillo sanctse Orucis 
ante eos in aiere erecto, campanis etiam pulsantibus, summum 
usque ad altare venit, ubi precibus immortali Deo porrectis ac 
solenni benedictione sua astantibus impensa, ad statim domum 
capitularem una cum Priorissa et comraonialibus ac disertissimis 
viris Magistris Nicholas Goldwelle Archibiacono Norwici, 
Thoma WoTTON inlegibusBaccallaurio et me Johanne Aphowell 
publico auctoritatibus apostolica et imperiali notario^ actorumque 
scriba in hac parte assumpto, ingressus est. 

Ubi verbo Dei in medium proposito, ad statim comparuit 
personaliter religiosa mulier Domfna Katarina Segryme 
Priorissa, et litteras certificatorias sigillo communi sigillatas de et 
super executione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit 
titulumque exbibuit compotumque non ostendit juramento quoque 
canonicje obedientiae eidem reverendo patri per dictam Priorissam 
nomine suo ac nomine consororum suarum omnium et singular um 
prsestito. Et tunc dictus reverendus pater dictam Priorissam et 
sorores suas omnes et singulas de et super statu ejusdem domus 
secrete et slngillatim examinavit. Per quam quidem exainina- 
tionem compertum est prout sequitur . 
Report. In iwimis compertum est quod sorores modernge sunt astrictje ad 

viij panes et hoc est valde parum pro decem sororibus pro tota die, 
et quod Priorissa reciperet familiares bouse famse et honestge et quod 
fiat inventarium de bonis prioratus sic quod una pars inventarii 
remaneat cum priorissa et altera pars cum sororibus. 

Item quod mali servientes Priorissee fecerunt magnum dampnum 
in bonis prioratus. 

^ notorio, MS. 

No accounts 
given in. 


Item quod Priorissa magis coiifidit et majorem fiduciam habet in 
quadam Margareta Knyght, quae jam est extra locum, quam in 
aliis sororibus ejusdem loci quia dum fuit in domo fecit multa mala 
domui et ideo quod est ad commodura domus quod ilia non 

Item quod Priorissa est nimis credula aliquibus sororibus et sic 
generatur magna discord ia inter sorores. 

Item quod multotiens in domo est una caristia panis contra 
honestatem loci. 

Nomina Priorissoe et Commonialium. Names of the 

DOMINA KaTARINA SeGRYME, Priorissa twelve^uns. 

DoMiNA Cecelia Ryall, Suppriorisssa 
DoMiNA Margareta Folkard 

DoMiNA Anna Martyn 
DoMiNA Johanna Grene 
DoMiNA Maria Whyght 

DoMiNA Agnes Sherman 
DoMiNA Margeria Carhowe 
DoMiNA Margeria Wellys 
DoMiNA Margareta Clerke 



DoMiNA Margareta Steward \ 

DoMiNA Margeria Wodehows | Non professes. 

DoMiNA Katerina Jerveys I 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater dictam suam visitationem pro (fol, 32 b.) 
tunc in pace dissolvit, reservata sibi potestate injunctiones faciendi 
et dictam Priorissam et commoniales ad observantiam earundem 

[One-third page blank.] 

camd. soc. 


Visitation of St. Paith's Priory. 

Visltatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Cliristo patris et 
D03IINI JaCOBI, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia Episcopi Norwicensis 
in prioratu Sanct^ Fidis virginis per eum personaliter exercita, 
sequitur in hunc modum : 

In nomine Domini Am,en. Die Jovis viz. undecimo die mensis 
11 Oct, 1492. Octobris anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesirao secundo con- 
secrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo. Idem 
reverendus pater ad dictum prioratura suae diocesis Norwici visita- 
tionis liujusmodi exercendaj causa, declinans ad portam borealem 
prioratus prsedicti a Priore et commonachis omnibus et singulis 
solenni cum piocessione receptus est. Et exinde summum usque 
altare, campanis pulsantibus organisque psallentibus ac dictis Priore 
et commonachis Eesponsorium Summ^ Trinitati cantantibus, 
pervenit. Ubi precibus immortali Deo perfusis aliisque ceremoniis 
in ea parte ut moris est peractis, suam benedictionem episcopalem 
astantibus humiliter impendit. Et ad statim domum capitularem 
dicti prioratus una cum priore et commonachis omnibus et singulis 
ac magistris Nicholas Goldwelle Archidiacono Norwici, 
Henrico Falke Decretorum Doctore et me Johanne Ap- 
HOWELL publico, auctoritatibus apostolica et imperiali notario actor- 
umque scriba a dicto reverendo patre in hac parte assumpto, in- 
gressus est, Et verbo Dei in medium proposito, mox religiosus vir 
Johannes Eysle^ Prior, et litteras certificatorias de et super 
executione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit, titulum 
non exhibuit, compotumque ostendit, juramento quoque canonic£e 
obedientiae eidem reverendo patri per dictum Priorem nomine suo 
et nomine commonachorum et confratrum suorum omnium et sin- 
gulorum prsestito, dictus reverendus pater prsedictum Priorem et 
commonachos de et super statu ejusdem domus secrete et singillatira 
examinavit. Per quam quidem examinationem compertum est 
prout sequitur. 

ST. faith's priory. 19' 

In primis compertum est quod melius esset pro fratribus sedcre ^^^^- •'•^•) 
in infirmaria quam in aula propter instructionem juniorum et quod ^^"^"^ ' 
omnia officia domus sunt in manibus Prioris et quod pincerna est 
indiscretus in officio suo quia non ministrat necessaria confratribus 
sed differt ultra tempus. 

Item quod servi domus sunt Magistri, et confratres sunt subject! 
et recipiunt de anno xxiiij^ et non plus, et quod pincerna subtrahit 
a confratribus quod deberent habere pro amicis quando veniunt, et 
quod eedificia patiuntur ruinam magnam, et Prior servat sub custodia 
sua ordinaliaetnon permittit confratres habere ea, et quod necessarium 
est pro junioribus quod sit magister grammaticalis infra domum, et 
quod fiat inventarium jocalium et aliarum rerum domus. 

Item quod libri qui solebant esse in libraria raodo sunt cerati in 
quadam cista ita quod nulli perficiunt. 

Item quod esset expediens quod Prior haberet secum unum de 
confratribus quando transit ad videndum maneria domus. Et quod 
ordinale quod fratres habent in choro est ita corruptum quod juniores 
non intelligunt qualiter dicerent officium. 

Item quod secreta capituli rev elan tur laicis. 

Item quod Supprior non facit debitas correctiones prsesertim in 
loco debito sed solet redarguere eos coram laicis. 

Item quod confratres non habent aquam in claustro ideo datur eis 
materia vagandi. 


In primis praefatus reverendus pater injunxit eis quod, citra festum Injunctions. 
Paschas proximum futurum, provideatur de magistro grammatical! 
nfra prioratum ad informandum confratres. 

Item quod novum ordinale ponatur in sacristaria, quod modo est 
in manibus Prioris, ut confratres possint habere recursum ad viden- 
dum qualiter debeant dicere officium. 


Item quod secreta capituli non revelentur laicis. 
Item quod Prior facial inventarium jocalium vestirnentorum et 
aliorum vitensilium domus et quod ostendatur confratribus. 

Nomina Prioris et Commonacliorum. 
Names of the Dompnus JoHANNES Rysle, Prior > 

Prior and ^ ' _ \ 

eight Monks. Dompnus Robertus Jille, Supprior 

Dompnus Thomas Anyell 

Dompnus Thomas Rudelesham 

Dompnus Johannes Swenyngton 

Dompnus Thomas Norwich 

Dompnus Johannes Carter 

Dompnus Willelmus Atwode 

Dompnus Willelmus Fakenham 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater dictam suani visitationem pro 
tunc ibidem dissolvit_, reservata sibi potestate alias injunctiones con- 
ficiendi et dictos Priorem et conventum ad observanciam earundem 
compellendi quotiens et quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Visitation of Wymondham Abbet. 

(fol.33b.) Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini 

Jacobij Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia episcopi Norwicensis, in 
monasterio de Wymondbam personaliter exercita^ sequitur in liunc 
modum : 

In Dei nomine Amen. Die Sabbati viz. tertio decimo die mensis 

13 Oct. 1492. Octobris anno Domini millesimo cccc nonagesimo secundo, con- 
secrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo. Idem 
reverendus pater ad dictum monasterium de Wymondham suae 
dioecesis Norwicensis visitationis hujusmodi exercendte causa, 
declinans ad portam orientalem ejusdem monasterii ab Abbate et 


commonacliis suis omnibus et singulis solenni" cum processione 
receptus est, et exiude summum usque altare, campanis pulsantibus 
organisque psallentibus ac dictis Abbate et commonacbis rcspon- 
sorium'^ summce Trinitati cantantibus, pervenit. Ubi precibufj 
immortali Deo perfusis aliisque caereraoniis in ea parte ut moris est 
peractis, suam benedictionem episcopalem astantibus bumiliter 
impendit. Et ad statim domum capitularem dicti monasterii una 
cum Abbate et commonacbis omnibus et singulis ac Magistris 
Nicholas Goldwelle aechidiacono Norwici, Henrico Falke 
Decretorum Doctore et me Johanne Aphowell publico, auctorit- 
atibus apostolica et imperiali^ notario actorumque scriba a dicto 
reverendo patre in hac parte assumpto, ingressus est. 

Et verbo Dei in medium proposito, moxreligiosus vir Johannes, 
Abbas ejusdem monasterii litteras certificatorias de et super execu- 
tione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit, titulum 
exhibuit compotumque ostendit, juramento quoque canonicas obcdi- 
entise eidem reverendo patri per dictum Abbatem nomine suo et 
nomine comnionacborum et confratrum suorum omnium et sin- 
gulorum prsestito. Dictus reverendus pater prsedictos Abbatem 
et commonacbos de et super statu ejusdem monasterii secrete et 
singillatim examinavit. Per quidem examinationem compertum 
est prout sequitur. 

In 2)rimis compertum est quod divina officia morose celebrantur. Report. 

Item quod monachi emunt et vendunt tanquam mercatores contra 

Item quod murse monasterii per circuitum non bene reparantur. 

Item quod monachi venantur cum canibus et aucibus contra 

Itern quod post primam, fratres consequantur cum secularibus in The distipline 
australi parte ecclesiae. iniillliiif,'^ out 

Item quod confratres non sunt in claustro horis consuetis. "^ repair; no 

^ ^ ^ accounts kept; 

Item quod fratres nolunt recipere indumenta a camerario, scd everything 

pecunias. ^ 

» coleni, MS. *> respensoriu, MS. 


Item quod refectorium non custoditur. 

Item quod sedificia dormitorii et infirmarii non reparantur, 

Item quod quidam fratres exeunt claustrum ad recreationem sine 
licentia Abbatis. 

Item quod constitutiones Benedict! non leguntur in capitulo. 

Item quod fratres non expendunt pecunias ad usum monasterii 
sed ad usum proprium. 

Item quod fratres non exercent se in studiis litterarum sed sunt 

Item quod Abbas non fecit compotum neque ostendit confratribus 

per multos annos. 

14 Oct, 1492. Tunc vero quartodecimo die mensis Octobris anno Domini et 

loco suprascriptis comparuerunt personaliter, coram dicto reverend© 

patre, Johannes Abbas monasterii de Wymondham praedicti et 

ejusdem loci conve.itus inter quos ita convenit. 

The Abbot Quod quidem Domnus Willelmus Batell ejusdem loci com- 

compelledto monachus haberet administrationem bonorum temporalium dicti 

give up the .. • tit- i t • 

administration monasteru usque lestum Sancti Michaelis Arcliangeli ex tunc proxime 

o a airs. sequentem, ac diutius quamdiu dictis Abbati et conventui placuerit 

omnia onera eidem monasterio incumbentia subeundo et supportando 

et de fideliter solvendo praefato Abbati unam annuam pensionem 

^f ^'X- , „ spiritualem viainti marcarum lesralis monetae Anfflise, et cum hoc 

Particulars of ,. ait i i i- • i -r^ i t? i, , 

agreement Qictus Abbas liabebit manerium de Downnam Hall sub modo et 

Abbot° 1 forma ac conditionibus quibus Johannes Nele nuper habuit, solvendo 

convent. eidem monasterio pro illo manerio iiij libras annuatim. Quae 

quidem iiij librae extrahi debent ex pensione dicti Abbatis, et dictus 

Abbas percipiet qualibet septimana pro se et tribus familiaribus 

sibi servientibus ex dicto monasterio xviij castae de optimo pane et 

iiij castee de Trencherd breede, xviij lagenas servit» et qualibet die 

unum ferculum ad prandium et aliud ferculura ad coenam meliora 

qua.Ti iiij °^ monachi habent in aula, et aliud ferculum non tarn 

bonum pro suis familiaribus quamdiu jacet infra monasterium prae- 

dictum, Et si dictus Abbas jaceat apud Downham Halle percipiet 

(fol. 34.) panem, servitiam, et alia esculenta prout supra dicitur cum salcia- 


mentis sicut csteri monachi habent in monasterio^ una cum candelis, 
focalibus, tarn pro camera quam pro coquina, ac alia sibi nei-essaria 
ex sumptibus Cellerarii vebenda. Et si dictus Abbas jaceat extra 
monasterium et extra Downeham Halle apud Norwicum, vel in 
alio loco honesto ubicunque sibi placuerit, percipiet de dicto cel- 
lerario qualibet septimana pro pane servitia ac aliis esculentis, pro 
se et tribus familiarlbus suis, quinque solidos ac pro pietantia, foca- 
libus, candelis et aliis sibi superius concessis, quolibet die iiij °^ 
denarios hoc est in tota septimana vij solidos et iiij denarios solven- 
dos per mensen vel per unum terminum ad libitum Abbatis. Insuper 
dictus Abbas habebit tres servientes et unusquisque eorum percipiet 
de dicto monasterio sive cellerario xx solidos cum liberatura eorum 
annuatim. Et dictus Abbas habebit iiij °'' equos cum frenis, sellis 
et ferrationibus, ex sumptibus dicti monasterii per cellerariutn sup- 
portandis. Et dictus Abbas habebit expensas suas quandocumque 
equitat pro necessariis monasterii vel si defendat monasterium in 
curiis spiritualibus et temporalibus pro bonis monasterii recuperandis 
vel defendendis. 

Et tunc dictus reverendus Pater in prsesentia Abbatis et conventus 
et de eorum consensu continuavit dictam suam visitationem usque 
in diem Lunge inclusive et deinde usque in diem Martis, quo die 
adveniente dominus injunxit eis sub poena excommunicationis quod 
nullus alterum diffamare prsesumat : et tunc continuavit dictam suam 
visitationem in prsesentia totius conventus et de eorum consensu 
usque ultimum diem Maii ex tunc proximo sequentis: 

Nomina Abbatis et Commonacliorum. 

Johannes Kyrtelyng Abbas x ^A^^lltL 

DoMPNUS Henricus Burn ham 


DoMPNus Jacobus Elmham 
DoMPNUs Johannes Bynham 
DoMPNus Jacobus "Wymondham 
DoMPNus Johannes Richere 





Visitation of Bokenham Priory. 

(fol. 34 b.) 

16 Oct. 1492. 


against the 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia Episcopi Norwicensis in 
Prioratu de Bokenham per earn personaliter exercita, sequitur in 
hunc modum : In Dei nomine Amen. Die Martis viz. sexto decimo 
die mensis Octobris anno Domini inillesimo cccc nonagesimo 
secundo, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo 
primo, Sic^ Mox religiosus vir Johannes Pkior comparuit per- 
sonaliter litteras certificatorias sigillo communi ejusdem domus 
sigiliatas quae apud registrum remanet de et super executione 
mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit titulumqueexhibuit, 
compotumque non ostendit, &c.^ Et tunc dictus reverendus pater 
dictum Priorem et concanonicos suos omnes et singulos de et super 
statu ejusdem prioratus secrete et singillatim examinavit. Per quam 
quidem examinationem compertum est prou t sequitur. 

In primis compertum est quod Prior non ostendit statum domus 
confratribus semel in anno sicut de jure tenetur. 

Item quod non est perfecta caritas inter confratres. Item quod 
non deservitur conventui diebus jejeunalibus competenter in piscibus. 
Item quod Prior est nimis partialis. 

Item quod Prior in gravibus negotiis non petit consilium de 
confratribus sed facit omnia ex proprio capite. Item quod Prior 
impignoravit unam crateram deauratam quae valet octo marcis per 

Item quod si aliquis confratrum sit infirmus non habebit aliquem 
ad serviendum sibi in infirmaria sed compelletur ad aulam. 

Item quod Prior tradidit androchiam '' suam ad fir mam ad magnum 
detrimentu'm domus. 

" The usual formal matter will not be printed from this point unless it contains 
something that deserves notice. 

" The word is quite plain in the MS. though androcliia means a dairy-maid. 
The proper word for a dairy is aiidrochiarium. 

even CaroiiS. 


Item quod confratres non servant refectorium nisi in quadragcsima 
et adventu, neque custodiunt debitum silentium in claustro ct in 

Item quod cibaria pro confratribus in coquina non sunt bona 
neque honesta. 

Item quod domus et murse prioratus sunt ruinosa. 

Item quod quaedam Isabella Warner venit multotiens suspiciose 
ad prioratum et est veliemens suspitio inter earn et Dominum 
Thomam Bevyrley Suppriorem. 

Nomina Prions et Concanicorum. Names of the 

\ rnor and 

Dns Johannes, Prior 

Dfis Thomas Beverley 

Dns Thomas Fyncham 

Dns RicAEDUs Cley 

• Dfis Henricus Lychefelde^ 

Dominus Johannes Bokenham \ 
Dominus Eicardus Bokenham \ 
Dominus Johannes Qwalley ] 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater in prsesentia Prioris et conventus 
et de eorum consensu continuavit dictam suara visitationem usque 
in diem Mercurii ex tunc proximum futurum inclusive. Quo die 
adveniente dictus reverendus pater, in prsesentia dictorum Prioris et 
conventus ac de eorum consensu, continuavit dictam suam visi- 
tationem usque nonum diem Julii extunc proxime sequentia in- 

Visitation op Hickling Priory. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria [Magistri Nicholai] Goldwelle in C^ol- •'^S-) 
legibus baccallaurii archidiaconi Norwici commissarii rcvcrcndi in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicoe sedis gratia Epis- 




copi Norwicensis in prioratu de Hikelyng per dictum commissarium 
personaliter exercita, sequitur in liunc modum : In Dei nomine 
23 Oct. U92. Amen. Die Martis viz. vicesimo tertio mensis Octobris anno Domini 
millesimo cccc nonagesimo secundo consecrationisque ejusdem 
reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Thomas Gregg s, Prior, comparuit person- 
aliter et litteras certificatorias, sigillo officii sui ut apparuit sigillatas 
qua apud registrum remanent de et super executione mandati dicti 
reverendi patris eidem commissario in ea parte dedit, titulum non 
exhibuit, compotumque ostendit, &c. Per quam quidem examina- 
tionem compertum est prout sequitur. 

In primis compertum est quod servientibus domus male solvuntur 
stipendia. Item quod solebant esse olim in ecclesia tres lampades 
ardentes et nunc vix servatur unus. 

Item quod altaria non habeut indumenta necessaria. Item quod 
servitur confratribus in esculentis et poculentis nimis parce. 

Item quod Prior non facit reparationes in vestimentis ecclesise. 
Item quod confratres non liabent ignem sufficentem tempore 

Item quod necessaria non sunt ministrata confratribus in infirm- 
aria quando sunt infirmi. 

Item quod Prior non ostendit statum domus coram confratribus. 

Item quod Robertus Sutton de licentia Prioris deservit Curae de 
Hanworth ad duos annos integros, et quod Prior est nimis rigorosus 
contra eum in correctionibus nee habuit perfectam caritatem erga 
eum sine causa rationabili. 

Item quod Prior non vult solvere Domino Roberto Wymondham 
confratri pensionem presbiteralem sed novicialem ad annum. 

Nomina Prioris et Concanicorum. 
Thomas Greggs, Prior 


against the 

(fol. 35 b.) 

Names of the 
Prior and 

eight Canons, 


Johannes Denys 
Robertus Sutton 
Henricus Bokenham 


ingham prioky. 27 

Thomas Norwich \ 

RoBERTus Wymondham Professi. 
Henricus Alderford ) 
Thomas Boton nondum professus. 

Et tunc dictus coramissarius in prjesentia Prions et conventus 
dictam visitationera pro tunc in pace dissolvit, reservata potestate 
injunctiones faciendi et dictos Priorem et conventum ad earundem 
observanciam compellendi. 

Visitation of In&ham Priory. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistri Nicholai Goldwelle (fol. 36.) 
in legibus baccallaurii archidiaconi Norwici commissarii reverendi in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia Episcopi 
Norwicensis, in prioratu de Ingham, per dictum commissarium per- 
sonaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In Dei nomine Amen. 
Die Martis viz. vicesimo tertio die mensis Octobris anno Domini 23 Oct. 1492. 
millesimo cccc nonagesimo secundo consecrationisque ejusdem 
reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Frater Thomas Catfeld, Prior, comparuit 
personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo communi ejusdem domus 
ut apparuit sigillatas, quse apud registrum remanent de et super execu- 
tione raandati dicti reverendi patris eidem commissario in ea parte 
dedit, titulum non exliibuit compotumque ostendit, juramento quoque 
canonicee obedientice eidem reverendo patri coram dicto commissario 
per dictum Priorem nomine suo ac nomine confratrum suorum 
omnium et singulorum preestito. Et tunc dictus commissarius Nothing 
dictum Priorem et confratres suos omnes et singulos de et super |'^*l"i''es mend- 
statu ejusdem Prioratus secrete et singillatim examinavit. Et quia 
dictus commissarius non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura reformatione 
digna ideo dictam visitationem pro tunc ibidem in pace dissolvit. 


Names of the Nomina Prions et Confratrum. 
Prior and six "^ 

Canons. Frater Thomas Katfeld, Prior 

Frater Johannes Ludham^ Sacrista 

Frater Willelmus Norwich ' Professi. 

Frater Robertus PiYston 

Frater Johannes Ingham 

Frater Willelmus Norwich i t.t n ■ 

T^ ,-r , > JNon proiessi. 

Frater Nicholaus Ingham J ^ 

[Quarter page blank.] 

Visitation of Coxford PmoRT. 

(fol. 36 b.) Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistri Nicholai Goldwelle in legi- 

bus baccallaurii archidiaconi Norwici, commissarii reverendi in christo 
patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia Episcopi 
Norwicensis in prioratu de Coxford per dictum commissarium 
personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine Domini 
Amen. Die Veneris viz. die Animarum anno Domini millesimo 

2 Nov. 1492. cccc nonagesimo secundo consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris 
anno vicesirao primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Henricus, Prior, comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certificatorias sigillo officii ut apparuit sigillatas quje apud 
registrum remanent de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi 
patris eidem commissario in ea parte dedit, titulum exliibuit 
compotumque ostendit, &c. 

Report. /^^ primis compertum est quod infirmaria non est aperta pro con- 

fratribus infirniis. Et quod refectorium est satis frigidum ad 
sedendum ibidem in prandio. 

Item quod esset ad utilitatem domus habere magistrum gram- 
maticalem ad docendum juniores grammaticara. Et quod confratres 
non habent recreationes honestas. 


Nomina Prioris et Canonicorum. Names of the 

Prior and 
HeNRICUS, Prior ^ seven CanonR. 

EoBERTUS Dereham, Supprior 

Johannes Hervy 

Johannes Nytynggale 


Thomas Norwich 
"VVillelmus Ketylston 
Johannes Lynne 

Et tunc quia dictus commissarius non iiivenit ibidem ad tunc 
plara reformatione digna, Ideo dictam visitationem ibidem in pace 
dissolvit, reservata potestate cartas injunctiones conficiendi et dictos 
Priorem et conventum ad observantia earundem compellendi quotiens 
et quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Visitation of Pentnet Priort. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistii NiCHOLAi Goldwelle, in (fol. :57.) 
legibus baccallaurii archidiaconi Norwici, commissarii reverendi in 
Christo patris et Domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolica sedis gratia 
Episcopi Norwicensis, in prioratu de Pen.teney per dictum com- 
missarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In 
nomine Die Amen. Die Mercurii viz. septimo die mensis 
Novembris anno Domini millesimo quadringentesimo nonagesimo 7 Nov. I4;>2. 
secundo consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo 
primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Radulphus Medilton, Prior, comparuit 
personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit 
sigillatas, quaj apud registrum remanent, de et super executione man- 
dati dicti reverendi patris eidem commissario in ca parte dcdit, 
titulum exhibuit, compotumque ostendit, &c. 



Nothing Et quia commissarius antedictus non invenit ibidem ad tunc 

lequiresmen - plura reformatione digna ideo dictam visitationem ibidem in pace 

Names of 
Prior and 

Nomina Prioris et Concanonicorum. 
Eadulphus Medilton, Prior 
Diis Johannes Lyncoln, Supprior 
Dfis EoBERTus Dallyng . 
Dns Simon Heltngton 
Dfis Thomas Norwich 
Diis Peteus Halley 
Diis Johannes Wyrmegey 
Dns Johannes Lynne 
Dns Johannes Wodbrygge 
Dfis Thomas Wyrmegey 
Frater Johannes Feltwell 
Frater Johannes Orwell 


Dfis RoGERus Taclyston 
Frater Thomas Powdych 
Frater Ricardus Watton 
Frater Johannes Browdych 
Frater Jacobus Reynom 

(fol. 37 b.) 

Visitation of Thompson College. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistri NiCHOLAi Goldwelle in 
legibus baccallaurii archidiaconi Norwici, commissarii reverendi in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicas sedis gratia 
Episcopi Norwicensis, inecclesia collegiata sive cantaria de Thomston 
per dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc 
modum, &c. In nomine Domini Amen. Die Sabbati viz. decimo die 


mensis Novembris anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo iq Nov. U92. 

seciindo consecrationisque d'cti reverendi patris anno viccsimo 

primo, &c. 

Quidam dominus Johannes Joys ejusdem loci confrater, procura- 

torem Masristri Ambrosii Ede eiusdem ecclesise collegiatas Custodis The original 
° . , -^ ,. ? n 11 Foundation 

sive magistn se prcetendens, personaliter comparuit sed nullum Deed pm- 

procuratorium exhibuitnec ostendit titulum quem dictus Magister in '^l^^^'^- 

eadem ecclesia collegia ta sive cantaria habere praetendit, sed ostendit 

fundationem ejusdem cantarise, juxta quam ordinatur per fundatorem 

quod sint quinque capellani cum uno Magistro, qui quidem Magister 

recipiet annuatim xij marcas et quilibet confrater xj marcas. Et 

compotum sive integrum inventarium ejusdem ecclesioe [non] 

ostendit litteras tamen certificatorias sigillo communi sigillatas de et 

super executione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit. 

Et ipse idem dominus Johannes Joys una cum domino Johanne 

Pepyr, juramentum canonicse obedientios prcestitit. Et tunc dictus 

commissarius supradictos confratres de et super statu ejusdem ecclesia^ 

collegiatee sive contariaa secrete et singillatim examinavit. Et quia No reform 

dictus commissarius plura reformanda non invenit ideo dictam visit- °^^^ *^ " 

ationem ad tunc ibidem in pace dissolvit. 

Nomina Magistri et Consociorum. 

Magister Ambrosius Ede, Magister sive Gustos. Master an?^ 

Dns Johannes Jots, threeBrethren. 

Dns Johannes Peptr, 

Dns WiLLELMUS CowPER non comparuit quia vacat studio 
litterarum in universitate Oxon. 


Visitation of Thetford Priory. 

( o . 38.) Visitatio generalis ordinaria Maglstri Nicholai Goldwelle, in 

legibus baccallaurii archidiaconi Norwici commissarii reverend! in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia Epis- 
copi Norwicensis^ in prioratu canonicorum regularium Thetford per 
dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in liunc modum : 

12 Nov. 1492. ^^ nomine Domini Amen. Die Lunae viz. duodecimo die mensis 
Novembris anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo con- 
secrationisque dicti reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Keginaldus, Prior, comparuit personaliter 
et litteras certificatorias sigillo communi ejusdem domus ut apparuit 
sigillatas, quae apud registrum remanent, de et super executione man- 
dati dicti reverendi patris eidem commissario in ea parte dedit, 
titulum exhibuit compotumque non ostendit, &c. 

No reform Et quia commissarius antedictus non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura 

needed. reformatione digna ideo dictam visitationem ibidem in pace dis- 


Nomina Prioris et Concanicoriim. 
Srlmf^ Reginaldus, Prior, 

seven Canons. Dns JOHANNES AlEYN, CellerariuS, 


Dris ISTiCHOLAUs Sltte 
Dns RicARDus Dybney 
Dns EiCARDUs Mors 
Dns WiLLELMUS Emmeth 

Dns Thomas Wiseman absit in cella vocata capella 
Sancti Laurencii London diocesi. 


Visitation of Thetpord Nunnery. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistri NiCHOLAi Goldwelle in 
legibus baccalaurei archidiaconi Norwici commissarii reverend! in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia, 
Episcopi Norwicensis in prioratu monialium apud Thetford per 
dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modura : 
In nomine Domini Amen. Die Lunae viz. duodecimo die mensis 
Novembris anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo, con- 
secrationisque dicti reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosa mulier domina Johanna Eghton, Priorissa, 
comparuit personaliter et litteras certificatorias de sigillo communi 
ejusdem domus ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud registrum remanent 
de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte 
dedit, titulumque exbibuit, compotumque non ostendit juramento 
quoque canonicae obedientise praefato reverendo patre coram dicto 
coramissario per dictam Priorissam nomine suo ac nomine consororum 
suarum omnium et singularum preestito. Et tunc dictus commis- 
sariua dictam Priorissam et consorores omnes et singulas de et super 
statu ejusdem domus secrete et singillatim examinavit. Et quia 
commissarius antedictus non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura reform - 
atione digna ideo dictam visitationem ibidem in pace dissolvit. 


12 Nov. 1492. 

No reform 

Nomina Priorissce et Gommonialium. 
Dna Johanna Eghton, Priorissa 
Dna Margareta Bukke 
Dna Elizabeth Montney 
Dna Altonora Bardwelle 
Dna Katerina Methwold 
Dna Elizabeth Hangreford 
Dna Sara Frost 


Names of the 
Prioress and 
ten Nuns. 





Dna Katerina Grene \ 

Dna Maria Bardwelle / ^.y o 

T^~ T^ T^ JNon professse. 

Dna Katerina Kyng ^ 

Dna Elizabeth Othe j 

Visitation of Teinity Priory, Ipswich. 

(fol. 39.) Yisitatio generalis ordinaiia Magistri NiCHOLAi Goldwelle in 

leglbus baccalaurei archidiaconi Norwici commissarii reverend! in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicee sedis gratia, 
Episcopi Norwicensis, in prioratu Sancti Trinitatis Gippswici per 
dictum commissarium personaliter exercita sequitur in hunc modum : 

22 Jan. I49f. In nomine Domini Amen. Die Martis viz. vicesimo secundo die 
mensis Januarii anno Domini millesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo, 
consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c 
Mox religiosus vir RiCARDUS, Prior, comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud 
registrum remanent, de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi 
patris in ea parte dedit titulumque exhihuit compotumque osten- 
dit, &c. 

No reform Et quia commissarius antedictus non invenit ibidem ad tunc 

plura reformatione digna^ ideo dictam visitationem ibidem in pace 

Names of the Nomina Prioris et Concanonicorum. 
CanoT'"' KiCHARDUS, Prior 

Dns Johannes Yppyswich 

Dns EoBERTUS Moore } Professi. 

Dfis Johannes Page 

Dns Willelmus Wtntre 

Dns Johannes Smyth > ^t <- • 

T^- m o > JNon professi. 

Dns Thomas Smyth S 


Visitation of St. Peter's Priory, Ipswich. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistri NiCHOLAl Goldwelle In (fol. 39 b.) 
legibus baccalaurei archidiaconi Norwici commissarii re^'erendi in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia, Episcopi 
Norwicensis in pvioratu Sancti Petri Gippswici per dictum com- 
missarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine 
Domini Amen. Die Mercurii viz. vicesimo tertio mensis Januarii 23 Jan. I49f. 
anno Domini millesimo quadringentesimo nonagesimo secundo, con- 
secrationisque dicti reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, <^c. 

Mox religiosus vir Johannes, Prior, comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certif[icatorias]. 

[At this point of the MS. the record breaks off abruptly. The 
next page begins with a Report of the Visitation by the Bishop of 
the Deanery of Norwich, held in St. Peter's Church, on Monday, 
8th October, 1492. As this portion of the MS. has nothing to do 
with the monasteries, and is moreover very barren of interest, it has 
not been thought advisable to print it. The next four pages are so 
faint as to be almost illegible] 

Visitation op the Nunnery op Campsey. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini (fol. 4.3.) 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicas sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis, per 
Magistrum NiCHOLAUM GoLDWELLE commissarium suum ad infra- 
scripta sulficientcr et legitime deputatum in prioratu monialium de 
Campessey per dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur 
in hunc modum : In nomine Domini Amen. Die Jovis viz. vicesimo 
quarto die mensis Januarii anno Domini millesimo CCCC nona- 24 Jan. i4'Ji 


Dna Katekina Grene 
Dna Maria Bardwelle 
Dna Katerina Kyng 
Dna Elizabeth Othe 

Non professsB. 

Visitation op Trinity Peiory, Ipswich. 

(fol. 39.) Yisitatio generalis ordlnaiia ]\Iagistri Nicholai Goldwelle in 

leglbus baccalaurei archidiaconi Norwici comraissarii reverend! in 
Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicee sedis gratia, 
Episcopi Norwicensis, in prioratu Sancti Trinitatis Gippswici per 
dictum commissarium personaliter exercita sequitur in hunc modum : 

22 Jan. I49f. In nomine Domini Amen. Die Martis viz. vicesimo secundo die 
mensis Januarii anno Domini raillesimo CCCC nonagesimo secundo, 
consecrationisque ejusdera reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c 
Mox religiosus vir Ricardus, Prior, comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud 
registrum remanent, de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi 
patris in ea parte dedit titulumque exhibuit compotumque osten- 
dit, &c. 

No reform Et quia commissarius antedictus non invenit ibidem ad tunc 

plura reformatione digna, ideo dictam visitationem ibidem in pace 


Names of the Nomina Prioris et Concanonicontm,. 
Prior and six -n n • 

Canons. RiCHARDUS, Prior 

Dns Johannes Yppyswich 

Diis RoBERTUs Moore ) Professi. 

Dris Johannes Page 

Diis Willelmus Wyntre 

Dns Johannes Smyth 

UnS JOHANNES ibMYTH ? vr r • 

Dns Thomas Smyth S p >- i. 


Visitation of St. Peter's Priory, Ipswich. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria Magistri Nicholai Goldwelle in (fol.39b.) 
legibus baccalaurei archidiaconi Norwici commissarii rerv^erendi in 
Christo patrisetdomini Jacobi, Dei etapostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi 
Norwicensis in pvioratu Sancti Petri Gippswici per dictum com- 
missarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine 
Domini Amen. Die Mercurii viz. vicesimo tertio mensis Januarii 25 Jan. I49f, 
anno Domini millesimo quadringentesimo nonagesimo secundo, con- 
secrationisque dicti reverend! patris anno vicesimo primo, (^c. 

Mox religiosus vir Johannes, Prior, comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certif[icatorias]. 

[At this point of the MS. the record breaks oflf abruptly. The 
next page begins with a Eeport of the Visitation by the Bishop of 
the Deanery of Norwich, held in St, Peter's Church, on ]\londay, 
8th October, 1492. As this portion of the MS. has nothing to do 
with the monasteries, and is moreover very barren of interest, it has 
not been thought advisable to print it. The next four pages are so 
faint as to be almost illegible ] 

Visitation of the Nunnery of Campsey. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini (^ol. 43.) 
Jacobi^ Dei et apostolicaa sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis, per 
Magistrum NiCHOLAUM GoLDWELLE commissarium suum ad infra- 
scripta sufficienter et legitime deputatum in prioratu monialium de 
Campessey per dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur 
in hunc modum : In notnine Domini Amen. Die Jovis viz. vicesimo 
quarto die mensis Januarii anno Domini millesimo CCCC nona- 24 Jan. 1492. 



No reform 

Names of the 
Trioress and 
twenty Nuns. 

gesimo secundo, consecrationisque dicti reverend! patris anno vice- 
simo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosa mulier Priorlssa dictae domus comparuit personaliter 
et litteras certificatorias sigillo communi ejusdem domus ut apparuit 
sigillatas, quag apud registrum remanent, de et super executione man- 
dati dicti reverendi patris prsefato commissario in ea parte dedit 
titulnm exhibuit compotumque, &c. 

Et tunc dictus commissarius dictas Priorissam et commoniales 
omnes et singulas de et super statu ejusdem domus secrete et sin- 
gillatim examinavit. Et quia prsefatus commissarius non invenit 
ibidem ad tunc plura reformatione digna ideo dictam visitationem 
in pace dissolvit. 

Nomina Priorissce et Commonialium. 
Dna Katerina [blank] 
Dna Katekina Babyngton, Supppriorissa 
Dna Maria Castelacre 
Dna Isabella Spylman 
Dria Anna Mortimer 
Dna Margareta Norwich 
Dna Elizabeth Williamson [?] 
Dna Barbara Jernyngh[am] 
Diia Katerina Shuldham Confessae. 

Dna Elizabeth Portenale 
Dna Anna Hervy [?] 
Diia Margareta Fewell 
Dna Anna Blanerhasett 
Dna Petronilla Fulmerston 
Dna Ela Betey [? 
Dna Alicia Coke 

Diia Elizabeth Everard ] 

Dna Isabella Jenney ( 

Dna Isabella Norwich ( 

Dria Margareta Harman ' 


Non confessse. 


Visitation of the Priory of Snape. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et doniini (foi. 43b.) 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis per 
Magistrum Nicholaum Goldwelle commissarium suum ad infra- 
scripta sufficienter et legitime deputatum, in prioratii de Snape 
per dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc 
modum : In nomine Domini Amen. Die Veneris viz. xxv die mensis 25 Jan. 149^ 
Januarii anno Domini millesimo cccc nonagesimo secundo, con- 
secrationisque dicti reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Franciscus, Prior, comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certificatorias sigillo commnni ejusdera domus ut apparuit 
sigillatas, quae apud registruni remanent, de et super executione 
mandati dicti reverendi patris praeCato commissario in ea parte dedit 
titulum exhibuit, compotumque ostendit, &c. 

Et quia prasfatus commissarius non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura No reform 
reformatione digna ideo dictam visitationem in pace dissolvit. °^^ ^ 

Visitation of Attleburgh Priory. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini (fol. 44.) 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis per 
Magistrum NiCHOLAUM Goldwelle commissarium suum ad infra- 
scripta sufficienter et legitime deputatum, in prioratu de Attle- 
burgh per dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in 
hunc modum: In nomine Domini Amen. Die Lunge viz. xxviij die 28 Jan. H95. 
mensis Januarii anno Domini millesimo cccc nonagesimo secundo, 
consecrationisque dicti reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Johannes Newton, Prior, comparuit per- 


Names of the Nomina Prioris et Commonialium. 


Dna Margareta Dalmerston [?] 

Dna Alicia Scot 

Dna Agnes Parmafay 

Dna Elizabeth Clere 

Dna Katerina Bacton [?] 

Dna Johanna Modys 

Dna Anna Page 

Dna Margareta Belle 

Dna Maria Lufday. 

No reform 

Visitation of the Benedictine Priory of Eye, 

(fol. 46 b.) Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini 

Jacobi, Dei et apostoliccE sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis per 
Magistrum Nicholaum Goldwelle commissarium suum ad infra- 
scripta sufficienter et legittime deputatum, in prioratu de Eye per 
dictum commissarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : 

5 Feb. 1493. In nomine Domini Amen. Die Martis viz. quinto die mensis Feb- 
ruarii anno Domini millesimo COCO nonagesimo tertio, consecration- 
isque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir dominus Ricardus Norwich, Prior, com- 
paruit personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut 
apparuit sigillatas, quae apud registrum remanent, de et super execu- 
tione mandati dicti reverendi patris eidem commissario in ea parte 
dedit titulumque exhibuit ac compotum ostendit, &c. 


Nomina Prioris et Commonachorum. Names of the 

Dompnus Ricardus Norwich, Prior Monks"*^ °'°^ 

Dompnus Willelmus Thawayts 
Dompnus Johannes Belyngtry [?] 
Dompnus Johannes Stoke 
Dompnus Johannes Eye 
Dompnus Ricardus Eye 
Dompnus Johannes Carowe 
Dompnus Robertus Eye 
Dompnus Robertus Wylbey 
Dompnus Adam Rysyng 

Visitation of the College of Sxtdburt. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et (fol- i^.) 
domini Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis 
per Magistrum Goldwelle commissarium suum ad infrascripta suffi- 
cienter et legitime deputatum, in collegio Sudbury per dictum com- 
missarium personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum: In nomine 
Domini Amen. Die Veneris, viz. octavo die mensis Februarii anno 8 Feb. 1493, 
Domini millesimo cccc nonagesimo tertio, consecrationisque ejus- 
dem reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox venerabilis vir Magister Thomas Aleyn, Magister 
SIVE Gustos, comparuit personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo 
officii sui ut apparuit sigillatas, quas apud registrura remanent, de et needed. 
super executione mandati dicti reverendi patris eidem commissario 
in ea parte dedit titulumque exhibuit ac compotum ostendit, &c. 

Nomina Magistri et Consociorum. Names of the 

Maqister Thomas Aleyn, Magister sive Gustos Master and 

T^_ T Txr ' o eight iellows. 

Dns Johannes Wayte 
Dns Thomas Kekver 
CAMD. soc. G 


Dns RoBERTUS Pekson 
Dns Johannes Hutton 
Diis Johannes Dyson 


Dns NiCHOLAUS Perfey 
Dns Egidius Rede 

Visitation or Stoke College. 

(fol. 47 b.) Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et Domini 

Jacobi, Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis per 
Magistrum Nicholacm Goldwelle commissarium suum ad infra- 
scripta sufficienter et legitime deputatum, in decanatu Sancti 
Johannis Baptistae de Stoke juxta Clare per dictum commissarium 
personaliter exercita, sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine Domini 

9 Feb. 149f . Amen. Die Sabbati viz. nono die mensis Februarii anno Domini 
millesimo cccc nonagesimo secundo, consecrationisque ejusdem 
reverendi patris anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox reverendus pater Ricardus Ednam, Dei gratia Bangor- 
. ENSis Episcopus, Decanus, comparuit personaliter et litteras certifi- 

needed. catorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud registrum 

remanent, de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi patris 
eidem commissario in ea parte dedit, titulumque exhibuit ac 
compotum ostendit, &c. 

Nomina Decani et Oanonicorum. 
Names of the RiCARDUS Ednam,** Dei gratia Bangoreiisis Episcopus, ecclesiae 

Dean and preedictSB DeCANUS. 

other members ^ 

oftheFouuda- Magister RiCARDUS Skypton, prebendarius primi stalli ex parte 

*'''"• boreali. 

" He paid the fees at Rome for admission to his Bishopric 21st Jan. 1465. He 
was probably consecrated abroad, resigned in 1494, and died 1496. (Maziere 
Brady's IJpiscojml Succession and Hardy's Ze Neve!) 

It was this prelate who gave to the Cathedral of Bangor in 1485 the famous 
Pontifical which may still be seen there. (Maskell's Monumenta Hitvalia, Vol. i. 
p. cxxxii. 


Magister Johannes Ednam, prebendarius secundi stalli ex parte 

DoMiNUS Ricardus Chauntee, prebendarius secundi stalli ex 
parte boreali. 

Magister Johannes Bulman, prebendarius tertii stalli ex parte 

DoMiNUS Johannes Turnour, prebendarius tertii stalli ex parte 

Magister Ricardus Covlond, prebendarius quarti stalli ex parte 

Nomina Vicariorum collegii prcedicti. 
Magister Thomas Norys 
Dominus Johannes Walbanke 
DoMiNus Robertus Same 

Nomina Conductoriim. 

Dominus Johannes Grene 
Dominus Willelmus Esteney 

Nomina Clericorum et Virgarii. t fol. l; 

Willelmus Helvy 
Henricus Turnour 
Johannes Senne 
Thomas Morys 
Thomas Barton 
Johannes Morys 
Hugo Turnour, Virgarius 

Nomina Choristarum, 

Reginaldus Rysby 
Johannes Barry 
Willelmus ISmytthe 
Thomas Hookyn 
Thomas Elys. 



Visitation of Ixworth Prioht. 

13 Feb. 149^ 

No reform 

Names of the 
Prior and four- 
teen Canons. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis per 
Magistrum Nicholaum Goldwelle commissarium suum ad infra- 
scriptum et sufficienter et legitime deputatum, in prioratu de 
Ixworth per dictum commissarium personaliter exercita sequitur in 
hunc rnodum : In nomine Domini Amen. Die Mercurii viz. tertio 
decimo die mensis Februarii anno Domini millesimo cccc nona- 
gesimo secundo, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno 
vicesimo primo, &c. 

Mox religiosus vir Frater Godwinus Bury, Prior, com- 
paruit personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut 
apparuit sigillatas, quae apud registrum remanent, de et super execu- 
tione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit titulumque 
exliibuit ac compotum ostendit, &c. 

Et tunc commissarius ante dictus prsefatos Priorem et canonicos 
de et super statu ejusdem domus secrete et singillatim examinavit. 
Et quia preefatus commissarius non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura 
reformatione digna, ideo dictam visitationem in pace dissolvit. 

Nomina Prioris et Canonicorum. 

Dns Godwinus Bury, Prior 

Dns Clemens Wysbech, Supprior 

Dns Johannes Byrd 

Dns Johannes Warwik 

Dns Thomas Bonde 

Dns Thomas Dysney 

Dns Johannes Amy 

Dns Johannes Crystey 

Dns Matthew Bury 

Dns Johannes Gerard 



Dns Johannes Butteler 

Dns RicARDUs Alrtch 

Dns NiCHOLAUS Wryght r ^°" professi. 

Dns [blank] Warwyk 

Visitation of Metyngham College. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini (fo^- -l^'^-) 
Jacobi, Dei et apostoliccB sedis gratia, episcopi Norwicensis in 
collegio beatse Mariae de Metyngham per eum personaliter exercita 
sequitur inhunc modum : Iri. nomine Domini Amen. Die Martisviz. 18 June, 1493. 
xviij" die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo cccc nonagesimo 
tertio, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo 
primo. Idem reverendus pater, ad dictum collegium suae diocesis 
Norwici visitationis suae hujusmodi exercendse causa, declinans ad 
portam occidentalem ejusdem collegii, a magistro et omnibus ct 
singulis ejusdem loci confratribus solenni cum procepsione fuit 
receptus. Et exinde summum usque ad altare campanis pulsantibus 
organisque psallentibus ac dictis Magistro et confratribus respon- 
sorium summee Trinitati cantantibus pervenit. Ubi precibus im- 
raortali Deo devote perfusis aliisque ceeremoniis in ea parte ut moris 
est peractis, suam benedictionem episcopalem astantibus humiliter 
impendit. Et ad statim domum capitularem ipsius collegii una cum 
dictis Magistro et confratribus ac Magistro Nicholao Goldwelle 
archidiacono Norwici et me Thoma Seuycle publico, auctoritate 
apostolica et imperiali, notario actorumque scriba a dicto reverendo 
patre in hac parte assumpto est ingressus. Et verbo Dei in medium 
proposito, quidam Ricardus Braunche, Magister sive Gustos 
DiCTi collegii, comparuit personaliter et litteras certificatorias 
sigillo communi ejusdem domus ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud rof^is- 
trum remanent, de et super executione mandati dicti reverendi patris 
in ea parte dedit titulumque exhibuit ac compotum ostendit, <fec. 



Keporfc of the 
Great laxity 
and want of 

(fol. i9.) 

Per quam quidem examlnationem compertura est prout sequitur. 
In primis compertum est quod socii solvunt jejunium cotidie cum 
carnibus ante prandium et non veniunt simul sed singillatim in 
magnum dispendium collegii. 

Item quod socii habent plures canes venaticos quam sunt necessarii 
contra statuta collegii. 

Item quod socii veniunt in choro et ad mensam aliquando in 
togis curtis sine capitiis et non utuntur capis suis clausis. 

Item quod aliqui eorum alienant capitia sua vel de hujusmodi 
capitiis faciunt vestes pro sellis suis. 

leem quod post meridiem pincernaria non bene servatur quia post 
horam quartam singulis diebus usque ad horam octavam in nocte 
socii et extranei continue bibunt in magnum dispendium collegii. 

Item quod mulieres veniunt pro le goddys good et tunc sub eo 
colore habent unam lagenam cervisiae et dant pincernge tria ova et 
sic collegium deterioratur. 

Item quod socii non utuntur togis unius sectae coloris et facturae 
secundum statuta domus. Etiam quod statuta collegii volunt quod 
omnes socii debent jacere in una domo tamen non faciunt. 

Item quod servientes furantur victualia et dant illis qui habitant 
in villa. 

Item quod in diebus festivis et aliis plures extranei sedent in aula 
ad mensam et nescitur unde sunt et non tantum in aula sed in aliis 
locis, in detrimentum collegii. 

Item quod capse de serico indigent reparatione et etiam quando 
praestantur capiunt magnum dampnum et propterea bonum esset 
si non praestarentur. 

Item quod uxores servientium intrant collegium comedentes et 
bibentes ibidem victualia etiam secum portantes extra collegium. 

Item quod Magister sive Gustos facit superfluas expenses in 
reparationibus. Ac etiam idem Magister capas de serico portat 
usque Bungey et alibi. 

Item quod unum le Deyre est inventum apud Woodard de expensis 
collegii quod nunquam fuit ante tempora istius Custodis sive 
Magistri qui nunc est. 


Item quod socii ad invicem non servant caiitatem sed aliquando 

Item quod servientes faciunt magnas expensas in pistrino et pan- 
doxatorio necnon in androchia apud Woodard in quo loco mulieres 
ibidem habent cotidie in qualibet refectione ununi potellum cei'visiae, 
Et in qualibet pandoxatione iiij kgenas cervisise. Et capiunt panem 
sine licentia officiarii quantum volunt cum aliis victualibus. 

Item quod pincerna male respondit sociis et vilipendit eos. 

Item quod rustici postquam comederunt in mane, bini et bini 
capiunt seciim lagenam cervisise et duos panes ad minus cotodie. 

Item quod bonus ballivus faceret multa bona in collegio sed ipse 
qui jam existit est incontinens et malse dispositionis. 

Nomina Magistri et Sociorum. 

RiCAEDUS Beaunch, Magistcr sive Gustos Kames of the 

Dns Johannes Dalyson efe^Sn'ows. 


Dns RiCAEDUS Weybeede 
Dns WiLLELMUS Skynnee 
Dns Galfeidus Maechaunt 
Dns Thomas Haepele 
Dns RiCAEDUS Sesely 
Dns Johannes Wueee 
Diis Johannes Waede 


Dns Johannes Dey 

Visitation of Elixton Nunnery. 

Visitatio generalis ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris etdomini (foi. 4yb.) 
Jacobi, Dei et apostolical sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in 
prioratu de Flyxton suae diocesis Norwicensis per cum personaliter 



20 June, 1493, 

The Nuns 
attend the 
parish church, 
and why. 

Names of the 
Prioress and 
five Nuns. 

exercita sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine Domini Amen. Die 
Jovis viz. vicesimo die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo CCCC 
nonagesimo teriio, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi [patris] 
anno vicesimo primo, &c. 

Et mox comparuit personaliter religiosa mulier Domina Eliza- 
beth Vtrlt, Priorissa, et litteras certificatorias sigillo communi 
ejusdem domus sigillatas^ quae apud registrum remanent, de et super 
executione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit titulum 
non exhibuit neque compotum ostendit, &c. 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater pra^fatas Priorissa m et consorores 
omnes et singulas de et super statu ejusdem domus secrete et sin- 
gillatim, &c. Per quam quidem examinationem compertum est prout 

In primis compertum est quod sorores non habent missam in 
prioratu sed vadunt ad ecclesiam parochialem quia presbyter earum 
fregit brachium suum ita quod non potest celebrare. 

Nomina Priorissce et Gommonialium. 

Dna Elizabeth Vyrly, Priorissa 

Dna Margareta Causton, Suppriorissa 

Dna Alicia Spenser 

Dna Helena Upton 

Dna Alicia Laxfeld 

Dna Matilda Noon 

Et quia pragfatus reverendus pater non invenit ibidem ad tunc 
plura reformatione digna ideo dictam visitationem suam pro tunc 
ibidem in pace dissolvit reservata sibi potestate injunctiones faciendi 
et eas ad observantiam earundem compellendi quotiens et quando 
sibi visum fuerit oportere. 


Visitation of the Priory of Westacre. 

Visitatio ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini Jacobi, ^f^i 50 ) 
Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in prioratu de 
Westacre per eura personaliter exercita sequitur in hunc modum : 
In noinine Domini Amen. Die Lunse viz undecimo die mensis 11 Aug. 1494. 
Augusti anno Domini raillesimo CCCC nonagesimo quarto con- 
secrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo secundo, idem 
reverendus pater ad dictum prioratu m visitationis suae hujusmodi 
exercendai gratia declinans, ad portam occidentalem ejusdem prioratus 
a Priore et omnibus et singulis ejusdem loci concanonicis solenni 
cum processione fuit receptus. Et exinde summum usque ad altare 
venit campanisque pulsantibus ac dictis Priore et concanonicis 
responsorium Summae Trinitati cantantibus pervenit. Ubi precibus 
immortali Deo devote perfusis aliisque caeremoniis in ea parte ut 
moris est peractis suam benedictionem episcopalem astantibus 
humiliter impendit. Et ad statim domum capitularem ipsius prioratus 
una cum dictis Priori et concanonicis, &c. 

Et verbo Dei per dictum Magistrum Henricum Falke in medium 
proposito quidam DOMINUS RiCARDUS Palle, Prior dicti prioratus, 
comparuit personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui 
ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud registvum remanent, de et super 
executione mandati dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit titu- 
lumque exbibuit compotumque ostendit, &c. 

Per quidem examinationem compertum est prout sequitur. 

In primis compertum est quod Prior non habet mandata sua Report. 

observata in tantum quod si voluerit aliquid habere Frater Edmun- L>issensions 
^ ^ among the 

Dus, Supprior et Frater Willelmus Massyngham negant. Monks, and 

Item quod si dictus Prior vadit peregrinatum nihil sibi detur pro other evils, 
expensis suis. 

Item quod Frater Edmundus Lichefeld et Frater Willelmus 
Massyngham habent administrationem temporalium dicti prioratus. 

Item quod Prior et alius Frater dicti doinus solebant audire 
compotum celerariorum in quolibet mense. 



Item quod Frater Robertus Patryk et GtAlfeidus Blake otio 

vacant et non applicant se ad aliquod studium sed plures faciunt 

rixas inter fratres. 

Item quod Frater Henricus Tollb non potest concordare sana 

conscientia cum Magistro Galpeido apud Massyngham sed bene 

concordaret cum Fratre Roberto Patryk. Quia Magister GtAL- 

FRIDUS est in magno debito et propterea non potest solvere partem 

suam de Massyngham Et etiam non est quietus neque pacificus 

et plura expendit. 

The sons of Item quod multi sunt pueri generosi in domo de quibus 

the gentry m j^^j^ percepit Prior quomodo pro eorum mensa solvitur. 

not pay their Item quod familiares et servientes sunt admissi per Suppriorem 
expenses. , n • 

*^ et non per rnorem. 

Item quod Supprior non observat missas ad quas tenetur viz. 
missam beatse Marias et missam capitularem. 
The Sub-Prior Item quod dictus Supprior non facit debitam reverentiam 
insolent and Priori. 

Item quod dictus Supprior occupat se circa temporales et non vivit 
sicut religiosus quia babet ad firmam quemdam fundum cuniculorum 
prope capellam Sancti Thomse. 

Item quod dictus Supprior occupat aquas prope prioratura et ad 
prioratum pertinentes et mittit in eas cignos quos donat generosis 
et aliis ubi vult et nihil reddit prioratui de eisdem. 

Item quod Supprior habet interdum verba contumeliosa contra 
Priorem et quosdam confratres in tantum quod quidam recesserunt a 
monasterio ob ipsius ssevitiam et quod molestum se ostendit erga 
Fratrem RobertuiS Patryk. 
(fol. 50 b.) Item quod Supprior et dominus Willelmus Massyngham admin- 
istrarunt bona spiritualia et etiam temporalia domus et non fecerunt 
compotum et ultra. 

Item quod dictus Supprior administravit in officio celerariatus per 
triennium et nihil attulit in thesaurarium per totum illud tempus. 
Et dum Magister Galfridus erat in eodem officio cum adjutorio 
Prioris in iiij*"' annis attulit in thesauriam C. marcas et taraen infra 


illud tempus collegenmt declmam pro Domino Rege et etiam sol- 
verunt decimam. 

Item quod nullus famulus est deputatus in refectorio ad serviendum 
fratribus nee in infirmaria nisi infirmarius et si ipse non ministraret 
eis necessaria nullus est qui faceret. 

Nomina Prioris et Concanonicorum. 

RiCARDUS PalLE, Prior Names of the 

T-i T ^ . Prior and nine- 

iLDMUNDUS LiCHEFELD, SuppriOI teen Monks. 

Johannes Damyan 

Galfridus Swaffham 
Willelmus Massynham 
Johannes Lynne, Praecentor 
Henricus Tolle 


Thomas Shuldham, Sacrista 

Galfridus Blake 

Thomas Oxburgh est in studio Cantabrigiae 

Simon Clerke 

Thomas Walsyngham 

Thomas Vicary 

Johannes Gerneys 


Willelmus Sympetz 
Willelmus Dale 
Johannes Martyn 
Johannes Meke 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater in praesentia Prioris et conventus 
et de eorum consensu continuavit dictam suam visitationem usque 
in diem Martis inclusive et deinde usque in diem Mercurii inclusive. 
Quo die ^lercurii adveniente prasfatus reverendus pater post non- 
nullas communicationes de et super reformatione domus in prae- 
sentia dictorum Prioris et totius conventus continuavit dictam suam 
visitationem usque ad Synodum Pascliae ex tunc proxime futurura. 



Visitation of the College of Wingfield, Suffolk. 

(fol. 51.) 

Visitatio ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini Jacobi, 
Dei et apostolic^ sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in collegio de 
Wyngefeld per eum personaliter exercita sequitur in hunc modum : 
27 Sept. 1493. In nomine Domini Amen. Die Veneris viz. xxvij° die mensis Sep- 
tembris anno Domini millesimo cccc Ixxxxiii" consecrationisque 
ejusdem reverendi patris anno xxj°. Idem reverendus pater ad 
dictum collegium suae diocesis Norwicensis visitationis suae exer- 
cendse causa declinans, ad portam borealem ejusdem collegii a Magis- 
tro et consociis ejusdem collegii omnibus et singulis solenni cum 
processione fuit receptus. Et exinde summum usque ad altare cam- 
panis pulsantibus organisque psallentibus ac dictis Magistro et con- 
fratribus responsorium Summse Trinitati cantantibus pervenit. Ubi 
precibus immortali Deo devote perfusis aliisque caremoniis in ea 
parte ut moris est peractis suam benedictionem episcopalem astanti- 
bus humiliter impendit. Et ad statim domum capitularem ejusdem 
collegii est ingressus. Quidam Magistee Willelmus Batnard 
Magister sive Gustos ejusdem collegii comparuit personaliter et 
litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit sigillatas, quae apud 
registrum remanent, de et super executione mandati ejusdem reve- 
rendi patris in ea parte dedit titulumque exhibuit compotumque 
ostendit, &c. 

Per quam quidem examinationem compertum est prout sequitur. 

In primis compertum est quod ordinatio et statuta non leguntur 
inter confratres. 

Item quod Magister est nimis remissus in coriectionibus. 

Item quod conduceret aliquem ad docendum grammaticam con- 

Report of 
The school 

Names of the 
Master and 

Nomina Magistri et Gonfratrum. 

Willelmus Baynabd, Magister sive Gustos 
Dns Willelmus Eusham 
Dns Johannes Male 
Dns RoBERTus Cony 



Dns RicHARDUS Hart 
Dns Thomas Herryson 
Dns LoDOwicus Bradley 
Dns WiLLELMUS Baron 


Et quia prasfatus reverendus pater non invenit ibidem ad tunc 
plura reformatione digna igitur dictam visitationem suam pro tunc 
ibidem in pace dissolvit reservata sibi potestate injunctiones faciendi 
et eos ad observantiam compellendi quotiens et quando sibi visum 
fuerit oportere. 

Visitation of Btjtley Priory. 

Visitatio ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini Jacobi, (fo'- ^^ ^•'> 
Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in prioratu 
beatffi Marise de Buttley suae diocesis Norwicensis per eum persona- 
liter exercita sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine Domini Amen. 
Die Jovis viz. decimo die mensis Julii anno Domini millesimo 10 July, 1494. 
cccc nonagesimo quarto, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi 
patris anno vicesimo secundo, &c. Et verbo Dei in medium pro- 
posito quidam dominus Thomas, Prior dicti prioratus, comparuit 
personaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit 
sigillatas, quae apud registrum remanent, de et super executione 
mandati dicti reverendi [patris] in ea parte dedit titulumque ex- 
hibuit compotumque ostendit, &c. Per quam quidem examina- 
tionem compertum est prout sequitur. 

In primis quod confratres ad utilitatem domus concesserunt 
Priori suo xiij 9. iiij d. de stipendiis eorum, nunc petunt restitu- 

Item quod secundum consuetudinem religionis Prior punict '^'f'' ^tv!' 
delictum majorem [s?c] cum consensu seniorum quod non facit sed own pleasure, 
punit ad libitum suae propriae voluntatis. 



No school- 

Item quod utensilia pertinentia ad infirmariam restituantur sicut 
oUra consueverunt ad custodiendum infirmos. 

Item quod Prior assignaverit vel limitaverit alicui confratri dictse 
doraus aliquam cameram tamen propter levem displicentiam [sic] 
nunc idem Prior aufert ab eis eaudem cameram quod fieri non 

Item quod plures sunt accessus generosorum virorum in prioratu 
maxime consanguinitatis et affinitatis Prioris in magnum detri- 
mentum domus. 

Item quod confratres non habent praeceptorum ad docendum eos 

Item quod Prior non ostendit statum domus coram confratribus 
suis nee habet celerarium nee aliquem alium ofEciarium qui scit 
statum domus aut occuparet tempore infirmitatis suae. 

Names of the 
Prior and 


Nomina Prioris et Concanonicorum. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Framyngham, Prior 
DoMiNus RoBERTUs HoTOST, Supprior 
DoMiNus Henricus Thirlowe est absens 
DoMiNUS Johannes Flete alias Fraston 


DoMiNus Johannes Denston 
DoMiNus Radulphus Lakeman 
DoMiNus Walterus Bawdesey 
DoMiNus Thomas Orford 
DoMiNus Thomas Bungey 


DoMDsrus Johannes Nedam 
DoMENus Laurentius Cretyngham 
DoMiNus Robertus Thetford 
DoMiNus Johannes Mendeham 
Et tunc dictus i-everendus pater non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura 
reformatione digna ideo dictam suam visitationem pro tunc ibidem 


in pace clissolvit reservata potestate certas injunctiones faciendi et 
dictos Priorem et concanonicos ad observantiam eorundem cora- 
pellendi quotiens et quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Visitation of Beston Priory. 

Visitatio ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et doniini Jacobi, (ff>l. 52.) 
Dei et apostolioge sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in prioratu 
de Beston juxta mare suae diocesis Norwicensis per eum person- 
aliter exercita sequitur in hunc modum : In nomine Domini Amen. 
Die Lmise viz. xxv die mensis Augusti anno Domini millesimo 25,Ang. 1494. 
CCCC nonagesinio quarto, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi 
patris anno vicesimo secundo. Idem reverendus pater ad dictum 
prioratum personaliter accedens visitationis suae exercendse gratia ad 
portam occidentalem ejusdem prioratus a Priore et aiiis presbyteris 
solenni cum processione receptus fuit. Et exinde responsorio 
Summse Trinitati a cantore cantorum incepto vexillo sanctse crucis 
ante eos in aiere erecto campanis etiam pulsantibus usque summum 
ad altare venit." Ubi precibus iinmortali Deo porrectis ac solenni 
benedictione sua astantibus impensa , ad statim domum capitularem una 
cum Priore ac Magistro Nicholao Goldwelle archidiacono Norveici 
et me Eogero Kent publico auctoritate apostolica notario actor- 
umque scriba a dicto reverendo patre in hac parte assumpto est 

Quidam Johajstnes Poty, Prior, comparuit personaliter et litteras 
certificatorias sigillo communi ejusdem prioratus ut apparuit sigil- 
latas, quae apud registrum remanent, de et super executione mandati 
dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit tituluraque exhibuit ac 
compotum pro tempore suo ostendit, &c. 

• It is observable that at the visitation of this little Priory the clcrg}' of the 
neighbourhood {aliis preslyteris') joined in the procession, that there was no organ 
in the church, and no sermon. The chapter-house was their place of meeting. 


Report. Et tunc dictus reverendus pater praefatum Priorem de et super statu 

There was ejusdem domus secrete examinavit et dicit quod non habet aliquos 

Canon^besides confratres in domo praeter dominum Thomam Tavernbr qui absens 

the Prior, and est a prioratu absque causa leffltima et sine licentia sua. Etiam 

he a non- j • • j j r • 

resident. dicit quod prsedecessor suus non fecit compotum dicti domus toto 

tempore suo. 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater injunxit prsfato Priori quod 
tam cite fieri potest habeat duos confratres ad essendum secum in 
dicto domo. 
Iniunctions of item quod faciat verum compotum annuatim dicti prioratus. 
the Bishop. Et sic dictus reverendus pater dictam suam visitationem pro tunc 

ibidem in pace dissolvit reservata sibi potestate alias injunctiones 
■^ faciendi et dictum Priorem ad observantiam earundem compellendi 
quotiens et quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Visitation of Waburn Priory. 

(fol. 52 b .) 

Yisitatio ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini Jacobi, 
Dei et apostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in prioratu de 
Waburn suae diocesis Norwicensis per eum personaliter exercita 
sequitur in hunc modum : Iji nomine Domini Amen. Die lunse viz. 

25 Aug. 1494. xxv° die mensis Augusti anno Domini millesimo cccc nonagesimo 
quarto, consecrationisque ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo 
secundo, &c. 

Quidam domintjs Clemens^ Prior dicti prioratus comparuit per- 
sonaliter et litteras certificatorias sigillo officii sui ut apparuit sigil- 
latas, quas apud registrum remanent, de et super executione mandati 
dicti reverendi patris in ea parte dedit titulumque exliibuit ac 
compotum ostendit, &c. 

Report of Per quam quidem examinationem compertum est prout sequitur. 

In primis compertum est quod DoMiNUS Kobektus Coker servat 



curse de Estbekliam. Et quod ecclcsia de Waburn aliquando 
servitur per Priorem aliquando per confratrem. 

Item quod confratres solebant recipere xx s. pio salario sed Prior 
non solvit domino Willelmo Wyllyamson concanonico salarium 

Nomina Prioris et Concanonicorutn Names of the 

DOMINUS Clemens, Prior ttiree^ Canons. 


Et tunc dictus reverendus pater non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura 
relbrmatione digna ideo dictam visitationem pro tunc ibidem in 
pace dissolvit reservata potestate certas injunctiones faciendi et 
dictos Priorem et concanonicos ad observantiam earundem com- 
pellendi quotiens et quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Visitation or St. Mary's Priory, Walsingham. 

Visitatio ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini Jacobi, Dei (fol. 53.) 
et apostolicae sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in prioratu ecclesiae 
regularis sive prioratus beatae Mariae de Walsyngham suae diocesis 
Norwicensis per eum personaliter exercita sequitur in hunc modum: 
In nomine domini Amen Die Lunae viz. primo die mensis Sep- 1 Sept. 1494. 
tembris anno Domini millesimo CCCC lxxxxiiij'° consecrationisque 
ejusdem reverendi patris anno vicesimo secundo. Idem reverendus 
pater ad dictum prioratum visitationis suae hujusmodi exercendae 
gratia personaliter accedens ad portam occidentalem ejusdem Prior- 
atus a Priore et concanonicis omnibus et singulis solenni cum pro- 
cessione fuit receptus. Et exinde responsorio Summae Trinitati a 
can tore inccpto, vexillo sanciae crucis ante eos in aiere erecto, campanis 
etiam pulsantibus, summum usque ad altare venit. Ubi precibus 

CAMD. soc. I 



Report of the 

The Prior is 
afraid to say 
all he knows. 

immortali Deo porrectis ac solenni benedictione suae astantibus 
impensa ad statim domum capitularem, una cum Priore et con- 
canonicis ac Magistris Nicholao Goldwelle archidiacono 
Norwici, Bartholom^o Northern in utroque jure baccalaurei 
et me Thoma Sentcle notario publico actorumque scriba a dicto 
reverendo in hac parte assumpto est ingressus. 

Ubi verbo Dei per Magistrum Henricum Falke legum doctorem 
ad tunc proposito, mox religiosus vir Johannes, Prior ipsius ecclesise 
regularis, coram dicto reverendo patre ibidem personaliter comparuit 
et quasdam litteras certificatorias de et super executione mandati 
dicti reverendi patris, quse apud registrum remanent, sigillo officii 
sui vit apparuit sigillatas una cum scedula nomina et cognomina 
citatorum continente dictis litteris annexa, realiter exhibuit. Quibus 
palam et publice per me notarium supradictum de mandate prsedicti 
reverendi patris perlectis dictis quoque Priore cseterisque con- 
canonicis et confratribus singulis dictse ecclesise regularis praeconi- 
zatis et personaliter comparentibus, juramento etiam canonicse 
obedientige prsedicto reverendo patri et successoribus suis canonice 
intrantibus, per dictum Priorem nomine suo ac nomine confratrum 
suorum omnium et singulorum ejusdem ecclesise regularis praestito, 
litterisque ejusdem Prioris per quas titulum in ipsa ecclesia regulari 
sive prioratu de Walsyngham se habere prsetendit ostensis^ compoto 
quoque dicti Prioris de et super administratione exhibito etiam et 
ostenso, . . . dictus reverendus pater prsefatos Priorem et 
concanonicos de et super statu ejusdem domus secrete et singillatim 
examinavit. Per quam quidem examinationem compertum est 
prout sequitur.* 

In primis compertum est quod confratres quando vadunt extra 
septa monasterii non simul vadunt prout tenentur. 

Item quod Prior non audet ostendere statum domus coram 
omnibus confratribus prout deberet facere quia quidam fratrum 
volunt tunc illud revelare ad extra. 

" It has been thought best to print this matter in full though there is very little 
departure from the usual formal language of such documents. 

ST. Mary's priory, walsingham. 59 

Item quod compotus domus debeat fieri per cellerarium et alios 
officiarios in quolibet termino. 

Item quod panis et servitia in domo satis bene poterit emendari. 

Item quod statuta religionis debcnt legi semel in mense sed non The Prior 
sunt. Et quod Prior nou est indifFerens quia audit unam partem et partid. ^ 
non alteram. 

Item quod Feater Alanus Aylesham revelat secreta religi- Tale-telling. 

onis et maxime delicta fratrum laicis et etiam conqueritur de 

fratribus Priori ita quod inquietat fratres. 

Item quod conf'ratres non liabent l\Iagistrum in domo ad No School- 
j J . master, 

docenaum eos gramrnaticam. 

Item quod Frater Willelmus Norwich propter duos fratres viz. William Nor- 
Fratrem Thomam Crane worth et Fratrem Alanum Aylesham venter from 
non potest obtinere benevolentiam Prioris, ita quod poterit habere ir^^f^h^^^the**^ 
ordinem sacerdotii, in tantum quod ipse patiebatur incarcerationem Prior, 
per plures septimanas. Item incarcerationes fiunt eo quod Prior 
velit eos habere fratres [sic]. 

Item quod servientes vilipendent fratres et vocant eos fatuos si Insolence of 
petant ab eis aut potum vel victualia quando veniunt eorum parentes 
aut benefactores. 

Nomina Prioris et Concanonicorum. Names of the 

Dns Johannes [blank], Prior s^Sen"*^ 

Diis Jacobus Thornhagge, Supprior Canons. 

Dns Thomas Craneworth 
Dns RoBERTUs Lyngge 
Dns Alanus Aylesham 
Dns KiCARDUs Waterden 
Dns Edmundus Waeham 
Diis Thojias Grymeston 
Dns Thomas Bingham, Cellerarius 
Dns Johannes Walsyngham 
Diis Thomas Creyke 
Diis Willelmus Lowche 


Dns WiLLELMus Houghton 
Dfis Christoforus Barsham 
Dns KoBERTUS Parker 
Dns Thomas Styffekeye 
Dns Willelmus Norwich 

Injunctions Et tunc dictus reverendus pater non invenit ibidem ad tunc plura 

e erre . reformatione digna ideo dictam suam visitationem pro tunc ibidem 

in pace dissolvit reservata potestate certas injunctiones faciendi et 

dictos Priorem et conventum adobservantiam earundem compellendi 

quotiens et quando sibi visum fuerit oportere. 

Visitation or St. Be net's at Holme Abbey. 

(fol. 54.) Visitatio ordinaria reverendi in Christo patris et domini Jacobi, 

Dei et apostolicse sedis gratia, Episcopi Norwicensis in monasterio 
Sancti Benedicti de Hulmo suae diocesis Norwicensis per eum 
personaliter exercita sequitur in hunc modura : In nomine Domini 

15 Sept. 1494. Amen. Die lun» viz. quinto decimo die mensis Septembris anno 
Domini millesimo cccclxxxxiiij*°, consecrationisque ejusdem reve- 
rendi patris anno vicesimo secundo, &c. Ubi verbo Dei per dictum 
Magistrum Henricum Falke ad tunc proposito, mox religiosus 
vir DoMPNUS RoBERTUS CuBiTT, Abbas ejusdem monasterii, coram 
dicto reverendo patre ibidem comparuit personaliter, &c. Litteris 
que ejusdem Abbatis per quas titulum in eodem monasterio se habere 
prsetendit ostensis compoto quoque dicti Abbatis de et super admin- 
istratione bonorum anni prseteriti exhibitio etiam et ostenso, &c. 

Et tunc dictus reverendus pater prsefatos Abbatem et common- 
achos de et super statu ejusdem monasterii secrete et singillatim 
examinavit. Per quam quidem examinationem compertum est 
prout sequitur. 

Eeport of j^^ primis compertum est quod elemosinarius fideliter sol vat annu- 

Visitation. . . ^ -A • • I' 

atim intirmariae O s. pro sustentatione mnrmorum prout semper fieri 


ST. benet's at holme abbey. 61 

Item quod sacrista tenetur facere pietantiam confratribus citra 
festum purificationis beatas Marise pro memoriali in obitu Abbatis 
Aylesham vel dare cuilibet confratri iiij d. et hoc anno nee habuerunt 
pietantiam neque pecunias. 

Item quod hostia dormitorii non sunt clausa sed seculares intrant Laxity of 
die et nocte perturbando confratres. SSrmitory 

Item quod multotiens confratres deficiunt lumen in dormitorio ad 
quod tenetur sacrista. 

Item quod non est horologium in monasterio in defectu sacristse. 

Item quod confratres non servant debitum silentium in choro. 1° the choir. 

Item quod confratres sunt superonerati in recitationibus psalterii 
et hympnarii canticorum sanctoralium et temporalium. Ita quod non 
habent tempus ad studiendum et non est ex regula Sancti Benedicti study"^ ^^ 
sed ex statuto loci. 

Item quod Prior non est in claustro ad videndum recitationem The Prior 

historiae quando habent propriam historiam, et novitii non recitant abspnt from 
. „ • 1 ,- V, • • recitations. 

nee informantur in defectu Prions. 

Item quod Subcellerarius non praeparat noviciis repastum matu- 

tinum cotidie prout semper fieri consuevit. 

Item quod non reddit se indifierentem in vocatione confratrum xhe Sub- 

per signa, quando deberent sedere in aula pro relectione. quia aliqui cellarer com- 

P ... 1 ... . T. 1 plained of. 

non iuerunt vocati per vij vei viij septimanas. 

Item quod juvenes confratres sunt inobedientes superioribus The younger 

loquendo eis verba contumeliosa cum eos merito reprehendunt. brethren arc 

^ ^ f^ saucy to the 

Item quod diis Johannes Jekkys camerarius dum erat Magister elders. 

altaris beatse Mariae debebat C s. quando dimisit otScium quos "^^^^^ Jekkys 

■■• ^ owes money 

nondum solvit. to the Convent. 

Item quod Thomas Whytfeld serviens in refectorio habet verba 
contumeliosa confratribus et non servit eis debite in officio sed 
quandoque denegat eis necessaria et debita sua. 

Item quod servientes monasterii habent verba contumeliosa erga The servants 
confratres. ''''' "^^"^'^°^- 

Itern quod confratres non habent prseceptorem ad instruendum No School- 
eos in grammatica. master. 


The stock of Item quod ad officium cellerarii pertinent tria maneria in quibus 

mano^rs'hrs^ Grant catalla viz. in ovibus v C, et vaccis xxiiij cum aliis imple- 

disappeared. mentis et jam non sunt aliqui istorum pertinentes ad dictum officium. 

The previous Item Quod Abbas praedecessor istius Abbatis destruxit omnia 
Abbot com- ., . • ^ ^ • ... 

plained of. implementa pertmentia ad omcium elemosinaru. 

The Abbey Item quod quidam RoBERTUS Whynbarow de Norwico habet 

jewels in pawn , . , . , r . ..... , j , 

and cannot plura jocalia dictaj domus sibi impignorata et non vult reddere quia 

be recovered, ^j— ^ quod spoliatus fuit de hujusmodi jocalibus. 

Item quod olim consuetum erat quod jocalia domus debeant poni 

in thesaurario et quia hoc non erat observatum ideo dorainus Abbas 

prsedecessor Abbatis moderni jocalia praedicta impignoravit et nes- 

citur quibus hominibus. 

The last Abbot Item quod dominus Abbas praedecessor istius Abbatis dedit 

vkanige'^ ^ cuidam consanguineo suo ad usum suum, unam domum bene aeditica- 

housetoa tam pertinentem vicariae Sancti Petri de Houghton » et ipse aspor- 

relation of his . t . ,. , 

own. tavit hujusmodi domum. 

Item quod quidam dominus Willelmus Barker deservit curae de 
Houghton predictae qui valde impatiens est cum parochianis ibidem, 
et etiam idem dominus Willelmus erat clericus vicecomitis ante 
susceptionem sacrorum ordinum et scripsit indictamenta et alia 
exercuit propter quae efficitur irregularis. 

Item quod nemo est assignatus ad officium infirmariae. 
Item quod olim confratres habebant unam lecturam in infirmaria, 
illis monachis qui ibidem commedunt carnes, tempore recreationis. 
No mention Item quod non est aliqua memoria JoHANNiS Fastalff militis 

p^^Kf^^" in mortilogio qui erat malefactor^ magnus hujus monasterii. 
The Abbot has Item quod dominus Abbas habeat pauciores famulos quam habet, 
servante^ ^l^ia aliqui eorum non sunt necessarii. 

The Evidences Xtem quod Salman subsenescallus habet evidentias monasterii 
Rolls. apud Honyng in domo sua propria. Item quod rotula3 curiarum 

non irrotulantur in pergamino. 

* Hoveton or Hofton in Tunstead Hundred. The whole parish belonged to St. 
Benet's Abbey. 

•» Sic in MS. snrely a blunder for 'benefactor. See Paston Letters, ed. Gakdner, 
vol. i. pp. 448 and 464. 

ST. benet's at holme abbey. 63 

Item quod Holkham emit certas terras pro cantaiia et obitu suo. 
Et quod terrse hivjusmodi sint in manibus magistri altaris et non in 
manibus alterius, propter ruinam et destructionem in domibus perti- 
nentibus dicta? terrse, dummodo sint hujusmodi terras in manibus 

Item quod nullus nionachus qui commedit in aula vadat ante pran- 
dium sine licentia superioris. 

Nomina Prions et Commonachorum. 

-r^ -r. All Barnes of the 

DOMIXUS KOBERTUS, Abbas, Abbot and 

DoMiNus Johannes Baly, Prior twentj-three 

' monks. 

DoaiiNus Thomas Hemmysby, sacrista 
DoMiNUS Johannes Squyee, cellerarius 
DoMiNus Johannes Jekkes, camerarius 
DoMiNUS Rogerus Sparwell, cellerarius Abbatis 
DoMiNus Edmundus Sharhawe, hostillarius 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMTjs Whytfeld, clemosinarius 
DoMiNUS Johannes Blakdam, refectorarius 
DoMiNUS WiLLELMUs FoEEST, m agister cellarii 


DoMiNUS Johannes Rysyng, pietantiarius 


DoMiNus Johannes Redyng, capellanus Abbatis 
DoMiNTJS Thomas Eose, succentor 
DoMEs^us RoBEETUS Cauntebeygge, subcellcrarius 
DoMiNUS EoBERTUs Oemysby, subsacrista [absens do 
licentia Prioris cum avunculo] in margin. 


DoMiNus Johannes Benett 
DoMmus Johannes Dylham 


(fol. 55.) 


Et tunc dictus reverendus pater post nonnullas communicationes 
cum dictis Abbate et commonachis de et super reformatione habitas, 
dictam suam visitationem pro tunc ibidem in pace dissolvit reservata 
potestate mjunctiones faciendi et dictos Abbatem et conventum ad 
observantmm earundem compellendi quotiens et quando sibi visum 
fuent oportere. 

[Two-thirds of page and next page blank.] 



A.D. 1514. 

[Tanner MS. 210, fol. 1.] 
(Bodl. Libr.) 

Liber visitationis ordinarise Monasteriorum ac Prioratuum 
Religiosorum, per Reverendum in Christo Patrem et Dorainum 
DOMINUM RiCARDUM NiCKE permissione divina Norwicensem 
Episcopum, actualiter exercitse anno Domini millesimo quin- 
gentesimo xiiii et consecrationis dicti Reverendi Patris anno xiiii, 
regni verum excellentissimi principis Henrici octavi anno sexto. 

Arrangements for the Visitation. 

Progressus visitationis reverendi in Christo patris et domini 
Domini Ricardi permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopi per 
eum actualiter exercitse. 

Die Jovis, videlicet xxvii die mensis Aprilis, inchoaudo in 
ecclesia cathedrali Norwicensi. 

Junii. Lunae 12 die, dominus equitabit ad collegium de Sud- 
burio ibidem pernoctando. 

CAMD. soc. k: 



Stoke by 






St. Peter's, 
and the 


Die Martis, xiii die mensis Junii, in collegio de Sudburio visi- 
tando ibidem die prasdicto, in ecclesia Sancti Petri de Sudburio 
visitando decanatum ibidem. Et in nocte ibidem. 

jyiartis 13 die, visitabit collegium de Sudbuiio et eodem die 
visitabit decanatum Sudburio in ecclesia Sancti Petri ibidem, per- 
noctando ibidem. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet xiiii die mensis Junii, in ecclesia de Clare 
pro decanatu ejusdem. Et ibidem in prandio pernoctando in 
collegio de Stooke et ibidem toto die sequente videlicet in festo 
corporis Christi. 

Die Veneris, videlicet xvi die mensis Junii, visitando collegium 
de Stoke, et nocte apud Bury. 

Die Sabbati, videlicet xvii die mensis Junii, in ecclesia parocliiali 
de Forneham Martini visitando decanatus de Thedwerstie et Thingo 
pernoctando apud Ixworth, et die sequente moram ibidem faciendo, 
videlicet dominica. 

[Opposite this entry are marginal notes of 14, 15, 16 June, 

Die Lunse, videlicet xix die mensis Junii, apud Ixworth visitando 
prioratum ibidem et eodem die in ecclesia parochiali de Ixworth 
pro decanatu de Blakebourne. 

Die Martis, videlicet xx die mensis, Junii, in ecclesia parochiali 
de Brandonfery pro decanatu de Fordeham. Et post meridiem in 
prioratu de Bromehill visitando eundem ibidem, pernoctando in 
prioratu monachorum Thetford. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet xxi die mensis Junii, in prioratu de 
Thetford canonicorum visitando prioratum ibidem. 

Die Jovis, videlicet xxii die mensis Junii, in ecclesia parochiali 
Sancti Petri de Thetford pro decanatu ejusdem et visitando moniales 
ibidem pernoctando apud Russehe worth. 

Die Veneris, in vigilia Sancti Johannis Baptistse videlicet xxiii 
die mensis Junii, in collegio de Eusshworth visitando idem 


Die Sabbati, videlicet xxiiii die mensis Junii, festo Nativitatis Thomson 
Sancti Johannis Baptistae in coUegio de Tompston et dominica ^^^* 
ibidem. Visitando idem collegium pernoctando ibidem et dominica 
in eodem loco vel cum Domino Thoma Bedingfeld. 

Die Lunas, videlicet xxvi die mensis Junii, in ecclesia parochiali Breccles 
de Tompstoune visitando decanatum de Brecles et post prandium 
collegium de Tompstone, pernoctando apud Attilborowe cum 
magistro collegii. 

Die Martis, videlicet xxvii die mensis Junii, in ecclesia parochiali Attleborough 
de Attilburghe pro decanatu de Roklonde, eodem' visitando die CoUeo-e. 
collegium ibidem, pernoctando in prioratu de Bokenham. 

Die Mercurii in vigilia Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, videlicet Buckenliam 
xxviii die mensis Junii, in prioratu de Bokenham visitando eundem, "'''^' 
et nocte apud Wymondham et ibidem die sequente, videlicet in 
festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli. 

Die Jovis, videlicet xxix die mensis Junii, visitabit monasterium Wymondham 
de Wymondham et pernoctabit et ibidem die sequenti videlicet in ^^' 
festo Sancti Petri. 

Die Veneris, videlicet ultimo die mensis Junii, in ecclesia Wymondham 
parochiali de Wymondham visitando decanatus de Humliyerd et de °"^°' 
Depwade et villam de Wymondham et post prandium visitando 
monasterium ibidem. 

Die Sabbati, videlicet primo die mensis Julii, in ecclesia East Dereham, 
parochiali de Estderham prandendo cum vicario pro decanatu 
de Hengham, et nocte apud Suth Acre cum Rectore, et ibidem 
die dominica prandendo et coenando cum rectore de Sowth 

Die Lunas, videlicet tertio die mensis Julii, in ecclesia parochiali Southacre. 
de Southacre visitando decantus de Craenwich pernoctando cum 
priore de Castilacre. 

Die Martis, videlicet iiii die mensis Julii, in ecclesia parochiali Castleacre 
de Castilacre pro decanatu de Brisley et Toftes et nocte apud ^'i"'"'-"''- 

Die Mercurii, videlicet quinto die mensis Julii, visitando prior- 






West Dereham 

Bishops Lynn. 

South Lynn. 





Holt Deanery. 

atum de Westacre. Et post meridiem prioratum de Massingham 
Magna per commissarium et nocte apud Westacre. 

Die Jovis in vigilia Trans: Sancti Thom^, videlicet sexto 
die mensis Julii, apud Penteney visitando prioratum ibidem et 
nocte ibidem. Et per totum diem sequentem videlicet in festo 
Sancti Thomge, visitando interim domum monialium de Blakeborow 
per commissarium. Interrogetur Dominies an . . . in festo Sancti 
ThomcB post meridiem velit eqiiitare usque [ad] Dereham. 

Die Sabbati, videlicet viii die mensis Julii, in ecclesia parocliiali 
de Westderliam pro decanatu de Fyncham et nocte ibidem in 
monasterio et die sequenti videlicet dominica. 

Die Lunffi, videlicet decimo die mensis Julii, apud Lenne Epis- 
copi in ecclesia Sanctae Margaretse pro libertate villee ejusdem. Et 
eodem die, inter equitandum, visitando domum monialium de Crab- 
howse per commissarium. 

Die Martis, videlicet undecimo die mensis Julii, in ecclesia paro- 
chiali Omnium Sanctorum de South Lenne pro decanatu de Lenne 
pernoctando ibidem in prioratu. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet duodecimo die mensis Julii, in ecclesia 
parochiali de Rudham pro decanatibus de Burneham et Hicham et 
nocte apud Cokkesforth, visitando prioratum de Flicham inter 

Die Jovis, videlicet tertio-decimo die mensis Julii, in prioratu de 
Cokkesforth visitando eundem, et post meridiem de Hempton 
pernoctando apud Walsingham et ibidem die sequente. 

Die Veneris, videlicet quarto decimo die mensis Julii, in ecclesia 
parochiali de Walsingham pro decanatu ejusdem. Et nocte in 
prioratu ibidem. 

Die Sabbati, videlicet quinto decimo die mensis Julii, visitando 
prioratum de Walsingham nocte ibidem et per diem sequentem 
videlicet dominicam. 

Die Lunge, videlicet xvii die mensis Julii, in ecclesia parochiali 
de Holt pro decanatu de Holt, pernoctando apud Thorneage vel 


Die Martis, videlicet decimo octavo die mensis Julii, in prioratu ^eestonand 
de Beiston, eundo per Wabourne prandendo ibidem et pernoctando priories, 
apud Beiston. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet xix die mensis Julii, in ecclesia parochiali Cromer 
de Crowmer pro decanatu de Eeppes [prandendo cum vicano] et 
noctc apud Ingham. 

Die Jovis, videlicet vicesimo die mensis Julii, visitandoprioratum ^^^ 
de Ingham et nocte apud Hiklyng. 

Die Veneris, videlicet xxi die mensis Julii, in ecclesia parochmli Hickhjg 
de Hikling pro decanatu de Waxstone et post meridiem pnoratum 
ibidem, pernoctando in [monasterio Sancti Benedicti]. 

Die Sabbati, in festo Beat^ Marise Magdalen^B, videlicet xxu ^t-«e°et's 
die mensis Julii, in monasterio Sancti Benedicti visitando monas- 
terium pernoctando ibidem et die sequenti, videlicet in festo Sancti 


Die LunjE, videlicet xxiiii die mensis Julii, visitando monas- Yamonth 
terium Sancti Benedicti et pernoctando ibidem et die sequente, 
videlicet in festo Sancti Jacobi, equitando post meridiem ad 
prioratum de Jernemuth. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet xxvi die mensis Julii, in ecclesia paro- Yarmouth 
chiali de Jernemuth visitando decanatus de Flegge cum Yarnemuth 
et nocte ibidem. 

Die Jovis, videlicet xxvii die mensis Julii, in prioratu Sancti |t..01aTe'3 
Olavi pro decanatu de Luthinglond et prioratu, pernoctando 

ibidem. . , 

■ Die Veneris, videlicet xxviii die mensis Julii, in prioratu de ^hburgh 
Blithborow visitando decanatum de Dunwic et prioratum post 
meridiem. pernoctando apud Leiston. 

Die Sabbati, videlicet xxix die mensis Julii, in ecclesia conven- S-ij^o^^ 
tuali de Snape pro decanatu de Orforde et prioratu ibidem, pernoc- 
tando apud Butley et ibidem per totum diem sequentem videlicet 

dominicam. _ , „ ., t>_- 

Die Lun^, videlicet ultimo die mensis Julii, visitando pnoiaium Butley Pr.ory. 

de Butley et nocte apud Campsey. 





Tilnity Priory 

St. Peter's, 



If'ft open. 

Die Martis, videlicet prirao die mensis Augusti, visitando domum 
monialium de Campsey pernoctando apud Wodbrigge. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet secundo die mensis Augusti, in ecclesia 
parochiali de "Wodbrigge pro decanatibus de Willford et Loose 
pernoctando in prioratu Sanctee Trinitatis Gipwici. 

Die Jovis, videlicet tertio die mensis Augusti, in ecclesia conven- 
tual! Sanctee Trinitatis Gipwici visitando prioratum, eodem die in 
ecclesia parochiali Sanctae Mariee ad turrim pro decanatibus de 
Gipwico et Samforde. 

Die Veneris, videlicet iiii die mensis Augusti, in ecclesia con- 
ventuali Sancti Petri Gipwici pro decanatibus de Carleforde et 
Colneis. Et post prandium ad prioratum ibidem pernoctando. 

Die Sabbati, videlicet quinto die mensis Augusti, in capella de 
Nedeham Market pro decanatibus de Bosner et Clerdone, pernoc- 
tando apud Hoxne. 

Die Lunae, videlicet vii die mensis Augusti, in ecclesia parochial' 
de Hoxne pro decanatu ibidem, morain faciendo ibidem tempore 
messium et vindimiarum, et interim poterit dominatio vestra 
visitare loca propinqua videlicet collegium de Winkefelde, prior- 
atum de Eye, prioratum de Rudlingfelde, prioratum de Flixtone, 
etc. Limitatio dierum pendet arbitrio dominationis vestree, 
expedit tamen ut preefigantur ad progressura perficiendum. 

Post tempus messium dominatio vestra visitabit decanatum de 
Redenhall in capella de Harlestone et die sequente in ecclesia 
parochiali Sancti Jacobi de South Elmham vel ecclesia de Flixtone, 
pro decanatibus de Southe Elmham et Wainforde, pernoctando apud 
Metingham visitando collegium die sequenti et prioratum domus 
monialium de Bungay. Et die sequenti in ecclesia parochiali de 
Lodne pro decanatu de Brooke. Et nocte sequenti apud Norwicum, 
ibidem visitando ecclesiam cathedralem, collegium de Campis, 
Hospitale Sancti ^gidii, Magistrum Carnariae, Normannos, 
Hildebrondes et hospitale Beatse Marias Magdalene, ac decanatus 
de Norwico et Taverham, in ecclesia Sancti Petri in foro Norwicensi 
vel in capella palatii, decanatum de Bloofeld in ecclesia de Thorppe 


Epjscopi vel Bloofeld, prioratum Sanctse Fidei necnon decanatus de 
Ingworth et Sparham in ecclesia de Heidon vel Woddalling per- 
noctando cum vicario ibidem, interim visitando prioratum de Monte 
Gaudii revertendo ad Norwicum et visitando prioratum domus 
monialium de Carrowe. Et poterit dominatio vestra visitare decan- 
atus de Hertismere et Stow in ecclesia parochiali de Eya, propter 
vicinitatem loci, tempore messium vel post regressum a Norwico 
usque Hoxne. 

Visitation of Norwich Priory. 

Visitatio ordinaria reverend! in Christo patris et domini DoMiNl 
EiCARDi XiCKE permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopi jure sue 
ordinario in ecclesia sua cathedrali Sanctse Trinitatis Xorwicensi 
die Jovis, videlicet xxvii die mensis Aprilis, anno Domini 27 April, 1514. 
millesimo quingentesimo xiiii, indictione secunda pontificatus 
sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini DOMIKI Leonis hujus 
nominis decimi anno secundo per venerabilem virum Magistrum 
Thomam Hare legum doctorem ejusdem reverend! patris 
vicailum in spiritualibus generalem ac commissarium in hac parte 
sufficienter et legitime deputatum, vice et auctoritate diet! reverend! 
patris inchoata. 

Hora capitular! consuetaidem venerabilis vir Magister Thomas 
Hare vicarius et commissarius antedictus, domum capitularem 
ecclesige cathedralis prsedictse ingressus est, convocatis congregatis et 
circumsedentibus priore et commonachis ejusdem ecclesise. Eeligi- 
osus vir DoMiNUS Willelmus Reppis, sacrse theologise professor 
commonachus et sacrista dictae ecclesise, verbum Dei latino sermone 
proposuit sub hoc themate. Expurgate tetus fermentum. Exhibito 


subsequenter certificatorio realiter nomina et cognomina omnium et 
slngulorum commonachorum et confratrum, in quadam scedula 
eidem annexa conscripta, continente. Eodemque publice de man- 
date dicti domini vicarii generalis et commissarii per me Thomam 
GoDSALVE notarium publicum ipsius reverendi patris registrarium 
principalem perlecto, declarataque per eundem vicarium generalem 
et commissarium tarn latino quam vulgari sermone causa adventus 
sui, expositis capitulis super quibus essent inquirendi et examinandi. 
Idem venerabilis vir vicarius generalis et commissarius antedictus 
priores cellarum tunc preesentes decrevit post meridiem examinandos. 
Et monuit eos, videlicet priores de Yarnemutli^ Hoxne et Alby, ad 
subeundum examen bora prima post meridiem ipso eodem loco 
videlicet in domo capitulari antedicto. Quaquidem hora adveniente 
idem dominus vicarius generalis et commissarius domum capitularem 
reingrediens supradictos priores secrete et singillatim examinavit 
et inquisivit ut sequitur. 
The Prior of DoMPNUS Heneicus Langrake prior cellas de Yarnemutha 
Uie cell of Magna inquisitus de statu monasterii nescit deponere quia raro est 
deposition. praesens. 

De statu cellae suae de Yarnemutha interrogatus dicit quod com- 
petenter se habet in reparationibus nee oneratur aere alieno. Et 
annuatim reddit compotum, juxta consuetudinem, coram priore et 

De ceteris inquisitus nescit deponere certitudinaliter quia plerum- 
que est absens. 
The Prior of DoMPNUS JoHANNES Lakenham prior cellsB de Alby inquisitus 
^^^y- et examinatus de statu monasterii essentialibus religionis et obser- 

vatione divini cultus, refert se ad preesentes quia raro est praesens. 
Dicit tamen quod quando accedit ad monasterium tsedet eum 
videre accessum suspectum juvencularum in claustrum hostiariam 
et infirmariam. 

Dicit praeterea inquisitis quod non reddidit compotum anno 
ultimo elapso sed paratus est reddere ut dicit. 


Dicit insuper quod cella sua de Alby oneratur aere alieno ad 
praesens in summa decern librarum. 

Examinatus prasterea quam pensionem annuam solvit monasterio; (lol. 8.) 
dixit quod solveret quinque libras, sed celleraiius habet mariscum 
pertinentem eidem cellse in exonerationem Imjusmodi pensionis. 

Dicit etiam quod januae cellse et domus brasii patiuntur ruinam 
et deformitatein. 

DoMPNUs Thomas Pellts prior de Hoxne examinatus de The Prior of 
statu monasterii dicit quod credit quod essentialia religionis obser- Hoxne. 
vantur, tamen stepe est absens sed credit quod monasterium oneratur 
sere alieno sed nescit summam. 

Item dicit inquisitus quod nullara reddit pensionem monasterio 
sed tantum portionem exhibitioni scolaris in universitate. 

DoMPNUS Georgius Heingham prior de Lenne dicit quod The Prior of 
parum novit de statu domus quia raro est praasens. Lynn. 

Domptius vicarius generalis injunxit preedictis prioribus quod The Vicar- 

restituant munimenta originalia pertinentia cellis reponenda in General's 
, . ... . . Injunctions. 

thesaurio monasteni citra festuni Michaelis proximum, et interim 

conscribant in libris suis copias eorundem. 

DoMPNDS Andreas Ryngland dicit quod numerus confratrum Number of 
non perimpletur quia deberent esse LXconfratres et sunt in pnesenti fafie^'short.'^'' 
nisi xxxviii. 

Item quod non debite deservitur cantariis secundum fundationem 

Item quod non habent ludi litterarii magistrum. master*^^' 

DoMPNUS Thomas Walsham dicit quod tertius prior partialiter (fol. 8 b.) 
corrigit confratres. 

Item quod non habent recreationes solitas. 

DoMPNUS WlLLELMUS EbY concordat cum RiNGLAND quoad Various 
numerum confratrum solitum. couiphuuts. 

Ite7n dicit quod non habent pensiones debite. 

Item quod juniores domus non habent notitiam de provcntubus 
et emolumentis nee qualiter expend untur. 

camu. soc. l 



The juniors 

Laxity in 

(fol. 9.) 


(fol. 9 b.) 

The Prior 
glanced at. 

Item quod Dompnus Franciscus Norwich non est obediens 
religioni neque prspositis. 

Dompnus Nicholaus Bedingham firmarius dicit quod con- 
fratres juniores mittuntur ad cellas antequam sint instructi in 
divinis officiis vel in aliis necessariis. 

Item quod mulieres suspiciosse frequentant accessus ad cameram 

Dompnus Johannes Cambridge refectuarius dicit quod 
Dompnus Kadulphus Syble dixit priorem furtive cepisse 
sigillum commune pro sigillatione preesentationis ecclesiae beatse 
Marise in Marisco. 

Item quod Dompnus Stephanus Dersham non debite observat 
scolas sed utitur aliis artibus. 

Item quod dictus Dompnus Stephanus et Dominus Thomas 
Leman non utuntur habitu solito. 

Dompnus Ricardus Chathouse dicit quod divinum servitium 
non debite observatur per conf'ratres et preecipue per suppiiorem 
et tertium priorem. 

Item quod non deservitur cantariis secundum fundationem earum 
et praecipue cantarije Domini Walteri dud urn Norwicensis Episcopi. 

Item quod utuntur le Frokkes de le worstede contra ordinem 

Dompnus Johannes Martyn dicit quod Dompnus Eobertus 
Worsted procreavit prolem ex quadam muliere parochise Sancti 
Benedicti vel Margaretse in Norwico. 

Item interrogatus de statu domus dicit quod est oneratum sere 

Dompnus Franciscus Norwiche dicit ut in papiro. 

Dompnus Hugo Norwiche succentor dicit quod quando aliqui 
confratrum sunt infirmitate infecti compelluntur summas missas 
celebrare ipsorum infirmitate non obstante. 

Dompnus Johannes Sall dicit quod Dompnus Radulphus 
Syblys dixit domino priori quod ille furtive subtraxit sigillum 


commune et quod sigillavit quandam praeseutationem ecclcsiae 
parochialis Sanctee Marian in Marisco. 

Item quod penitentiarii non sunt discreti quia nesciunt discernere 
lepram a lepra. 

Item interrogatus de statu domus dicit quod non est onerata eere 
alieno ultra summam xl. li. 

Item quod domus et asdificia ceilae de Alby raaximam patiuntur 
ruinam. Et quod prior ibidem nullum reddit compotum. 

Item quod Dompnus Johannes Syblys prior Sancti Leon- 
ardi non reddidit compotum officii hospitalis Sancti Pauli. 

Item quod duo orrea, culpa sua, collapsa sunt ad terram. 

Item quod supprior, Bedingham et Radulphus Syblys sunt Suspicions 
suspecti cum uxoribus servientium supprioris, Willelmi Bevy a"Iln^Tomeof 
parochi^ Sancti Petri de Mancroft et [ ] the brethren. 


Dompnus Willelmus Wyngfeld dicit quod deberent esse 
Ix confrutres et sunt nisi xl. 

Item quod prior Sancti Leonardi reddit compotum suum in 
papiro et non in pergameno. 

Item quod dictus prior non est circumspectus aut diligens in 

Dompnus Willelmus Boxwell supprior dicit quod officiarii ^u^ gj^i^.p^jor 
non reddiderunt compotum per biennium elapsum et ideo ignoratur tells how the 
, , . • • monastery is 

status monasterii. -^ g^^ cage. 

Item(\\\od, prior Sancti Leonardi, DoMiNUS Kadulphus Siblys, 
et hostilarius sunt inobedientes priori. 

Item dicit quod PiADULPHUS Syblys dixit publice in domo 
capitulari nuper quod qusedam praesentatio ecclesijE Beatse Marige 
in IMaresco erat sigillata furtive sigillo communi. 

Item in hostiaria solent confratres saltare, (avore hostilarii, tempore 
nocturne usque ad nonam. 

Item quod in cella Leonardi fuerint saepe verba conviciosa, 
opprobriosa et diffamatoria inter moram facientes ibidem. 

Item dicit quod monasterium in nonnullis locis videlicet ecclesia, 

gives a 
state of 


dormitorio, domo capitulari patitur ruinam in tectura plumbea. 
Et quod recepta in officio sacristas non sufficiunt ad reparationem 
defectuum ibidem. 

Item quod Kobertus Worsted monachus suscitavit prolera ex 
ancilla in civitate. 

Item quod maneria patiuntur ruinam prsesertim Ormesby. 

Item quod cella de Alby culpa prioris ibidem patitur deformitatem 

et ruinam. Et credit quod oneratur aere alieno prseter necessarias 


The third Prior DoMPNUS JoHANNES Shilton tertius prior inquisitus de statu 

gives a worse ■ • j • • j t 

account of the monasteni dicit quod oneratur ut credit in cc marcis sed nescitur 

certitudo, quia officiarii non reddunt compotum et sunt multum 


Item dicit quod DoMiNus Johannes Stbleys nuper magister 
Normannorum permiset ejus negligentia duo orrea pertinentia 
officio prostrari ad terram et sic eadem reliquit ad manus successoris. 

Item quod officium gardinarii maximam patitur ruinam culpa et 
incuria dicti Domini Johannis Stbleys, ortolani, adeo ut oves 
et cetera animalia comraunem habent accessum et introitum in 
hujusmodi officium. 

Item quod oves pascuntur in prato claustri in nocumentum con- 

Item quod mulieres accessum habent suspectura in monasterium 
ad infirmarium. 

Dicit etiam quod quilibet confratrura absque aliqua excusatione 
compellitur celebrare missam ad summum altare pro cursu suo licet 
fuerit infirmus. 


Evidentiffi cellarum non remanent infra preecinetum monasterii. 
Monachi non student postquam fuerint promoti ad sacerdotium. 


Amici monachorum accedunt ad cameras suas et non ad locum 
propter hoc deputatum, videlicet parlurara infra infirmariam. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Harridaunce est capellanus domini 
prioris, subcellerarius ac custos cellee cervisiarii et minus debite 
exercet officia cellerarii. 

Prior Sancti Leoiiardi permittit omnia pertinentia officio suo 
pati ruinam et nullam facit reparationem. 

Camerarii non solvuntur monachis feodd ad sum mam viii s. 

Prior Sancti Leonardi est ortulanus sive gardinarius et non 
fungitur officio. 

Monachi non habent preeceptorem ad instruendum eos in gram- 
matica sed tantum bis in septimana per Magistrum Wheteacre. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Sall preecentor non solvit pensionem 

Campana in dormitorio est fracta. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS WiNKFELD liistrionis modo jactitat et 
vilipendit confratres. 

Vasa argentea amissa nunquam revocantur in examinatione 

Suspectse mulieres accedunt ad monasterium. 

Uxor Roberti famuli supprioris est suspecta cum eodem. 

Nonnulli confratrum utuntur camisiis lineis, et longis caligis 
clausis et praesertim DoMiNUS Johannes Sall. 

Religio et castitas non observantur, culpa supprioris, qui praebet 
malum exemplum. 

Numerus monachorum non est completus. 

Tertius prior non equaliter punit delicta sed partialiter, 

DoMPNUS Franciscus Norwiche non est obediens et est 
inceptor litium inter commonachos. 

Multi confratrum juniorum mittuntur ad cellas antequam sunt 
informati in religio ne et litteratura. 

Suspectse mulieres accedunt domum hostilarii. 

DoMPNUS Stefhanus Dersham non observat scolas nee (fol. lib.) 
utitur habitu juxta antiquara consuetudinem. 


Item DoMPNUS Thomas Leman similiter non utitur habitu 

Divinum servitium diurnum et nocturnum minus debite obser- 
vatur, culpa supprioris et iii*^*^ prioris. 

Item non deservitur debite Cantarije Episcopi Walteri, 

Item monachi utuntur le Frokkes de worsted contra religionem. 

Prior Sancti Leonardi consumit bona prioratus. 

DoMPNUS Robeetus Worsted suscepit prolem ex quadam 
soluta in Norwico. 

Infirmi compelluntur celebrare, non obstante eorum infirmitate. 

Penitentiarii ecclesiee cathedralis non sunt discreti ad illud 

Cella de Alby est in magna ruina et oneratur gravitur sere 

Prior Sancti Leonardi non reddidit corapotum de officio magistri 
hospitalis Sancti Pauli quia duo orrea erant prostrata negligentia 
ejusdem prioris tunc magistri ibidem. 

Supprior et Bedingham sunt suspecti de incontinentia cum uxore 
servi supprioris uxore Willelmi Bevy et cum uxore Pigeon. 

Officiarii non reddiderunt compotum de eorum officiis per bien- 
nium et igitur ignoratur status monasterii. 

Item coramonachi saltant in hostiaria. 

Item in cella Sancti Leonardi oriuntur et fiunt rixse et dissentiones 
cum verbis opprobriosis. 

Ecclesia dormitorium et domus capitularis patiuntur ruinam. 

Maneria patiuntur ruinam. 

Cella de Alby oneratur in x. li. ex confessione prioris. 

Monasterium est indebitatum in CO marcis. 


Injtjnctiones fact^ per E-everendum in Christo 
Patrem et dominum, dominum Eicardum per- 
missione divina norwicensem episcoptjm v*° die 


iw pnmis dominus injunxit prioribus cellarum sub poena priva- Priors of Cells 

tionis sive revocationiseorum ab eorum cellis, quod restituant onines to.^/ing their 
. J . . . . ' "^ evidence into 

evidentias onginales pertmentes eorum celhs et eas concernentes et the monastery. 

reponant in thesaurario monasterii citra festum Michaelis pvoximum 

ibidem remansuras. 

Item injunxit priori ecclesise cathedralis quod ammoveret priorem Prior of St. 
Sancii Leonardi ab ejus officio. Et quod deinceps non admittat I'.eonards 
eum ad aliquod officium. 

Item injunxit omnibus commonachis quod non recipiant araicos 
ad eos accedenles in cameras suas, sed in locum ad hoc deputatum, 
videlicet parluram infra infirmariam. 

Item injunxit suppriori quod moneat Robertum famulum suum 
ne uxor ejus de cetero accedat ad monasterium. 

Item injunxit priori et omnibus commonachis quod colligant a reserve 

inter se seu collisri faciant et procurent medietatem unius integrse ^™'^ *° ^^ ^®* 

D apart, 
decimse de omnibus officiis in monasterio citra festum Philippi et 

Jacobi proximum. Et aliam medietatem integrte decimjB de 

omnibus officiis et possessionibus monasterii citra festum Paschse 

tunc proximo sequens quam pecuniam collectam dominus decrevit 

et injunxit leponendam fore in thesauraria monasterii ad defensi- 

onem ejusdem. 

Quibus sic injunctis prsedictus Reverendus in Christo Pater 

visitationem suam ordinariam ibidem ad et usque primam dominicam 

xl proxime futuiam et quemlibet diem citra si opus fucrit proro- 

gavit et continuavit. 


(fol. 13.) 

13 June, 1514. 




Collegium de Sudbury. 

Die Martis, videlicet xiii die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo 
quingentesimo xiiii, ingressus idem Eeverendus Pater domum 
capitularem collegii Sancti Gregorii de Sudburio convocari fecit 
custodem ejusdem collegii et confratres quorum nomina infra sunt 
subscripta. Exhibitoque certificatorio et perlecto per me Thomam 
GoDSALVE, notarium publicum, dicti Reverendi Patris registrarium 
principalem. Idem Reverendus Pater examinavit et inquisivit 
magistrum et confratres in comrauni de statu collegii ut sequitur. 

Magister Johannes Carver, 

decretorum doctor custos collegii 
DoM. Johannes Waite 
DoM. Robertus Craske 


DoM. Thomas Legate 


DoM. Johannes Sickling 
DoM. Thomas Bond 


Omnes examinati deponunt 
et dicunt quod collegium 
in spiritual ib us et tempo r- 
alibus competenter et bene 
se liabet: oneratur tamen 
tempore praefectionis ma- 
gistri moderni in quindecim 
libris prastextu taxse et 
decimarum, et cetera omnia 


Dominus injunxit magistro et confratribus quod confidant inven- 
tarium tripartitum indentatura de jocalibus ac bonis mobilibus 
collegii. Et quod exhibeant alteram partem illius inventarii dicto 
reverendo patri in proximo regressu suo ad collegium. Etpriemissis 
sic gestis visitationem suam ordinariam ibidem dissolvendam decrevit 
ac dissolvit. 


Collegium de Stoke juxta Clare. (foi. isb.) 

Convocatis in capella Beatae Marige ex parte austral! chori 
ecclesise collegiatas de Sudburio, quam capellam pro domo capitulari 
acceptarunt, [praesentibus] decano prsebendarils et confratribus ac 
vicariis ejusdem collegii quorum nomina sunt subscripta. Propo- 
sitoque verbo Dei per Magistrum Forthe sub hoc themate, 
Sohrie juste ac pie vivamus etc. Exhibito hincinde certificatorio 
cum mandato et per me Thomam Godsalve, de mandate domini, 
perlecto declaratisque articulis super quibus essent inquirendi, 
dominus exarainavit eos singulatim ut sequitur. Et primo vicarlos 

Magister Thomas Norreys vicarius choralis ibidem exami- 
natus et inquisitus, dicit quod omnia Sunt laudabiliter tam divinus 
cultus quam temporalia et reparationes. Et decanus est industriosus 
circa premissa. 

Dom: Ricardus Browne capellanus vicarius choralis dicit quod 
omnia laudabiliter observantur juxta fundationem collegii, et repara- 
tiones debite fiunt. 

Dom: Willelmus Clerke alias Sugar dicit quod juxta fun- Revenne 

, insumcient. 

dationem collegii octo essent in numero vicariorum et per muitos 

annos fuerunt nisi sex quia non sufficiunt proventus eorum ad exhi- 

bitionem octo vicariorum maxime hoc tempore propter excessivas 

decimas Domino Regi solutas et solvendas. 

Dom: PtOBERTUS Bert dicit quod omnia bene se habent tam in 
spiritualibus quam in temporalibus. 

Dom: Willelmus Dikons capellanus examinatus dicit quod 
divinus cultus laudabiliter observatur. 

Dicit quod juxta statuta collegii quilibet vicarius choralis posset 
abesse per viii septimanas in anno causa recreationis absque dimi- 
nutioae stipendii et jam non habent illam libertatem. 

DoM: Thomas Wellis capellanus dicit inquisitus quod omnia (fol. H.) 
fiunt laudabiliter et debite. 



Magistee Johannes Ednam, sacrsp theologise professsor 

decanus ecclesia collegiatee de Stok juxta Clare, praedictus inquisitus, 

dicit quod divina servitia debite fiunt et statuta coUegii juxta 

facultates collegii laudabiliter observantur. 

Statutes Magister Thomas Whitehed prsebendarius secundi stall! ex 

tampered with, parte australi inquisitus, dicit quod liber statutorum prsesertim in 

hiis qu^ concernunt residentiam canonicorum et praebendariorum 

rasuratur et interlineatur suspecte, cujus praetextu fitssepe contentio 

inter canonicos quia repugnant et contrariantur libri statutorum 

quoad residentiam. 

Magister Thomas Ward all prsebendarius secundi stalli ex 

parte boriali chori examinatus, conqueritur de rasura libri statutorum 

pro residentia canonicorum. Et cetera omnia debite observantur ut 


Magister Edmund us Stanbanke prsebendarius iiii stalli ex 

parte australi comparuit per decanum exliibentem procuratorium 

realiter pro eodem Magistro Edmundo. 

William Wiott Magister Willelmus Wiott prsebendarius tertii stalli ex 

having a parte australi examinatus, conqueritur de multis ut patet in scedula 

grievance , ., ., 

speaks his quam exhibuit. 

™^°^- Dicit prgeterea quod decanus et Magister Whitehed fecerunt 

prostrari nonnulla meremia et vendiderunt boscum viciniorem 

collegii in przejudicium et detrimentum collegii nee sunt expendita 

meremia circa reparationes collegii vel domorum eidem perti- 

ffol 14 b') Dicit etiam quod decanus prostravit xxx bigatas meremii pro 

reparatione molendini. Et prostratio erat facta in Augusto et sic 

periit renascentia bosci. 

Dicit etiam quod decanus voluit compellere istum examinatum 

solvere pro reparatione ejusdem molendini contra justitiam et 

Birdbrook. Dicit quod Magister Whitehed asportat multa pertinentia col- 

legio ad reparandum beneficium suum de Brybrohe in prsejudicium 

et detrimentum collegii. 


Item dicit quod idem Magister Whitehed incontinenter vivit a scandal, 
cum multis et tenet in domo beneficii sui quandam Johannam 
Barker, quam licet ssepius ad hoc monitus fuerat dimittere non 
vult, in scandalum collegii. 

Dicit etiam quod ecclesijede Dunmow et Bieseley(?) olimfuerunt 
appropriatee collegio ad augmentationem vicariorum, et jam appli- 
cantur et dividuntur inter canonicos et preebendarios contra tenorem 
et formam appropriationum. 

Magister Thomas Keynes prsebendarius iii stalli ex parte 

boriali examinatus, dicit quod statuta collegii multis locis rasurantur Disputes 

et eo praetextu multae Jites et controversiae oriuntur inter confratres. ^^etween the 
-r\- •. 2 • r ' -I 1 . Fellows .and 

Dicit quod numerus vica [riorum] non est completus quia sta- the Vicars. 

tutum cavit quod octo residerent vicarii et quod jam tantura sex 

sunt quorum unus item celebrat pro Doctore Pikenham. Eesident 

tamen iiii clerici deservientes clioro et statuta limitant nisi duos. 

Dicit quod ecclesiae de Dunmow et Bieseley(?) erant appropriate 

coUegiatae in augmentationem vicariorum et ministrorum chori et 

nunc dividuntur proventus eorundem inter canonicos. 

[The Bishop prorogues his Visitation.] 

Dictus reverendus pater receptis depositionibus prsemissis banc 
suam ordinariam visitationem ad et usque festum Annuntiationis 
Beatae Marias Virginis proximum, et quemcunque diem citra si 
necesse fuerit, prorogavit. 

Visitation of Ixworth Priory. 

Recepto cum debita reverentia in forma consueta reverendo patre 20 June, 1514. 
supradicto, et ingresso domum capitularem convocatis priore et 
canonicis xx die mensis Junii 1514, exhibito maudato cum 


certificatorio comparentibusque omnibus canonicis prseposito verbo 
Dei per Magistkum Foethe sub hoc them ate Suscipite verhum quod 
potest salvare animas vestras etc. Dominus examinavit priorem 
et canonicos ut sequitur. 
The discipline Frater Johannes Gerves prior inquisitus, dicit quod con- 
good, and fratres sunt obedientes et religiosam tenent vitam et prioratus non 

little to com- oneratur aere alieno. Et divinus cultus et essentialia religionis lau- 
plam or. » t • i i • 

dabiliter observantur. Maneria competenter se habent in repara- 

tionibus excepto manerio de Saxeton quod erat penitus igne de- 

structum iiii annis elapsis. 

(fol. 15 b.) Et dicit quod multa sedificia infra prioratum patiuntur ruinam 

culpa preedecessorum quia erant quodammodo prostrata tempore 

institutionis hujus inquisiti. 

Frater Nicholaus Wallington supprior examinatus, dicit 
quod divinum servitium et essentialia religionis debite observantur. 

Dicit quod non inventantur luminaria et lampades in ecclesia 
conventuali, culpa sacristse. 

Dicit quod horologium non observatur neque pulsat, 

Frater Nicholaus Aldriche dicit quod omnia bene fiunt. 

Frater Thomas Alifox [?] sacrista dicit inquisitus quod omnia 
fiunt laudabiliter tam in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus juxta 
facultates prioratus. 

DoM: Simon Hirt inquisitus dicit quod officium camerarii 
occupatur per Johannem Bache laicum contra religionem. 

Item dicit quod confratres non habent scissorem communem pro 
factura vestium. 

Frater Adam Ponde dicit quod officium camerarii occupatur 
per laicum qui sestimatur corpore immundus, 

Dicit etiam quod ostium cellse servisiarias non recte ordinatur 
quia confratres compelluntur stare in pluvia cum voluerint potare. 

Frater Johannes Horseley dicit quod omnia bene fiunt. 

Frater Willelmus Ailebright dicit quod quoddam lumen 
in ecclesia non observatur et certse terrse deputantur ad hoc inve- 


Dicit etiam quod offidum camerarii non "habet inventarium (f»l- ^6) 
factum in conventu ut deberet, et cetera bene. 

Fkatek Robeetus Baracliff dicit quod deberent habere 
scissorem coramunem et non habent. 

Frater Willelmus Reynberd inquisitus dicit quod iiii"^ 
luminaria deberent inveniri coram imagine BeatK ISIariae et iin°^ 
coram imagine Sancti Johannes Baptistae et non sunt inventa. 

/ Willelmus Blome j singillatim examinati 
Fratees Willelmus Swayn dicunt quod omnia 
( Thomas Fuller ) laudabiliter fiunt. 


Dominus injunxit priori quod videat luminaria solita inveniri in 
ecclesia tempore congruo hoc est post reparationem ecclesiae finitam 
et vitriationem fenestrarum. 

Item quod horologium emendetur et observetur melius. 

Item quod confratres habeant scissorem juxta morem praeteriti 

Quibus sic gestis dominus dissolvendam decrevit visitationem 
suara ordinariam et dissolvit. 

Priouattjs DE Bromehill. 

(fol. 17.) 

Die Martis, xx videlicet die mensis Junii, anno Domini mil- 20 June, 1514 
lesimo quingentesimo xiiii, idem reverendus pater cum debito 
honore processionaliter erat receptus adhostium occidentale ecclesiee 
conventualis de Bromehill praedicto, et ingrediens domum capitu- 



A grumbler 
and his 


larem convocari fecit priorem et canonicos et exarainavit eos ut 

Thomas Martyn prior examinatus dicit quod omnia fiunt lau- 
dabiliter, et habent in ovibus ii mille araplius. 

Henricus Sympson examinatus, dicit quod diversi muri 
patiuntur ruinam defectu texturse, et solebat lampas inveniri in 
ecclesia tempore completorii et jam non invenitur in tempore 

Dicit quod panis et servisia arte ministrantur confratribus et 
granum non ventulatur antequam fueri t molitum. Et dicit quod 
carnes omnes quas commedunt non sunt salubres quia morbidae. 

Item dicit quod camera scolse vocata Scolelious-chambre patitur 
nimiam ruinam. 

Item dicit quod Frater Johannes White bred vilipendet con- 
fratres quia prior magis fa vet ei quam ceteris quia est frater 
mulieris quam tenuit videlicet Christianas [ ] de 


Et dicit quod dicta Christiana aliquando accedit ad fratrem causa 
visitandi prioratum. 

Frater Edmundus inquisitus, dicit divinum servitium laud- 
abiliter pro numero observatur. 

Dicit quod non habent lumen tempore hyemali et divini servitii 
ut solebant, culpa prioris. 

Dicit quod habent carnes non salubres pan em et cervisiam insanos 
nee habent servientes ad famulandum eis. 

Et dicit quod essent quondam septem in numero ex fundatione. 

Dicit quod confratres non habent barbitonsores nee observant 
horam convenientem pro prandio et caena. 

Item dicit quod aedificia prioratus patiuntur ruinam et deformita- 
tem in multis locis, culpa prioris. 

Item examinatus de conversatione prioris dicit quod caste vixit 
He disbelieves per trei; vel iiii annos, habent tamen domum dayry vocatum in qua 
against the moratur mulier quae venit a Mildenhale, et ex hoc generatur scan- 
Prior, dalum, non tamen credit quod prior peccavit actualiter cum ea. 


(fol. 17 b.) 


Frater Johannes Whethed examinatus conqueritur de pane 
et cervisia et quod non habent servientes. 

Frater Ricardus Mason conqueritur de cibis quod non sunt 
salubres. Et quod non ministrantur infirmis vitse necessaria. Et 
tempore infirmitatis non liabent servientes. Ecclesia etiam et 
cetera sedificia patiuntur ruinam et deformitates ; de conversatione 
prioris dicit quod ratione accessus Christiana [ ] de 

Weting oritur scandalum priori et domui. 


Dominus injunxit priori quod ammoveret Agnetem Gierke, quae 
venit a Mildenhale, a servitio suo citra festum Sancti Petri ad 
Vincula proximum. 

Item injunxit eidem quod non permitteret Christianam de Weting 
intrare prioratura. 

Item injunxit quod inveniatur lumen et lampas in ecclesia cora- 
pletorii tempore hiemali. 

Item quod panis cibaria et potus magis salubria ministrentur 

Item quod reparetur camera scolee ante festum Omnium Sanc- 
torum. Et prior sponte hoc assumpsit. 

Item quod inimici sint amantes et caritatum confratres. 

Item quod faciat debitas reparationes. Et provideat de barbetonsore 
et servientibus quam cito commode poterit. 

Dictus reverendus pater praemissis sic gestis banc suam ordinariam 
visitationem ad et usque festum Sancti Michaelis Archangeli prox- 
imum, et quemcunque diem citra si necesse fuerit, prorogavit. 



(fol. 18.) 

Prioratus Canonicorum de Tedfford. 

against the 

and scandals. 

xxi die mensis Junii anno Domini antedicto prsedictus reverendus 
pater fuit more solito reverenter receptus in prioratu canonicorum 
de Thedford, et ingrediens domum capitularem convocari fecit 
canonicos et confratres ac per Magistrum Thomam Hare, legum 
doctorera ejus in hac parte commissarium examinari prout sequitur. 
Frater Thomas Vicar prior dicit quod Dominus Willelmus 
Briggges confrater suus moram trahens apud Snoring est apostata 
et malae conversationis. 

Frater Ricardus Skete dicit quod nuUus est deputatus ad 
officium sacristarige. 

Item quod non habent cervisiam competentem. 

Item quod prior nullum reddidit compotum a prima admissione 

Item quod Stephanus Horham prioris serviens maritatus 
habitat in Le Deary qui expendit proficuum septem vel octo vac- 
carum quarum confratres domus nullum habent proficuum. 

Item quod prior est suspectus cum uxore dicti Stephani. 

Item quod dictus Stephanus manus violentas injecit in istum 

Frater Ricardus Downeham alias Norse dicit quod nullus 
est deputatus ad officium sacristariae . 

Item quod lumen sepulcri est diminutum . 

Item quod omamenta ecclesiae debite non reparantur. Et quod 
agricultura non observatur. 

Item quod sedificia dictae domus maximam patiuntur ruinam. 

Item quod prior nullum reddit compotum confratribus suis. 

Item quod hospitalitas debita non servatur. Et quod aliquando 
non habent confratres sui aesculenta et poculenta sufficientia. 

Item quod navis ecclesiae pati tur ruinam. 

Item quod parvum proficuum habent de Le Deary. 


Item quod Steplianus Horham et uxor ejusdein veniunt ad 
coquinam in absentia prions et recipiunt prandium prioris. 

Item quod ostia claustri non clauduntur nee debite reparantur. 

Item quod dictus Stephanus injecit manus violentas in fratrera (fol. 18 b.) 


Item quod cocliaria et alia vasa argentea alienantur vel irapig- 

Item quod unum par linthiaminum ex dono regis alienatur. 

Item quod non sunt vasa in coquina sufficientia. 

Item quod prior est suspectus cum uxore praedicti Stephani. 

FraTER WiLLELMUS KiNGESMYLL dicit quod SUpprior non The discipline 
debite executus est officium suum puniendo delicta confratrum, i's^bad.^''^'*^ 

Item quod non liabent sacristam, cujus preetextu vestimenta 
pereunt, pariter et ornamenta. 

Item alienantur unum regale et quadrans aurea a pede Sancti 

Item aliquando non cautautur neque dicuntur matutinae tempore 

Item quod navis ecclesias patitur ruinam. Et quod alia aedificia 
non reparantur sed sunt ruinosa. 

Ttem QUod per septem annos prior nullum reddidit compotum The Prior 

T^'^ \^ iTT\ Ji. remiss but not 

conrratribus suis. Et quantum ad Le Deary concordat cum criminal. 

preedictis depositoribus, tamen dicit quod credit priorem esse bonae 


Item dicit quod est unum inventarium bouorum domus pertinens 
ad confratres quod prior subtraliit, cujus praetextu bona alienantur. 

Item quod agricultura non observatur. 

Item quod ultima fundatio domus non servatur quia deberent 
plures esse confratres. 

Item dicit quod Frater Robertus Barneham non est obediena 
priori sed multotiens jacet in villa extra claustrum absque licentia 

Frater Robertus Barneham dicit quod Stephanus 
Horham nee ejus uxor sunt cognati priori. 
CAVID. soc. N 


Item quod non habent sacristam. Et quod agricultura non 
observatur sed quasi omnia consumit \_sic\. 

Item quod domus et eedificia patiuntur ruinam. 
(fol. 19.) /fern quod ornamenta ecclesise non reparantur. 

Item quod nullum habent proficuum ex Le Deary sed ille 
Stephanus et ejus uxor omnia consumunt ex defectu prioris. 

Item quod prior nunquam prasdicat confratribus neque conversatur 
cum eisdem. 

Item quod unum Le Nutt argenteum deauratum alienatur per 

Frater Thomas Herd diaconus dicit quod non habent 
sacristam sed ipse ex mandate prioris exercet officium et nihil recipit 
pro labore. 

Item quod agricultura non observatur. 

Item quoad Le Dayre concordat cum primo depositore. 

(fol. 20.) **•#***♦ 


22 June, 1514. Vicesimo secundo die mensis Junii, anno Domini millesimo quin- 
gentesimo xiiii receptus erat reverentcr dictus reverendus pater 
per priorissam et moniales, et deinde ingrediens domum capitularem 
convocari fecit priorissam et sorores. Proposuit Magistee Forth 
verbum Dei sub hoc themate Maria optimam partem elegit. 
Declarata hinc inde causa adventus per Magistrum Thomam Hare, 
dominus examinavit eas subsequenter ut sequitur exhibito primitus 
et perlecto certificatorio annexo mandato una cum inventario 
[1] DoMiNA Elizabeth Mountney priorissa inquisita dicit quod 

omnia fiunt laudabiliter tarn in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus 
juxta facultates prioratus. 


DoMiNA Maria Bardewell examinata dicit quod pauci sunt [2] 
libri in clioro et tamen lacerantur. 

DoMiNA Katerina King celleraria examinata et inquisita dicit [3] 
quod omnia laudabiliter fiunt juxta facultates domus quas sunt 

DoMiNA CONSTANCIA PoOPE inquisita dicit quod omnia bene [4] 

DoMiNA Katerina Meithwold subpriorissa examinata dicit [5] 
quod Elizabeth Haukeforth est aliquando lunatica. 

DOMINA Sara Frost iii* priorissa dicit quod priorissa intendit [6] 
recipere brevi in moniales indoctas personas et deformes et prae- 
sertira Dorotlieam Sturges generosam surdam et deformen. 

DoMiNA Elizabeth Hoth examinata concordat cum Domina [7] 
Sara Frost. (f«l-20b.) 

Domina Elizabeth Haukforthe dicit quod omnia bene. rg-i 

Domina Alicia Toddy concordat. [9] 

Qua finita examinatione dominus injunxit quod libri competenter 
reparentur. Et hiis gestis dominus banc suam visitationem ordi- 
nariam dissolvit. 

Collegium de Russhwokth. 

Vicesimo tertio die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo quin« 23 June, 1514. 
gentesimo xiiii° idem reverendus pater ingressus domum capitularem 
convocari fecit magistrum et confratres, proposito subsequenter verbo 
Dei per Magistrum Forth sub hoc themate Agite poenitentiam 
expositis articulis per Magistrum Hare super quibus essent 
inquirendi dominus, examinavit magistrum et socios siugulatim ut 

^[agister Johannes Purpett, magister sive custos collegii, J?J?™® °^ *^^ 
examinatus dicit valorem annuura proventuum collegii extendere 
ad C. marcas et ultra. Et habent in ovibus iii millc. 


All is going Dicit Quod divinum servitium laudabiliter observatur et cetera 

on well. 1 


DoMiNUS Thomas Barnesdale capellanus et confiater collegii 
dicit quod spiritualia et temporalia industriose sunt observata. 
(fol. 21.) Dicit quod magister reddit compotum annuatim coram con- 


Inquisitus dicit quod sigillum commune observatur sub duplici 
cera in cista et tenia cera frangitur. 

Examinatus dicit quod libri et vestimenta ac cetera ornamenta 
debite reparantur. 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS LoKKE capellanus inquisitus dicit quod 
omnia fiunt laudabiliter. Pro numero ex fundatione sex essent, ut 
dicit, praeter magistrum^ sed jam, ut dicit magister, est super hoc 

DoMiN us Johannes Busshoppe capellanus dicit quod divina 
officia debite fiunt, deest tamen numerus puerorum quia iste 
inquisitus haberet puerum et non habet. 

De temporalibus dicit quod magister est industriosus et solicitus 
circa ilia. Et praemissis sic gestis dominus suam visitationem 

Collegium de Tompston. 

24 June, 1514. Vicesimo quarto die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo quin- 
gentesimo xiiii praescriptus reverendus pater per magistrum et 
confratres receptus fuit reverenter. Et deinde ingrediens domum 
capitularem convocari fecit magistrum et confratres: declarataque 
causa adventus per Magistrum Thomam Hare legum doctorem, 
ejus in hac parte commissarium, dominus examinavit eos prout 
Complaint of Magister Johannes Wiott ejusdem collegii magister 
ref.ources. examinatus de fundatione dicit quod fundatio collegii est quod sex 


essent presbyteri videlicet magister et quinque confratres, tamen (fol. 2li>.) 
dicit quod fructus redditus ct proventus dicti coUegii non sufficiunt 
ad sustentationem dictorum vi presbyterorum sed vix pro iiii. 

Iteni dicit quod quotidie tenentur celebrare trcs missas juxta 
lundationem videlicet unam de die, aliam de requie, tertian de 
Sancta Maria, quae debite observantur. 

DoMINUS WiLLELMUS Ibrye capellanus annualis dicit quod Grievances of 
fundatio non debite observatur quia redditus collegii non tantum jaries/^^" ' 
valent in prsesenti quantum in prseterito per summam xl. marcarum 

Item dicit quod sacerdotes non dicunt divina servitia distincte et 
aperte prout tenentur. 

Item dicit quod nulli sunt confratres in dicto collegio sed 
sacerdotes conducti. 

Item quod fama publica laborat Magistrum dicti collegii habere 
accessum suspectum ad Katerinam Lokton de Feitwell. 

Item quod Willelmus Tobbe decessit per xiiii annos elapsos 
qui legavit collegio diversas terras valoris annualis viii marcarum 
pro sustentatione unius capellani celebraturi pro anima dicti 
Willelmi imperpetuum, et non observatur. 

DoMiNus Thomas Wistencroft capellanus stipendiarius dicit 
si aiiquis presbyterorum displicet Willelmo Wither, servientem 
in dicto collegio, quod tunc non debite servientur in aesculentis et 
poculentis, et aliter nescit deponere quia dicit quod non novit secreta 

DoMiNUS Walterus Thomson capellanus stipendiarius dicit 
quod nescit aliquid deponere quod non novit secreta domus. 


Qua examinatione finita dominus injunxit magistro collegii quod 
omnibus diebus dominicis et festivis utatur in ecclesia suppellicio 
tempore saltern divinorum. 


(fol. 22.) Item injunxit eidem magistro ad exhibendara fundationem 

coUegil una cum collatione, citra sinodum Michaelis proximo. 

Item quod anioveret Katerinam Loktoune a rectoria sua de 
Feltwell, citra festum Omnium Sanctorum proximo. 

Et hiis peractis dominus suam visitationem usque festum Omnium 
Sanctorum prorogavit et quemcunque diem citra si videatur 


Magister Petrus Feston, magister sive custos ejusdem, in- 
quisitus dicit quod omnia fiunt laudabiliter juxta facultates. 

Inquisitus de fundatione dicit quod nunquam vidit. 

Dominus Alanus Whitlake capellanus dicit quod ignorant 
fundationem, et cetera omnia bene. 

Dominus Thomas Nicholson capellanus et socius examinatus 
dicit spiritualia et temporalia debite observantur. 

Et quia nihil reperiit idem reverendus pater reformatione dignum 
dissolvit igitur suam visitationem ibidem &c. 

Prioratus de Btjkenham. 

Vicesimo sexto die mensis Junii, anno Domini millesimo quin- 
gentesimo quarto decimo, reverendus in Christo pater et dominus, 
Dominus Ricakdus permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopus 
reverenter fuitreceptus, ingrediensque domum capitularem proposito 
verbo Dei per Magistrum Forthe sub hoc themate [ ]. 

Frater Johannes Milgate prior dicit quod Dominus 
Thomas canonicus hujusmodi domus non est ei obediens. 


Fkater Thomas Beverlay supprior dicit quod Frater 
Thomas Ixning non est obediens et quod raro venit ad matutinas 
vel missam nisi ad libitum suum. 

Feater Thomas Bukenham sacrista dicit quod fratres Thom^vs 
IXNEtSTG et Thomas Bokenham alias Benet veniunt tarde ad matu- 
tinas. Et quod processio ante matutinas non debite observatur. 
Frater Eicardus Norwiche dicit onmia bene. 
Frater Ricardus Bokenham dicit quod fratres Thomas Benett 
et Thomas Tailour non veniunt ad divina ofScia ut tenentur. 

Frater GtEORGITJs Bokenham dicit quod quando canonici sunt (fol. 23.) 
infirmi non debite conserventur. 

Frater Thomas Benet dicit omnia bene. 
Frater Ricardus Winkfeild dicit omnia bene. 
Frater Thomas Ixning dicit quod ipse se absentat saepenumero 
a matutinis. 

Finita examinatione dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 
Debita Domini Thom^ Ixnyng canonici ibidem. 

In primis Avisi^ Clerkio xvi s. viii d. 

Item JoHANNis Parker x s. 

Item WiLLELMO Barbour vii s. iii d. 

Item WiLLELMO COLYNS in s. iiiid. 

J^em Johanni Browne et uxori viiis. 

Hem Johanni Joly iii s. iiii d. 

Item uxori Ad^ Kychyn vi s. viii d. 

Summa totalis Iv s. iii d. 

Abbey of Wtmondham. 

Die Mercurii, xxviii videlicet die mensis Junii, anno Domini (fol. 23 b.) 
millesimo quingentesimo xiiii antedifctus reverendus pater Ricardus 28 June, 1514. 
Norwicensis Episcopus processionaliter debita cum reverentia per 



condition of 
the monastery. 

The Prior 
helpless to 
correct the 
evils com- 
plained of. 

(fol. 24.) 

abbatem et conventum monasterii de Wymondham fuit receptus, 
ingrediensque domum capitularem proposito verbo Dei per Magis- 
TRUM Forth sub themate Spes cceli gloria stellarum. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Chaumberlen abbas dicit quod aliqui con- 
fratrum fregerunt seras claustri quorum nomina et cognomina 
penitus ignorat. 

Item quod DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS Bury prior et multi alii 
monachi sine consensu sue fregerunt unam cistam in qua fuerunt 
evidentise domus quas secum arripuerunt ipso abbate invito. 

Item quod idem prior prsesumptuose arripuit a manibus servientis 
sui unum ferculum cibi quod sibi deserviretur et illud ad libitum 

DOMINUS WiLLELMUS BuRY prior dicit quod officia cellerarii et 
sacristse sunt in manibus domini abbatis et quod monachi non 
habent sesculenta et poculenta competentia nee salubria. 

Item quod presbyter secularis custodit officium ] ] contra 

ordinera religionis. 

Item dicit quod non habent numerum sufficentem monachorum . 

Item quod uxor Edwardi Uolyns et alias mulieres suspiciose 
frequentant accessum ad cameram Domini Jacobi Blome came- 

Item quod abbas non solvit le Juste money. 

Item quod Dominus Ricardus Cambridge dixit in vigilia nativi- 
tatis Sancti Johannis Baptists ultimo prgeterita hominem cum 
corpore et anima in die judicii non resurrecturum. 

Item quod confratres nolunt studere. 

Item quod ornamenta ecclesias non debite reparantur sed 
maximam patiuntur ruinam. 

Item quod vinum cum quo celebrarent et panis cum quo confi- 
cerent corpus dominicum non valent. 

Item quod camerarius non invenit lumen in dormitorio neque in 

Item quod monachi propter reformationem et correctionem 
blasphemarunt nomen ejus in locis publicis extra domum. 



Item quo 1 confratres non veniunt ad matutinas sed saepenumero 
se absentant ab eisdem. 

Item quod DoMiNus Johannes Hengham et Dominus Ricardus 
Cambridge utuntur camisiis et longis caligis et quod idem Dominus 
Johannes Hengham est indebitatus multis. 

Item quod idem Hengham est suspectus cum Agnete Hoberd. 

Item quod dictus Dominus Hengham et Dominus Nicholaus 
Saham, supprior, frequentant accessum in villam absque licentia 

Item quod sere claustri franguntur per Dominum Johannem 
Harleston et alios quos non novit. 

Item quod DoMiNus Johannes Cambridge furtive surripuit 
extra cubiculum, unum librum vocatum librum coquine. 

Item quod Domini Hengham et Ixworth fregerunt unam cistam 
absque licentia abbatis. 

Item quod tilise cujusdam viduae moram trahentes in Le Dearie 
veniunt suspiciose ad cameram Domini Jacobi Blome canerarii. 

Item quod nullus monachorum invenit puerum. 

Item quod unus monachus est prsecentor cellerarius hostilarius 
et capellanus abbatis. 

Item quod idem praecentor subtrahit libros a monacliis in praejudi- 
cium raissse Beatae Mariae, 

Dominus Johannes Harleston dicit quod prior est vir maliti- (fol- 24b.) 
osus et quod extraxit gladium in tempore xl ultimo praeterito ad fg^S'"^^'*''' 
percutiendum DoMiNUM Ricardum Cambridge monachum, et eum Prior, 
inieremisset nisi quod ipse impediret. 

Item quod ipse fregit le Claricord Domini Johannis Hengham 

Item quod idem prior voluerit percutere dictum DoMiNUM 
Johannem cum lapide in praesentia abbatis. 

Item quod idem prior alio tempore voluerit percutere DoMiNUM 
Ricardum Cambridge cum lapide infra claustrum nisi per alium 
fuisset impeditus. 

camd. soc. o 


Item quod uxor [ ] coci et uxor [ ] 

Johnson suspiciose accedunt'ad caraeram camerarii. 

Item quod divina officia non debite celebrantur per monachos in 
nocte et hoc culpa prioris. 

Item quod prior non venit ad matutinas vix semel in mense. 

Item dicit quod non habent ludi magistrura. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Geesham subsacrista dicit quod ornamenta 
ecclesise maximam patiuntur ruinam. 

Item quod DoMiNUS RiCAKDUS Cambridge non venit ad matu- 
tinas et quod non est obediens suppriori. 

Item quod DoMiNUS Thomas Ixworth non venit ad matutinas 
et quod non est obediens suppriori. 

Item quod DoMiNus Johannes Haeleston non est obediens 
suppriori in domo capitulari, qui dixit quod vellet ire in ecclesiam 
et campanile invitis dentibus supprioris. 

Item dicit quod horologium non est sufficienter reparatum. 
(fol. 25.) DoMPNUS Jacobus Blome alias Wtmondham camerarius dicit 

Ssorder. ^^^ ^hhd^Q non reddit compotum. 

Item quod libri chori non debite reparantur. 

Item quod aliquando vix adsunt iii vel iiii commonachi matu- 

Item quod prior extraxit gladium et vellet percutere et interficere 
DOMINUM Johannem Wormell nuper monachum istius domus. 

Item quod prior et consocii fregerunt cistam infra domum absque 

Item quod juvenes non sunt in cubilibus tempore congruo et hoc 
defectu prioris. 

DoMPNus Johannes Richees dicit quod monachi sunt negligentes 
in cantando matutinas. 

Item quod prior non executus est debite officium suum in 
puniendo et corrigendo confratres. 

Item quod commonachi non debite veniunt ad divina servitia 
celeb randa. 

DoMPNUS RiCAEDUS Caumbridge dicit quod prior quod per 


annum elapsum et ultra extraxit gladiuni et voluerit interficeie The yiolence 
eum nisi aliter fuit impeditus. ^^ *^^ Prior. 

Item quod idem prior fatetur quod per spatium xii mensium 
non fuit confessus alicui confratrum. 

Ite7n quod dictus prior non venit ad matutinas vix ter per xii 

Item quod quodam tempore, post multa communicata inter 
priorem et ipsum habita, ipse dixit quod voluerit dicere ista Domino 
Episcopo Norwicensi, qui prior tunc respondebat et dixit, tell my 
lord both and my ladiefor I care nott. 

Item quod dictus prior est ita malitiosus et periculosus quod 
nullus audet moram trahere ibidem propter timorem mortis. 

Item quod prior est aliquando lunaticus. (fol. 25 b.) 

Item quod dictus prior saspenumero injecit manus violentas in 

Item quod Ricardus Neling furtive surripuit panem et cer- 
visiam ac grana pertinentia ad monachos. 

Item quod prior injunxit huic viro ad remuandum per unum diem 
in pane et aqua pro eo quod noluit celebrare missam postquam 

DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS Saham dicit quod prior multotiens 
absentat se a matutinis. Et quantum ad alia concordat cum 

DoMPNUs Thomas Thaxsted dicit quod Dominus Ricardus 
Cambridge est aliquando ebrius. 

Item quod monachi aliquando habent verba opprobriosa et 
contumeliosa vocando istum Dudley et poller. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Hengham dicit quod prior est malitiosus 
et quodam tempore idem prior fregit claricord istius deponentis 
aninio malivolo. 

Item quod idem prior tunc paratus fuit ibidem ad interficiendum 
eum. Et quantum ad divina officia concordat cum precontestibus. 
Item dicit quod aliquando prior est lunaticus. 
Item quod est communis inccptor rixarum inter confratres. 

\{H) VltlTATIUM or TIU l>l(>C1»» Of HOUWICTi, 

Jhm i\uin\ UhUua o»jhII«j iJt^lHJ Mattib j>i»iiiur inaximam 

IhtH *|u«>»i inuliort* tu*]>^\» vtsntMnl ad cdmeram I>OMI»l Jac<>i»I 

^M W^ If^"* M"'**' I>t»«»»»'* J<>»«^'*'*W liKKOMAlMit. nnptJT abK»»» iTadidii 

»d iUuMui Ufl.f.rlo ll(>^i>n ul Niehola* Hi>jj(>n »ub s^igillo tommuni 
mmiiMiuKi (Us l>*>wfW!ham |»r<» U»rmin(i viue w>rum, dUwjuc cor»fn*u 

l><)«r)4t]» Thoma« Lunn »u)>|>nor diiz-it quod divina ionritid non 
dt>Uiu> 4>t»«>Tvanl»r M^c-^ndum reguUm ordini* eorum. 

Jhi» i|u(Ml iw>i)i>4ir^ nolunl vtiuita m\ maiutina* vix ttd ooio* 
)>.li>lorluin t>l |>riiH>ij>Mi5 j»ri<>r. 

duinino K)>Im^>(>'<> No.rwKvi itiii alxMjud ivi>T»M;n#ii eafMtuli. 
,,,. Ihm ()uiHl uxotr i-uju«>«krf) Angdi } ] »u>pe«l4} vcnil ad 

.<»)nt:rAIA l>t>MI'Nt JoiiAHH)}t HliNUtUM. 

tipm i|U<M) l>t>MI]4t tt Uli AUt>l « OaI MflDIIHIK >ll«pitioM> t(;T)el 

l\>»i'Xi'* THt>MA,'i l\ WORTH dieil qwod prior |>w« it eum al»que 
ttUqu« v«uiM W^iUifUi t\ quod c*! WMn|>«>i brigAit*. 

hvivn quM) l>(>MlNt !» JoHAJt}*Kj» IU< »»«»;!» revtslavii col)^t^^ione^D 

ij»UUi» d«>)HxUiM«li)» 

Tt^ t>tiiM D(4nmu9 ti\iunxil »k>Uu quod de eeteio uoa admittatur aliqub 

Uk-vU» ad a)k|UM) oilbiuiu iufj* di^lum itioAa^tt^rium niai priu* ii&«?ril 

fidVM* (.W H.tvhivt i>.>JtM;l VttrllJ.> vt-.-IvjA Ilj.>li4*tk-!ii. 


I j r r»ii ri 




Item quod prior est indebitatus Thom« Tressing? ore ut credit, 
in XX li. 

Item quod fama publica est prioretn non solvere servientibus 
feoda neque le Liverais. 

Item quod confratres non habent nee percipiunt feoda sigilli 
communis, secundum raorem antiquum. 

Item quod non habent tantas ovesquantas habuerunt, ad summam 
iij millia. 

Item quod non habent grana nisi quae emunt. 

Item quod Johannes Smyth non est utilis domui. 

Item quod idem Johannes est inceptor brigarum inter priorem 
et conh-atres. Et quod prior dat majorem fidem dictis suis quam 
dictis confratrum. 

Frater Robertus Smyth dicit quod consuetudo domus est quod 
tempore electionis novi supprioris quinque prgesidentes interessent. 
Et quod tempore electionis nunc supprioris fuerunt praescntes 
tantura iiii de quibus duo non consenserunt electioni. 

Item quod non habent animalia neque pisces salselmas nisi quae 
prior emit particulatim in preejudicium domus. 

Item quod prior scribit in compoto suo quod solvit salaria 
confratribus et aliis ministris et non solvit. 

Item quod prior non solvit confratribus pensiones eis debitas. 

Item quod non habent caeremonias. 

Item quod non habent vestes competentes infra infirmariam 
videlicet linthiamina. 

Item quod quando confratres sunt infirmi non habent esculenta 
neque poculenta competentia. Et quod non debite conserventur 
per tempus infirmitatis. 

Item quod prior non favet huic deponenti. Et quod caritas non 
regnat inter eosdem. 

Item quoti fama laborat publica priorem suspectum frequentare 
consortium uxoris Johannis Smyth. 

Item quod Johannes Smyth est seminator brigarum inter 
priorem et confratres. 


Item quod Godwik est multum onerosum et nihil boni inde 

Item quod compotus non fuit confectus in singulis niensibus 
secundum morem prseteriti temporis, videlicet per ii annos elapsos 
usque adventum domini episcopi visitationem suam exercituri. 
Frater Johannes Spillman. 

Frater Kobertus Pepyr examinatus dicit quod supprior (fol. 27 b.) 
non fuit debite electus et ea occasione oritur discordia inter con- 

Item quod supprior seminat discordiam inter priorem et con- 

Item quod per ii annos elapsos prior nullum reddidit com- Priornegli- 
potum confratribus usque in adventum domini visitationem suam f^^^nts/* 

Item quod non habent in prsesenti iii millia oves. 
Item quod prior vendidit in ultima tonsione ovium ix'^^ oves. 
Item quod domus est indebitatus multis sed quibus ignoratur etut 
dici audivit in magna summa. 

Item quod prior non solvit confratribus pensiones nee servientibus 
feoda sua. 

Item quod Smyth est seminator brigarum inter priorem et 

Item quod prior construxit Godwike cujus constructio constabat 
priori CXL \\ ex bonis domus. 

Item quod prior suspecte tenet uxor em Johannis Smyth et quod 
uxor Johannis Smyth suspecte venit ad cubiculum prioris. 

Item o.\c\t quod ipse deponens non habet libitum suum prout Lax discipline, 
ceteri habent, pro eo quod non habent aliquem alium qui scit 
ludere super organa. 

Frater Johannes Barbour dicit quod confratres Johannes 
Clerke et Thomas Fourby non observant silentium. 

Item quod extra cellas suas habent accessum ad Hbrarium contra 
piofessionem suam et absque licentia majorum. 



(fol. 28.) 

The late 
Prior's will. 

(fol. 28 b.) 

Student not 
sent to the 

Item quod fratres Eicakdus Anger et Cobbe non observant 
silentium et non punientur, tamen venit ad notitiam supprioris. 

Item quod prior non punit oranes equali modo. 

Frater Eicardus AiTGER dicit quod frater Eicardus Palle 
nuper prior, debuit isti deponenti xxx solidos pro salario suo quos 
prior rnodernus refutat \_sic] solvere. 

Item quod idem Palle voluit, tempore mortis suae, quod omnia 
bona sua distribuentur inter confratres, quae remanerent in camera 
sua usque in diem praefectionis istius prioris, qui nullam fecit 

Item quod idem nuper prior legavit isti deponenti unum Le 
Maser, unum nobile et unum superpelliciutn. 

Item quod prior non reddit compotum ut tenetur. 

Item quod supprior non debite executus est officium suum et 
quod non est tarn habilis ad exequendum officium sicut alii. 

Item quod prior vendidit CCCC oves pro quibus recepit pecuniam 
pre manibus et obligatur ad deliberandas easdem infra iiii""" annos. 

Item quod prior tradidit ad firmam unam pasturam vocatam 
Mament pasture pro iii annis et recepit firmam pre manibus. 

Item quod non habent esculenta neque poculenta competentia. 

Item quod omnia sdificia dicti prioratus patiuntur ruinam. 

Frater Eobertus Everles dicit et conquestus est de Smyth ut 
supra et alia deponit ut supra. 

Frater Willelmus Maners dicit quod supprior electus fuit 
absque consensu majoris aut sanioris partis et quod non punit con- 
fratres in debita forma. 

Frater Eicardus Cobbe dicit quod omnia patiuntur ruinam. 

Item de subtractione pensionum concordat. 

Item dicit quod consuetudo domus est eligendi annuatim ad 
festum Michaelis unum confratrem studendum Cantabrigiae vel 
Oxonise et sic iste electus fuit per majorem et saniorem partem. Et 
quod prior non voluit permittere ipsum ire studium exerciturum. 

Item quod prior non est habilis exequendum officium suum. Et 
quod non debite punit confratres. 


Item quantum ad Smyth concordat. 

Fkater Robertus Bekham dicit quod supprior non fuit electus 
secundum morem solitum et quod seminat briofas inter confratres. 

Item quod ipse deponens studens Cantabrigse percepisset pro An exhibition 
UDO anno viii marcas pro victu et vestitu suis, et quod recepit at Cambridge 
nisi xls. 

Item quod prior habet accessum ad Godwyke septimanatim, et 

ibidem expendit magis quam in domo, et quod supprior est semper 

in suo consort] o. 

Item quod doctrina non observatur sicut in tempore preterite Learning dis- 
, . f, -. . , . , . couraged. 

pro eo quod prior non tavet doctis sed indoctis. 

Frater Johannes Briggott dicit quod prior debet ei pro 
salario suo iii \\. Et quod scholaribus non allocantur expensae 
[ J factae per eos a Cantabrigia ad prioratum. 

Item quod prior allocavit seipsum pro hujusmodi expensis in 
compoto suo, et nihil solvit confratribus. 

Item quod suppiior non est habilis ad exercendum officium et ut (foi. 29.) 
credit est semper paiatus ad voluntatem priorig si sit verum vel 

Item quod prior non solvit studentibus salaria sed est magister 
arduus confratribus. 

Item quod Spyllman scripsit quandam litteram Domino Episcopo Letter to the 
Norwicensi quam litteram [ J Barbour deliberavit priori. pressed,^'^^ 

Frater Simon Godney concordat cum aliis. 

Frater Ricardus Had ley dicit quod fuit professus per ii annos Other com- 
et nihil dum recepit. 

Frater Johannes Clarke ) dicunt quod carent 

Frater Willelmus Wlnkfeld S camisiis. 

Frater Ricardus Hall dicit quod caret quotidianis vestibus et 
non debite reparantur. 

Frater Thomas Symon dicit quod consuetude domus est quod 
unusquisque confiatrum percipiet annuatim xx s. qui essent in 
custodia unius sanioris domus, quae non servatur. 


(fol. 29 b.) 



New Snb- Dominus injunxit senioribus quod eligerent novum suppriorem. 

Prior elected, j,^ gtatim iiii ex senioribus praesentarant Spillman et Pallmer 
rogantes priorem ut ipse alterum istorum eligeret, qui Frateem 
Spillman in suppriorem elegit de consensu aliorum seniorum. 

Dominus etiam injunxit priori quod amoveat Smyth et uxorem 
suam citra festum Michaelis. 

Item quod solvat stipendia confratribus et servientibus cum Ceny 
money et oblationibus Sancti Thomse citra dictum festum. 

Item quod linthiamina necessaria et cibaria competentia provi- 
derentur pro infirmis citra prsdictum festum. 

Quibus injunctis et prsemissis factis dictus reverendus pater 
visitationem suam ordinariam hujusmodi dissolvit. 

PmoRT OP Pentnet. 

Die Jovis, videlicet sexto die mensis Julii, anno Domini millesimo 
quingentesimo xiiii dictus reverendus pater debita cum reverentia 
processionaliter fiiit receptus per priorem et confratres, ingrediensque 
domum capitularem, proposito verbo Dei per Forth sub hoc themate 
videlicet [ ], et declarata causa adventus per Magistrum 

Thomam Hare, ejus in hac parte commissarium, dictus reverendus 
pater priorem et confraties convocari fecit et eos prout sequitur 
ibidem examinavit. 

Frater Johannes Wodbridge prior dicit quod non reddidit 
compotum confratribus per ii annos. 

nunneey of blackborough. 107 

Frater Stmon Suetesham •) 

Frater Thomas Norwiche } ^^^""* °^^^^ ^^^^- 

Frater Thomas Wirmegay dicit quod non habent ludi rnagis- no school- 

trum neque habuerunt per ii annos. ^*f*t'!^" . 

'■ (rol. 60.) 

Frater Johannes Feltwell \ 

Frater Robertus Gayton ( 

Frater Johannes Orwell ^^^^^* °™^^^ ^^^^- 

Frater Johannes Brodech j 

Frater Willelmus Matteshale dicit quod non habent ludi 

/ Johannes Walsoken \ 

Fratres ) Ricardus Watton ( dicunt omnia bene. 

Henricus Narburgh i 
Thomas Pentnet ) 

Et prasmissis omnibus depositis et factis dictus reverendus pater 
visitationem suam hujusmodi dissolvit. 


Die Veneris, videlicet vii die mensis Julii, reverendus in Christo 
pater et dominus Dominus Ricakdcs permissione divina Xorwi- 
censis Episcopus in domo monialium de Blakborow reverenter et 
humiliter luit receptus, et convocutis monialibus in domo capitulari, 
declarataque causa adventus per Magistrum HaB£, dominus 
examinavit priorissam et sorores prout sequitur. 

DoMiNA Margaret A Gygges dicit quod divinum servitium 
tarn diurnum quam nocturnum et silentium laudabiliter fiant et 
observuntur juxta numerum. 

Ite7H reparationes debite fiunt juxta facultates et cetera essentialia 



religionls bene observautur tarn in caplte quam in membris. Dicit 
tamen quod priorissa non reddit compotum ad eA^itandas expensas 

DoMiNA Makgareta Hollins, praesidens et sacrista, (licit quod 
maneiia competenter reparentur. Et quod claustrum patitur ruinam 
et quod ecclesia est defectiva in parte. Ac quod silentium bene 
[3] DoMiNA Agnes Grey dicit quod non habuerunt suppriorissam 

per iiii annos. 

Item quod ignorant consorores fundationem quoad numerum. 
Item quod priorissa non reddit compotum. Et quod domus (ut 
credit) enervata est aere alieno. 
[4] Domina Margareta Cobbes dicit quod ecclesia est ruinosa in 


Item quod priorissa non reddit compotum sed intimat verbo 
sororibus statum domus. 

Item quod religio minus debite observatur propter defectum 
suppriorissae et officiariorum. 

Item quod moniales non habent recreationes consuetas. 
Item quod priorissa habuit unam capellanum per tres annos. 
[6] Domina Elisabeth Bullwar dicit omnia bene. 

Priorissa exarainata dicit omnia bene. 

Crabhouse Ntjnneet. 

(i\ 31 "> ^^^ Lunse, videlicet decimo die mensis Julii, anno Domini antedicto, 

dictus reverendus in Christo pater visitavit per domum monialium 
de Crabhowse per Magistrum Thomam ejus in hac parte commis- 
[1] Domina Elisabeth Bredon, priorissa. inquisita dicit quod 

sorores sunt obedientes et religio bene observatur. 


Item dicit quod non habent fundatorum (?) 
Item quod domus onerata est in decern marcis. 
Item quod domus et sedificia debite reparantur juxta facultates 

Item quod quidam Kettilbergb moram trahens juxta Karaissey 
debet conventui v marcas. 

Item quod DoMiNA Maria Stutfeld est inobediens et incor- [2] 

DoMiNA Margeria Stutfeld dicit quod Domina Agnes Smyth immorality, 
peperit per Simonem Prentes. 

Item quod capella Beatae Marise patitur ruinam in tectura. 
Domina Agnes Braitoft, suppriorissa, dicit quod religio et [4] 
divinum servitium tarn diurnum quam nocturnum bene observantur. 

Item dicit quod Domina Agnes Smyth, nuper celleraria, peperit [5] 
ad annum elapsum infra prioratum per SiMONEM Prentes de 
Wigonbale Magdalene et proles obiit immediate post. 
Item quod priorissa non reddit compotum. 

Domina Margeria Downe dicit quod Domina Johanna Har- joan Harwode 
WODE est suscitatrix brigarum et ridicula. a quarrelsome 

Item quod DoMiNA Agnes Smyth habuit prolem in prioratu. 
Item quod DoMiNA Maria Stutvild est inobediens et habet Suspicions, 
suspectum et familiarem colloquium cum diversis. 

Item quod priorissa non reddit compotum. (fol- 31 b.) 

Item conqueritur ista inquisita quod non habet nee potest habere pj^J^^g^ ^^^' 
frequentum accessum ad confessorem pro confessione. 

Item juniores sunt inobedientes, et cum seniores arguerint eas 
de delictis, priorissa tarn reformantes quam delinquentes aequali 

Domina Johanna Harwode dicit quod sorores multotiens sunt [7] 

Item quod Domina Agnes Smyth peperit ut alias deposuerunt. 
Domina Agnes Smyth inquisita dicit quod Simon Prentes 
cognovit earn et suscitavit prolem ex ea infra prioratum extra 
tamen claustrum, eo quod peperit earn annum quasi elapsum. 


[8] DoMiNA Cecilia Bernesley concordat cum Domina Margeria 



Dominus injunxit sororibus quod sint obedientes. 

Item injunxit priorisse quod sorores habeant confessorem fre- 
quenter cum opus t'uerit. 

Item injunxit Doming Agneti Smyth quod sedeat infima inter 
professas per mensem et quod dicat in claustro in illo tempore 
septies psalterium Davidis. Et hiis factis visitationem suam hujus- 
modi dissolvit. 

Priory of Flitcham. 

Die Mercurii, videlicet xii die Julii, dictus reverendus pater 
receptus fuit more solito in prioratu de Flicham et ingrediens 
domum capitularem convocari fecit priorem et confratres ac eos 
prout sequitur examinavit. 

Frater Johannes Martyn prior examinatus dicit quod 
Dominus Thomas Hokar deliberavit priori de Walsingham xi li. 

Frater Galfridus Swaffham dicit quod reparationes non fiunt 
in orreis et aliis domibus ad prioratum pertinentibus. Et quod 
cultura agrorum non est supervisa. 

Item dicit quod prior et Johannes Stinge convenerunt ut 
facerent pactum de centum combis brassi deliberandis per priorem 
eidem Johanni in termino jam effluxo pro sum ma vi vel vii li. Et 
quia prior non persolvit in termino, nunc, ut dicitur, ex pacto et 
promisso, solvet et deliberabit pro dictis C combis clx combas. 


Ilem dicit quod domus oneratur ut credit WiLLELMO Fuller de 
Castellacre pro brasio. Et etiam Magistro Fyncham de 
Marslond pro ovibus. 

Item quod sigillum commune prioratus est tantum in custodia 


Dominus assignavit priori ad comparendum coram eo apud Prior snm 
Norwicum ad audiendum voluntatem suam. NorwiclT 

Prioet of Coxford. 

In dorao capitulari ecclesise conventualis de Cokkesfortli xii die 

Julii 1514 post meridiem dictus reverend us pater debite reverenter 

et honore fuit receptus etc. 

DoM : JoHA2s^ES Mathew prior dicit quod missa matutina non [1] 
1 1 ^ Things going 

celebratur. wrong. 

Item quod confratres sunt inobedientes, litigiosi et incorrigibiles. 

Item quod DoMiNUS Johannes Berdon cepit fugam ter vel [2] 
quater et jam est incarceratus. 

Dom: Johannes Nytingale supprior dicit quod silentia non [3] 

Item quod prior annuatim non reddit compotum. 

Item quod refectuaria patitur ruinam. 

Item quod non habent infirm ariam pro infirmis. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Froste dicit omnia bene. [*] 

DoMiNUS "VViLLELMTJS Kettilston dicit quod non habent infir- [5] 
mariam et quod refectuaria patitur ruinam. 


[8] DOMINUS RiCARDUS ANDREW dicit quod prior non surgit in 

noctibus nisi in iiii festis principalibus. 
[7] DoMiNUS Thomas Birde dicit omnia bene. 

[8] DoMiNUS Henricus Helmam \ 

[9] DoMiNUS RiCARDUS BoTELEY | dicunt Omnia bene. 




In primis dominus injunxit priori quod reddat annuatim com- 

Item quod supervideat terras et conscribat limites et fines 

Item injunxit quod silentium melius observetur. 

Item quod oportune provideatur pro infirmis quo ad cibaria. 

Item quod sint confratres obedientes et religiose incedantin clioro. 
Et quod non ex consuetudine dormiant. 

Quibus injunctis dominus visitationem suam hujusraodi ordi- 
nariam dissolvit. 

Priory of Hempton. 

In domo capitulari de Hempton^ xiii die Julii, more solito dictus 
reverendus pater receptus fuit et ingrediens eandem convocari fecit 
priorem confratres eos modo sequenti examinavit. 

Frater Willelmus Fakenham prior dicit quod silentium pro 
posse observatur et omnia alia etiara bene. 

Frater Edmundus Creke dicit omnia bene. 


Frater Henricus Beteele subdiaconus ) . . . r.^i 
„ „ ,, } pariter examinati •- -■ 

Frater Henricus Milham ) [4] 

dicunt quod quolibet die nihil habent ad comedendum ante supre- 

mara missam finitam, preeterquam diebus in quibus laborant, et 
omnia alia bene. 


Dominus injunxit priori quod confratres quotidie haberent 
aliquid ad comedendum hora octava prseterquam in diebus jejuna- 
lib us. 

Et quod silentium uno die qualibet septimana per confratres 
observatur in claustro. 

Quibus sic injunctis et praemissis depositis, prsedictus reverendus 
pater visitationem suam ordinariam hujusmodi tunc et ibidem 

Austin Priout, Walsingham. 

, VV Alj»iJNU±lAM. (fol. 33.) 

Die Veneris, videlicet xiiii Julii, anno Domini millesimo quin- 14 July, 1514. 
gentesimo xiiii, recepto reverenter primitus domino reverendo patre, 
idem reverendus pater mane hora vii* domum capitularem ingrediens 
convocari fecit priorem ac omnes et singulos canonicos ibidem. 
Et proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum Forth declarataque causa 
visitationis et accessus, expositisque articulis super quibus essent 
examinandi vel inquirandi lectaque constitutione per dictum revor- 
endum patrem incipiente, Quia plerique etc. dictus reverendus 

camd. soc. q 





The Prior's 

of the Priory 
are enriched 
at its expense. 

pater examinavit priorem et canonicos singulatim ut sequitur, post 
U-] DoMiNUS Edmundus Warham, supprior, inquisitus et examinatus 

dicit quod prior nunquam reposuit aliquas pecunias in communi 
cista citra tempus prsefectionis suae. 

Dicit etiam quod fratres sunt inobedientes incorrigibiles et litigiosi 
ac insolentes. 
[2] DoMiNus Thomas Bynham examinatus dicit quod prior habet 

M^ oves in proprietate distincta ab ovibus prioratui pertinentibus. 

Dicit etiam quod si aliquis confratrum placuerit Jolianni Smyth 
et uxori suae placet item priori, et qui eis displicet priori displicet. 
Et quod uxor Smyth sola accedit ad prioratum et ut creditur ad 
cubiculum prioris. 

Dicit quod prior monuit omnes canonicos in genere ante visita- 
tionem, quod deliberarent apud eos quid deponerent vel dicerent 
in visitatione dicendo ista verba Caveatis consilio, quia Dominus 
Episcopus pro tempore visitationis hahebit jurisdictionem, sed 
cum recesserit ego iterum regnaho ipso invito et aspiciam vos juxta 

Dicit quod credit priorem habere in pecuniis numeratis iiM marcas. 

Dicit quod tenementa in villa de "Walsingham pertinentia prioratui 
patiuntur ruinam. 

Item infirmi quasi pereunt negligentia, quia nihil est provisum 
pro infirmis quam id quod provisum est pro sanis. 

Item Magnus Georgius unus cantatorum emit domum pro P' 
et prior solvit pecunias ut dicitur et dedit. 

Item dicit quod Johannes Smyth et Nicholaus Marshall servientes 
prioris, ditantur et locupletantur de bonis prioratus favore prioris, 
quia Nicholaus perquisivit terras valentes Ix li de^ pecuniis prioris et 
Smyth valet ut dicitur D marcas. 

Item dicit quod prior solus accedit ssepe ad capellum Beatse 
Ma;ri9e in crepusculo et absque notitia alicujus confratrum disponit 
pecunias ibidem receptas ad libitum et jocalia. 
[3] Dominus Willelmus Houghton, gustos capell^ Beat^ 


Mari^, dicit quod cibaria nimis parce confratribus ministrantur, 
praesertim diebus jejunii, In piscibus. 

Dicit quod confratres juniores sunt inobedientes maxime Thomas [4] 
RiNGSTED est inobediens huic inquisito qui est prgesidens sibi. 

DoMEsrus Johannes Walsingham, tertius prior, dicit quod prior [5] 
in domo capitulari publice inter confratres dixit, Doo the best that 
ye can and complayn what yee woll, it shall he never the better. 
Et alio tempore dixit^ And I wist that my lorde shulde he against 
me I shulde so provide that my lorde shulde doo me litle hurt. 
Et alio tempore dixit, When my lorde is goon I shall rule and 
asTie him noon leave. 

Inquisitus de causa brigarum inter priorem et canonicos dicit 
quod Johannes Smyth et Nicholaus Marshall servientes prioris 
dant occasionem omnium litium. 

Et quoad substantiam dictorum Johannes Smythe et Nicholai 
Marshall concordat cum Domino Thoma Bynham. 

Dicit quod multa jocalia substrahuntur per priorem pertinentia The Prior has 
caBellae appropriated 

capeiiae. ^ ^ ^ certain jewels, 

Dicit quod prior tenet uxorem Smyth in concubinam. 

llobertus Angos de Leone Nigro scit deponere de conversatione 
prioris, Petrus Burgatc scit etiam deponere. 

Dicit quod prior est nimis severus et crudelis tam verbis quam 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Parker examinatus concordat de verbis [6] 
minatoriis prioris cum dixit .... Et dicit praeterea quod in misconduct, 
festo Corporis Ohristi ultimo prior erat in domo capitulari convo- 
catis confratribus, et dixit Omnes vos qui mihi favent henedicamini, 
omnes vero adversantes mihi sint maledicti, et sic recessit. 

Dicit quod singulis diebus prior mittit ferculum de primis cibariis 
appositis in mensa uxori Smythe. 

Et prior tempore nocturno accedit ad capellam et subtrahit quod 
velit pro placito. 

Dicit quod prior habet quendam senem fatuum et coegit cum He keeps a 
indui superpellicio et incedere in processione publice. °° • 


The Prior's Prior vendidit boscos in Swannyngton et Folsham in pra3Judicium 

misconduct. . , 

prior atus. 

Prior resedifioavit domum pro Magno Georgio cantatore et 
exposuit pro eadem 1 ti. 

Prior percussit agricolam ex cujus ictu obiit infra mensem. 

Prior habet oves de propriis apud Montioye. 

Item prior non reddit compotum de proventibus de Mountioy 
nee convertuntur in usum istius domus. 

Silentium non observatur. 

Item prior revelat uxori Smyth omnia acta in domo capitulari. 

Item dicit quod tenementa in Walsingeham pertinentia prioratui 
patiuntur ruinam defectu prioris. 

Uxor Smythe observat claves camerae brasii et camerse frumenti. 
[7, 8, 9, 10.] Domini Willelmus Bettes, Thomas Wellis, Johannes 
Clenchewardon, et David Norwich sunt personae insolentes 
et riotosi ac incedunt ad libitum tarn die quam nocte. 

Item dicit quod prior vadit exutus habitu in ecclesia diebus 
dominicis et festivis et non venit in chorum. 
[11] DoMiNUS Willelmus Rase examinatus dicit quod Domini 

Willelmus Bettes, Thomas Wellts et Johannes Clench- 
WARTON exeunt prioratum tempore nocturno et sedent bibendo et 
comedendo in domo Johannis Smyth usque ad horam xi in 

Item dicit quod prior habet summam malitiam ad versus istum 
inquisitum propter quod iste vocavit eam [Smyth's wife] mere- 

Item dicit quod prior compulit istum juratum petere veniam ab 
uxore Johannis Smythe publice in domo capitulari. 

Item dicit quod prior praecepit huic deponenti in virtute obedi- 
entise detegere sibi et revelare qui accusarent eum coram Domino 

Item dicit quod prior praBcepit ei virtute obedientise quod, scriberet 
in schedula omnia et singula de quibus voluit conqueri domino 
episcopo in visitatione. 


Hem dicit quod prior dixit in domo capitulari, When my lorde (fol- 35.) 

of Norwiche is goon I shall turne every thing as I woll. Et alio 

tempore dixit, If I knew my lorde wolde take parte withe you 

I shall provide otherwise that he shall not hurt me. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Lowthe dicit quod prior fuitnimis remissus Capellanus de 
1 Creik. 


Dicit iste inquisitus quod reddit compotum de xviii li. de pro- [12] 
ventibus de Creik annuatim, 

Dicit quod Dominus Robertus Parker est inobediens et [13] 
voluit priorem percutere heri. 

Divinum servitium laudabiliter observatur tam diurnura quam 

Dominus Johannes Lowe de verbis minatoriis prioris con- [h] 
cordat cum Domino Willelmo Rase. 

Item dicit quod prior est prodigus in dando bona monasterii sine 
consensu capituli. 

Item prior nocte accedit ad capellam Beatse Mariae et capit quod 
velit sine consilio prsesidentium. 

Item unum par fercularum de amber surripitur. 

Item prior percussit servum ex quo ictu decessit. 

Item uxor Johannis Smyth emit pisces in foro pro conventu 
in scandalum prioratus. 

Item uxor Johannis Smyth obseivavit claves canierarum brasii 
et frumenti et aufert quod velit. 

Item ipsa uxor vocatur prioris domina et habet de optimis cibariis 
et vino. 

Item Domini Bicardus Dokking, Willelmus Bettes, Johannes [15, 16.] 
Olenchwarton, Thomas Wellis, David Norwiche sunt fautores Great laxity 
cum priore et assentant et adulantur, ac insuper vigilant edentes *^® House, 
et bibentes usque ad matutinas in domo Johannis Smythe. At 
ubi ad matutinas venerint sompniantur toto tempore. 

Item Dominus Willelmus Hutton non venit ad chorum sed [17] 
tota die sedet in domo vulgariter dicta the halibred hous quotidie 
ibidem edens et bibens. 



xv° Jalii. 

Item dicit quod prior publice in capitulo nulla monitione pras- 
cedente excommunicavit omnes adversantes sibi et benedixit 

Item prior est nimis severus et crudelis. 

DoMiNus WiLLELMus Bettes dicit quod DoMiNus Thomas 
RiNGESTEDE frequenter vagatur in villa et bibit in domo secu- 

Dicit quod uxor Jacobi Drye accedit suspecte ad Dix \_sic\ 
diversis vicibus. 

Dicit quod est divisio inter canonic os. 

Dicit quod supprior non vult permittere confratres in die 
sanguinum (24 March ?) sagittare in campis pro recreatione, 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS DoKKiNGE dicit quod est dissentio inter 
confratres. Inquisitus de causa dicit quod otium et nimia libertas 
est occasio. 

Dicit quod confratres sunt inobedientes. 

Dicit quod DoMiNus Thomas Ringsted est inobcdiens et in- 
corrigibilis in omnibus. 

Dicit quod magister scholarum non habet correctionem juniorum 
et noviciorum sed supprior injungit novitiis jejunium. 

Dicit quod preetextu facilitatis correctionis juniores sunt magis 
insolentes et minus dediti libris. 

DoM: Thomas Ringsted de verbis minatoriis per priorem pro- 
latis in festo Corporis Christi concordat ut supra cum Rase. 

Dicit etiam quod uxor Grene, lanarii de Walsingham retulit 
hodierno die huic inquisito et sacristas, videlicet Parker, quod circa 
mediam noctem liujus noctis praecedentis dictus Grene et uxor 
tunc vigilantes viderunt certos viros vebentes et portantes diversas 
res a domo Johannis Smythe ad domum Willelmi Wandam 
pincernae prioris. 

Dicit quod Johannes Smythe, Catorer, est senescallus curiarum 
prioris et sedet in curia et uxor ejus habet custodiam brasii et 

Item dicit quod idem Smyth aadificavit domutn decentem in 


HowTON sumptibus prioratus. Et hoc anno iii bigati lanarum 
pertinentes prioratui illuc erant adducti. 

Item dicit quod Nicholaus Marshall est camerarius prioris, 
supervisor omnium et chorista in capella et est nimis sumptuosus 
prioratui et inutilis et ditatur de bonis prioratus. 

Item dicit quod prior publice In capitulo excommunicavit omnes 
confratres adversantes sibi et benedixit omnes fautores et amicos 

Jacobus Gresham, Johannes Coppinger, Johannes Weston, Tliomas 
Kesioik, Rohertus Browne, Stephaniis Browne, Rohertus Angos et 
Willelmus Grene sciunt deponere de statu domus et conversatione 
prioris. (Videantur per dominum omnes ciphi pelves et crateres 

Dicit quod prior non reddidit compotum de expensis domus a 
tempore prsefectionis. 

Item prior non reposuit aliquas pecunias in communi cista a 
tempore prcefectionis. 

De substantia Smyth et Marshall concordat cum aliis. 

Prior accedit et recedit ad capellam Beatae Mariae pro libito et 
capit quod velit. 

DoMiNUS W. HowTON custos capellse est inutilis et non venit ad [19] 
matutinas, abfuit Ix vicibus hoc anno. 

Uxor Smyth habet ferculura de optimis cibis prioris quotidie. (fol- 361).) 

Item iiii choriste conductitii habent piaster mensam et stipendia Allow 
singulis diebus cibaria et fercula ad domos suas. men. 

Et fatur idem Ringested quod incidebat in sententiam excom- 
municationis quia celavit nonnulla prsemissorum in ultima visitatione. 
Dominus igitur ilium absolvit injuncta ei poenitentia quod dicat 
psalterium David praeter debitum. 

Dominus Johannes Ailesham dicit inquisitus et concordat [20] 
quoad verba minatoria prioris in capitulo addens quod prior dixit, 
/ had lever spende the substance of this house theti ye shulde have 
yoMr zn^gnfe, cum aliis con fratribus super hoc deponens, de introitu 
tempore nocturno in capella Beataa Marias, concordat et iste vidit. 




rfol. 37.) 

A Pilgrimage 

to Canterbury 


Insolence of 


Dicit quod prior in recessu suo ad Londinum tradidit et delibe- 
ravit uxori Smytlie claves camerarum brasii et frumenti. 

Item iste inquisitus ex preecepto prioris ministravit sacramentum 
Eucliaristiae fatuo prioris et non erat solitus communicari. 

Prior, supprior et Dix sunt custodes clavium cistse communis. 
Jo. filius Gresham de Walsingham increpavit unum de con- 
fratribus sedentem in villa tempore indebitato respondit confrater 
sub hiis verbis As long as J doo noo wors then oure fader priour 
doithe he can not rebuke me. 

Prior non diligit studentes dicens eos esse in animo subvertendi 

Dicit quod Johannes Smytbe et Nicholaus Marshall sunt servi 
inu tiles prioratui. 

Prior emit calcem vivara de Nicholao Marshall servo suo et habet 
de propriis in prsejudicium prioratus. 

Uxor S my the equitabat super equum prioris ad Cantuariam. 
De ferculis ministratis uxori Smythe quotidie de mensa prioris, 
concordat cum aliis. 

DOMINUS Thomas Ipswiche concordat de verbis prioris, et quo- 
ad accessura ad capellum in nocte vel crepusculo, concordat quia 
dicit se saepius vidisse. 

Prior non est mansuetus et benignus confratribus sed severus et 

Servi prioris contempnunt et vilipendunt canonicos. 
Item dicit quod nullus confratrum conqueritur de aliquo servorum 
vel contemptu eorum quin statim mancipatur carceribus. 

Item Johannes Smythe ostendit in camera Domini Thom^ 
Bynham iii sovERYNS et dixit Dominum Sancti Johannis misisse 
ea ad eum. 

Et uxor Smythe utitur anulis in digitis quos dixit DoMEsruM 
Sancti Johaj^nis misisse ad earn. 

Servi prioris surripiunt escas de ferculis appositis in mensa coram 


DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS MiLEHAM diaconus dicit quod timet de [23] 
inorte sua propter malitlam confratrum favcntium priori. 

Interrogatus de verbis minatoriis prioris, concordat cum prseex- 

Domini T. LoWTH, WiLLELMUS BeTTES, et T. WeLLIS sunt Some Canons 
venatores et aucupatores frequenter. hawk?^"^ 

Prior percussit confratres minus religiose, et servum agricolam ex 
quo obiit. 

Iteifn prior manutenet servos adversus confratres. 

Item conqueritur de cibariis minus salubribus et parce minis- (fol. 37 b.) 

Item prior vendidit terras prioratus et non reddidit compotum de 

Item prior minatus est se sedificaturum carceres pro decern con- 
fratrum suorum. 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS Myleham diaconus conqueritur de potu [24] 
sale mixto et de cibis etiam. 

DoMiNUs Thomas Wellis, Willelmus Bettes, David Norwich 
et RiCARDUS DoKKiNG non surgunt ad matutinas nee devote 
dicunt officiaj ex permissione prioris et tollerantia sua, quia prior 
illos manutenet et ceteros contempnit. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Wellis voluit percutere istum inquisitum 
vespere preeterito. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Clenchewarton, capellanus prioris, dicit [25] 
quod omnia fiunt laudabiliter. 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS Ease est proprietarius, ut dicit, quia 
abscondit pecunias in raanica quando erat incarceratus. 

DOMINUS NiCHOLAUS Cambrige dicit quod prior jactitat se [26] 
sedificaturum carcerem pro decem confratrum qui sibi non favent. 

NiCHOLAUS usus est bireto regali cum foramine quod, ut creditur, 
pendebat in capolla Beatai Marios. Prior cantat et csenat in domo 
Johannis Smyth in scandalum sui et prioratus. 

Dicit quod Wellis et Bettes scandunt murosin nocte excuntes 
et intrantes. 



(fol. 38.) DoMiNUS David Noewiche diaconus dicit quod Dominus 

Thomas Ringsted frequentat suspecte domum cujusdam Angos. 

Dominus Johannes Ailesham absentat se a matutinis semel 
in hebdomada. 
[27] Dominus Eobertus Sall diaconus, dicit quod Bettes, 

Wellis et Clenchewarton vigilant in nocte bibentes et non 
surgunt ad matutinas et cum sint pr^sentes dormlunt et sompni- 
[28] Dominus Johannes Walsingham professus dicit quod omnia 

[29] Dominus Robertus Creike scholaris, dicit quod parum scit 

quia abfuit quasi per biennium. 

Dominus Thomas Wellis, presbyter quod Domini Nicho- 
laus Myleham et Willelmus Mileham furuntur vinum prioris 
et alia bene. 
Novicii. [30] RoBERTUS WiLEY novicius dicit quod habet omnia necessaria. 
[31] Willelmus Gabby novicius concordat. 


Dominus injunxit Priori quod amoveat Johannem Smythe 
et Nicbolaum Marshall extra domum et villam de Walsingham 
infra septimanam. 

Item monuit eundem sub poena juris, quod nunquam puniret 
aliquem imposterum pro dictis et depositis suis tempore visitationis. 

Item quod non puniat aliquem confratrum, nisi crimina sunt 
cognita confratribus, publice in domo capitulari. 

Item injunxit eidem priori quod faciat fidelem compotum de 
bonis monasterii et veras indenturas citra festum Natalis Domini 


Item injunxit eidcm quod amoveat uxorera commorantcm ad 
signum Tauri citra, festum Sancti Michaelis Archangeliproximum. 

Item dominus assignavit Priorem de Westacre in coad- 
jutorem prions propter brigas evitandas, et jurari fecit Priorem de 
Walsingham quod nihil recipiat de fructibus et proventibus dicti 
monasterii nee de bonis spiritualibus aut temporalibus nisi ex 
consensu Prioris de Westacre. 

Item quod non puniat aliquem confratrum absque consensu hujus- 
modi Prioris de Westacre. 

Item dominus jurari fecit prsedictum Priorem de Westacre 

ad sancta Dei evangelia corporaliter per ipsum tacta, quod non 

revelet secreta dicti monasterii de Walsingham. 

Quibus injunctis et prsemissis peractis, dominus visitationem ^^ „. , 

T . Kir .. . ^ . The Bishop 

suam usque m xv diem mensis Martu proximo futuri, si juridicus prorogues his 

fuerit, alioquin proximo die juridico extunc et ad quemcunque ^^^^^^*i°°- 

diem citra si necesse fuerit cum continuatione et prorogatione 

dierum^ prorogavit et continuavit. 

Waburne Priory. 

xviii die mensis Julii anno Domini millesimo quingentosimo ^g j^| ,-. , 
xiiii dictus reverendus pater personaliter visitavit prioratum de 

Prater Willelmus Herpley dicit quod per domus funda- The poverty of 
tionem essent vii canonici vel ad minus iii. Et quod vix sustentari ^^^ House, 
possunt tres hiis diebus propter paupertatem domue. 



Dominus injunxit priori quod solvat annuatira confratri suo 
xxxiii s. iiii d. pro salario. 

Quibus sic gestis dominus visitationem suam liujusmodi dissolvit. 

Beeston Priory. 

18 July, 1514. Die Martis videlicet xviii die mensis Julii anno Domini prae- 

dicto dictus reverendus pater debita cum reverentia fuit receptus, 

(fol. 39.) ingrediensque domum capitularem convocari fecit priorem et con- 

fratres ipsosque examinavit prout sequitur. 

[1] Prior dicit quod Frater Thomas Taverner celebrat in 

Norwico absque licentia prioris. 
[2] Frater Nicholaus Wodforth dicit quod prior non reddit 


Item quod prior impregnavit Elenam Everard. 
[3] Frater Simon Robins dicit omnia bene. 

[4] Frater Johannes Damme dicit quod non habent ludum 

No school. literarium. 

Item quod matutinae dicuntur in hora quinta et non in nocte. 
Item quod prior habet sigillum commune in propria possessione. 
Item omnia alia bene. 
[5] Frater Robertus Rump dicit quod nihil scit deponere. 

[f , 39 b, the next leaf, and f . 40, are blank.] 



Die Veneris xxi videlicet die mensis Julii anno Domini mille- 21 July, 1514. 
simo quingentesimo xiiii dictus reverendus in Christo pater in 
prioratu de Hikeling per priorem et confratres processionaliter 
debita cum reverentia fuit receptus, et eodem die ingrediens domum 
capitularem exposito verbo Dei per Magistrum [ ] 

Forth sub hoc themate [ ] declarataque causa adventus 

et super quibus fuerint examinandi per Magistrum Thomam 
Hare prsedicti reverendi patris in hac parte commissarium, idem 
reverendus pater convocari fecit priorem et confratres ac eos sub 
modo sequenti examinavit tunc et ibidem. 

Prior dicit quod non reddit compotum confratribus. [1] 

Frater Edmundus Norwiche dicit quod omnes sunt negli- [2] 
genter venienda a divina servitia [stc] . 

Frater Andreas Wales dicit quod cure de Hanworth deser- [3] 
vitur per confratrem et non per capellanum secularem. 

Frater Galfridus Heigham dicit omnia bene. [41 

Frater Edmundus Sparham dicit omnia bene. [6] 

Frater Radulphus Sale dicit omnia bene. [6] 

Frater Robertus Walsham subdiaconus dicit omnia bene. [7] 

Frater Ricardus Holt acolitus dicit omnia bene. [8] 

Frater Johannes Hikeling dicit quod non habent ludi [9] 

No school - 
magistrum et omnia alia bene. master. 


Dominus injunxit priori quod provideat de magistro sive prcecep- 
tore ad instruendos confratres in grammaticacitra festum Nativitatis 
Domini proximo. 


Dominus insuper univit vicariam de Hanworth rectorise ejusdem 
pro termino vitae prions de Hikeling. 

Et hiis gestis visitationera suam ordinariam hujusmodi ibidem 
dissolvit etc. 


Die lunae, vicesimo quarto videlicet die mensis Julii anno Domini 
millesimOj quingentesimo xiiii, reverendus in Cliristo pater et 
dominus Dominus Ricardus etc. in monasterio Sancti Benedicti de 
Hulmo processionaliter debita cum reverentia per abbatem et con- 
fratres fuit receptus, ingrediensque do mum capitularem convocari 
fecit abbatem et confratres eosque prout sequitur examinavit tunc 
et ibidem etc. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Tacolston prior dicit quod abbas non 
reddit compotum. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS CowPER supprior dicit quod tempore 
vacationis monasterii perdidit duas pecias argenti et ii le masers. 

[tern quod abbas habet in manibus suis officium cellerarii. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Rysing dicit quod ceremoniae non obser- 

Item quod debentur sibi multa et ille obnoxius est aliis. 

Item quod facta est conventio inter confratres quod nihil de- 

Item quod Dompnus Robertus Sall dixit quod nihil cora- 
pareretur, quoniam abbas sciret alias constaret CC marcas.* 

DoMPNUS Thomas Scottoaye dicit quod Cowper perdidit 
tempore officii sui ii pecias argenti et ii masers. 

Item quod domus est obnoxia multis . 
[5] Dompnus Robertus Manhestre dicit quod Dominus 

* Query. " Sall says that nothing would he disclosed, because the Ahbot knew 
that if it were (alias) it would cost him 200 marks ? " 



ROGERUS Eanworth est inceptor brigarum inter abbatem ct [6] 

Item dicit quod supprior dixit quod voluit perimere abbatem The subprior's 
veneno. ^^^^ spe«<^^- 

Item quod prior non venit ad matutinas in media nocte. 

Item quod uxor Latami suspectum frequentat accessum ad The prior 
cameram prioris. Et quod DoMiNus Johannes Thaxter plenius suspected, 
scit deponere. 

Item quod prior suspecte accedit ad uxorem Chippesby in manerio 
de Aldby. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Beccles dicit quod non est aliquis [8] 
supervisor laborantiura. 

DoMPNUs Andreas Walseham 7 . [9] 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS HoRNING | ^^""^^ °"^^^^ ^'^^^ [IQ] 

DoMPNUS Johannes Thaksted dicit quod prior est alti 

Item quod inferior non obediet superiori. 

Item quod gardiani puniunt indiscrete. 

Item quod multse mulieres suspectae veniunt ad cameras prioris 
et Andree Walsham. 

Item quod abbas habet officia in manibus suis videlicet pitentiarii, rr.. ., . 

p ..,-,.. . , '■ ' Ihe abbot 

retectuarii, cellerani, sacrists et elemosinarii. keeps alloffices 

Item quod prior habet oflScium camerarii. h&oA^ °"^ 

Item quod ornamenta ecclesise non debite reparantur. 

Item quod prior dedit consilium confratribus ut nihil revelarent. 

Item quod prior non venit ad matutinas in media nocte. 

Item quod hora tertia in aurora habet accessum ad Alby ad 
mulieres suspectas. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Rainworth dicit omnia bene. [ii] 

DoMPNus NiCHOLAUS NoRWiCHE dicit quod sajpenumero non pi2j 
habent unum condignum ad celebrandam missam. 

Item quod novitii sunt inobedientes. (fol. 42.) 

DoMPNUS Thomas Westacre dicit omnia bene. [13] 


f^*J DoMPNUS KoBERTUS Sall dicit nihil scit deponere. 

[15] DoMPNUS RiCARDUS NORWICH dicit omnia bene. 

[16] DoMPNUS Andreas Walseham dicit quod abbas non reddit 


Item quod abbas non ostendit statum domus confratribus suis. 
Item quod non est generale inventarium bonorum domus. 
cloffters.^'^ ^ Item quod non sunt sedilia in claustro. 

[17] DoMPNUs Johannes Heydon dicit quod ornamenta ecclesiae 

non reparantur. 
dormftories. ^ Item quod non habent lumen in dormitorio tempore nocturno. 

[18] Item quod DoMPNUS RoGERUS MuLTON est inceptor brigarum 

et fuit in Cantabrigia per vii annos et nihil boni fecit. 
[^^J DoMPNUS Henricus Paston dicit omnia bene. 

[20] DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS NiCHELS diaconus dicit omnia bene. 

[21] DoMPNUS Johannes Durham dicit omnia bene. 

[22] DoMPNUS Thomas Stalham dicit omnia bene. 

[23] DoMPNUs Johannes Ranworth. 

Injunctiones in monasterio Sancti Benedicti. 

in pn'mz's dominus injunxit abbati quod de cetero reddat com- 
potum confratribus in festo Sancti Nicholai et quod tres fide 
digniores, electi per capitulum, intersint hujusmodi compoti reddi- 

Item quod conficiat inventarium tripartitum de bonis ipsius domus 
citra [ ] anni. 

Item assignavit Cowper pro eo quod perdidit duas pecias argenti 
etnmasers, quod solvat iiii li confratribus videlicet xxs. per annum. 

Quibus sic gestis et peractis praedictus reverendus pater visita- 
tionem suam ordinarium hujusmodi dissolvit etc. 


Weybridge Priory. 

XVIU s. 

xxiii die raensis Julii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo 23 July, 1514. 
xiiii Magister GtREGORius Mowr, ante dicti reverendi patris in 
hac parte commissarius, vice et auctoritate ejusdem reverendi patris 
visitavit prioratum de Weibrig sub eo qui sequitur modo. 

Prior ibidem examinatus dicit quod habet annuale redditum in The prior a 
Harleston xxx s. sde '''^^''''' 

Et in Lingwode, de claro v marc. His revenue. 

Et in Acle vii s. 

Et in Flegg v s. 

Item quod tenet quandam pasturam annexam domui] 
quae valet per annum j 

Item dicit quod habet ii vaccas, unam heiford, duos vitulos, tres 
equas, unum equum, ii pullos. Et dicit quod vivit solus absque 

Ulterius compertum per dominum commissarium videlicet The house in 
ecclesiam pati ruinam in fenestris. Et quod campanile non existit ^^''^ decay, 

Item quod una campana venditur per pra^decessorem prioris 

Item quod muri exteriores sunt ruinosi. 

Item quod columbare maxim am patitur ruinam. Quibus sic 
factis dictus commissarius injunxit priori ad exhibendum fidele 
inventarium et quod compareat coram antedicto reverendo in 
monasterio Sancti Benedicti, et ibidem comparuit et dimissus est. 

Priorattjs Sancti Olavi. 

Die Jovis videlicet xxvii die mensis Julii anno Domini memo- (fol. 43.) 
rato, in domo capitulari prioratus sive ecclesiae regularis, preedictus ^^' 
CAMD. soc. s 



The condition 
of the house 
is satisfactory. 


The income 





reverendus in Christo pater et dominus DoMiNUS RiCARDUS per- 
missione divina Norwicensis episcopus convocari fecit priorem el 
canonicos, quibus exposuit causam adventus, et declaratis articulis 
per Magisteum Doctoeem Haee super quibus essent examinandi 
et inquirendi dominus examinavit eos ut sequitur. 

Featee Willelmus Dale prior inquisitus et examinatus dicit 
quod reddit compotum annuatim coram senioribus confratribus. 

Dicit quod confratres sunt obedientes. 

Dicit etiam quod perquisivit noviter certas terras valoris annui 
X ti. xiiii s. x d. et solvit pro eisdem. 

Featee Robeetus Staeys supprior dicit quod non surgunt ad 
matutinas media nocte sed mane hora quinta. 

Dicit quod non cantant officia nisi in festis dominicalibus. 

Dicit quod numerus non est completus quia facultates non sup- 
petunt ad hoc. 

Featee Willelmus Sheeinge inquisitus dicit quod omnia 
laudabiliter fiunt tarn in spiritualibus quara in temporalibus. 

Featee Radulphus Lakenham dicit quod omnia bene et lauda • 
biliter fiunt et observantur. 

Featee Johannes Mak dicit quod omnia bene. 

Frater Johannes Bygot dicit inquisitus et concordat cum 
proximo praeexaminato. 

Frater Johannes Sevyr dicit quod omnia bene. 

Frater Henricus Harryson dicit omnia esse bene. 


Dominus injunxit priori et canonicis quod provideant sibi dispen- 
sai-i^nem sufficientem a sede apostolica quod non surgant media 
nocte ad matutinas quam cito commode poterint. 

Et hoc facto dominus dissolvit prsesentem visitationem suam 
ordinariam ibidem. 


Dominus injunxit canonicis quod singulis sextis* feriis observant 
silentium in claustro et choro. 

BrTLETE Pmoratus. 

Penultimo die mensis Julii 1514 in domo capitulari ibidem 30 July, 1514. 
reverendus in Christo pater et dominus Dominus Ricardus per- 
missione divina Norwicensis episcopus convocari fecit priorem et 
canonicos, et exhibito mandato cum certificatorio propositoque verbo 
Dei per suppriorem de Westacre sub hoc themate JEgredere de 
terra aliena et veni in terram quam monstravero tibi ; declarat- 
isque articulis per Magistrum Hare exhibito compoto per priorem 
de statu domus, dictus reverendus pater examinavit priorem et 
canonicos ut sequitur. 

Dom: Augustinus Reyers prior de Butley dicit quod debentur The priory in 
Domino Willelmo de Capell de veteri debito Ixx li. ^ *" 

Item Doming Episcopo de debito ipsius prioris xx li. ^ ^ " '^ 

Inquisitus dicit quod omnia fiunt laudabiliter juxta facultates 
domus; tamen eedificia et maneria patiuntur ruinam. 

Dom : injunxit eidem priori quod conficiat verum inventarium 
omnium jocaliura et bonorum mobiiium ac illud exhibeat citra 
sinodum Michaelis proximum. 

Dom: Willelmus Woodebrige supprior dicit inquisitus quod rg-i 
tres missge celebrantur quotidie cum nota, et divinum servitium tam 
diurnum quam nocturnum laudabiliter fit et observatur. 

Dicit quod fratres sunt obedientes et continentes et cetera omnia 

Dom : Johannes Thetford in decretis bacalaurius dicit, exam- j-3-] 
inatus, quod parum scit de statu domus quia abfuit in universitate. 

De conversatione confratrum dicit quod sunt bonaj conversationis 
quantum ipse novit. 

« That is eyery Friday. Cf . Hampson's Medii JEvi Calcndarium, vol. ii. pp. 137-8. 

books much 


Dicit quod feater Thomas Oeford est bonus grammatista et 

deditus litteris et amici ejus volunt exhibere eum in universitate 

sumptibus suis. 

[4] DoM: RiCARDUS WiLTON cellerarius dicit quod prior est indus- 

triosus in spiritualibus et temporalibus et omnia fiunt bene in 

quantum sufficiunt facultates. 

The buildings Dicit insuper quod prior nimium oneratur ruinis et deformitatibus 
in decay. -,.,,--, 

aedificiorum, domorum, grangiorum et manenorum et prior exposmt, 

ut credit, citra prsefectionem suam C marcas in reparationibus. 

[5] DoM: WiLLELMUS Melforth dicit quod omnia bene. 

[6] DoM: EoBERTUS Chippenham dicit quod omnia bene. 

rj-j DoM: Johannes Norwych dicit quod libri chori patiuntur 

The service- ruinam in prsejudicium divini cultus. 

Jtem quod Dominus Thomas Orford est aptus studendi et non 

habent confratres doctos. 

[8] DoM. Jacobus Hylltngton dicit quod supprior et alii majores 

sunt negligentes in veniendo ad divina officia. 

[9] Dom: Thomas Butley dicit quod omnia bene. 

[10] DoM : Thomas Orford dicit quod omnia bene. 

nil Dom : Reginaldus Westerfeyld dicit quod omnia bene. 

[12] Dom: Dyonisius Rychemount subdiaconus dicit quod omnia 


[13] Dom : Thomas Sudburie dicit quod Dominus Reginaldus 

Westerfeyld dedit verba inbonesta confratribus et vilipendit eos. 

[14] Dom: Brianus Wynkfeyld exorcista dicit quod Westerfeyld 

vilipendit confratres juniores et vocat eos horesons. 

[15] Dom: Henricus Bassyngbourne subdiaconus dicit quod omnia 


[16"] Dom: Nicholaus Oxburgh professus dicit et concordat cum 




Dominus monuit Dmn: Reginaldum Westerfeld quod ab- 
stiueat se a verbis opprobriosis in futurum. 

Item dominus injunxit priori quod permitteret et licentiaret 
DoMiNos JoHANNEM Thetford et Thomam Orford accedere 
ad universitatem studendi gratia pro eo quod habent exhibitionem 

Et hiis gestis dominus dissolvit visitationera etc. 

Priokatus monialitjm DE Campesete. 

Primo die mensis Augusti anno Domini 1514 reverendus in i Aug. 1514. 
Christo pater et dominus Dominus Ricardus permissione divina (foi_ 45.) 
Norwicensis episcopuspersonaliter visitavit jure ordinario priorissam 
et moniales. Quibus convocatis in domo capitulari proposito verbo 
Dei et declaratis articulis, dictus reverendus pater examinavit prior- 
issam et sorores in forma sequenti. 

Dna: Elizabetha Everarde priorissa inquisita et cxaminata [ij 
dicit quod omnia fiunt laudabiliter, tam in spiritualibus et tempora- 
libus juxta facultates quam in obedientia, et ceteris essentialibus 

DxA : Barbara Jernyngham dicit quod omnia bene. [2] 

Dna: Petronilla Fulmerstoune suppriorissa dicit quod omnia [3] 

Dna: Elizabeth Willughby inquisita concordat. [4] 

Dna : Ela Booty examinata dicit quod omnia bene. [5] 

Dna : Margaketa Harman inquisita concordat. [6] 

Dna: Alicia Cooke examinata concordat. [71 

Dna : Isabella Norwiche inquisita concordat. [8] 


[9] Dna: Elizabetha WiNKFELD interrogata dicit quod omnia 
bene fiunt et laudabiliter. 

[10] Dna: Margareta Bacon concordat examinata. 

[11] Dna : Agnes Valentyne inquislta concordat. 

[12] Dna: Katerina Loggyn alias London concordat. 

[13] Dna : Petronilla Felton concordat. 

[15] Dna: Katerina Groome examinata concordat. 

[16] Dna: Katerina Stmond inquisita concordat. 

[17] Dna: Anna Wtnter examinata concordat. 

[18] Dna: Brigidia Coket ] 

[19] Dna : Anna Bardewell ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ concordant. 

[20] Dna: Cristina Abell I 

[21] Dna : Dorothea Brampton ' 

The Prior 

too easy, 


Et dominus injunxit priorissse quod conficiat verum inventarium 
et exliibeat, citra festum Nativitatis Domini proximum, omnium 
jocalium et mob ilium. 

Et sic dominus dissolvit suam ordinariam visitationem. 


Aug. 1514. In prioratu de Wodbrydge secundo die Augusti coram reverendo 
in Christo patre Domino Norwicensi Episcopo. 
[1] Mag: Thomas Cooke dicit quod prior non exigit pecuniam pro 

certis terris sed omittit videlicet iiiid. in una villa et viii d. vel xiid. 
in alia villa, in praejudicium domus, ad gummam iii vel iiii ti. 


Item quod Dominus Willelmus Furton habet capacitatem 
et non est beneficiatus sed est firraarius priori de Butlcy. 

Dom: Willelmus Lycheham dicit quod prior Sancti Petri [2] 
Gipwici injuste subtrahit annualem redditum ad summam iiii s. per 

Item quod manerium de Allesbourne patitur maximam ruinam 
tamen non culpa istius prioris. 

Mag: Robertus Clopton dicit quod omnia bene. [3] 

Dom : Thomas Smyth dicit quod Furton vagatur per mun- [4] 

Prior dicit quod omnia bene. 


Dominus: injunxit priori quod sit solicitus et diligens in petendo 
•edditu pertinente prioratui. Et hoc facto dissolvit visitationem. 

Trinity Priory, Ipswich. 

In prioratu Sanctge Trinitatis Gipwici tertio die Augusti anno 3 ^^g ^514 

Domini millesirao D xiiii. 

Frater Thomas Smyth dicit quod omnia bene. n j 

Frater Thomas Edgour dicit quod non est aliquis supervisor > .,-, 

officiorum domus et omnia alia bene. 

Frater Johannes Elys dicit quod omnia bene. i3-| 

Frater Thomas Mynyet dieit quod omnia officia remanent in [4] 

manibus prioris. 

Item quod officiarii seculares vilipendunt confratres. 


Item quod Johannes Sewall fuit repertus cum furto et non 

est necessaiius prioratui. 
[5] Fkater Johannes Shrybbe dicit quod servientes domus vili- 

are^insolent^ pendunt confratres quorum nomina sunt Lionellus Martyn, Johannes 

Boton, dicunt hsec verba sequentia in anglicis yf soo be that ye 

medyll with vie I shall gyff the such a strippe that thow shallt not 

recover yt a twelvemonyth after. 
[6] Frater Robertus Benett dicit quod omnia bene. 

[7] Frater Thomas Bettes concordat cum Shrybbe. 

[8] Frater Johannes Wryght dicit quod cocus domus habet domum 

sumptuosam ex proventibus coquinse. 

Articuli comperti. 

Non est aliquis supervisor officiorum prioratus. 

Omnia officia remanent in manibus prioris. 

Servientes domus videlicet Lionellus Martyn et Johannes Boton 
vilipendunt confratres domus eis dicendo hsec verba in anglicis, 
yf soo be that ye medyll with me I shall gyff the such a stryppe 
that thow shalt not klawe [sic] yt of a yere after. 

Cocus habet domum nimis sumptuosam ex proventibus coquinse. 

Johannes Sewall fuit repertus publice cum furto. 


Dominus injunxit priori quod moneat servientes quod sint 
obedieutes confratribus in Ileitis et ne vilipendant eos. Et sic 
visitationem suam dissolvit, etc. 



PmoRATrs Sancti Petri Gipwici iiii die mensis 
AuGUSTi, Anno Domini 1514. 

Fratek Thomas Godewyn prior ibidem examinatus dicit quod 
doraus non oneratur aere alieno. Et exhibuit compotum in grossu 
a tempore prsefecrionis et non exliibuit inventarium. 

Dicit insuper quod canonici non surgunt debite ad matutinas. 

Dom: Willelmus Browne est aptus ad praesidendum conventui. 

Dom: Johannes Laurence alias Smyth, deserviens cure ecclesie 
Sancti Nicholai in Gipwico, dicit quod confratres sunt inobedientes 
et non surgunt debite ad matutinas. 

Dom: Galfridus Barnes, deserviens curge ecclesiaj Sancti Petri 
inquisitus, dicit quod omnia fiunt bene et laudabiliter. 

Dom: Willelmus Browne dicit quod fundatio cantariae fundatce 
in ecclesia ista non debite observatur. 

Item quod confratres non habent pensioncm alias usitatam. 

Item non habent. ludi magistrum. 

Dom: Nicholaus Mottys dicit quod ordinatio firmarise non 

Item quod non habent recreationes in gardino firmarise. 

Item quod non habent sacristam . 

Item quod Dom: Johannes [sic] Browne et Galfridus Barnes 
sunt inceptores controversionum inter priorem et conventum. 

Item quod sigillum commune remanet tantum in manibus prioris. 

Dom : Johannes Pykerell dicit quod non est aliquis ludiraagister 
in domo et omnia alia bene. 

Dom : Thomas Chaumberlayn dicit quod non est aliquod lectum 
in Armaria et omnia alia bene. 

Dom: Willelmus Wylson dicit quod non habent jentacula in 

Dom : Thomas Penderley dicit quod omnia bene. 





No school- 






Injunctiones prioratus Sancti Petei Gipwici. 

Dominus vicarius generalis injunxit confratribus quod impostevum 
melius surgant ad matutinas. 

Item priori injunxit quod custodiri faciat sigillum commune in 
communi cista sub iii clavibus citra festum Michaelis proximum. 

iLem confratribus quod sint obedientes priori. 

Item priori quod doceri faciat confratres in grammatica. 

Et hiis completis dominus dissolvit visitationem. 

Prioratus Monialiijm de Redlingeelde. 

7 Aug. 1514. 
(fol. 47 b.) 


Istafuit [3] 
priorissse a 

Septimo die mensis Augusti 1514 dominus personaliter visitavit 
dictum prioratum et convocatis priorissa et sororibus examinari 
fecit eas per Magistrum Doctorem Hare commissarium sub 
hac forma sequente. 

Priorissa dicit quod Dna : Alicia Bedyngpeld non est 

Item Dna: Anna Drury et Dna: Gracia Sampson, pro con- 
simili, et revelant secreta religionis et ccrrectionis factse in conventu. 

Item Dna : Margareta Lawder non est multum constans sed 
est inconstans. 

Dna : Johanna [ ] subpriorissa dicit quod sorores non obser- 
vant silentium sed sunt inobedientes videlicet Dna : Alicia Bedyng- 
FELD, Dna: Anna Drury, Dna: Alicia Blynde, Dna: Gracia 
Sampson et Dna: Anna Nycoll. 

Dna: Johanna Deyne inquisita, dicit quod suppriorissa est 
crudelis et nimis severa in corrigendo et in generali disciplina aspere 
corrigit et elicit sanguinem nee gequaliter ponderat delicta sed 
affectionaliter punit. 

Priorissa non mutavit capellanam a tempore prsefectionis nee 
reddidit compotum a tempore ultimse visitationis ordinariae. 


Dna : Isabella Aleyn dicit quod uon habent infirmariam nee [-1] 
custodem tempore infirmitatis. 

Suppriorissa non est caritativa nee indiflPerens in correctionibus Complaints 
et conqueritur priorissae de sororibus saapius. subp^iorcs^ 

Priorissa non reddit compotum de statu doinus. 

Non habent le curteyns in dormitorio inter cubilia. 

Infirmi jacent in dormitorio. 

Dna: Margareta Lawder dicit quod priorissa est discreta et C-^] 
sollicita circa temporalia. ' 

Dicit quod non observant ncc sedent in refectuario utsolent [sic~\, The refectory 
et hoc per quinquennium elapsum, quia refectuariura occupatur cum 
aliis rebus. 

Suppriorissa nimis aspere ministrat disciplinas ita quod saspius 
elicit sanguine m. 

Pueri jacent in dormitorio. 

Sorores non habent curricula inter cubilia sed una potest aliam ^o curtains in 
videre quando surgit vel aliquid aliud facit. 

Dna: Alicia Bedingfeld dicit quod non bibunt neque comedunt [fi] 
ante duodecimam. 

Dicit quod non habent aliquas recreationes. 

Quoad suppriorissarn concordat cum prseexaminata. 

Suppriorissa observat stallum infimum in choro. 

Non habent infirmariam nee custodem tempore infirmitatis. 

DoM: Anna Drury dicit quod priorissa non reddit compotum. [7] 

Et in aliis concordat cum Dna: Isabella Aleyn. 

Dicit quod ipsa inquisita fuit inobediens suppriorissa; et propter 
hoc petiit veniam et tamen suppriorissa conquesta est de ilia priorissce 
et igitur timet quod severe et aspere punietur. 

Dna : Alicia Blynde dicit et concordat cum Dna : Isa- C^] 


Dna: Anna Nichol dicit quod non habent refectuarium nee E^] 
infirmariam sed infirmi jacent in dormitorio. 
Et quoad suppriorissam concordat. 


[10] Dna: Gracia Sampsonne dicit quod pueri cubant in dormi- 

torio et nocent conventui. 
(fol. 48 b.) Et in ceteris concordat cum prseexaminata. 

Suppriorissa sedet infima in choro et per annum non legit neque 
cantat cum conventu. 

Non habent inventarium jocalium. 

1 Aug. 1514. 


Dominus injunxit priorisse quod exhibeat verum inventarium 
omnium jocalium, catallorum et mobilium citra festum Omnium 

Item quod reddat compotum de statu domorum et exhibeat citra 
festum Sancti Michaelis 1515. 

Item quod mutet capellanam citra festum Michaelis proximum. 

Item quod provideat de refectuario infirmario et custode pro 
infirmis infra annum. 

Item injunxit suppriorissse quod discrete et non crudeliter corrigat 
et puniat. 

Itei7i quod pueri non jaceant in dormitorio. 

Item quod provideat curricula inter cubilia in dormitorio. 

Priory op Eye. 

Dominus viii die Augusti personaliter visitavit prioratum de 
Eya et convocatis priore cum fratribus, eos sub forma sequenti 



DoM: EiCARDUS Stretfforthe examinatus dicit quod sigillum [l] 
commune emanavit sine consensu majoris partis et senioris capituli 
maxirae in clericis ordinandis. 

Item quod juniores sunt negligentes in exercendas scholas. 

Item dominus prior sigillat litteras sigillo communi non nunquam 
sine deliberatione matura. 

Item quod prior non reddit compotum fratribus per quad- 

Item non contemptatur prior quando fratres loquuntur ei de 
aliqua re reformanda. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Eya examinatus dicit quod nihil scit quod [2] 
eget reformatione. 

DoMPNUS KiCARDUS IppESWiCHE examinatus dicit quod Mar- [3] 
geria uxor Johannis Bery nianentis apud London est suspecta cum ^,speS. 
priore ibidem, 

Et quod prior ibidem nihil facit ibidem sine consilio dictse 

Item dictus prior construxit quandam domum ex lignis loci sui 
et dedit illam domum cuidam Thomse Bery filio dictae Mar- 

Item prior ibidem mutuavit certos libros extra prioratum scilicet Books of the 
Doctori Whyght et adhuc non sunt reliberati. priory lent 

Item prior vendit nemora. Et domus dormitorii eget reparatione 
in tecto et patitur ruinam, 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS NORWICHE dicit quod fertur in villa m 
quod du8B domus sedificantur in villa sumptibus et ex meremio prior- 
atus pro servis prioris. 

DoTMPNUS Christoferus Rykynghale dicit quod prior ven- psj 
didit boscum et mcremium prope Thorneham pro sedificatione domus 
Thom^ Bery servientis sui. 

Dicit quod tantum semel in anno videlicet in Paschate generalem 
rccipiunt disciplinam. 

DoMPNLS Johannes Salter diaconus dicit quod omnia bene. [6] 

DoMPNUS PtOBERTUS Stowe concordat. r-, .j.^, ^,,, . 


[8] DOMPNUS Henricus Combys novicius concordat dicit tamen 

quod Margeria Berye lotrix accedit ad prioratuna frequenter. 


Dominus injunxit quod prior provideat de restitutione librorum 
mutuatorum Magistro Wliyte citra festum Nativitatis Domini 

Item quod prior exkibeat verum inventariura et compotum de 
statu domus citra sinodum Michaelis proximum. 

Item Dominus monuit priorem et confratres quod Margeria 
Berye de cetero non intrat saepta prioratus. 

Et dominus continuavit visitationem suam usque festum Michaelis 
et quemcunque diem citra. 

Flixton Nunnery. 

11 Aug. 1514. Undecimo die men sis August! anno Domini millesimo quingen- 
tesimo xiiii reverendus in Cliristo pater et dominus Dominus 
RiCARDUS permissione divina Norwicensis episcopus in ecclesia 
conventuali de Fiixton processionaliter debita cum reverentia per 
priorissam et consorores humiliter fuit receptus et ingrediens deinde 
domum capitularem convocari fecit priorissam et consorores easque 
modo prout sequitur tunc et ibidem examinavit. 

Dna: Isabella Ashe dicit quod silentium non observatur. 

Et quod iiii et sextis feriis necnon sabbatis tantum vescuntur 
butiro cum caseo et interdum lacte. 



Dna: Alicia Laxfeld dicit quod priorissa non reddidit com- [2] 
potum a tempore prosfectionis et dicit quod non vult reddere. 

Dna: Olton dicit quod Johannes Welles est ccnversibilis cum [u] 

priorissa. (fol. 50.) 

Item quod priorissa non reddidit compotum et quod illud omnino The prioress 

negat. ^^ capricious in 

°. ' . . her discipline. 

Item quod nullas recipiunt annuales pensiones. Et quod priorissa 

irascitur quando aliquid eis datum est ab amicis eorura. 

Item quod non habent infirmariam neque custodem tempore 
infirmitatum suarum. 

Item quod priorissa vendit nemora pertinentia ad prioratum 

/^em dicit quod sorores quae habent jentacula non prandcnt nee 
aliquid comedunt usque ad csenam. 

PmOEissA dicit quod aliquando aliquge consororum sunt in- r^i 

Dna: Elisabeth Weight dicit quod moniales non surguntmane rg. 
ad divina officia et praecipue Dna: Elisabeth Ashe et Dna: I^Iae- 
GAEETA RowSE et sunt etiam ei inobedientes. 

Item quod sorores vix aiident deponere veritatem propter seevitiam 

Item quod quidam Johannes Welles sjepe suspitiose frequentat 
consortium priorissse. 

Item quando benefactores domus dant elimosmas vel alias in 
piscibus conventui priorissa convertit ad libitum in suum usum 

Dna: Elisabeth Launde dicit quod nullus ordo observatur quia [g] 
juniores et seniores eeque habentur. Et priorissa majorem dat SeTonicnt'" 
fidem juniorlbus quam senioribus et igitur suppriorissa non audet 
punire delinquentes. 

Jtej7i quod disciplina generalis vel particularis non observatur. 
In aliis concordat cum Dna : Maegaeete Olton. 

Dna: Agnes Eesy dicit quod priorissa emit unam parccllam r;] 
terrae infra parochiam in qua priorissa habet obviam cum Welles. (^°'- "*^ ''-^ 


[8] Dna: Makgareta Rowse dicit quod suppriorissa non dedit dis- 

ciplinam per annum. 

Et quod eequaliter pro infirmis et sanis. 


In primis domlnus injunxit priorissae quod removeat consan- 
guiuem Johannis Welles post tempus autumpnale. 

Item injunxit Johanni Welles quod nunquam habeat accessum ad 
ad istam domura imposterum. Et quod nunquam habeat accessum 
consortium dictas priorissee. 

Item quod amoveat seipsum extra dictam villam citra festum 
Omnium Sanctorum proxiinum cum bonis suis. Et quod nunquam 
durante vita ipsius priorissse raoram trabat infra eandem villam. 

Quibus sic factis dominus continuavit visitationem suam hujus- 
modi usque festum Paschae et quemcunque diem citra. 

Ntinnert of Bungay. 

12 Auo-. 1514. Duodecimo die mensis August! anno quo supra dictus reverendus 
pater fu\t more solito in prioratu de Bungay per priorissam et con- 
sorores receptus et ingrediens doraum capitularem priorissam et 
consorores examinavit prout sequitur. 
Dna: [the rest of this page is blank.] 

[3 blank leaves follow.] 


Carrow Nunnery. 

Vicesimo quinto die mensis August! anno Domini millesimo 25 Aug. i.-,i4. 
quingentesimo xiiii reverendus in Christo pater, etc. personaliter 
visitavit domum sive prioratum monialium de Bungaie.'' Et erat 
ibidem cum processione reverenter receptus et ingrediens subse- 
quenter domum capitularem convocari fecit priorissam et sororeg, 
quibus post verbum Dei propositum exponi fecit articulos super 
quibus essent examinandi. Et easdem ut sequitur examinavit. 

Dna: Isabella Wigan priorissa dicit quod omnia bene. [i] 

Dna: Anna Martin suppriorissa dicit quod Dna: Margareta [2] 
Kidman non est mitis. 

Dna: Johanna G-rene dicit quod cibaria parcius solito minis- [3j 

Dna: Margeria Carrow dicit quod omnia bene. [41 

Dna: Margareta Clerk concordat. r^-, 

Dna : Agnes Warner concordat. rg-j 

Dna: Katerenta [ ] concordat. ry-i 

Dna : Margareta Stiwarde concordat. rg-. 

Dna : Anna London concordat. rg-. 

Dna: Margareta Kidman concordat. r^Q-, 

Et hiis gestis dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ordinariam 

[Fol. 51 b. blank.] 
" Evidently a mistake for Carrow. 



Resignation of the Prior of Walsingham. 

31 Aug. 1514. In dei nomine Amen. Coram vobis reverendo in Christo patre et 

domino DoMiNO EiCAKDOpermissione divina Norwicensi Episcopo 

authenticaque persona et testibus fidedignis hie prsesentibus, Ego 

WiLLELMUS LowTHE, prior ecclesiae regularis et conventualis beatse 

Marije de Walsingham ordinis Sancti Augustini vestrte Norwicensis 

dioecesis, volens et affectans ex certis causis veris et legitimis me et 

animum meum in hac parte moventibus ab onere cura et regimine 

dicti prioratus sive dignitatis prioralis et ab administratione spiri- 

tualium et temporalium ejusdem penitus exui et exonerari. Eandera 

dignitatem prioralem cum suis juribus et pertinentiis universis in 

sacras et venerabiles manus vestras pure sponte simpliciter et absolute 

resigno ac juri titulo interessse et possessioni meis in eodem prioratu 

prsehabitis renuncio eisque cedo et ab eisdem totaliter et expresse 

recedo. Salva semper, mihi prcefato Willelmoresignanti,pensione 

annua congrtia canonica et competenti de et ex fructibus et pro- 

ventibus ejusdem prioratus pro victu et vestitu mihi quoad vixero 

necessariis, vestra auctoritate ordinaria limitanda mcderanda et 

assignanda, cujus domination] s vestrae decreto et sententise stare et 

obtemperare promitto firmiter per prsesentes. 

Teste manu ) -1,7- t 

mea propria ) 

Lecta erat hujusmodi resignatio in domo capitulari ecclesise con- 
ventualis Beatse M arise de Walsingham ultimo die raensis Augusti 
1514. Preesentibus Magistris Thoma Hare, legum doctore, Hen- 
Eico FoORTHE, sacrse theologise baccalaurio, et Domino Willelmo 
Newton capellano, ac me Thoma Godsalve notario publico. 



[Regulations for Eeformation of Discipline, &c.] 

Penultimo die mensis August! anno Domini millesimo quingen- 30 Aug. 1514. 
tesimo xiiii reverendus in Christo pater et dominus Dominus 
RiCARDUS permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopus in visitatione 
sua ordinaria instante, convocatis coram eo omnibus et singulis 
canonicis domus sive prioratus de Walsingham in domo capitulari 
ibidem, fecit et dedit publice injunctiones subscriptas in praesentiis 
Magistrorum Thom^ Hare, legum doctoris, Henrici Forthe, 
sacrae tlieologise baccalaurii, ]\Iagistri [ ] artium magistri, 

Domini Thom^ Martyns, pectoris de Egmere, et Domini 
WiLLELMi Newton capellani. 

In primis injunxit idem reverendus pater quod omnes et singuli 
canonici semota divisione sint invicem amantes et Concordes nee 
aliqua verba opprobriosa, vilipendiosa, contumeliosa, convitiosa 
seu diffamatoria inter se habeant, emittant, dicant vel proferant. 

Injunxit etiara quod nullus canonicorum prsecipue juniorum habeat 
coramunicationem cum aliqua seculari persona infra prsecinctum 
monasterii nisi sint officiarii et illi tantum in hiis quae concernunt 
eorum officia, et hoc in prassentia unius confratrum. 

Item quod nullus imposterum canonicorum sagittet extra prsecinc- 
tum monasterii. 

Item quod nullus canonicorum moram faciat bibat vel comedat in 
aliqua domo infra villam de Walsingham nisi ex causa gravi 
et legitima approbata per priorem et eo absente per suppriorem. 

Item quod ostium domus scaccarii sit ceratam duplici cera quarum 
una clavis remaneat penes priorem et altera penes seniorem, quern 
major et sanior pars confratrum duxerint nominandum. 

Item injunxit retroscriptus reverendus in Christo pater quod (fol. 53.) 
singulis sabbatis custos capellae Beatee Marias ibidem coram prajsidente 


in scaccario tarn pecuniam et- aurum numerat quam jocalia anulos 
et cetera oblata ilia septimana, quae omnia et singula tarn custos 
quam unusquisque prsesidentium inserat et scribat in libris suis. Et 
dicta pecunia numerata, tam aurum quam argentum, in scaccario 
remansura et jocalia sic conscripta reddatur custodi in capella 
conservando et semel in anno tota pecunia remanens in scaccario 
reponatur in thesauraria. 

[The Report ends abruptly at this page.] 




A.D. 1520. 

[The Eecord of this Visitation has suryived only in the fragment which follows. 
It has heen bound np with the previous Visitation, and, as will be seen by the 
marginal reference, follows it immediately in the same Tolume.] 

Peiort of Ixworth xiiii Junii 1520. 

Prsesentatis literis commissionalibus reverendi in Christo patris Ixworth. 

(tc. et reverenter receptis convocatis piimitus priore et confratribus (fol. 54.) 

Eeverendus pater Johannes Calcidoniensis Episcopus ac 

Magister Eobeetus Dikak commissariij et perlectis literis hujus- 

modi per me Thorn am Godsalve de mandate commissariorum, iidem 

commissarii decreverunt procedendum fore in hujusmodi visitationis 

ordinariae negotio juxta tenorcm earundem. Et deinde prior 

exhibuit certificatorium cum schedula nominum confratrum quos 

domini commissarii singillatim ut sequitur examinarunt. 

Feaier Johannes Gerves prior dicit quod essentialia All things 
. . 1 1 • 1 y • going on well, 

rehgionis mter confratrespro posse debate observantur. Et pnoratus [i] 

juxta ipsius facultates in omnibus competenter se habet. 

NiCHOLAUS Alderiche dicit quod omnia bene fiunt tam circa [2] 
religionem quam circa statum domus. 

NiCHOLAUS Walsingham supprior dicit quod prior omnia [3] 
politice gubernat et regit, et cultus divinus debite observatur et 
etiam reJigio, 









Thomas Jonson inquisitus dicit ut supra. 
DoM : Johannes Scoler examinatus concordat. 
Simon Hert inquisitus etiam concordat. 
Adam Punder examinatus concordat. 


Johannes Smythe 


Willelmus Raynberd 


Willelmus Syward 
Thomas Fuller 
Johannes Garard 

Singillatim secrete unusquisque 
per se inquisitus et examinatus 
concordat cum preexaminatis.* 

Quibus sic gestis idem Reverendus pater Johannes Calcedo- 
NIENSIS Episcopus commissarius pra^dictus dissolvit visitationem 
suam ibidem, et assignavit priori ad exhibendura inventarium de 
statu domus citra festum Michaelis proximum. 


(fol. 54 b.) 

Misit literas 



Convocatis confratribus in domo capitulari quorum nomina sunt 
subscripta, exhibita commissione ac proposito verbo Dei per Magis- 
trum RoiSTOUN sub hoc themate Sobrie juste ac pie vivamus. 
Dominus Thomas Legate, senescallus, exliibuit monitionem 
absque certificatorio propter absentiam magistri ut asseruit. Et 
deinde prseconisato publico Magistro Ricardo Eden, custode 
coUegii, et non comparente, dominus commissarius ex gratia duxit 
eum expectandum in liorara iii post meridiem isto loco, quibus 
liora et loco idem Magister Ricardus iterum prasconisatus non 
comparuit, ideo dominus ex superabundanti [ ] decrevit eum 

ut prius expectandum in lioram ii crastinae diei post meridiem. 

* It is observable that the Prior is styled Frater, that nine of the Canons are 
designated as Domini, and the rest have no title. 


DoM: Johannes Waite confrater aetatis Ixxx annorum et [i] 
ultra dicit quod fuit confrater loci per 1 annos. 

Inquisitus de et super observatione fundationis Collegii dicit 
quod carent tribus confratribus in presenti, de numero assignato per 
fundationem, tamen habent ut dicit duos conductitios vice eorum. 

Et unus confratrum ut dicit noviter erat assumptus in cantaristam 
apud Melforde quindena elapsa [stc]. 

Et dicit quod divinus cultus debite observatur et temporalia bene All things 
dispensantur et domus, sive collegium, non oneratur sere alieno. gomgon well. 

DoM: Thomas Legate senescallus collegii ubi fuit confrater ^2] 

per xii annos, dicit quod omnia debite fiunt tam circa spiritualia ^^^ statute 

' T . , „ regarding 

quam temporalia tamen dicit quod statutum de veste confratrum dress not 

non observatur quia de uno colore et una secta incederent. observed. 

DoM : WiLLELMUS TuBLATNE confratei collegii de Sudd et (fol. 55.) 
fuit confrater per xii vel xiii annos. •- ^ 

Inquisitus dicit quod omnia debite observantur tam in spiritua- 
libus quam in temporalibus. 

DOM: WiLLELMUS NuTTMAN inquisitus dicit quod fuit con- [4] 
frater per septennium. 

Item examinatus de statu domus dicit divinus cultus pro numero 
debite observatur et temporalia satis politice dispensantur. 

DoM : Johannes Sickling qui fuit confrater per decem annos [-5] 
inquisitus concordat cum prseexaminatls. 

Et hiis peractis dominus prorogavit visitationem suam ibidem One of the 
usque in crastinum hora ii post meridiem cum continuatione brethren had 
dierum si oporteat tunc sequentium. Quibus hora et loco quia the citation. 
Magister Eicardus Eden iterum praeconisatus non comparuit per 
se aut procuiatorem sufficientera, dominus excommunicavit eum 
inscriptis, reservata denuntiatione. Et prorogavit visitationem ad 
et usque festum Michaelis proximum et quemlibet diem citra cum 
continuatione etc. 



College of Stoke by Clare. 

Collegium de Stoke pe^sentibus Domino Suffraganeo 
Magistris Thoma Caps et Roberto Dikar. 

(fol. 55 b.) 
19 Junii, 1620. 



The number 
of vicars 
choral not 
filled up. 

(fol. 56.) 




Convocatisconfratribuset vicariis, MagisterEoistoune proposuit 
verbum Dei sub hoc themate exhibita commissione et perlecta, 
preesentato insuper mandato et certificatorio cum procuratorio pro 
absentibus, facta fuit examinatio prout sequitur. 

WiLLELMUS DicONS, vicarius choralis, setatis xxxiii annorum et 
fuit vicarius ibidem per ix annos, de cultu divino dicit quod lauda- 
biliter fit et cetera omnia debite fiunt. 

DOMINUS Thomas Wellis, vicarius choralis, getatis xxxii annorum 
et quasi per septennium fuit vicarius choralis. 

Inquisitus de statutorum observatione dicit quod statuta debite 
observantur in hiis qu» concernunt vicarios quia statuta hujusmodi 
remanent in custodia vicariorum et liber patet omnibus accessus ad 

Et quoad statuta canonicorum dicit quod non novit. 

Cetera omnia tam circa spiritualia quam circa tempo ralia debite 
fiunt et exercentur quantum iste novit. 

Dicit quod non habent completum numerura vicariorum quia 
statuta canunt quod octo essent et sunt nisi quinque et hoc propter 
decasum proventuum habent tamen vi conductitios et ex statutis 
tantum essent quinque. 

DoM: RiCARDUS Broune, aetatis xli annorum, dicit quod fuit 
vicarius choralis per xiiii annos. 

Dicit quod omnia debite observantur quoad vicarios pro numero. 

Et dicit quod proventus vix sufficiunt pro illis quinque sus- 

DoM: Georgius BoswelLj setatis xxvii annorum, qui fuit vicarius 
per annum et ultra. 


Inquisitus de cultu divino et ceteris dicit quod omnia debite et 
laudabiliter fiunt. 

[Half page blank.] 

Magister Thomas Whitehed, aetatis xlvi annoruni, et fuit (fol. 56b.) 
praebendarius ibidem per xxiii annos. t"''J 

Dicit inquisitus et examinatus quod omnia debite fiunt tam in 
spiritualibus quam temporalibus. 

Et dicit quod est rasura in libris statutorum preescrtim circa The book of 
tern pus residentiae MdSn*^^ 

Et status domus tam in compotis quam in reparationibus com- tampered 
petenter se liabet. 

Dicit quod statuta canunt quemlibet prajbendarium debcre post 
admissionem dare vestimentum pretii xl s. in prime anno et hoc 
non observavit xMagister Wardall, 

Magister Thomas Reyues, aetatis Iv annorum, dicit quod fuit [6] 
praebendarius ibidem per xi vel xii annos. 

Dicit inquisitus quod omnia bene fiunt et observantur praeter 
statuta circa residentiam canonicorum quse statuta in se adversantur 
et sunt contraria et rasurata. 

Magister Willelmus Wyott decretorum doctor setatis Ix [7j 
annorum dicit quod fuit praebendarius ibidem per x vel xii annos. 

Inquisitus dicit quod libri statutorum invicem repugnant et Disputes in 
rasurantur cujus praetextu multge fiunt contentiones. consequence. 

Et dicit quod decanus praetextu contrarietatis statutorum usurpat Complaints of 
certutn redditum in Hunden cum clauso infra praecinctuiu collegii *^® Dean, 
pertineniem communitati. 

Et dicit quod decanus non observat residentiam juxta statuta 

Magister Thomas Wardall, aetatis lix annorum, dicit quod (foi. 57.) 
fuit pra3bendarius circiter xiiii annos. [**] 

De et super statu collegii et observantia statutorum dicit quod 
divina servitia ilebite observantur pro numero et cetera bene, praeter 
rasuram statutorum. 

camd. soc. X 




Magister Thomas Noereys, astatis Ix annorum, dicit quod fait 
vicarius clioralem ibidem per xxix annos. 
Deficient Inquisitus dicit quod numerus vicariorum diminuitur et carent 

tribus juxta statuta, et subdit causam quia dicit quod proventus et 
redditus pertinentes vicariis diminuuntur non mediocriter quia vix 
sufficiunt ad numerum quinque. 

Habent tamen plures conductitios quam solent. 

Et hiis factis Dominus Commissarius Magister Caps, presente 
collega Magistro Dikar, et mandante praesentem visitationem ad 
et usque festum Sancti Michaelis Arcliangeli proximum cum con- 
tinuatione et prorogatione dierum et horarum tunc sequentium 
contlnuavit et prorogavit etc. 

Beomehill Priory, xxi die mensis Junii 1520. 

ffol 57 b) Vicesimo primo die mensis Junii anno Domino millesimo quin- 

gentesimo xx reverendus in Christo pater et dominus dominus 
Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus unacum collegis 
suisj commissariis reverendi in Christo patris et domini domini 
ElCARDi permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopi, domum 
capitularem ibidem ingressus convocari fecit priorem et canonicos, 
proposito verbo Dei et exhibita citatione cum certificatorio, 
examinavit eos subsequenter prout sequitur. 
n-| Dom: Robertus Codde, prior ibidem, dicit quod essentialia 

All things religionis inter confratres pro posse debite observantur. Et prioratus 
juxta ipsius facultates in omnibus competenter se habet. 

going on well. 

[2] Dom: Edmundus Banyard 

[3] Dom : Johannes Whetebred 

[5] Dom: Eicardus Breccles 

Dom :" Eicardus Mason ^^^^"^ ^^^^^ °"^"^^ ^^^^- 



Dominus Injunxit priori quod habeat prisonam cum stokkes et 
cathenis pro confratribus suis corrigendis infra xxx dies. 

Prseterea dominus injunxit canonicis proedictis quod non fre- 
quentent tabernas et quod non exeant prioratum sine licentia 
prioris et de cetero non utantur le tayches^ quibus gestis dominus 
dissolvit visitationem suam. 

Priory of Theteord. 

xxii die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo i2°j^^'\G20 
XX dictus reverendus pater domum capitularem ibidem ingressus 
convocatis confratribus quarum nomina sunt subscripta et verbo 
Dei tunc proposito eos examinavit prout sequitur. 

Johannes Thetforth prior ibidem dicit quod prioratus maxi- [i] 

1 . , m • ^ The priory in 

mam patitur rumam et provSntus ejusdem prioratus non sutnciunt ^^^^^ decay. 

ad exbibitionem fratrum suorum. 

Dom: Willelmus Briggs 1 , • , '-^■' 

-r. ,T o } dicunt quod omnia bene. rnn 

Dom: Nicholaus Skett J ^ L^-l 

Dom: Eicaedus Noris dicit quod Dom: Thomas Lowthe prae- [4] 
decessor prioris moderni abduxit secum unum librum de bonis 
prioratus vocatum le portuas. Et sic dominus dissolvit visitationem 


very poor. 

Idem reverendus pater cum coUegis suis dcscendit ad domum The nunnery 
monialium codem die post meridiem. Et viso prioratu propter 
paupertatem domus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

» Brooches or buckles. Catholioon Anglicuin, 376. 



Collegium de Rttsshworthe. 

(fol. 58 b.) 
23 June, 1520. 

Non reddidit 
compotum per 


The number 
of boys in the 
school not 
kept up. 



xxiii Junii 1520 venerabiles viri Magistri Thomas Capp et 
RoBEETUS DiKAR in domo capitulari died collegii convocari fecerunt 
magistrum et consocios. Et prsesentata commissione, et reverenter 
acceptata, dicti domini commissarii ad ulteriora in dicto visitationis 
negotio procedendum fore, juxta tenorem commissionis, decreverunt. 
Et statim prseconisatus Gustos collegii exhibuit mandatum sive 
certificationem, facta tamen prseconisatione confratrum coinparen- 
tiam, domini eos examinarunt prout sequitur. 

Magister Johannes Purpet m agister sive custos collegii de 
Russhworthe inquisitus dicit quod omnia debite fiunt tarn in spiri- 
tualibus quam in temporalibus, et de statu domus dicit quod 
non oneratur sere alieno sed melioratur, industria sua, ducentis 

Dicit quod aliqui confratrum exeunt collegium absque licentia 
contra statuta. 

Dom: Thomas Barnysdale confrater et senescallus dicit quod 
custos nunquam legit statuta et ordinationes juxta fundationem et 

Dicit quod socii non habent electionem puerorum secundum 
statuta et sunt nisi iiii et essent septem nee observantur statuta 
quoad numerum puerorum. 

DoM: RoBERTUS LoKKE confrater, setatis 1 annorum, et fuit 
confrater xv annos. 

Dicit quod pueri non exhibentur neque eliguntur juxta tenorem 

Et dicit quod magister modernus nunquam legit statuta et fun- 
dationem collegii juxta institutionem. - 

Et dicit quod non providetur pueris juxta fundationem. 

DoM: Johannes Busshop, ^tatis Ixx annorum, et fuit confrater 
per xiiii annos. 


Dicit quod parce ministratur conf'ratribus in esculentibus et 
poculentibus, et in aliis concordat. 


Domini prorogarunt et continuarunt prsesentem visitationem ad 
et usque diem lunse proximum cum continuatione et prorogatione 
dierum et horarum tunc. 

Et postea dicti domini commissarii prorogarunt praesentem visi- 
tationem ad et usque f'estum Omnium Sanctorum proximum futurum 
post datam prsescntium, cum continuatione et prorogatione dierum 
tunc sequentium. 

Et injunxerunt magistro quod conficiat verum inventarium 
omnium bonorum mobilium dicti collegii unacum pleno et integro 
compoto de statu domus et illud exhibeat apud Gipwicum videlicet 
ii die mensis Augusti proximo futuro. 

The Bishop, through his ofpicials, appoints an 


In Dei nomine Amen. Nos Thomas Capp decretorum doctor et 
ROBERTUS DiKAR in utroque jure bacallaurius, reverendi in Christo 
patris et domini Domini Ricardi permissione divina Norwicensis 
Episcopi, in visitatione sua ordinaria unacum aliis collegia com- 
missarii sufBcienter et legitime deputatis. Quia magister et socii 
hujus collegii de Russhworthe infra terminum, eisdem ex statutis 
ejusdem collegii limitatum et prsefixum de sociis sive confratribus 
ibidem deservituris in numero sufficienti, juxta fundationera coller^ii 
et alias ordinationes in hac parte legitime praehabitas, providere 



non curarunt, sicque de jure et statutis collegii jus providendi tres 
consocios de numero requisite carentes et non admissos, culpa et 
negligentia dictorum magistri et confratrum, ad ipsum reverendum 
pa,trem et nos, ejus nomine, noscitur devolutum. Te igitur prge- 
fatuin DOMINUM Thomam Awnger capellanum in eodem collegio 
moribus et scientia probatum, auctoritate dicti reverendi patris ac 
jure sibi et nobis ejus nomine legitime devoluto, in confratrem et 
consocium istius collegii ordinamus, praeficimus et deputamus. 
Teque socium et confratrem ibidem perpetuum, de fidelitate pro 
posse observando statuta et ordinationes dicti collegii ad sancta 
Dei evangelia jura turn, constituimus in hiis scriptis per prassentes. 

College of S. Cross, Attlebtjrgh. 


Vicesimo sexto die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo quin- 
26 June, 1520. gentesimo xx Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus, 
unacum Magistris Thoma Cappe decretorum doctore ac Roberto 
DykaR in utroque jure baccallaurio, reverendi in Christo patris et 
domini DOMINI RiCARDi permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopi 
ad visitationem suam ordinariam in et per totam civitatem et 
dioecesem Norwicensem exercendam commissarii sufficienter et 
legitime deputati et limitati, intraverunt quandam capellam sive 
oratorium infra collegium Sancta Crucis de Attilburgh situatam, 
et praeconisari fecit Magistrum Johannem Cleyton magistrum 
sive prsepositum dicti collegii, quo prteconisato comparuit Willelmus 
Beynham asserens se procuratorem dicti magistri, et quia neque 
dictus magister nee ejus procurator satis fecit mandate dicti reverendi 
patris, juxta tenorem literarum monitoriarum sive citatoriarum sibi 
directarum, pronuntiavit contumacem et ex gratia decrevit dictum 
magistrum, ad ejus malitiam convincendam, expectandum fore in 
crastinum. Ac monuit Georgium Jeksan capellanum et Alanum 
Whitloke socios ac fratres dicti collegii tunc personaliter prsesentes 


The master 
appears by 


ad interessendum in crastino hora septima. Prseterea dominus 

continuavit suam hujusmodi visitationem usque lioram septimam 

prgedictam cum continuatione et prorogatione etc. Quibus die et 

hora advenientibus coram dicto reverendo patre Johanne Dei 

gratia Calcidoniensi Episcopo et Eobeeto Dikak commissario 

etc. comparuit Willelmus Beynham et exhibuit procuratorium 

suum pro dicto magistro coUegii, ut asseruit, penes registrum 

dimissum, et fecit se partem pro eodem exbibendo et exhibuit 

quandam citationem dicto magistro collegii directam, et nomine 

quo supra certificavit per literas patentes sigillo officii ]\lagistri 

dicti collegii sigillatas, hujusmodi citationem debite executas per 

dominum suum secundum tenorem ejusdem fieri fecisse et sub- 

sequenter, prajconisatis fratribus dicti collegii et comparentibus, ffol. 60.) 

dominus eos examinavit forma sequenti. 

Dns: Johannes Whitlok dicit quod m agister domus sive collegii [2j 

non observat statuta iuxta hujusmodi colleerii statuta. '^^^ master 

. . complamed of. 

Item quod dictus magister penes se retmet annuum salarium istius 

examinati, per annum et ultra, xx s. exceptis quos iste examinatus 

recipit et penes se habet. 

Item quod dictus magister detinet librum compoti istius depo- 
nenti a morte Magistei Petri Foston preedecessoris sui et ultimi 
incumbentis ibidem, usque praBsentem et adhuc sic detinet in prse- 

Gregorius Jekson dicit quod magister non observat statuta r-j-i 
domus juxta fundationem hujusmodi. 

Dominus monuit et assignavit dictum WiLLELMUM Beynham 
ad exhibendam xvi die Julii apud Holte fundationem dicti collegii Docnments 
unacum compoto bonorum hujusmodi collegii necnon omnes facul- *^ ^ produced 
tates domini sui {sic), et monuit prsedictum Alanum ad interessen- 
dum ibidem eodem die. Postea dominus misit literas pro excusatione 
exhibitionis in illo termino. 

Prteterea dominus continuavit suam hujusmodi visitationem usque 
festum Sancti Michaelis archangeli proximum futurum cum con- 
tinuatione et prorogatione dierum etc. 



Priory of Buckenham. 


27 June, 1520. 

One of the 
brethren does 
not appear. 

The churches 
of Buckenham 
are served by 
the canons. 

No school- 
master, rs] 


xxvii die mensis Junii anno Domini 1520 venerabilis in Christo 
pater Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus, Thoma 
Cappe decretorum doctore et Roberto Dikar in utroque jure 
baccalaurio, commissariis reverendi in Christo patris et domini 
Domini RiCARDi permissione divina NoRWiCENSis Episcopi suffici- 
enter deputatis visitando prioratum de Bokenham, reverenter cum 
processione recepti fuerunt. Et ingredientes subsequenter domum 
capitularem convocari fecerunt priorem et confratres suos proposito 
verbo Dei et commissione exhibita. 

Johannes Prior ejusdem domus exhibuit monitionem cum certi- 
ficatorio annexo, deinde prgeconisato Domino GrEORGlO Walden et 
non comparente, dominus pronuntiavit contumacem et in poenam 
contum.acise suae hujusmodi decrevit procedendum fore ad ulteriora, 
praeconisatis omnibus confratribus dicti domus et comparentibus 
dominus eos examinavit forma sequente. 

Dns: Johannes prior dicti prioratus dicit quod essentialia reli- 
gionis inter fratres pro posse debite observantur. Et prioratus juxta 
ipsius facultates in omnibus competenter se liabet. Et dicit quod 
ecclesiae parochiales Sancti Benedicti, Bokenham veteris, et Sancti 
Andreae, per confratres suos deserviuntur licentia a domino petita 
sive obtenta. 

Dns: Thomas Beverley supprior 

Dns: Thomas Browne cantarista 

Dns: RiCARDUS Norffolk 

Dicunt quod omnia bene pras- 
terquam nullum habent prae- 
ceptorum in grammatica. 


(f. 61.) 

Dns: RiCARDUS Wynter 

Dns: RiCARDUS Goodman 

Dns: Thomas Benet 

Dns: RiCARDUS Crawder 

Thomas Flixtan 

Dominus suam hujusmodi visitationem dissolvit 

Dicunt quod omnia bene. 


Abbey of Wymondham. 

Penultimo die mensis Junii 1520 convocatis in domo capitulari 29 June, 1520. 
abbate et singulis commonachis, proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum 
JoHANNEM Drye sub lioc themate, Inveni ovem quce perierat, et 
exhibitis literis commissioualibus et reverenter receptis, venerabilis 
pater Johannes Abbas dicti monasterii certificatorium unacum 
mandate exhibuit et reverenter prsesentavit, quibus perlectis unacum 
nominibus et cognominibus citatorum, domini examinarunt singulos 
ut sequitur. 

Venerabilis pater Johannes Dei gratia Lidensis Episcopus, [i] 
ABBAS dicti monasterii,^ inquisitus dicit quod Dominus Johannes Se"ularity°^ 
Hi'NGHAM non surgit ad matutinas licet saepius ad hoc monitus per 
abbatem et similiter Dominus Johannes Harleston non est 
solicitus juxta debitum circa divina officia. 

Dicit etiam quod confratres per vi vel viii dies noluerunt cantare 
aut interesse missse beatae Mariae, sic quod per illud tempus cessavit 
missa hujusmodi. 

Dom: Jacobus Blome, Prior, inquisitus dicit quod divinum [2] 
servitium debite pro numero observatur. General 

Dicit quod fenestras in ecclesia conventuali non reparantur in 
vitro, ita quod columbse intrant per fenestras et deturpant libros. 

Dicit quod abbas non reddit compotum de statu doinus coram 
senioribus confratribus. 

Item dicit quod libri et vestimenta in ecclesia conventuali sunt 
defectiva et officia camerarii et sacristae ac elemosinarii sunt in 
manibus abbatis. 

» This is John Holt, Bishop of Lydda. He brought ont the first Latin Grammar 
ever printed in England, about 1497, says "Wood, and was patronised by Archbishop 
Moreton and by Sir Thomas More. He appears to have been a SuflFragan in the 
See of London, He died in 1540. (See Stubb's Register, p. 147.) 


(foi.eib.) Dom: Willelmus Burt, precentor, inquisitus dicit quod 

L^] DoMiNUS Harleston plerumque absentat se ab officiis matutinis 

media nocte. Et similiter Dominus Ricardus Cambrige deditus 

A drunken q^^ nimium potationi in nocte cuius preetextu redditur minus liabilis 
monk, ... -f tr 

ad divina oflBcia supportanda. 

[4] Dom: Thomas Osmund non est obediens precentori quando 

disorders. assignatur ei juxta debitum officii in clioro tempore divinorum offi- 


Dicit etiara quod pulsationes et luminaria tempore divini servitii 

juxta morem preteriti temporis minus debite observantur culpa 

DoMPNi TB.OMM Ltn sacristse. 

[f page, and next page, blank.] 

[5] Dom: Johannes Eichers, Inquisitus dicit quod Dominus 

Johannes Hengham tertius prior raro surgit ad matutinas. 
[6] Dom : Johannes Haeleston, examinatus in virtute obedientiae 

dicit quod servitium divinum debite pro numero observatur. 

De statu domus dicit quod ignoratur quia abbas non dedit com- 
potum coram confratribus. 
[7] Dom: Johannes Hengham, tertius prior, dicit quod abbas non 

reddidit compotura de statu monasterii a tempore prsefectionis etc. 
coram confratribus. 

Dicit quod campanile Sancti Thomse et campanas in ecclesia 
conventuali egent reparatione et reformatione. 
[8] Dom: Thomas Thaxsted, cellerarius, dicit inquisitus quod omnia 

debite fiunt circa spiritualia et temporalia pro numero et juxta 
facultates monasterii. 

De aere alieno dicit quod quantum iste novit non oneratur monas- 

De sigillo communi dicit quod observatur quadriplici cera. 
[9] Dom: Thomas Lynn, supprior, dicit quod pertinentia officio 

sacristie sunt in decasu. 

Item dicit quod parce ministratur confratribus in prandio et 


Dicit quod status domus ignoratur quia abbas non reddit com- 

DoM: RiCARDUS Cambrige dicit quod ignoratur status domus [lo] 
quia abbas non reddit compotum coram confratribus. 

Dicit quod non habent lotricem neque barbetonsorem in communi 
prout consueverunt, nee habent horologium. 

Item dicit quod tenementa in villa non reparantur culpa camerarii (f i. 63.) 
cujus ofEcium est in manibus abbatis. 

Dicit quod cibaria parce ministrantur confratribus. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Osmund dicit et accusat se de inobedientia sua [n] 
erga abbatem et de qua summe poenituit et poenitet inde humiliter 
submittens se. 

Injtjnctiones fiend.^. 

Quod confratres consurgant ad maiutinas horis debitis et con- 
suetis, citra festum Nativitatis Domini. 

Quod fenestras in ecclesia conventuali vitreantur et reparantur. 

Quod abbas reddat compotum annuatim coram confratribus saltem 

Quod libri et vestimenta reformentur et reparentur quam citius 

Quod pulsationes et luminaria debite fiant et supportentur et 
quod deputentur ii seculares viri ad id perficiendum. 

Quod confratres minus sint dediti potationi post completorium 
sed quod absque intervallo adeant dormitorium .... 

Quod provideatur de lotrice et barbetonsore in communi et de 

Quod cibaria competenter ministrentur confratribus unde possint 
commode et absque penuria sustentari. 

Quod creentur plures monachi videlicet ut augmentetur numerus 



usque ad numerum xii completum cum nunc [ ] monachis 

ibidem existentibus, citra festum Sancti Michaelis ex nunc proxi- 
mum sequens. 

Et consequenter dominus dissolvit suam hujusmodi visitationem. 

Westacre Priory, iiii Julii 1520. 

(fol. 63 b.) 


The priory is 
in debt. 

Istse xl'' erant 
mutuatae pro 
solutione et 
jocalium im- 
Episcopo [ ] 
quse jam im- 

[ ] 



Keverendo patre Johanne Calcedoniensi Episcopo cum ceteris 
commissariis reverenter receptis, convocatis in domo capitulari priore 
et canonicis, proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum Brigat sub hoc 
themate Descendi in hortum nucum ut viderem poma convalUum 
exhibito deinde certificatorio et perlecto cum schedula nominum 
domini examinarunt eos singillatim prout sequitur. 

Dfis: WiLLELMUS LowTHE prior examinatus et inquisitus de 
statu domus, dicit quod domus non oneratur sere alien o pro tempore 
suo, et, pro tempore prasdecessorum, dicit quod oneratur in 
centum marcis et non ultra. Et habet in preesenti quinque millia 
ovium et invenit tantum xvii cent. 

Dfis. Thomas Gilis prior cellse de Massinghara Magna dicit 
quod domus oneratur Magistro Townesend in xl ti ex noviter 
mutuatis per dominum priorem modernum. 

Item rectori de Southacre xv ti. 

Item cuidam Potter de Wissingsett xx ti. 

Item cuidam viduae de Lenn parocliiae Omnium Sanctorum x ti 
et alias x ti sed non recolit cui. Et omnes ist« summee sunt solvendae 
ante festum Nativitatis Domini proximum. Et Magister Towne- 
send habet plate pro sua summa. Dicit etiam quod prior non est 
indifFerens. Et non debite ministratur infirmis tempore infirmitatis 

Dominus Robertus Smythe, praecentor et sacrlsta, dicit quod 
prioratus multum oneratur tam per praedecessores prioris moderni 
quam per priorem modernum. 


DoMENTUS Thomas Palmer moram trahens apud cellam de Mas- (fol. C4.) 
singham dicit quod domus oneratur tam per preedecessorem quam The priorj- in 
per priorem modernum et status domus est in magno decasu. S^^^^ decay. 

Dicit etiam quod non habent prseceptorum ad docendum neque 
confratres neque pueros prout fieri erat consuetum, in magnam di- 
minutionem divini cultus et virtutum. 

Dicit quod prior dimisit ad firmam decimas de Marham cuidam 
Barkeham pro xx marcis in dispendium domus. 

Et dicit quod multa facit ex propria sensualitate in hac parte in The prior to 
praejudicium prioratus. hl&iae. 

Dhs: WiLELLMUS Smythe, tertius prior sive viceprsesidens, in- [5] 
quisitus, quod doctrina confratrum multum diminuitur quia non master!*^ " 
habent praeceptorem lectorem vel magistrum neque ad docendos 
confratres neque pueros. Dicit prout ceteri quod domus multum 
oneratur sere alieno. 

Dns RoBERTUS Peper dicit in spiritualibus laudabiliter deser- [6] 

Dicit quod domus est indebitatus. Et inferius dicit quod non 
habent pr^ceptorem pro confratribus neque magistrum ad docendos 
pueros. Et dicit quod Magistrum Mayner est idoneus prseceptor 
pro confratribus et Dominus Johannes Clerk est idoneus pro 
novitiis et junioribus. Numerus canonicorum, et ex hoc divinus 
cultus, minuitur propter absentiam canonicorum, quia unus cum 
Priore Sancti Bartholomei et iii in universitate. 

Dns Johannes Barbur inquisitus dicit quod status domus ignor- [7] 
atur quia non habent compotum. 

Item quod dicitur priorem velle instituere, juniores canonicos 
non expertum in temporalibus in officio cellerarii. 

Dns RiCARDXJS Anger inquisitus, quod necessarium est ad divini [8] 

cultus augmentum et observantiam religionis quod provideatur novus ^ ° ' 

supprior et Domixus Palmer in sua conscientia est magis idoneus 

ad hujusmodi officiura. 

Dicit etiara quod minus politico providentur circa temporalia The prior a 

... .,. . seusual person, 

propter sensualitatem prions quia omnia dispensat temerarie et 


minus consulte et opus est bona provisione quia domus multuin 
oneratur. Et non habent auditorem. 
[9] Dns RiCARDUS COBBIS dicit quod non redditur compotum coram 

confratribus de statu domus annuatim quantum iste novit. 
Dicit in ceteris ut praeexaminati. 
[10] Dns Thomas Brigcote dicit quod propter ejus absentiam in 

studio non novit statum domus. 

Dicit quod audivit a confratribus quod domus est in decasu et 
confratres non habent prseceptorem. 
[11] Diis Simon Goodebody dicit quod divina officia debite et lauda- 

biliter observantur. 

Et quantum ad statum domus dicit quod non novit nisi de audita 
alieno et in boc concordat cum preeexaminatis. Non debite minis- 
tratur confratribus intirmis. 
[12] Dns : EiCARDUs Hatley infirmarius dicit quod minus debite vel 

congrue ministratur infirmis quia prior noluit tradere necessaria cum 
[13] Diis : Johannes Clerk scholaris dicit quod non novit statum 

domus nisi ex relatione confratrum. 

Et debentur ei de pensiono domus xl s. et ultra, 
(fol. 65.) Diis : WiLLELMUS WiNGFELD dicit quod opus est provisione novi 

[^*^ supprioris ante decessum et in sua conscieutia credit Dominum 

Palmer magistrum idoneum ad hujusmodi officium. 
[15] Dns: RiCARDUS Halle dicit quod Dominus Pepir perturbat 

eos in cantando in choro redavguendo confratres circa can turn. 
[16] Dns : Thomas Forby dicit quod quantum percipit domus est in 

penuria. Et prior est sensualis etc. 

Et indebite deservitur confratribus, in uno ferculo diversa minis- 
trantur cibaria. 

A new sub- -^^ examinatione facta statim congregatis priore et confratribus, 

prior elected, electus erat DoMiNUS Thomas Palmer in suppriorem per priorem 
et seniores juxta morem antiquam. 



Domini commissarii injunxerunt priori quod citra festum Sancti 
Michaelis archangeli proximum futurum provideat de idoneo prae- 
ceptore confratre hujus domus ad docendos et instruendus confratres 
in doctrina prout ab antiquo est solitum. " Sub quo volumus alium 
confratrem idoneum et eruditum deputari ad instruendum et docen- 
dum juniores et novitios in grammatica." 

Itern quod provideat citra dictum festum ut debite congiue et 
suflScienter ministretur infirmis confratribus tempore infirmitatis 
eorum tam in cibariis quam in lineis, famulis^ et aliis necessariis. 
Et nullus confrater moveat extra monasterium ad docendos alios. 
Et quod conficiat inventarium cum compoto pleno citra festum 
Purificationis Beatse Mariae proximum. 

Et hiis peractis visitationem ordinariam hujusmodi ad et usque 
festum Paschse proximum futurum et quemcunque diem citra cum 
continuatione dierum tunc sequentium auctoritate commissa proro- 
garunt tunc ibidem. 

Pentnet Priort. 

Quinto die Julii, receptis reverenter commissariis congregatisque (fol. 65b.) 
in capitulo priore et confratribus, proposito ibidem verbo Dei per 5 Jnly, 1520. 
Magistrum Dry sub hoc themate Fraternitatem diligite, exhibita 
commissione et reverenter recepta piaesentatoque certificatorio et 
perlecto, domini commissarii examinaverunt priorem et confratres 
ut sequitur. 

Dns: Johannes Wodbryge prior dicit quod debite omnia [l] 
fiunt tam in spiritualibus quam temporalibus juxta facultates, etc. 


All things [2] 

going on [3] 

well. [4] 










f Simon Snetham 
Johannes Wyrmegey 
Johannes Feltwell 
Johannes Orwell 


Johannes Brodish 
Johannes Walsoken 
Henricus Narburgh 
Thomas Pentney 

singillatim examinati dicunt 
quod omnia bene. 

Crabhoits Nunnery. 

Omnia bene, juxta facultates. 

Blackburgh Nunnery. 

Omnia bene, et exhibuit inventarium. 

Flicham Priory. 

(fol. 66.) . . . John Martyn Prior Dom: Galfridus Swafiliam 

[Illegible through injury from water.] 


CoxFORD Priory. 

Convocatis in capitulo priore et canonicis, proposito verbo per 
dominum suffraganeum sub hoc themate Sitis solliciti servare uni- 
tatem, exhibito certificatorio ac lectis nominibus confratrum, sub- 
sequenter facta fuit examinatio prout sequitur. 

Dfis : Johannes Mathew, Prior dicti prioratus, inquisitus et The prior and 
examinatus, dicitquod, ad instantiam et requisitionem Magistri ^^'^^ ^^°°°3- 
DoCTORiS Hare qui auctoritate ordinaria dispensavit ad hoc cum 
priore, dicti prior et conventus concesserunt per literas patentes 
sub sigillo communi quandam annuitatem xl s. pro officio senes- 
callatus exercendo ac curiis per totum annum tenendis, Nicholao 
Hare, nepoti dicti doctoris, qui non debite exercet aut occupat dictum 

Dns JoHANiJiES Nightingale Supprior, dicit quod non redditur r2] 
compotus annuatim de statu domus, et cetera omnia bene. 

Dns: Willelmus Nevell\ Singillatim examinati dicunt quod (fol. 66b.; [3] 
Dhs: Johannes Froste i omnia debite et laudabiliter fiunt tam r^. 
Dns: Thomas Byrde I inspiritualibusquam intemporalibus. rg-j 

Dns : Henricus Salter 1 Et prior est industriosus circa com- rg-, 
Dns: RicARDUS Wadnow / modum domus. r^-. 

Piofessi sed non constituti in sacris vel [^] 
minoribus. [^] 

Prior exhibuit inventarium de statu domus et injunctum est 

eidem quod reddat compotum annuatim coram senioribus confra- 
tribus de statu prioratus. 

Et hiis peractis domini commissarii dissolverunt visitationem 
ordinariam ibidem. 

Johannes Adamson 
Johannes Grey 
EoBERTUs Porter 

CAMD. sec. 



Walsingham Priory. 

13 July, 1520. 


Nicholas Carr, 
legum, Thoma 
Caps, decre- 
torum, et 

[ ] 

Eoiston, sacras 
doctoribus, ac 
Roberto Dikar 
inutroque jure 

(fol. 67.) 


xiii die mensis Julii anno Domino 1520 post meridiem circiter 
horam iiii reverendus pater Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoni- 
ENSIS Episcopus cum collegis reverenter erant recepti. Et die 
sequenti videlicet xiiii Julii omnes commissarii capituli locum in- 
gredientes convocari fecerunt priorem et canonicos. Quibus con- 
gregatis idem reverendus pater Calcidoniensis Episcopus causam 
adventus latino sermone declaravit et deinde exhibita comraissione 
et reverenter recepta et admissa, proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum 
RoiSTON sub hoc themate Nolite conformare huic seculo, Exhibito 
hincinde certificatorio per priorem unacum nominibus citatorum 
domini commissarii singulos examinarunt prout sequitur. 

Magister Ricardus Vowell prior dicti prioratus conqueritur 
de inobedientia canonicorum tam circa statuta quam circa alia 
licita prsecepta prioris concernentia religionem, et quoad statum 
domus exhibuit compotum cum inventario, tamen habet ad per- 
ficiendum inventarium et [exhibendum] in sinodo Micliaelis 
proximo . . . 

Dns: Edmundus Warham supprior examinatus et inquisitus 
dicit quod prior debite et discrete facit officium suum et debite 
exercet quse ad se pertinent. Tamen multi confratrum consilio et 
mediis Magistri Johannis Ailesham sunt maxime inobedientes 
et reclamantes ac contradicentes monitionibus et desideriis prioris 
in hiis quse concernunt utilitatem domus & honorem religionis. 

Dns : Thomas Bynham dicit quod Dominus Johannes Aile- 
sham non est obediens priori et mediis suis nonnulli alii. Et 
Ailesham dedit priori verba opprobriosa dicens prsecise quod 
noluit ei obedire. Et hsec sunt nomina inobedientium et sibi faven- 
tium Domini Thomas Wellis,WillelmusBettes,Nicholaus 
MiLEHAM, Johannes Low, Willelmus Rase, Robertus 
Sall, Willelmus Castelacre, etc. 

Diis : Johannes Walsinghame concordat. 



Dfis : Johannes Lowe dicit quod noluit consentire sigillationi (foi. 67 b.) 
procuratoriorum. Et dicit quod conventus est divisus et fatur iste Se^monasteJ? 
Lowe quod ipsemet est ex parte contra priorem et dicit quod 
initium discordias fuit quia aliqui confratrum noluerunt consentire 
sigillationi unius procuratorii ad excusandam absentiam prioris 
coram domino Cardinali in congregatione prgelatorum dicti ordinis 
et alterius procuratorii ad lites in cousl Norwici. Et inquisitus de 
causa recusationis et inobedienti^ nullam reddidit causam etc. vel 
dicere aut allegare potuit saltem de substantia. 

Dfis: WiLLELMus Ease, etc. 

Ex relatione prioris. 

[ WiLLELMUS Rase \ xt n 1 , 

Dni: Johannes Low . ™^° "^^^° voluerunt consen- 

( NiCHOLAUs MiLEHAM ) ^"'^ sigillationi procuratoriorum. 




Johannes Lowe 
Johannes Ailesham 


Nullo modo voluerunt admittere 
Statuta nova sed omnino perti- 
naciter refutarunt. 


Johannes Low 


Isti fecerunt resistentiam 
quando prior jussit aliquos con- 
fratrum equitare ad Dominum 
Episcopum sed preecipue Wel- 
L.IS, Bettes, et Ailesham. 


Dominus suffraganeus de consensu coUegarum injunxit vii dclin- 
quentibus submittendis se et petendis veniam, quorum nomina 



patent in billa. Quod per vii dies proxime sequentes infima 
teneant et occupent loca et officia in choro, et jejunent Veneris 
proximo pane et cervisia et eodem die, post missam Beatae Marise 
genuflectando omnes simul coram summo altare quilibet eorum 
dicat quinquies orationem dominicam et tenens [ ] humiliter 
invocans gratiam. 
(fol. 68.) In Dei nomine Amen. Nos Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoni- 

ENSis Episcopus et Nicholaus Carr legum doctor, de consensu 
venerabilium coUegarum nostrorum hie prgesentium, prsesentem visi- 
tationem ordinariam in isto prioratu sive monasterio inchoatam ex 
certis causis nos in hac parte moventibus ad in et usque festum 
Paschee proximum futurum et quemcunque diem citra si necesse 
fuerit, necnon cum prorogatione dierum et horarum ex tunc sequen- 
tium si oporteat, auctoritate nobis in hac parte attributa continuamus 
et prorogamus in hiis scriptis. 

Waburne Priory. 


Prior and five 



(fol. 68 b.) [4] 



Exhibuit prior inventarium cum compoto de statu domus etc. et 
omnia bene. 

Frater Johannes Pott prior dicit quod Dominus Robertus 
Rump est inobediens et suscitator litium. 

Feater Nicholaus Wodforthe dicit quod prior est indus- 
triosus circa temporalia in utilitatem domus et dicit quod Robertus 
Rump est inobediens etc. 

Frater Simon Robyns concordat cum prseexaminatis. 

Frater Johannes Dame inquisitus concordat. 

Frater Robertus Dame inquisitus concordat. 

Frater Robertus Rump petiit veniam a priore tjoram con- 

Et hiis peractis domini dissolverunt \lsitationem. Et habet ad 
exhibendum inventarium in sinodo Michaelis proximo. 


Ingham Priory. 

xviii die mensis Julii. Keceptis pnmitus, die praecedente, Ingham, 
dominis coinmissariis, convocatis in dorao capitulari priore et ^' ^^^^ 
canonicis praesentibus Domino SuflPraganeo magistris NiCHOLAO Cake, 
T. Capp et Jo: RoiSTON, proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum 
KoiSTON sub hoc themate Fratres sohrie juste et pie vivamus in 
hoc seculo, Exhibito hincinde certificatorio et peiiecto cum nomini- 
bus, domini examinarunt priorem et canonicos ut sequitur. 
Fkater Thomas Catfeld, prior, dicit quod omnia bene. [i] The prior 

Frater Johannes Saye dicit quod prior non reddit compotum [2] and five 
coram confratribus annuatim. canons. 

Fkater Johannes Kychynne \ c^^ ^^^ pqi 

Fkater Ricardus Fox / Smgillatim mqmsiti ^ 

Frater Johannes Shirwod ^^ examinati dicunt L^J 

Frater Robertus Barton diaconus I "1"°^ ^"'^'^ ^'°^- 
Et hiis factis domini assignarunt priori ad exhibendum invent- 
arium verum omnium jocalium et mobilium in sinodo Michaelis 
proximo. Et quod reddat annuatim compotum de statu domus 
coram senioribus confratribus etc. 

Et sic visitationem ordinariam dissolverunt. 


HicKLiNG Priory, xviii JrLii post meridiem. 

Hykeling. Praesentibus domino suffraganeo Magistris T. Cap, (foi. 69.) 
Roberto Dikar et Johanne Roiston et postea interessente ^^ "^"'y' ^^^^• 
Magistro Nicholao Carr Cancellario. 

Proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum Johannem Roiston 


sacrae theologlas professorem sub hoc tliemate .... examinati erant 
prior et confratres ut sequitur. 
The prior and Dns: RoBEUTUS Wyndham prior dicti prioratus non exhibuit 
eight cations, inventarium vel compotum et cetera bene. 

[2] Dns: Edmundus Sparhame dicit quod omnia bene. 

[3] Dns: Edmundus Nokwiche supprior concordat. 

[4] Dns: Andreas Norwiche concordat. 

[5] Dns : Johannes Hireling examinatus concordat. 

[6] Dns: EoBERTUS Walseham inquisitus concordat. 

[71 Dns: RiCARDUS Holt examinatus concordat. 

[8] Dns : RiCARDUS Leek novitius inquisitus concordat. 

[-93 Dns: RoBERTUS Mawnge non professus. 

Injunctura est priori quod conficiat inventarium cum compoto 
de statu domus, et in sinodo Michaelis proximo Norwici. 
Et hiis gestis dissoluta est visitatio ibidem. 

St. Benedict's Abbey, Htjlm. 

20 July, 1520. XX die mensis Julii 1520, hora nona ante meridiem reverendus 
in Christo pater Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus 
unacum collegis reverenter recepti fuerunt et statim, domum capitu- 
larem intrantibus., convocari fecerunt abbatem et commonachos 
suos quibus congregatis et capitulum facientibus dictus reverendus 
pater causam adventus declaravit verbo Dei proposito : dicti com- 
missarii singulos examinaverunt prout sequitur. 
The abbot and ^^OM: JoHANNES Saltcot, abbas dicti rnonasterii, examinatus 
twenty monks, et inquisitus de statu domus dicit quod domus non oneratur sere 
alieno pro tempore suo sed adhuc oneratur pro temporibus praede- 
cessorum suorum. 



Interrogati super 
essentialia religionis 
et super statum domus 
dicunt quod omnia 

Dom: Johannes Tacolneston, prior' 

dicti monasterii, sacrista et camerarius 
Dom: Willelmus Beccles 
Dom: Robertus Sall 
Dom: Willelmus Hornyng 
Dom : Thomas Scottow ii prior 
Dom: Johannes Thaksted iiii prior 
Dom : Thomas Westacre iii prior 
Dom: Eicardus Norwiche 
Dom: Johannes Durham 
Dom : Thomas Wormgat 
Dom : Thomas Stoneham 

DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS NORWICH inquisitus dicit quod DoMlNCS 
Johannes Tacolneston tenet in manibus suis officium camerarii 
et sacristae et non solvit fratribus suis pensiones suas exeuntes de 
hujusmodi ofEciis. 

DoMPNUs Johannes Atlesham 
DoMPNus Johannes Haridaunce 
DoMPNus Thomas Saltcott 
DoMPNus Johannes Lammes 
DoMPNUs Eobertus Cambrige 
DoMPNUS Johannes Landon 
DoMPNus Willelmus Btnham 
DoMPNUS Johannes Dilham 


Dicunt quod omnia bene. 









(fol. 70.) 









Et quia prsedictus abbas compotum de statu monasterii ad prsesens 
non habuit, domini commissarii assignaverunt ei ad exhibendum 
tarn compotum preedictum quam inventarium omnium et singulorum 
bonorum et jocalium dicti monasterii indentatum in sinodo Michaelis 
archangeli, et sic visitationem ordinariam dissolverunt. 


St. Olaves's Priory. 

24 July, 1520. xxiiii die mensis Julii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo 
XX post meridiem ejusdem diei circiter horam quintam reverendus 
in Christo pater Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus 
et ceteri coUegi reverenter recepti erant. Postea vero xxv die 
mensis praedicta hora capitulari dictus reverendus pater unacum 
venerabilibus personis Magistris Nicholao Carre legum et 
Thoma Cappe decretorum doctoribus domum capitularem ingre- 
dientes convocari fecerunt priorem et conventum dicti prioratus, 

(fol. 70b.) quibus convocatis et capitulari ter congregatis idem reverendus 
pater et caeteri causam sui adventus eisdem declaravit, et statim 
verbo Dei in lingua vulgari sub hoc themate, Vigilate, proposito, et 
commissione exhibita et onere ejusdem accepto necnon certificatorio 
unacum tenore citationis ac nominibus confratrum citatorum sub- 
scriptis per priorem realiter exhibita, singulos examinaverunt forma 

The prior and Frater Willelmus Dale, prior, inquisitus et examinatus super 
essentialia religionis et de statu domus dicit quod omnia bene et 
quod nullum adtunc habuit compotum ac inventarium. Domini ad 
petitionem dicti prioris assignaverunt ei ad exhibendum tarn com- 
potum quam inventarium bipartitum in sinodo Michaelis Archangeli 
proximo futuro. Et subsequenter domini commissarii continuebant 
usque horam ii post meridiem cum continuatione horarum et 
dierum tunc sequentium etc. 

[2] .Willelmus Sheryng supprior \ 

[3] Frater J< >hannes Meke sacrista ' Inquisiti de statu domus 

[4] Frater Johannes Bigott ; et super essentialia religionis 

[51 Frater Johannes Castilacre I dicunt quod omnia bene. 

[6] Frater Johannes Westacre / 

five canons. 


Deinde domini commissarii continuebant hujusmodi visitationem 
usque post meridiem in crastinum cum continuatione et prorogatione 
horarum et dierum tunc sequentium. Quo die dissolverunt visi- 

Blythburgh Priory. 

Prior et confratres in domo capitulari videlicet quadam capella Blythbnrgh 
infra ecclesiam conventualem, quam pro loco capitulari reputabant, 
examinati singillatim de statu domus et essentialibus religionis ac 
ceteris requisitis, dicunt quod omnia bene et laudabiliter fiunt juxta 
facultates domus. Quare domini dissolverunt visitationem. 

Snape Priory. 

Examinatis priore et confratribus compertum est singula debite Snape. 
et laudabiliter fieri juxta numerum confratrum et facultates domus. 

Et injunctum est priori quod provideat de alio confratre et quod 
exbibeat inventarium de statu domus in sinodo Michaelis proximo 
Gipwici celebrando. 

BuTLEY Priory. 

Die lunae videlicet penultimo die mensis Julii 1520 reverendus Butley. 
in Christo pater DoMiNUS Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis 30 July, 1 52 
Episcopus unacum egregiis viris Magistris NlCilOLAO Carr 
legum, Thoma Capp decretorum, doctoribus, Roberto Dikar in 

CAMD. soc. 2 a 


utroque jure baccalaurio domum capitularem intrantes convocari 
fecerunt priorem et confratres quos post verbum Dei propositum 
per Magistrum Roiston examinaverunt sub forma sequente. 
[1] Dns: AuGUSTiNUS Revers Prior inquisitus et examinatus 

exbibuit compotum de statu domus quae non oneratur asre alieno 
ultra xl s. 
[21 Dns: WiLLELMUS WODBRIGE supprior dicit quod bene et 

industriose fiunt et observantur. 
[3] Dns : Jacobus Dynyngton concordat. 

[4] Diis: Johannes Norwiche dicit inquisitus quod non habent 

scholarem canonicum in universitate. 

Item quod prior voluit habere tres libras quas iste examinatus 
mutuatus est ab amicis et posuit in custodia cujusdam. 
[5] Dns : WiLLELMUS Melford ccllerarius dicit quod non habent 

[6] Dns: Thomas Sudbourne dicit quod non habent infirma- 

[7] Dns : Henricus Bassingbourne succentor dicit quod libri in 

choro patiuntur ruinam et sunt defectivi et culpa non refectionis 
seu non reparationis. 

Item non observatur silentium inter confratres in refectorio, 
dormitorio et claustro. 

Item non habent seholarem in universitate. 
[8] Dns : NiCHOLAUS OxBURGH diaconus dicit quod parce minis- 

tratur confratribus in ferculis quotidianis culpa cellerarii. 
Item dicit quod cellerarius non accedit ad divina officia. 
Item quod non habent infirmariam. 
(fol. 72.) [9] Frater Brianus Wingfeld dicit quod non habent infir- 

Item dicit quod culpa celleraiii parce ministratur confratribus in 
cibariis in prandio et jejuna. 

Item libri in choro egent reparatione. 

(Building out Item ecclesia est ruinosu et defectiva in tectura et pluit in refec- 
of repair.) . i' v. w 



Quo exarainato doraini prorogaverunt [ ] usque ad 

horara ii post meridiem cum continuatione, etc. 

Dns: Reginaldus Westerfeld dicit quod non habent cleri- [10] 
cum ut solebant ad pulsandas campanas ad matutinas media nocte. (fo^- 71, 72.) 

Dicit quod cibaria parce ministrantur confratribus culpa cellerarii 
nee habent infirmariara. 

Dns: Thomas Orforde dicit quod non habent infirmariam. [nj 
Et libri egent refectione. 

DiONisius RiCHEMOUND presbyter dicit et concordat cum [12] 
Westerfeld quoad cibaria et infirmariam. 


Injunctum est priori quod provideatur de loco congruo pro 
infirmis confratribus quam cito commode poterit . 

Item quod competenter et indifferenter ministretur confratribus 
in cibariis quotidianis in ref ectorio. 

Item quod provideat de majori numero confratrum. 

Item quod reficiat libros in choro et ecclesia conventuali neces- 
sarios citra festum Nativitatis Domini proximum. 

Item quod exhibeat inventarium in sinodo Michaelis proximo. 

Item quod confratres observent silentium in refectorio, dorraitorio 
et claustro. 

Campset Nunnery. 

Convocatis coram domino suffragan eo in domo capitulari prior- ffol. 72b.) 

. • 1 J 1 Campsey. 

issa et monialibus xx quarum nomma patent m scheaula anncxa 



A prioress 
and twenty 

certificatorio examinatis et inquisitis singulis earundem nihil cora- 
pertum est ibidem reformatione dignum. Quare dominus dissolvit 
visitationem suam ibidem. 

[The schedule is not appended.] 


31 July, 1520. 


Disorder and 

(fol, 73.) [2] 


Ultimo die mensis Julii 1520 reverendus in Christo pater 
Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus unacum 
ceteris collegis suis hora ii post meridiem ejusdem diei prsedicti 
processionaliter recepti fuerunt et statim domum capitularem in- 
gredientes verbo Dei proposito commissione exhibitaque reverenter 
recepta etc. Et convocatis nominatim confratribus ad liujusmodi 
visitationem citatis et comparentibus dictus reverendus pater eos 
singillatim examinavit forma sequenti. 

Dns : Thomas Cooke Prior inquisitus de essentialibus religionis 
dicit quod DoMiNus Thomas Smyth et Dominus Willelmus 
Preston sunt inobedientes et exeant prioratum et frequentant 
villam sine licentia sua, prseterea dicit quod dictus Dominus 
Thomas Smyth utitur ebrietate et pro eo non surgat ad matutinas. 
Deinde dictus prior exhibuit inventarium bipartitura omnium 
bonorum et jocalium dicti domus. Et quia compotum ad praesens 
non liabuit dictus reverendus pater assignavit eidem ad exhibendum 
in sinodo Michaelis Archangeli proximo futuro. 

Diis: Willelmus Leigham inquisitus dicit quod fratres sui 
non decantant devote ac distincte, unacum pausis, psalmodiam tem- 
pore divinorum. Et de inobedientia DoMiNORUM Thom^ 
Smyth et Willelmi Preston concordat cum priore. 

Dns: Thomas Smyth j 

Dns: Willelmus Preston | dicunt quod omnia bene. 

Dns: Willelmus Warner novitius I 


Injunctum est confratribus ne egrediantur cepta prioratns vel 
vagentur in villa absque licentia petita et obtenta sub poena cxcora- 

Item quod in casu quo prior non poterit per carceres aut alias 
disciplinas canonicos reducere ad regularia statuta confratres, quod 
tunc mittat eos Episcopo Norwici ibidem juxta eorum demerita 

St. Peter's Priory, Ipswich. 

Secundo die mensis Augusti anno Domini millesimo quingen- Prioratus 
tesimo vicesimo reverendus in Christo pater Johannes Dei gratia |^p^*/cP*" 
decretorum doctore, ingrcdiens domum capitularem convocari fecit 
priorem et confratres suos, quibus prseconisatis et comparentibus 
verbo Dei propositoque dictus reverendus pater eos examinavit 
forma sequente. 

WiNGPiELD College. 

(fol. 73 b.) 
vi die mensis Augusti anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo Collegium de 
vicesimo Johannes Dei gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus J^au^?{52() 
reverendi in Christo patris et domini DoMiNl Eicardi permissione 
divina Norwicensis Episcopi unacum Magistro Thoma Cappe 
decretorum doctore commissariis ad visitationem ordinariam dicti 
reverendi patris actualiter exercendara legitime deputati, quandam 
capellam infra cancellum dicti collegii situatam, quara adtunc pro 
domo capitulari utcbantur, ingredientes et magistrum collegii una- 






cum fratribus suis ut asserebatur ad dictos diem et locum citatis 
quorum nomina sequuntur convocari fecit, quibus convocatis et 
comparentibus modo quo sequitur eos omnes et singulos singillatim 

Magister Thomas Dey prgepositus. Interrogatus de statu 
domus dicit quod omnia bene gubernantur. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Male. Inquisitus quod non habent 
cistam in quo sigillum commune esset custodiendum et hoc culpa 
ejus. fSic.J 

Dns: Johannes Graver \ 

Dns : WiLLELMUS Feildehowse j dicunt quod omnia bene. 

Dominus Johannes Cony I 

Injunctum est magistro quod citra festum Sancti Micliaelis 
Archangeli proximum futurum fieri faeiat cistam ad sigillum suum 
commune custodiendum et habet ad exhibendum compotum suum 
unacum inventario bonorum bipartito indentato in sinodo Micliaelis 
Archangeli proximo futuro. 


domus moni- 
alium de 
(fol. 74.) 


vii die mensis Augusti anno Domini 1520 Johannes Dei gratia 
Calcidoniensis Episcopds et Magister Thomas Cappe decre- 
torum doctor, reverendi in Christo patris et domini Domini Ricardi 
permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopi commissarii, reverenter 
recepti fuerunt et statim ingredientes domum capitularem convocari 
feceruntpriorissam et sorores suas, quibus convocatis et comparentibus 
ac verbo Dei proposito, eas omnes et singulas singillatim exami- 
naverunt prout sequitur. 

Domina Margeria Cokkrose Priorissa interrogata de statu 



domus et de essentialibus religionis dicit quod omnia bene, et 
exliibuit inventarium omnium bonorum et jocalium et habet ad 
exhibendum compotum intra sinodum Michaelis Archangeli proxi- 
mum futurum. 

DoMiNA Johanna Smyth, priorissa [sic] 
DoMiNA Johanna Denne 
DoMiNA Margaeeta Lawder 
DoMiNA Isabella Alen 
DoMiNA Alicia Bedyngfeild 
DoMiNA Anna Drory 
DoMiNA Alicia Blynde 
Domina Agnes Nicholl 
Domina Gracia Sampson 

dicunt quod omnia 




Priory of Eye. 

Octavo die mensis Augusti anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo Prioratns de 
vicesimo in domo capitulari prioratus sive ecclesise regularis, praB- g^ jggo 
dictus reverendus in Christo pater Johannes dei gratia Calci- 
DONiENSis Episcopus, Nicholaus Caree legum doctor et ceteri 
commissarii reverendi in Christo patris et domini DoMiNi Ricardi 
permissione divina NoRWiCENSis Episcopi, ad suam visitationem 
ordinariam in et per civitatem et dioecesem Norwici actualiter pro 
toto et omni tempore ejusdem exercendam sufficienter deputati, 
convocari fecerunt priorem et commonachos; quibus comparentibus 
dictus reverendus pater causam sui adventus declaravit ac eos 
examinavit forma sequente. 

DOMPNUS RiCARDUS Bettys Prior inquisitus de statu domus et (foi. 745.) 
super essentialia religionis dicit quod omnia bene. ri] 


[_2i DoMPNUS RiCARDUS IxwoRTH quod non observant refectu- 

[3] DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS NoRWiCHE dicit quod qusedam Mar- 

gravely^^ gareta Verre moram facit cum priore et suspecte vivit, ac corn- 

suspected, munis faraa laborat de suspltione et custodit claves camerse prions, 

eo absente, et servit ad mensam prioris et cubat in cubiculo propin- 
quiori cameras prioris. 

Item quod quaedam venduntur et alienantur jocalia videlicet 
craterae argenteaj per prior em. 
[•1] DoMPNUs Christoferus Rikinghale examinatus dicit quod 

non habent numerum sufficientem confratrum pro divino cultu. 
Et dicit publica vox et fama laborat super suspecta mora Margaretae 
Veer in monasterio in opprobrium et dedecus domus et ipsa domina- 
tur in officiis et servit publice ad mensam prioris. 
Item dicit quod alienentur craterae. 

Item quod prior non reddidit nisi unicum compotum de statu 
domus citra praefectionem. 

Item dicit quod pr^dicta Margareta Veer est conscia correctionis 
[5] DoMPNUS Henricus Combys quoad mulierem concordat et 

quoad compotum. Et dicit quod dicta Margareta est suscitatrix et 
causa brigarum inter priorera et confratres. 
[6] DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Hadley dicit quod prior in prirao 

anno reddidit compotum de statu domus et citra illud tempus nullum 
(fol. 75.) Item quod crateras alienentur sed nescit quae. 

Item quoad mulierem concordat. 
[7] DoMPNUS Robertus Stow dicit quod omnia bene. 

[8] DoMPNUS RiCARDUS Snape dicit quod Margareta Vere causa 

litium inter priorem et commonachos et conqueritur apud priorem 
de confratribus. Et prior non reddit compotum. 
[9] DoMPNUS Johannes Harlyng acolitus inquisitus dicit et 




Prior exhibuit commpotum et liabet ad exhibendum inventariura 
citra sinodum Michaelis Archangel! proximum. 

Et dicti coraissarii continuaverunt hujusmodi visitationem usque 
festum Nativitatis Domini proximum. 

Plixton Nunnery. 

xiiii die mensis August! anno Domini 1520 Johannes Dei 
Gratia Calcidoniensis Episcopus et ceteri commissar!! intrabant 
domum capitularem, convocatis priorissa et sororibus hora capitular! 
et comparentibus verbo Dei proposito etc. ac examinaverunt sorores 
praedictas sub forma sequente. 

Dna: Alicia Wkighte Priorissa conqueritur de inobedientia 
Doming Margaket^ Punder prgedecessoris suae. 

Inquisita de essentialibus religionis dicit quod bene observant ur. 
De statu domus dicit quod omnia bene gubernantur. 

Dna: Margareta Punder conqueritur contra priorissam et 
dicit se non habere aliquam pensionem nee aliquibus temporibus alie- 
menta nee tempore hiemal! focalia. 

Dna: Margareta Olton subpriorissa dicit quod priorissa non 
reddit compotum annuatim et dicit quod non habent alia cibaria 
tempore quo sorores infirmantur, quam conventus cotidie habent. 

Dna: Isabella Ashe conqueritur contra priorissam et dicit 
quod ipsa et sorores suee, tempore quo infirmantur, priorissa compellit 
eas surgere ad matutinas et eisdem temporibus quibus infirmantur 
non magis succurrantur quam totus conventus. 

Dna : Alicia Laxfield dicit et concordat cum Domina 
Isabella Ashe. 

Dna: Agnes Ashe concordat cum Domina Isabella Ashe 
et dicit quod priorissa non reJdit compotum. 

Dna: Margareta Rowse concordat cum Domina Agneta 

CAMD. soc. 2 B 


14 Aug. 1520. 




Dissensions in 
the house. 



continued. See 
p. 190. 


Domini ex certis causis eos moventibus suara hujusmodi visita- 
tionem usque festum Nativitatis Domini proximum futurum cum 
continuatione et prorogatione dierum et horarum tunc sequentium 
continuaverunt etc. 

Prseterea domini assignaverunt priorissam ad exhibenda com- 
potum et inventarium citra dictum festum Nativitatis Domini. 

Mettngham College. 

16 Aug. 1520. 

(fol. 76.) 

Kerenues are 
not sufficient. 
The Master's 


xvi die mensis Augusti anno Domini 1520 domini intraverunt 
domum capitularem et congregatis custode et sociis hora capitulari 
ac exposito verbo Dei juxta tenorem commissionis reverendi in 
Christo patris et domini Domini RiCARDi permissione divina 
NoRWiCENSis Episcopi sibi prsesentatae procedendum fore decre- 
verunt et processerunt, deinde convocatis sociis et comparentibus eos 
singillatim examinaverunt forma sequenti. 

Magister Ricardus Shelton, preepositus collegii de Met- 
tyngham, examinatus de statu domus dicit quod annuus valor 
ejusdem non valet ad sustentationem ipsius sed expendit de bonis 
suis propriis. 

Item dicit quod Dominus NiCHOLAUS Dade frequentem habet 
accessum suspiiiose ad Agnetem uxorem Roberti Valey de Bun- 
gaye et simili modo dicta Agnes habet similem accessum ad cameram 
dicti Domini Nicholai et dicit quod publica fama laborat quod 
dii'tus Dominus Nicholaus et Agnes incontinenter vivunt quare 
ipsum expellebat a societate. 

Item dicit quod Dominus Robertus Petit absentat se extra 
collegium ultra mensem contra statuta collegii sine licentia sua 
quare ipsum expellebat. 

Simon Siseley dicit quod magister non observat statuta quia 
absentat se tempore quo obitus observantur et a choro tempore 


Item Quod magister dedit Domino Nicholao Dade in mandatis Charges 

-A • ' -D X. ,.• \T ^ against the 

ne accedat seu frequentat consortium Agnetis uxoris Koberti V aley, Master 

quae mulier ad ejus notitiam est bona} famse, et dicit quod ad 

notitiam suam non habet frequentem accessum ad collegium. 

Item magister habuit C marcas de bonis collegii in pecuniis 
numeratis diversis vicibus extra communem cistam cum quibus 
acquisivit certas terras sed an ad usum proprium aut collegii nescit 

Item magister non observat statuta collegii videlicet sedendo et 
comedendo ad mensam cotidie cum sociis. 

Item quod magister expulsebat Dominum Nicholaum Dade 
citra inhibitionem Domini Norwici Episcopi ad visitationem 
tunc sibi factara sed an in contemptum injunctionis domini nescit. 

Dns: EoBERTUS Bayly inquisitus de observatione statutorum (fol. 76 b.) 
dicit quod DoMiNUS Robertus Calye absentavit se contra statuta ReSLina- 
coUegii ultra mensem. tions. 

Item dicit quod dictus DoMiNUS Robertus Calye acquisivit 
certas terras juxta collegium et occupat se ibidem multotiens circa 
vilia opera. 

Praeterea immisceat se secularibus negotiis videlicet emendo et 
vendendo attamen dicit quod est honestae conversationis. 

Item inquisitus an habuit communicationem cum magistro quid 
diceret, dicit quod sic sed qualis erat hujusmodi communicatio 

Item dicit quod DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS Dade est suspectus super 
crimine incontinentiae cum Agnete Valey. 

Item dicit quod idem DOMINUS NiCHOLAUS est nimis sump- 
tuosus collegio in victualibus. 

Item dicit quod status domus bene se habet quo ad notitiam 

Item quod magister habuit certam summam pecuniae extra com- 
munem cistam cum quibus acquisivit certas terras sed an ad utili- 
tatem doinus aut propriam nescit. 


[*] RiCARDUS Chanell interrogatus de statu domus dicit quod omnia 

bene se habent. 
L5] Dfis : Johannes Moreff interrogatus de statu domus dicit quod 

omnia bene se liabent ut credit, 
(fol. 77.) Item dicit quod Dominus Nicholaus Dade habet suspectum 

accessum ad uxorem Roberti Valey, lotricem Domini Nicholai, et 
eadem Agnes simili modo habet suspectum accessum ad dictum 
DoMiNUM NiCHOLAUM ut audivit dici sed a quibus nescit. 
thJcoUege.^'^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^"^^ DoMiNus NiCHOLAUs Dade est de societate 
expulendus pro eo quod est nimis sumptuosus collegio et non 
obedivit mandato magistri ac occupat se circa negotia secularia. 

Item inquisitus an habuit communicationem cum magistro circa 
depositionem dicti Domini Nicholai dicit quod sic. 

Item similem communicationem habuit cum Domino Ricardo 
Chanell socio sue. 

Item dicit quod magister habuit C marcas in pecunia numerata 
extra communem cistam cum quibus acquisivit certas terras sed an 
pro utilitate domus an proprii nescit. 
[6] Dns: WiLLELMUS Clerke inquisitus de statu domus dicit quod 

nescit dicere sed credit quod omnia bene se habent. 

Item dicit quod Dominus Nicholaus Dade multotiens absentat 
se a collegio circa negotia secularia et non obedit mandatis magistri 
nee obedire curat. 

Item Agnes Valey habet suspectum accessum ad cameram dicti 
Domini Nicholai ut dicitur. 

Item dicit quod magister habet scyphos argenteos et cetera vasa 
argentea collegii in sua propria custodia. 


(fol. 77 b.) £^t quia magister preedictus Dominos Nicholaum Dade et 

Robertum Petit sine auctoritate seu causa legitima a societate 
spoliavit, eos ad societatem restituet. 


Item injunxerunt domini dicto Domino Nicholao Dade 
quod non accedat ad domum Agnetis Valey nee adheret dictae 
Agneti nisi in publicis. 

Item quod sedet infimiis in choro usque festum Sancti Michaelis 
Archangeli proximum. 

Item quod dicta Agnes non ab hoc tempore lavet res suas. 

Et magister habet ad exbibendum compotum in pergameno 
conscriptum unacum inventario bipartite citra sinodum Michaelis 


Decimo septimo die mensis Augusti domini mtraverunt doraum Bnngaye. 
•^ 1 ^ . °, . - ^17 Aug. 1520. 

capitularem et convocatis sororibus eas exammaverunt forma 


Dna: Elisabeth Stephenson Priorissa non comparuit quia [i] 

Dna : Anna Page interrogata super statu domus et super essenti- [2] 
alibus religionis dicit quod omnia bene. 

Dna : Makia Loveday subpriorissa 
Dna: Elisabeth Befeld 
Dna: Cecilia Fastalff 


Dna: Anna Kyng 
Dna: Elisabeth Duke 
Dna : Elisabeth Nuttell 

dicunt quod omnia bene. '■ -' 


Dna : Johanna Molles infirmabatur. C^J 


Visitation of Elixton Nunnery resumed 
XX August, 1520. 

Pe^sentb Magisteo Nicholao Carr legum et T. Cap 
deceetorum doctoribus. 

(fol. 78.) Dna: Elisabeth Wright priorissa inquisita dicit quod 

^ °*[-i-| DoMiNA Margareta nuper priorissa non vult exhibere eidem 

20 Aug. 1520. priorissa obedieutiam debitam, dicit etiam quod non reddit com- 

potum quia non solet reddi neque scribit quse expendit. Scit tamen 

scribere ut dicit. 

•- J Dna: Margareta Punder nuper priorissa dicit quod divinum 

servitium bene observatur. Dicit quod ni mis parce ministratur ei 

in cibariis. De statu domus dicit quod ignorat quia nullus com- 

potus habetur. 

Dicit quod mater priorissae liabet cibaria sumptibus prioratus sed 
an aliquid solvit vel ne nescit, supervidet tamen Le Deyry. 

Priorissa non habet sororem in capellanam sed sola cubat ad 
placitum in cubiculo extra dormitorium absque testimonio sororis 

Item dicit se nolle exhibere obedientiam priorissae quia dicit quod 
est contra regulas religionis. 

Dna: Margareta Olton subpriorissa dicit quod divinum 
servitium pro uumero bene observatur et religionis essentialia. De 
statu dicit quod non habent compotum et cetera bene. 
[4] Dna: Isabella Asshe examinata dicit quod poculenta parce 

ministrantur inter prandium et coenam dicit quod fama laborat de 
accessu Carr ad priorissam, suspectis temporibus. 
rs] Dna: Alicia Laxfeld inquisita dicit quod omnia bene quantum 

ilia scivit. 
[6] Dna: Agnes Asshe dicit quod non habent compotum de statu 

domus et cetera bene. 
[7] Dna : Margareta Rows dicit quod omnia bene. 




Dns: CANCELLAEius injunxit priorissae quod infra mensem The number 
proximum sequentem amoveat canes extra monasterium excepto uno ^^^^^^^^ 
quem maluerit. 

Item quod de cetero priorissa habeat secum testimonium unius 
sororis loco capellanse maxime quando cubat extra dormitorium. 

Item quod priorissa reddat compotum singulis annis coram 
senioribus sororibus de statu doraus et de singulis receptis et 
expositis sub poena privationis quia dixit se nolle talem reddere 

Item quod priorissa amoveat Eicardum Carr a servitio suo citra 
festum Nativitatis* Sancti Johannis Baptistse proximum. 

Priory of St. Faith. 

Vicesimo secundo die mensis Augusti bora capitulari domini |anct^* Fidis^. 
commissarii intraverunt domum capitularem congregatis priore et "S" 

fratribus ac verbo Dei proposito commissione que prsesentata .... 
convocari fecerunt nominatim fratres ad hujusmodi visitationem 
citatos et comparentibus eos examinavit singillatim sub forma 

[The rest of this page is blank.] 

" Query Decollationis (Aug. 29th\ 



EccLEsiA Cathedralis Norwicensis III Septembris 
1520 PR^SENTE Magistro Nicholao Carr et 


rfol. 79.) 

Number of 
boys main- 
tained in the 
school has 
fallen short. 






(fol. 79 b.) 



Venerabilis in Christo Pater Robertus Catton Prior ibidem 
inquisitus et examinatus exhibuit compotura de statu monasterii 
unde liquebat illud exoneratum sere alieno. Exhibuit etiam librum 
quendam, non adhuc perfectum, de bonis et jocalibus monasterii 
ostendendum iterum postquam perficiatur ut consignetur. 

Dompnus Nicholaus Bedtngham supprior dicit quod ab antiquo 
solebant exhiberi xiiii pueri in elemosinaria monasterii et nunc 
tantum exhibentur octo. 

Magister Willelmus Reppis sacrse theologia professor prior 
cella; de Yarnemutha dicit quod omnia competenter se habent 
quantum ipse novit. 

Dompnus Johannes Shelton camerarius et elemosinarius dicit 
quod omnia bene praeter quod pascuntur oves infra clausuram juxta 

Dompnus Johannes Martyn prior Sancti Leonardi et sacrista 
dicit quod omnia reformantur per priorem. 

Dompnus Willelmus Harridaunce cellerarius dicit quod omnia 

Dompnus Johannes Sall praecentor dicit ut supra et concordat. 

Dompnus Stephanus Dersham custos cellariae concordat. 

Dompnus Robertus Twaytes refectuarius concordat. 

Dompnus Hugo Norwiche magister summi altaris dicit quod 
omnia bene. 

Dompnus Thomas Pellis tertius prior concordat. 

Dompnus Thomas Leman magister altaris Beatse Marise con- 
cordat et dicit quod omnia debite fiunt tam in spiritualibus quam 
in temporalibus. 


DoMPNUS Andreas Ringlonde quintus prior et subsacrista [13] 


Thomas Pellis tertius prior non est indifFerens in correctione, 
quia quosdam ultra modum graviter punit pro levi culpa, quosdam 
pro graviori delicto impunitos dimittit. 

DoMPNUS Nicholaus Attilburgh succentor conqueritur [!•''] 
etiam de s«vitia tertii priori. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Frammyngham inquisitus dicit quod [16] 
omnia bene. 

DoMPXUS WiLLELMUS Elye dicit quod prior loci [sic] omnia [17] 
debite reformat tamen dicit quod parce ministratur infirmis nisi 
quid habuerint industria propria acquisitum. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Walsham dicit quod supprior non est [18] 
idoneus ad hujusmodi officium quia senex et surdus. 

DoMPNUS Robertus Grafton acolitus dicit quod Dominus [19] 
Thomas Pellis tertius prior est malitiosus et quos amat licet 
graviter peccent non punit et quos odit prosequitur pro nulla vel 
minima culpa severe et graviter punit. Dicit quod Dompnus 
Johannes Lakenham solus deservit curae de Martham. 

Dompnus Martinus Boone subdiaconus dicit quod quantum [20] 
ille novit omnia bene so liabent. 

Dicit quod Dobipnus Johannes Lakenham deservit curae de 

Dompnus Thomas Morton subdiaconus dicit quod omnia bene. [21] 

Dompnus Willelmus Burton canonicus aetatis xix annorum Non est [22] 
exarainatus nihil intelligit in hiis quas tunc jussus legebat. rns^in^HquT" 

Dompnus Robertus Trows presbyter subcellerarius dicit quod pr«- [23] 

cepto gram- 
omnia bene. matica;. 

Dicit quod antiphonare ex parte dextera eget reparatione. 

Item Dompnus Johannes Lakenham monachus deservit curse [24] 
de Marthame. 

camd. soc. 2 c 


[25] DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Stanton presbyter .... omnia bono statu 

[26] DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Walsingham diaconus concordat cum 

[27] DoMPNUS Henricus JManuell capellanus prioris dicit omnia 



22 Sept. 1520. xxli die mensis Septembris 1520 reverendus in Christo pater 
et dominus Dominus Ricardus permissione divina Norwicensis 
Episcopus in propria persona domum capitularem ibidem, assisten- 
tibus ibi IVIagistro Nicholao Carr legum doctore et Roberto 
DiKAR in utroque jure baccalaurio, convocatis priore et capitulo, 
injunxit priori et confratribus ac injunctiones dedit prout sequitur. 

In primis quod oves de cetero non pascuantur infra praecinctum 

Item quod deinceps omnes commonachi et confratres singulis 
diebus in aurora ante primam simul surgant, cessante infirmitate, et 
simul bini et bini exeant dormitorium et postquam manus singuli 
lavaverint, bini et bini simul progredientur ad ecclesiam ibidem 
facientes ceremonias consuetas. 

(fol. 80 b.) Ita quod primus expectet ultimum tam surgentem quam lavantem 

dummodo, tam extra dormitorium quam post lavacrum, omnes simul 
bini et bini incedant et sic ad primam reverenter et religiose 

Et hiis finitis dissolvit visitationem data benedictione. 


Stoke College, 1521. 

Nono die mensis Aprilis 1521 in domo capitulari ecclesiae ^^^"^j^j ^521. 
collegiatae de Stoke juxta Clare Norwicensis dioecesis coram vene- 
rabiliviro Magistro Roberto Dikar in utroque jurebaccalaurio 
reverendi in Cliristo patris et domini Domini Eicardi permissione 
divina NORWiCENSis Episcopi commissario in hac parte specialiter 
deputato, pr^sente me Thoma Godsalve notario publico dicti 
reverendi patris registrario principali. Venerabiles viri Magisteb 
RoBERTUS Bekensaw sacrsB theologiffi professor, decanus, Robertus The master 
Fabian artiura magister et Thomas Whitehed, canonici residentes gtoj.e*^lJgJ^e ^ 
in dicta ecclesia coUegiata de Stoke, capitulari ter congregati et the reform of 
capitulura ad efFectum infrascriptum facientes, unanimi et mutuo 
consensu ac voluntate submiserunt se et eorum quilibet se submisit 
ordinarii decreto, sententise et judicio dicti reverendi patris et com- 
missariorum suorum quos in hac parte duxerit deputandos de et 
super reformatione sive renovatione quorundam statutorum ejusdem 
coUegii rasuratorum interlineatorum cancellatorum vel repugnan- 
tium, eorum praesertim super quibus orta seu mota fuit aliqua lis 
controversia seu qua^stionis materia ante li£ec tempora inter decanum 
et canonicos dicti collegii promittentes et promiserunt dicti decanus 
et canonici ac eorum quilibet promisit se ratum gratum et firmum 
perpetuo habituros quicquia idem revereudus pater ac ejus com- 
missarii hujusmodi duxerit seu duxerint in praemissis refbrmandis 
seu renovandis aut decernendis etc. 

[The remainder of the MS. is concerned with the ordinary routine work of the 




A.D. 1626. 

[The manuscript is somewhat torn and injured in the earlier pages, and is 
manifestly detective. The earlier portion is occupied with the ordinarj' routine 
work of the Diocese, such as resignations, probate of wills, complaints against the 
secular clergy, &c. The "Visitation of the Monasteries begins abruptly on folio 8.] 


(fol. 8.) [1] DoMPNUS Geokgius Hengham prior cellse de Lenn inquisitus 

et exarainatus de statu donius. Et primo de servitio et cultu 
divino et conservantia essentialium necnon de temporalibus et aliis 


articulis inquisitis correctione et reformatione indigentibus, (licit 

buod omnia conipetenter fiunt et domum in mediocri statu esse ac 

cseremonias fieri pro numero et facultatibus. 

DoMPNUS Walterus Ckowmer prior cellee de Yernemutha [2] 

... T ., 1 . f ^ The conduit 

exammatus interrogatus et inquisitus dicit quod lumpitur fistula of the lava- 

plumbea aqueductus sine lavacri in claustro culpa Domini Johannis *°^ <^°* ^^ 
^ ^ .. ,. „ . ,. . order. 

Rall praecentons cui mcunibit onus renciendi, et cetera omnia com- 

petenter fiunt pro facultatibus domus. 

DoMPNUS Edmundus Norwiche prior cellse de Alby inquisitus [3] 

dicit quod solet prior mittere incorrigibiles et rebelles ad cellulas. againstThe 

Et dicit quod omnia negotia graviora et ardua tractantur et pera- V^^y and 

^ . .?.,.,.. ., . seniors, 

guntur per priorem et m alios reliquis omnibus contemptis. 

Item prior habet in manibus suis officium sacristee. 

Item DoMPNUS Henri cus Manuell habet oflScia elemosinarii et [4] 
camerarii et infirmarii. Et dicit quod prior regitur consilio minus 
sagaci videlicet iii vel iiii. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Frammyngham moram faciens in cella de [»] 
Yarnemutba dicit quod omnia bene. 

DoMPNUS Henricus Manuell camerarius elemosinarius et Repairs 
infirmarius dicit quod officium camerarii patitur non modicam 
ruinam et cetera omnia reformantur per priorem et quod spiritualia 
et temporalia pro facultatibus bene observantur. 

DoMPNUS RiCARDUS LoPHAM dicit quod audivit Dompnum Ro- [6] 
bertum Frammyngham dicentem quod Dompnus Thomas Sall monk.*°* 
tertius prior relicto habitu monachali amictu laicali indutus tempore 
nocturno in civitatem ivit sed quid illic agebat nescit. 

Dompnus Robertus Frammyngham examinatus super depositis (foi. 8 b.) 
per Dompnum Ricardum Lopham dicit quod audivit a Domino exposed. 
JoHANNE Marten quod Dompnus Thqmas Sall tamdiu moratus 
est in civitate et quod mutato habitu, laicali habitu indutus reversus 
est in nocte in prioratum. Deprehensus per celei'arium a quo 
impetravit, rogatu suo, quod celaret factum suum. 



The [7] 


juniors [8] 


have a [6] 


griev- [9] 


ance. [10] 












WiLLELMus Burton 
Thomas Goldinge 


GrEORarus Hanworth 
NicHOLAus Fraunsham 
Franciscus Yaxley 
Johannes Kirby 
Thomas Joly 
WiLLELMus London 
Andreas Norwiche 

Dicunt quod coacti sunt 
pel' superiores et seniores 
confratres commendare me- 
morise psalmos psalterii cum 
antiplionis responsoriis et 
aliis canticis et bonas horas 
in frequenti recitatione male 
perdere et hoc plerumque 
ubi nichil opus fuerit. 

John Sail very 
to the juniors. 

among the 
j uniors. 

[Dominus duxit deliberandum fore super responso.] 

Et dicunt preeterea quod Shelton recepit de proficuis officii sui, 
post recessum suum, xx'' in detrimentum successoris et officii. Et 
dicunt quod seuiores non accedunt ad matutinas ei praecipue Domp- 
Nus Johannes Sall qui vix semel in biennio accessit, et idem 
utitur crumena sive locula serica et deaurata. Et dicunt quod in 
refectuario et domo capitulari fenestrse carent reparatione vitrea. 

Item conqueruntur de venditione meremii in officio ortulanarii 
vulgo dicti gardener. 

Item quod Dompnus Johannes Sall utitur festis diebus pileo 

Item conqueruntur de stipendiis et pensionibus non solutis. 

Item conquesti sunt de pastu et cibis minus salubriter ministratis 
et paratis eisdem. 

Item claustrum patitur ruinam tectura, culpa Domini Johannis 
Sall communiarii, cui incumbit onus reficiendi et cujus culpa aqua 
distillat per tectum in claustrum. 

Item conqueruntur de subornatoribus et susurratoribus domino 

DoJiTNUS Georgius Hengham, prior de Lenn, dicit quod juniores 
confratres frequentant taxillos et cartas in dedecus religionis. 

Item quod confratres sive commonachi appellant priorem dominum 
videlicet my lord et non patrem priorem ut solent. 


Item DoMPNUS Thomas Sall tertius prior conviciabatur cum 
DoCTOEE Reppis dicendo, that he wolde take him on the face, et 
ex levi occasione, aut nulla potius, wastour nominal. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Sall, prsecentor et communiarius, dicit [16] 

quod officia hujusmodi patiuntur ruinam videlicet in fenestris domus Kepairsneeded 

capitularis in tectura claustii et in lavatorio. Petit ut fiat iniunctio ^° *^^ 

1 .. . 1 . -IT monastery, 

quod status monasterii ostendatur conventui semel in anno videlicet 

in festo S. Trinitatis et quod officiarii faciant suos compotos paratos 

tempore xl ut solent. 

Item fiat injunctio quod priores cellarum et ceteri officiarii John Sall is 
exhibeant etiara, tempore compoti, libros rationum particulatim bm^ess 
videlicet receptorum et expositorum ut ex hoc liqueri poterit 
status cellarum et officiorum et forma singulorura librorum. 

DoMPNus Johannes Marten inquisitus dicit quod Dompnus [17] 
Johannes Sall habet cameram sibi deputatam contra antiquum "^^g^^" 
morem in scandalum domus in qua saepe pernoctat, ideo mala oritur picion, 
contra eum suspitio et in absentia sua reliquit claves cum Domino 
KoBERTO NoTTELL ad quem ut creditur accesserunt mulieres. 

Item dictus Dompnus Johannes Sall est pluribus indebitatus. 

Item dicit religionem plus solito decrevisse et observantias regu- 
lares male observatas. 

Item Dompnus Johannes Sall raro interest matutinis. 

Item est seminator discordise inter priorem et confratres et eliam 
Dompnus Thomas Sall tertius prior * * * 


[At this point there is a vacant space left as if for the insertion 
of evidence which has not been supplied. It seems that John Marten 
was more than ordinarily communicative, and, if I understand the 
paragraph which follows, that he had gone into the accounts and 
was prepared to lay the result before the Visitor in the afternoon.] 

Dicit etiam quod expedit uxorem scissoris a monasterio removeri 
ad evitandum scandalum. 






A vicious 
monk com- 
plained of. 

John Sail 
complained of 

Dicit etiam quod computavit de singulis, ut liquet in compotis 
quos habet exliibere post meridiem, et dicit quod remanent penes 
dominum priorem. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Sall, tertius prior dicit quod uxor scissoris 
videlicet the wardroper^s wiff snspectos habet accessus ad Doctorem 
Reppis et araplexatur ilium praesentibus aliis in malum exemplum 
et scandalum raanifestum domus et aliorum. 

Item dicit quod prior locavit manerium de Plumpsted Magna 
Willelmo Hanner cujus culpa eedificia ibidem sunt combusta quae 
de novo regedificari vix possunt cum xl libris. Et subtraxit ab 
eodem manerio certa utensilia ibidem reperta et etiam prostravit 
arbores in praejudicium domus. 


[Dominus ad petltionem hujus deponentis licentiavit eura habere 
domum quam jam tenet inferius juxta infirmariam.] 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS WoRSTED presbyter dicit inquisitus 
Dominum Johannem Shelton gravia crimina et nephanda 
peccata commisisse et propter hoc non fuisse punitum, in malum 
exemplum et pernlciosum aliorum confratrum. Nam cum idem 
Johannes Shelton missus fuerat Yernemutham ad poenitentiam 
ibidem agendam longe licentius et liberius ibidem vixit quam domi, 
villam taxillos et cartas quotidie frequtntando. Et sua culpa 
multum deterioratur officium camerarii cui ollm pr^fuit ; ita quod 
non sj)eratur pensiones integras ab illo officio debitas et solvendas 
posse persolvi imposterum. 

Ileni dicit quod pessimn rellquit exempla apud illos in perniciem 
manifestam praesentium et futurorum confratrum. Deponit etiam 
quod Do3iPNUS Johannes Sall preecentor absentat se non 
solum a matutinis verum etiam a missis et horis canonicis. Insuper 
dicit ad officiuia praecentoris spectare, per se vel succentorem, suffi- 
cienter instruere totum conventum, in principio cujuslibet ebdomadae, 
de divino officio per totam septimanam sequentem peragendo, quod 
hactenus facere neglexit. Dicit etiam quod tectura claustri ruinosa 
est et nisi celerlus occurratur brevi futurum formidatur quod corruat 


cujus reparatio et refectio ad prgefatum Dominum Joiiannem 
Sall communiarium, pratextu officii hujusmodl, pertinent etperti- 
nere solent. 

Item dicit quod olim injunctum erat per Dominum, pra^fato 
JoHANNi Sall et aliis confratribus habentibus privata cubicula 
extra dormitorium, quod deinde non haberent lectos in cameris; 
cui injunction! omnes paruerunt, et removerunt cubilia, excepto 
Domino J. Sall qui adhuc habet lectum in cubiculo injunctionem 

Deponit prseterea quod dictus Dompnus Johannes Sall utitur The dandyism 
interdum sotularibus punctis sericis rubei coloris clausis, aliquando " o n a . 
trepidis, interdiu, et longis caligis cum duploide insolenter ad 
modum laicorum factis in perniciosum exemplum juvenum con- 
fratrum maxime cum idem Johannes praesente priore non erubescit 
erectis vestibus ostendere omnibus modum incessus sui.^ 

Item dicit quod uxor Ricardi Scissoris, si commode id fieri poterit, 
est removenda propter scandalum et malum exemplum ; non credit 
tamen aliquid commissum inter doctorem et eam sed mala oritur 
inter conf'ratres suspicio. 

Item Dompnus J. Sall male solvit confratribus pensionem et Sail believed 
credit quod nimium oneratur aere alieno tam confratribus quam (foi^io ) ^ ^ 
extraneis, et credit multum expedire utilitati domus quod J. Sall 
conficeret et exhiberet billam debitorum suorum. 

Dicit quod prior nimis remisse puniebat Dompnum J. S Helton 
et Dompnum J. Sall propter gravia et manifesta crimina, quia 
multum illis favet Et Dompnus J. Marten sine omni charitatis 
zelo tractavit et punivit austere. Et de crimine ipsius, interpran- 
dendo coram famulis et aliis jactitabat et praedicabat. 

Dompnus Radulphus Sibleys refectuarius, dicit quod omnia [20] 
bene observantur quantum ipse novit quoad religionem, quia 
omnia reformantur per priorem. 

Dompnus Thomas Leman hostilarius, dicit silencium non esse ob- [21] 
servatum locis congruis secundum regulam. Et aliter nescit deponere. 
* See Introduction. 

camd. SOC. 2 D 


[22] DoMPNUS EoBERTUS Stanton quintus prior dicit se nihil scire 

correctione vel reformatione dignum dicit quod Dompnus Willel- 
MUS BuETON est indocilis nee vult erudiri et est suscitator brigarum. 
[Ponatur Bukton in stallo inferiori]. 
[23] Dompnus Robertus Catton iiii prior dicit quod religio in- 

cipit perire propter cseremonias non observatas quia juniores con- 
tempnunt observare cseremonias. Et credit prsedicta vix posse 
reformari nisi juniores seniorum exemplis instruantur et ad 
meliorem reform ationem inducantur. 
[Inquiratur an a lotione manuum solent dicere psalmum Miserere 
mei Deus]. 
[24] Dompnus Willelmus Harridaunce celerarius, dicit quod sup- 
prior est facilis et remissus in relaxatione poenitentiarum injunc- 
tarum per iii priorem, iiii priorem et quintum priorem, quae 
facilitas praebet audaciam junioribus non observandi poenas sibi 

Dicit etiam quod juniores commonaclii, postquam fuerint ad 
sacerdotium promoti, impetrant a domino priore, licentiam peregri- 
nandi aut visitandi amicos et ea occasione male dissipant quod eis 
donatum fuerit vel ab amicis vel oblatum in celebratione primse 
missEB, et sic egeni redeunt. 
(fol, 10 b.) Nomina tus pro officio sacristee committendo alicui idoneo con- 

fratri cui in utilitatem domus et officii poterit exponere proficua 
ejusdem {sic). 

Item confratres deservientes in choro non instruuntur per prsecen- 
torem vel succentorem plerumque, quo pacto observarent ordinale. 
Item prsecentor non solvit pensionesincumbentes officio prsecentoris. 


[Fiat injunctio Suppriori quod non relaxet poenas inflictas 
commonachis per tertium, quartum aut qviintum priores sine consensu 
et consilio duorum seniorum confratrum videlicet Dominorum 


WiLLELMi Harridance et Henrici Manuell aut alterius 
eorum altero absente.] 

DoMPNUS Stephanus Dersham prior cellae de Hoxne exami- [25] 
natus et inquisitus dicit quod parum novit de observantia religionis 
quia residet apud Hoxne et quo ad temporalia similiter deponit. 

DoMPNUs WiLLELMUS BuRTON dicit quod DoMPNUs Robert us 
TwEiTS dixit publico coram confratribus, quod novit quid ille 
conquestus erat domino de succisione arborura crescentium in orto 
gardinarii. Et examinatus, quis intimavit sibi aut revelavit, dicit 
quod DoMPNUS Geoegius Hanworth, qui comparens et super, hoc 
inquisitus fatebatur se hoc revelasse eidem Tweits. Et propter 
prsemissa dominus decrevit utrumque incarcerandum usque crastinura 
et commisit eos priori puniendos, reducendos ad capitulum in crastino 
hora capitulari. 

DoMPNUs WiLLELMUS Reppis supprior sacrae theologiae professor [26] 
dicit quod nihil novit de novo. 

DoMPNUS Andreas Ringland succentor inquisitus conqueritur [27] 
de risu et silentio non observatis. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS BuRTON dicit quod non est sufficienter 
provisum pro infirmis confratribus maxime in medicinis necessariis 
exhibendis. Et quod fragmenta mensa3 in refectorio non distribu- 
untur inter pauperes sed inter alios non indigentes, culpa elemo- 

DoMPNUS Ricardus Lopham queritur de conversatione praecen- fol. li.) 

. 1 , • • Another 

tons et tertii prions— et quod rumor est et violenta suspicio prascen- insinuation 

torem furatum fuisse monetam Doctoris et Flowerdew. against John 

DoMPNUS ROBERTUS Trows, capellanus prioris dicit quod nihil [28] 

novit reformatione dignum. 

DoMPNUS Franciscus Yaxley dicit quod officiarii non reddunt [35i 

compotum particularem de receptis et expositis. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Kirby dicit quod ostia claustri et dormitorii [36] 

non clauduntur nocturno tempore, et quod seculares frequentant difdpHne*^ 

dormitorium, etquod novicii vestiuntur sumptibus juniorum et olim 

vestiti erant sumptibus seniorum. 


[37] ■ DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS Fraunsham dicit quod bona confratrum 

morientium non disponuntur ut solent, videlicet inter pauperes con- 
fratres, sed ea dominus prior sibi reservat et habet. Dicit quod 
DoMPNUs Thomas Sall teitius prior in camera osculabatur Domp- 
NUM RiCARDUM LoPHAM et tetigit pudibunda ipsius et amplexatus 
est eum. 
(fol. 11 b.) Item denegata fuit huic inquisito necessaria in infirmitate sua, 

per duos dies, videlicet panis, potus et cibaria, jussu Domini T. 
Sall tertii prioris. 
Irregularity Dicit quod consuetudo est ab antiquo observata omnes confratres, 

lmll!^&c/°^ except© celarario, simul prandere ter in ebdomade in refectuario 
quod jam non est observatum et, interessent mandato in die sabbati 
quod non faciunt. 

Item non sufficienter ministratur confratribus in alimentis nee 
parentibus eorum cum veniunt. 
[38] DoMPNUS Thomas Golding conqueritur de alimentis infirmorum 

et parentum monachorum cum accesserint. 
[39] DoMPNUS Willelmus London inquisitus dicit quod DoMiNUS 

Thomas Sall tertius prior est severus. 

[Half-page blank.") 


(fol. 12.) Lavatorium et fistula aqueductus minantur ruinam. Claustrum 

est ruinosum in tectura, pertinet officio communiarii. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Stanton quintus prior est indoctus et ignavus 
nee scit officium. 

Officium sacristse uiinus utiliter exercetur et ministratur. 

Officium camerarii patitur ruinam non modicam. 

DoMPNUS T. Sall est inobediens suppriori. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Shelton recepit proficua officii camerarii 
pro medietate anni post expulsionem suam. 


Refectuarium et domus capitularis patiuntur defoimitatem in • 

Seniores non accedunt ad matutinas. 
Venduntur arbores sine consensu prioris. 

Monachi utuntur longis caligis et pileis satinetis videlicet brach- 

Pensiones non solvuntur confratribus maxime per DOMINUM J. 

Officiarii non reddunt particulatim rationes de expositis per eos 
in officiis. 

Ostia claustri et dormitorii nunquam clauduntur et pueri et laici 
frequentant dormitorium. 

Juniores commonachi utuntur taxillis et chartis. 
Status monasterii non ostenditur semel in anno. 
Priores cellarum non exhibent aut ostendunt particulares rationes 
receptorum et expositorum. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Sall habet cameram et lectum ibidem 
contra antiquum morem cujus occasione accedunt mulieres ad ejus 

Novicii solebant vestiri in ingressu, sumptibus seniorum con- 
fratrum, et jam juniores subeunt onus. 

Status maneriorum non debite supervidetur. 

Denegantur aliquando fratri infirmo necessaria pro victu videlicet 
panis, potus et cibaria. 

DoMPNUS J. Sall est pluribus indebitatus. 
Domini J. Sall et T. Sall sunt seminatores discordiae. 
ManerJum de Plumpsted combustum et ruinosum culpa prioris 

Prsecentor, vel ejus deputatus non instruit singulis ebdomadis in 
principio, alios confratres de divino servitio, per totam septimanam 

Silentium et alias ceremoniae male observantur. 

Dompnus injunxit et praecepit Domino Willelmo Burton 



quod infimus sedeat in chore et in mensa donee seiat reddere 
psalterium. Postea dominus voluit quod sedeat infimus professorum. 

Dompnus continuavit visitationem suam usque proximum diem 
Augusti proximo futuri cum continuatione et prorogatione dierum 
tunc sequentium necnon quemcunque diem citra si necesse fuerit. 

Ardua et gravia negotia monasterii tractantur et expediuntur 
per priorem et iii reliquis omnibus non vocatis. 

Fiat injunctio quod Sall non prsesit officio communiarii * 

Ordinatio juniores appellent eum patrem priorem et non domi- 
num priorem, vel magistrum secundum antiquum morem. 

Item quod officiarii faciant suos compotes paratos tempore xl ut 

HospiTALE Sancti JEgidii in Norwico XI JUNII 1526. 

(fol. 13.) Undecimo die mensis Junii Anno Domini millesimo quingen- 

tesimo vicesimo sexto. Idem reverendus in Christo pater Ricakdus 
NoEWiCENSis Episcopus reverenter cum processione ad ostium 
occidentale ecclesiae dicti hospitalis a magistro et confratribus, 
capis sericis honorifice indutis, erat receptus more consueto, Et 
processione oblatione orationibus ac benedictione finitis, idem 
reverendus pater domum capitularem ingrediens convocatis ibidem 
custode et confratribus propositisque etc, 

[Quarter-page blank.J 


Magister Johannes Hekker magister sive custos hospitalis 
prsedicti examinatus et inquisitus, primo exhibuit compotus de 
statu domus unacum fundatione et inventario bonorum, dicit quod 
non habent completum numerum confratrum quia juxta fundatio- 
nem haberent vi. de quibus tres deficiunt." 

Dicit quod cetera omnia pro facultatibus bene observantur. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Bredenham dicit quod omnia reformantur (fol. I3b.) 
per magistrum sive custodem. 

DoMPNUS KoBERTUS Treswell confrater senescallus hospitalis [3] 
dicit quod hospitale oneratur aere alieno in 1 li custodi et huic ^^^'^ '° ^^^* 

DoMPNUS Willelmus Hekker socius et confrater hospitalis [4] 
dicit quod omnia bene. 

(Dompnus objecithuic examinato quod tenet uxorem Ropkyn de 
Holmestrete et negavit articulum.) 

Dompnus Willelmus Stele conductitius dicit quod omnia bene [5] 
quantum ipse novit vel audivit. 

Dompnus Jacobus Jacson capellanus conductus concordat cum [6] 

Dompnus Willelmus Foster capellanus stipendiarius dicit quod [7] 
omnia bene. 

Dompnus Ricardus Well capellanus moram faciens in dicto ^^[8] 
hospitali sed nullum recipiens stipendium ex collegio, dicit quod wrong, 
nihil non reformatione dignum, sed dicit quod divinum servitium 
male observatur in choro quia interdum conviciantur ibidem videlicet 
Dompnus Johannes Bredenham et W. Hekker. 

Dompnus Willelmus Skernyng capellanus noviter ordinatus [9] 
dicit quod nihil novit correctione dignum quia nuper conductus. 

Et hiis peractis dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

» It appears that there was a Master and three Fellows, with three Conduct 
{i.e. stipendiary) chaplains, and two chaplains who were serving for their board and 



XII JuNii 1526. 

(fol. 14.) Magister !N"icholaus Care, Legum doctor, decanus dicti col- 

poor. ^6gii cxhibuit ratificationera cum corapoto et inventario et dicit 

quod reliqua omnia in bono statu juxta facultates collegii. 
[2] Magister Johannes Cooke prsecentor dicit quod decanus omnia 

re forma vit. 
[3] Magister Thomas Bower cancellarius dicit quod omnia bene 

pro facultatibus collegii quae tenues sunt et exiles. 
[4] DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS CoppiNG senescallus dicit quod collegium 

oneratur sere alieno sed nescit quantum. 
[5] DoMPNUS Antonius Hodgeson capellanus decani dicit inquisitus 

quod omnia bene fiunt. 
[6] DoMPNUS Thomas Cheveley examinatus et inquisitus dicit et 

[7] DoMPNus Johannes Wynter capellanus conductus dicit ut supra 

prsecontestis deposuit. 
[8] Dompnus Robertus Fuller capellanus stipendiarius concordat. 

[-9] Dompnus Ricardus Wheteley concordat. 

[10] Dompnus Robertus Migo dicit quod non est de consilio. 

Post meridiem hora iii idem reverendus pater convocatis decano 

et confratribus in domo capitulari quia nihil ex inquisitione hujus- 

modi comperiit reformatione dignum, dissolvit visitationem suam 

ordinariam ibidem. 

Carrow Nunnery, xiiii Junii 1526. 

(fol. 14 b.) DoMiNA Isabella Wigan priorissa dicit quod domus non 

oneratur aere alieno et quoad cetera dicit quod bene observantur. 



DoMiNA Anna Marten supprioHssa, dicit quod nihil novit [2] 

reformatione dignum sed dicit quod sorores dicunt et cantant Fuit in 

, , • 1 1 • • religione 

velotms quam debent et sine debita pausatione. Ix annos. 

Item conqueritur de potu tenui. 

DoMlNA Margareta Steward habitu religionis induta xxviii [3] 
annos inquisita dicit quod male pausant cantando et dicendo. 
Violatio silentii non punitur. 

DoMiNA Katerina Jerves praecentrix et iiii priorissa^ professa [4] 
xxxviii annos dicit examinata quod potus est tenuis et cetera omnia. 

Domina Agnes Warner dicit inquisita quod non observatur [5] 
pausa in cantu, et aliis horis dicendis sed velotius cantant. 

Domina Agnes Swanton saciista, quae fuit in habitu xxi annos [6] 
dicunt quod non habent horilogium. 

Domina Anna London refectuaria, dicit quod omnia sunt in bono [7] 
statu tarn spiritualia quam temporalia. 

Domina Johanna Botulphe dicit quod non celebrant festa [g] 
nominis Ihesu et Sancti Edwardi neque aliquid inde observant. 

Item habent in festo Natalis Domini juniorem monialem in abbat- Christmas 
issam assumptam, yocandi gratia; cujus cccasione ipsa consumere et g8,me of Lady 
dissipare cogitur qtiae vel elemosina vel aliorum amicorum largitione 

Item officiarie domus compelluntur reficere pannos et vasa ad obedientiaries 
officia spectant de propriis et inde nihil allocantur a priorissa. liable for 

-^ rs, o, T • -1 -1 • • breakages. 

Domina Cecilia Suffeld dicit se nihil novisse correctione seu ^f^i ^b.) [9] 
reformatione dignum. 


Principio. Injunctum est priorissae quod habeat et reficiat hori- 
logium citra festum Sancti Michaelis proximum. 

Item quod paretur et provideatur lotrix qui magis sufficienter 
inse'rviat et officium suum faciat. 

CAMD. soc. 2 E 



Item quod divinum servitium cum majori devotione et deblta 
pausatione celebretur et in cantando et in dicendo. 

Item quod sumptibus priorissee deinceps supportentur onera 
reparationum pannorum et vasorum ad officia pertinentium ubi 
opus fuerit. 

Item quod de cetero non observe tur assumptio abbatissse ^ocandi 

Item quod silentium debite futuris temporibus observetur sub 
graviori poena. 

Item quod festa nominis Ihesu et Sancti Edwardi de caetero 
observentur prout in ceteris locis istius dioscesis observantur. 

Ingham Priory. 

(fol. 15 b.) Die lunee videlicet xviii Junii anno Domini millesimo quingen- 

18 June, 1526. tesimo xxvi dictus reverendus in Christo pater in prioratu de 
Ingham per priorem et confratres processionaliter debita cum 
reverentia fuit receptus, et eodem die ingrediens domum capitu- 
larem exposito verbo Dei per Dominum Kicardum Bail wet sub 
hoc themate [ ]. Declaratisque causis adventus et super 

quibus fuerunt examinandi per Magisteum Edmundum Stuard, 
prsedicti reverendi patris in hac parte commissario, idem reve- 
rendus pater convocari fecit priorem et confratres ac eos modo 
sequente examinavit tunc ibidem. 
[1] DoMPNUS Thomas Catfeld prior dicti prioratus dicit quod 

domus oneratur sere alieno xxvi s. viii d. et quoad cetera dicit quod 
bene observantur. 
[2] DoMPNUS JoHAiSTNES Saye, liccntiatus per dominum ad curam 

ecclesiee parochialis de Walcote deserviendam^ dicit. quod omnia 
1^3] DoMPNUs KiCARDUS Fox sacrista, ac eo prsetextu deserviens 

curam de Ingham, dicit quod omnia bene. 


DoMPXTJS Johannes Kechyne dicit quod omnia bene refor- [4] 

manter per priorem. 

DoMPXUS KoBERTUS Barton dicit quod omnia bene. [5] 

Johannes Halisdon acolitus dicit quod omnia bene. [6] 

Johannes Tunsted novicius dicit quod omnia bene. [7] 

Chrtstoforus Bunsted novitius dicit quod omnia bene. [8] 

Deinde dictus reverendus pater hora iiii post merediem in domo (fol. 16.) 

capitulari convocatis priore et confratribus dicti domus hujusmodi 

visitationem suam dissolvit. 

HiCKLiNG Priory. 

Die Martis videlicet xix die mensis Junii anno Domini mille- 19 June, 1526. 
simo quingentesimo xxvi dictus reverendus pater Ricardus Nor- 
WICENSIS episcopus per priorem et conventum debita cum reverentia 
receptus fuit cum processione. Et statim domum capitularem 
intrans convocari fecit idem reverendus pater priorem et capitulum 
quibus congregatis et comparentibus ac declarata causa adventus 
per Magistrum Edmundum Stuard, deinde singulos examinaverunt 
^prout sequitur. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Hikling supprior dicit priorem nimis gravem The^Jrior too 
et austerum praesertim in licentiandos confratres sues ut exirent strict. 
saepta prioratus gratia recreationis. Idem dicit priorem habere ^m qo^ gtayr 
multos consanguineos in domo quos pascit et nutrit sumptibus 
prioratus. Et dicit quod dicti consanguinei seminant discordiam 
inter priorem et confratres suos dicit insuper quod non vult amplius 
morare in domo. Ac dicit quod Dompnus Ricardus Holt 
canonicus appellavit a correctione prioris ad dominum episcopum- 
Et dicit quod prior non ostendit annuatim statum domus confra- 



(fol. 16 b.) 

The prior 

Pnor serves 
the cnre of 

against the 

The cook and 
his perquisites. 


EOBERTUS BoTiLLER, prior, dicit quod confratres sui sunt incor- 
rigibiles, rebelles et inobedientes et recusant subire correctionem 
suam. Et dicit Dominum Eicardum Holte dedisse occasionem 
suis confratribus malis suis exemplis quod non obedierent. 

DoMPNUS Andreas Norwiche dicit quod prior de Hikling solvit 
annuatim pensionem Domino Episcopo Norwico xiiii s. pro licentia 
dicto priori concessa ut possit per confratrem dicti domus deservire 
curee de Hanworthe, et cetera bene. 

Kobertus Walsham dicit quod cocus liabet regimen totius 
domus. Pneterea dicit quod prior diffamavit ipsum cum quadam 
Margareta Curtes, 

Item quod non simul singulis .... egrediuntur dormitorium 
sed divisim. 

Item petit cocum removeri quia dicit ilium suscitare discordias 
inter priorem et confratres suos et dicit cocum ditari bonis prioratus, 
quia egenus venit ad prioraturn et modo dives est. 

Kicardus Holt prsecentor exliibuit billam querelarum plenam. 

[Here follows a space for the bill of complaints.] 

(fol. 17 b.) 


Dissensions in 
the priory. 

DoMPNUS Ricardtjs NORWICHE succentor examinatus per domi- 
num dicit quod frigescit inter eos caritas per totos tres annos et hoc 
sit, ut credit, mediis consanguineorum domini prioris in prioratu 
commorantium videlicet coci et patris sui et dicit quod non minis- 
tratur salubriter confratribus segrotis et hoc mediis coci qui vili- 
pendit et parvifacit omnes confratres. 

Item dicit quod parce rainistratur eis de cibariis. 

DoMPNUS EoBERTUs Bastwike, presbyter, dicit quod regnat 
discordia inter priorem et DoMiNOS Johannem Blofeld, Eobertum 
Walsham, Eicardum Holt et Eicardum Norwiche canonicos, 
dicit quod uxor coci est communis lotrix prioris et confratrum et 
quod accedit semel in septimana ad prioratum et non ultra pro 
lintheaminibus lavandis. 


Item dicit quod prior non accessit ad capitulum per triennium 
nisi instantia et mediis consanguineorum. 

Johannes Michell dicit quod omnia bene quo ad ejus notitiara, [8] 
sed quod non satis ministiatur eis juvenibus cum cibariis tempore 
prandii jantaculi et cenae etc. 

RoBEETUS Webster novitius, dicit quod omnia bene. [9] 

EoBEETUS Alen novitius, dicit quod omnia bene. [10] 

Et dominus continuavit dictum suam visitationem ordinariam (fol. 18.) 
usque festum Sancti Bartholomei et concessit priori facultatem et 
potestatem corrigendi puniendi et reformandi quse interim illic 
reformandae fuerint aut corrigendse, non obstante visitatione depen- 
dentia, prseterea dominus admonuit priorem ne sineret confratres 
suos exire ssepta monasterii, etiam causa visitandi parentes, nisi 
gravi infirmitates laborantes et hoc sub poena arbitrio ordinarii 

[Three-quarter page blank.] 

Abbet op St. Benet's, Hulme. 

DOMPNUS WiLLELMUS Beccles infirmarius dicit quod repara- (fol. 18 b.) 
tiones maneriorum non debite supervidentur et dicit quod multi 
canes nutriuntur in dome. 

Venerabilis pater Johannes Salcote, sacrse theologise pro- ^jf^]^^^^^ 
fessor, abbas dicti monasterii, exliibuit compotum de officio abbatis complains, 
et celerarii et etiam billam debitorum monasteriorum .... 
Dicit quod Willelmus Bynham monachus est remissus et rare 
surgit ad matutinas praetendens et fingens se infirmum. 

A great wind. 

(fol. 19.) 



Bynham est sompno deditus et raro surgit ad matiitinas. 
[4]^ DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS HoKNYNG, oute-rider, dicit quod multa 
aedificia et orrea maneriorum sunt prostrata et coUapsa praesertim 
violentia venti hoc anno. 

Item DoMPNUS Willelmus Bynham non accedit ad matutinas. 
Item non deputantur oeconomi ad supervidendum reparationes 
[5] DoMPNUS RoGERUS Ranworthe, supprior et sacrista, dicit 

Brother quod DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Bynham preebet malum exemplum 

slmms^Ulness ceteris confratribus quia colore infirmitatis semper absentat se a 
matutinas et quantum confratres norunt, idem Bynham gaudet 
sanitate quia in die commedit et bibit ut ceteri. 
[6] DoMiNUS Thomas Scottow, camerarius, dicit quod omnia 

bene reformantur industria et diligentia abbatis. 
[7] DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS NoRWiCHE pieteiitiarius, dicit quod omnia 

[8] DoMPNUS Thomas Stoneham infirmarius, et iiii prior con- 

[^] DoMPNUS Thomas Hause, praecentor, dicit quod essentialia 

religionis et divinum servitium bene observantur dicit quod panni 
altarum sunt immundi. 
^^^^ DoMPNUS RiCARDUS NoRWiCHE, magister cellarii, dicit quod 

omnia bene. 
^^^■^ DoMPNUS Johannes Harridaunce dicit quod Bynham non 

surgit nee venit ad matutinas. 
L ^J DoMPNUS Johannes Ailesham dicit quod omnia bene. 

^^^^ Dompnus Johannes Lammes dicit quod non debite ministratur 

f^^J Dompnus Robertus Cambrige dicit quod omnia bene. 

^^^^ Dompnus Ricardus Barkewey concordat. 
^^^^ Dompnus Johannes London concordat. 

t^^^ Dompnus Johannes Dilham dicit quod non congrue minis- 

tratur infirmis. 


DOMPNUS WiLLELMUS Bynham concordat et dicit quod omnia [18] 
reformantur per abbatem. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS MiCHELS dicit quod Omnia bene. [19] 



Quod duo de senioribus et magis idoneis deputentur qui semel (fol. I9b.) 
in anno diligenter supervideant maneria et eorum reparationes. 

Quod non aleatur infra monasterium superflua multitudino canum 
devorantium fragmenta mensarum quee in usus pauperum distribu- 
enda sunt. 

Item quod deputetur prior claustralis quam primum commode 
fieri poterit videlicet citra festum omnium Sanctorum proximum. 

Item reformetur Bynham arctiori poena. 

Item quod deinceps magis congrue et diligentius ministretur 
infirmis fratribus. 

Item quod panni altarium mundiores serventur. 

Praeterea dominus injunxit Bynham quod subiret carceres in 
palatio suo Norwici ad beneplacitum domini. Quam poenara 
Dominus, ad supplicacionem et instanciam abbatis, postea remisit. 
Et monuit suppriorem quod si Bynham imposterum inobediens 
fuerit aut dehquerit, quod tunc ita denuntiet inobedientem et 
delictum Domino Episcopo ac mittat Bynham ad palatium Norwici 
ibidem carceres subiturum. 

Et hiis sic gestis dominus dissolvit visitationem etc. 


PmoRATrs Sancti Olavi, xxii die mensis 
Jtjnii, 1526. 

(fol. 20.) 


DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Dale, prior, ibidem dicit quod omnia 

DoMPNUs Johannes Mek supprior concordat. 
[3] DoMPNus Johannes Begot i Dicunt quod omnia debite 

[4] DoMPNus Johannes Castelacre / fiunt tarn spiritualia quam 

[5] DoMPNUs Henricus Westacre j temporalia pro facultatibus 

[6] DoMPNus Johannes Massingham J domus. 

Prioratus de Bltthburgh, XXIII JuNii, 1526. 

[I] DoMPNus Johannes Righton prior. 

[2] DoMPNUS Thomas Chapet supprior dicit quod omnia bene. 

[3] DoMPNus Cornelius Ypswiche concordat, 

[4] DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Fraunces dicit quod divinum servitium 

noTchanted. ' ^^^ debite observatur ut solet, quia solent cantare missam et jam 
non faciunt. Dicit quod prior corrigendo illis quibus fa vet est 
nimium favorabilis et hiis quos odit est crudelis et severus. 
[5] DoMPNUS RoBERTUS HoYE dicit quod omnia bene. 

Et dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

The mass said, 

Butley Priouatus, XXVI JuNn, 1526. 

(fol. 20 b.) DoMPNUS AUGUSTINUS Revers prior ibidem dicit quod omnia 

debite fiunt. 


DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS WoDBRiGE supprior dicit quod nihil [2] 
novit reformatione dignum. 

DoMPNUs Johannes Norwiche dicit quod prior non reddit [3] 
compotum annuatim coram confratribus. 

DoMPNus Johannes Debenham podagra cruciatus dicit quod [4] 
omnia bene. [Petit pro venia a matutinis in hieme in parte.] 

DoMPNus Jacobus Dysnyngton concordat. [5] 

DoMPNUs Thomas Sudbourne celerarius dicit quod omnia [6] 

DoMPNUS Thomas Orford vexatus morbo gallorum exhibuit [7] 
capacitatem sibi concessam per reverendissimum Dominum Cardi- 
nalem, et quoad inquisita de statu et essentialibus religionis dicit 
quod omnia bene consistunt. 

DoMPNUs EoBERTUS Chipenham refectorius dicit quod omnia [8J 
bene et industriose fiunt et reformantur per priorem. 

DoMPNus Nicholaus Oxburgh, sacrista et succentor, dicit [9] The 
quod aqua in stagno quae solet percurrere et mundare cloaca in beTusS!° 
dormitorio asget reformatione. 

DoMPNUS DiONisius RicHEMONT, prsecentor, dicit quod non [lO] 
habent scholarem in universitate. 

DoMPNUS Henricus Bassingbourne, tertius prior, dicit quod [11] 

seniores confitentur quibus volunt. Libri in choro vix suntsuffi- Various 

•! 11 • ■ complaints, 

cientes. isihii allocatur praecentori pro reformatione librorum. 

Aliquando non debite ministratur infirmis nee in victualibus con- 

venientibus provisum est eis nisi voluerint exponere de pensione 

sua. Non habent janitorem Ecclesia conventualis 

est ruinosa in tectura videlicet plumbo et pluit in diversis locis in 


Item prior non ostendit compotum de statu domus semel in anno (fol, 21.) 
coram confratribus. 

Dompnus Johannes Baudesey, subsacrista, diaconus, dicit [12] 
quod novicii infra sacros perciperent stipendium annuum xx s. quod 
jam non est solutum. 

Item non habent scholarem confratrem in universitate. 




Rood Beam 


Books apd 
need repair. 



Item prior objurgat confratres coram laicis. 

Item trabes in ecclesia conventual! corrumpitur ex pluvia quae 
olim solet per tecturam distillare. 

DoMPNUS Brianus Wingfeld, presbyter, dicit quod vestimenti 
et libri egent reformatione. 

Item tectura ecclesiae indiget reparatione in plumbo. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Yppeswiche, novicius, subdiaconus, dicit 
quod nihil novit reformatione dignum. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Kevers novicius professus, acolitus, dicit 
quod omnia bene. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Wodbrige professus, acolitus, dicit quod 
vestimenta egent refectione et capse in vestiaria. 

Dicit etiam quod non debite providetur noviciis in apparatu. 


Quod compotus annuus de statu domus reddatur et in capitulo 
coram iii aut iiii senioribus confratribus de sanioribus. 

Quod vestimenta et libri reficiantur citra festum Paschse proximum. 

Quod sufficienter et salubriter provideatur in cibariis et potu pro 
confratribus infirmis sumptibus prioratus. 

Quod tectura navis ecclesise ei trabes ibidem quantum commode 
poterit, reficiantur et debite reparantur. 

Quod exhibeatur scholaris in universitate sumptibus domus. 

Quod ministretur et solvatur stipendium noviciis, infra sacros 
constitutis, consuetum vel aliis in apparatu et aliis necessariis com- 
petenter et congrue per priorem eis provideatur. 


Campsey Nunnery, xxvii Junii, 1526. 

DoMiNA Ela Buttery priorissa dicit quod omnia bene. [i] (fol. 2lb.) 

DoMiNA Alicia Cooke dicit quod omnia bene observantur. [2] 

DoMiNA Elisabeth Willoughbie omnia bene. [3] 

DoMiNA Barbara Jernyngham suppriorissa nihil novit reforma- [4] 

tione dignum. 

Domina Elizabetha Norwiche. 

DoMiNA Margareta Harman prsecentrix per xxxv annos elapsos [6] 

dicit se nihil novisse correctione seu reformatione dignum nisi quod 

libri divinorum in choro indigent reparatione. 

DoMiNA Elizabetha Wingefeld celeraria dicit quod omnia sunt [-7-] 

in bono statu. 

Domina Margareta Bacon cameraria omnia bene. [8] 

Domina Kj^terina Loga^st omnia bene tam temporalia quam [9] 


Domina Cristiana Abell omnia bene. [lO] 

Domina Anna Wynter omnia bene. [ii] 

Domina Petronella Feltoune omnia bene. [12] 

Domina Katerina Grome omnia bene. [13] 

Domina Brigitta Cokket subcameraria omnia bene. [U] (fol. 22.) 

Domina Dorothea Bramptoune omnia bene. [is-] 

Domina Anna Bardwell omnia bene. ri6] 

Domina Anna Butler ii sacrista dicit omnia bene. ^ij-^^ 

Domina Margareta Clerke omnia bene. [-18] 

Domina Katerina Stmondes refectuaria dicit se nihil cogno- rjg-, 

visse correctione vel reformatione dignum. 

Domina Katerina Blomefeld omnia bene. [20] 

Ursula Heidoune novitia. [211 



Quod libri reformentur et domus magis ampliatur quantum com- 
mode poterit. 

PmoRATrs Sancti Trinitatis Gipwici, penultimo 


(fol. 22 b.) DoMPNUS Thomas Whighte prior ibidem dicit quod Domp- 

f^^^ Nus Johannes Carver non est obediens et cetera bene. 
[2] DoMPNUS Thomas Edgore dicit quod status domus ignoratur 

quia prior non reddit compotum coram confratribus annuatim. 
[3] DoMPNUs Johannes Elts dicit quod omnia bene. 

[4] DoMPNUS Johannes Shribbe inquisitus deponit quod non fit 

Compiamts. debita correctio excessuum in domo capitulari juxta regulam et quod 

canonici exeunt saepta monasterii sine licentia prions. Dicit quod 

confitentur cui confratrum voluerint. Non celebratur capitulum 

[51 DoMPNus Johannes Carver dicit quod omnia bene. 


Quod celebretur capitulum quotiens opus fuerit Juxta regulam. 

Quod deputetur confessor ad audiendura confessiones confratrum. 

Quod confratres de cetero absque licentia prioris et causa ration- 
abili per eum approbanda non edant vel commedant aut vagentur 
in villa vel exeant ssepta prioratus maxime in villam. 


Quod Carver deinceps sit obedientior priori sub poena carceris. 

Quod semel in septimana observent refectuarium^ videlicet feria 

Quod observent silentium in claustro dormitorio refectuario et 

Quod singulis annis reddatur compotus de statu domus coram 
duobus confratribus senioribus. 

Et hiis finitis dominus dissolvit visitation em, etc. 

PKiORATrs Sancti Petri Gipwici, secundo 
JuLii, 1526. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Brown prior ibidem, exbibuit com- 
potum de statu domus et quo ad cetera tam spiritualia quam tem- Ij^ ^^ 
poralia dicit quod omnia observantur pro facultatibus domus. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Laurence dicit quod omnia bene. [2] 

DoMPNus Johannes Baron ') t.- x j • [3] 

^ ^ ^ ( Dicunt quod omnia p,-, 


DoMPNUS Thomas Chamberlayne J ^ ' . ^^^ 
WiLLELMUS Sutton "> -^ ^.^.. C^] 


Et quia inhujusmodi inquisition e nihil erat repertum reform atione 
dignum, dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

Fiat injunctio de prseceptore providendo ad docendos novicios in 

Prioeattjs de Eia. 

Die Jovis videlicet quinto die mensis Julii anno Domini millesimo (^^^-23 M ^ 
quingentesimo xxvi recepto reverenter dicto reverendo patre, idem 


le r c rendns pater ingiedieBS domam ca{Mtiilarem eonrocari fedt 
pri o rem ae onmes et wngnlnw eonuaonachas ibidem, et proponto 
TeHm Dei pa DoMunjM [ ] Multos dedantaqoe canaa 

^inlaliflaiB et aoeeans per magiacram Edtakddk Stvamdk, dictnB 
leverendos pater cnintnavit ^ioran et OHnmoiiaclioe ^:oat seqnitar. 

^] D0MPKU8 JoBuUnas EiA. prior exkibmt atataa doaoB et dicit 

quod omnia bene qnantom ad ejus notiliaiB. 

IS] DoMFSUS Wn.T.Ki.wus XoswiCHB aiqipriar didt quod ooum 

bene refoimantiir per priorem. 

[3] DoMPHUS RiCABDUS IppLSWiCHE dictt qiLod omnia bene. 

[4] DoiBMUB CsiSTOFQKUS BjBXisCAXX. pneeentor, et iiii priw 

[5] DoMFXUS BoBEBTTS 810W, famrta, didt se nihil cognoTieae 

lefonnadone Tel correctioDe dignam. 
[Q DoMFSTTS Hessicus Combbb, soboentw, didt quod cista in qoa 

ggiTTnm commnne remanet non est danaa tribos eemiis aed unica 

dam tazat, qox potest apperiii sine clare. 
[7] DoMPsrs WnxELMTS Hadlet oelenrios, didt et concordat com 

HESitico Combes. 
(£oL2i.)[S] Doicpyus HiCABDUS S^'APE lefectoariiis, concordat. 

P] FBAyciscus EiA noridns, didt qood omnia boie. 

[10] Thomas Hadley noTidns, coaoordat com Combis. 


In priaUg quod ^aspAietai dsta tribos seraris et tribos davibiis 
dirersae &bricae pro agiEo commani aiiisqne mooimoitis ad dictum 
prioratmn pertinentibos custodiendis. Et qaod nnllua eoram ca»- 



IFtmn qofiii tref. «iu?«r(r)r<tr* rrrfrr^t Cftmp\(iUmetrnm officii^ smgnlts 
^mpctVim^im. Ac >vi*^ ; f^rm rtvcreti'-ltifi in Chrirto pater 

Jci>ii, 1526. 

t>ownROfe l)W)Sb]k« Qailkyi^ iKwm etiSi&gtk, HAm qtio^l ing^hmi (fbl. 24t>.) 
Vkm^'Ktifi Dtonftjits Bcaunr •£ciit ^ctii w^^ utmt •mfffrmmfm^ [g] 

<(* VtAtf^tmii <(Aitvi%i«s •^livwMfc f«ftivkag pro 

i «i0Aii^ «te(» ti6«fe«M» ?iUtaJli» D^wii-ni 

r^Wiw |i»g*i VknUk.'^ 



Priorattjs de Eedlingfeld, septimo Jtilii, 1526. 

(fol. 25.) 
Names of the 
Prioress [2] 
and eight 
nuns. [3] 


DoMiNA Gracia Sansoun priorissa (licit omnia bene 
DoMiNA Isabella Aleyn, praeceutrix, omnia bene. 
DoMiNA Joanna Dean capellana dominee, omnia bene. 
DoMiNA Joanna Smyth suppriorissa, omnia bene. 
DoMiNA Alicia Bedyngfeld omnia bene. 
DoMiNA Agnes Nicoll omnia bene. 

i Joanna Petnell j 
Margareta Foley | Dicunt omnia bene 
Agnes Gardener ) 
Et quia nihil prgesentatum fuit in hujusmodi inquisitione reforma- 
tions dignum idem reverendus pater dissolvit visitationem suam 

Collegium de Suddburt, decimo Julii, 1526. 

(fol. 25 b.) Magister Ricardds Eden magister sive custos collegii Sancti 

Gregorii de Sudburio inquisitus et exarainatus de statu domus et 
vita moribus ac conversatione confratrum aliisque articulis in hac 
parte solitis dicit quod omnia bene observantur. 

Doctus reverendus pater ex certis causis ipsum ad hoc moventibus 
prorogavit et continuavit visitationem suam ordinariam ibidem ad 
in et usque festum Omnium Sanctorum proximum et quemcunque 
diem citra. 

[Die Jovis vel Veneris post sinodum Michaelis fient injunc- 


Adjourned Visitation of Sudburt College. 

DoMPNUs Thomas Legate capellanus et socius colleen ac ^ [2] 
. , . 1 , TV r • 1 The master an 

ejusdem preesidens absente Magisteo, examinatus de et super enor- absentee. 

mitatibus et defectibus coUegii. Dicit quod non reddituv compotus 

singulis annis et quod status domus ignoratur confratribus. 

Item quod temporalia collegii multum dissipantur et hoc negli- 

gentia Domini Willelmi Nutman senescalli. 

,, 1 , ^ ,. ^1- Great disorder 

Item quod domus oneratur aere alieno ut credit. in the College. 

Item quod cotidie ferme regnant rix^ convicia et jurgia inter Jg^e^Ta^r^^^^ 
DOMINUM WiLLELMUM NuTMAN senescallum et DOMINUM Jo- complaiDed of. 
HANNEM Sykelynge confratrem et quod hujusmodi rixas et jurgia 
non possunt pacari per praesidentem et confratres absente magistro. 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS TuBLEYN capellanus confrater exami- [3] 
natus dicit quod Dompnus Willelmus Nutman senescallus non 
est diligens et circumspectus in officio suo exercendo. 

Item dicit quod senescallus non bene solvit stipendia confratrum 

quarternatim. Et quod non facit debitas reparationes in maneriis 

firmis et grangiis. 

DoMPNUS Willelmus Nutman capellanus et confrater exami- [4] 

- , „ ., ,. . , . 1 1 The college in 

natus de derectibus et . . . . dicit quod omnia bene praster quod debt. 

collegium oneratur debitis. 

Dompnus Johannes Sykelynge confrater et socius exami- [5] 
natus dicit quod ipse non audivit nee interfuit alicui compoto per kepf'^'^^^ 
spatium xiiii annorum. Et quod senescallus non reddit compotum 
singulis mensibus prout tenetur et obligatur per statuta domus. 

Item quod senescallus non solvit stipendia confratrum sive .... 
quarternatim prout tenetur. 

Item quod parce ministratur confratribus victualibus. 

Item quod dissipantur temporalia et possessiones collegii negli- 
gentia Domini Willelmi Nutman senescalli. 

Itevi quod Dompnus Thomas Coche alias Kerver quondam 
confrater hujus collegii dedit et assignavit domui vocutae infir- 

camd. soc. 2 Q 


marias certa lectula plumia . . . . et alia suppellectilia. Et quod 
confratres collegii tempore infirmitatis nullum habent relevamen de 
dictis lectuHs et supellectilibus neque eisdem confratribus segrotis 
relevetur aut sabveniatur cum eisdem. 
(fol. 26b.) [6] DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Chikeringe capelknus et confrater exami- 
natus dicit quod maneria grangia firmge et doraus extranese perti- 
nentes collegio patiuntur maximam ruinam et hoc defectu et negli- 
gentia senescalli. 

Item quod non diligenter operam impendit agriculturge collegii 
sed dissipantur terrae ratione malee culturse et hoc pertinacitate et 
obstinantia senescalli. 

Item quod status domus ignoratur quia senescallus non reddit 

Item parcius et insalubrius ministratur confratribus in victualibus 
quam antiquo tempore solebat. 
[7] DoMPNUS Willelmus Fissher capellanus confrater dicit quod 

senescallus non bene et debito tempore solvit confratrum stipendia. 

Stoke juxta Clare. 

(fol. 27.) Duodecimo die mensis Julii anno Domini raillesimo quingentesimo 

12 Jialy, 1526 xxvi. In domo capitulari, videlicet vestiaria, quae pro loco capitulari 
reputani, infra collegiatam ecclesiam de Stoke. 

Magister Thomas Whitehed canonicus dicti collegii in pree- 

sentia & de consensu Magistri Roberti Fabtan, Thom^e Wardoll 

et Thom^ Keall canonicorum et prasbendariorum ibidem, coram 

reverendo in Christo patre et domino, Domino Ricardo permis- 

sione divina Norwicensi episcopo, loci ordinario et dioecesano 

[ ] dixit et proposuit et asseruit palam atque 

The Receiver pu'bjice quod Ricardus Griffin, generalis receptor ac secretarius 

Katharine had serenissimse principis Katerinae Reginas Anglise, de mandato et 

the^mimim^iits j^ssu dictes excellentissimse reginee, statuta atque munimenta dicti 

of the college, collegii inferius annotata, ab eodem collegio per vim et violentiam 


eripuit, et abduxit secum, ad dictara serenissimam reginam, ut asseruit 

delaturus, invitis et reclamantibus confratribus dicti collegii. 

In vrimis videlicet unum librum statutorum dicti collegii. List of these 

^ . ••,11 • muniments. 

Item bullam Jonannis Papse xxii sub plumbo continentem erec- 

tionem et fundationem collegii. 

Item confirinationem Martini Papae super fundatione collegii. 

Item cartam regis Henrici quinti suorum jurium confirmatoriam. 

Item cartam Edmundi Comitis Marcbiae super possessionibus 
dicti collegii et super dotatione ejusdem. 

Item cartam Ricardi Ducis Eboraci super confirmatione statu- 
torum cum nonnullis aliis cartis munimentis et evidentiis ad dictum 
collegium pertinentibus. 

Ite77i sigillum commune cum iii aliis sigillis. 

Quae quidem munimenta, cartas et evidentias aut eorum aliqua, 
dicti canonici negant se hactenus recepisse vel habuisse exceptis 
sigillis quae ut creditur decanus recepit et penes se habet. 

Et dicit Magister Whitehed .... 

[It seems that when the Visitation had reached this point the 
Bishop was startled by an unexpected announcement. 

Cardinal Wolsey was at this time attempting to carry out his 
scheme of suppressing many of the smaller monasteries which were 
of little or no use, and with their endowments setting up the two 
foundations which he contemplated at Ipswich and Oxford. He 
had obtained very ample powers from the Pope, as the following 
letter proves; and, among other religious houses on which he had 
cast his eyes, was the wealthy college of Stoke by Clare. When 
he learnt that the Bishop of Norv/fch was engaged upon his Visita- 
tion it became a matter of some moment that that Visitation should 
not be allowed to proceed. The Cardinal's Commissioners would 
have their briefs, and would be sure to make out a good case for 
the suppression of the College. Whatever faults there were to find 


would be duly exposed, and moreover, the Master of the College, 
who was non-resident and no estimable person, had been already 
gained over. But there was another personage to deal with, and 
this was no less a personage than the Queen. Stoke College had 
somehow come to be under the patronage of the Queens of England, 
and when Queen Katharine learnt what was intended she acted with 
great decision and promptness and sent down her faithful friend 
and receiver^ Griffith, to take possession of all the evidences and 
title-deeds of the College. Griffith carried out his instructions 
with courage and thoroughness. The Cardinal^ on the other hand, 
bungled. On the 8th July he wrote the following letter to the 
Dean of the College, or his deputy, announcing that he was about 
to make a Visitation of the College on the 1st August following, 
armed with enormous powers as legatus a latere from the Pope. 

The Bishop of Norwich had just begun his Visitation when the 
Cardinal's letter was handed to him. It is not a little to his credit 
that under such trying circumstances he did not lose his head. He 
found himself in a position of some peril, but he acted with dignity 
and decision. If the Legate had inhibited him from continuing or 
commencing his Episcopal Visitation (which it was quite open to 
him to do by virtue of his Legatine authority) the Bishop would have 
had no alternative but to obey the mandate ; but as for this letter 
it was not addressed to him, and therefore did not concern him. 
Without hesitation he continued his own Visitation as if no such 
letter had been sent. Meanwhile, however, the Cardinal actually 
had apparently sent a letter to the Bishop on the subject of the 
Visitation, but this letter, possibly by some fault of the messenger, 
came too late to be of any use. 

The suppression of Stoke College did not take effect for some 
years, in fact not till the great crash came. Anne Boleyn as Queen 
became patron of the College in due course, and in 1534 she 
bestowed the headship, which had fallen vacant, upon Matthew 
Parker, then her chaplain, and subsequently Archbishop of Can- 
terbury when her daughter Elizabeth had succeeded to the Crown. J 


Letter of Cardinal Wolsey to the Dean of the 
College of Stoke by Clare or his represen- 
tative IN THE said College. 

Thomas miseratione divina tituli sacrosanctae Romanee ecclesiae 8Jnly.i526. 
presbyter cardinalis, Eboracensis archiepiscopus, Anglic primas, 
ac apostolicae sedis etiam per regnum Angllee et loca illi subjecta et 
alia illi adjacentia de latere legatus. Dunelmensis episcopus exem- 
tique monasterii Beati Albani LincolniensisdioecesisCommendatarius 
perpetuus ; dilecto nobis in Christo decano ecclesiee c.'llegiatae de 
Stokeclare, seu ejus vicem gerenti, Norwicensis dioecesis, infra fines 
etlimiteslegationis nostras hujusmodi notorie existentis, aut ejusdem 
loci praesidenii cuicunque, salutem gratiara et benedictionem. Cum, 
tarn ex specialibus indultis quam ex juris communis dispositione 
etiam rescripto per quasdam primaevas, dictse sedis concessas con- 
firmatasque, postmodum acprorogatas etiam ad nostri vitam innovatas, 
sub plumbo litteras, nobis sit attributa facultas, omnes et singulas Powers given 
dicti regni et locorum preedictorum superiores et inferiores tam j.Jcited ^^^ 
metropoliticas et catbedrales sedesquam monasteriorum, prioratuum, 
collegiorum et hospitalium, atque parochialium ecclesias, exemptas 
et non exemptas, tam virorum quam mulierum seu mixtim quas- 
cunque earundemque praesidentes et personas in eisdem degentes, 
in capitibus et membris, ac in spiritualibus et temporalibus per nos, 
vel alium seu alios quem aut quos ad id duxerimus deputandum 
seu deputandos, visitandi, illaque prout nobis secundum Deum et 
canonicas sanctiones ac dictarum ecclesiarum pie instituta atque 
laudabiles consuetudines expedire videbitur — reformandi, deque statu 
ecclesiarum et personatum hujusmodi vitaque et moribus in illis 
degentium — inquirendi, et illos qui criminosi reperti fuerint juxta (foi 28 b.) 
excessuum suorum exigentiam ca?tigandi corrigendi et puniendi, 
ac contra dictores et rebelles quoscunque per censuras ecclesiasticas 
compescendis, ac nonnullas alias f'acultates etiam ampliores [ ] 



The religious 
life in the 
College is 
said to have 

(fol. 29.) 

The Dean and 
Canons cited 
to appeal-. 

exercendas, prout in dictis litteris apostolicis desuper concessis (ad 
quas nos reverenter referimus) plenius continetur. 

Sane ad nostrum nuper ex fide digna relatione pervenit auditum, 
quod licet in dicto collegio de Claire et locis illi subditis sive ab eo 
dependentibus, ab illustrissimis Anglorum regibus aliisve eorundem 
legiis et subditis viris quidem spectabilibus seu clarissimis et praepo- 
tentibus retroactis temporibus fundatis et dotatis, qualificatarum 
personarum in eisdem degentium vita exeraplaris claruerit, quarum 
salutaribus monitis et devotis orationibus cultus divinus plurinium 
auctus et illarum res publica ab hostium faucibus erepta extitit et 
intacta, attamen a nonnuUis temporibus citra, canonicis et rainistris 
ibidem paulatim vivendi modum et normam relaxantibus, in illis vita 
hujusmodi exemplaris et observantia texuit adeo ut personse ipsa3 quae 
vita moribus et bonis operibus laicis exemplo esse deberent, Dei timore 
postposito, tarn in habitu quam in moribus vitam minus honestam 
quam tales deceat (quod dolenter referimus) ducant in animarum 
suarum perniciem, divinee majestatisoffensam, religionis opprobrium 
ac clericorum inhonestatem malumque exemplum, et scandalum plu- 
rimorum. Quocirca nos Thomas Cardinalis et legatus de latere ante- 
dictus, hujusmodi visitationis onus, pro divina et ipsius sacrosanctae 
Komanse sedis reverentia juxta datam nobis a Deo providentiam, sol- 
licite adimplere cupientes (ac uti praemittitur) tarn ex juris communis 
dispositione quam dictse sedis commissione speciali, non modo prae- 
fatum collegium de Clare sed alia loca majora et minora ac parva 
qusecunque regni et locorum praedictorum exempta et non exempta 
et personas in eis degentes visitandi potestatem habentes ; te 
decanum et collegium tuum praedictum tam in capite quam in 
membris ad Dei laudem ipsius quoque coUegii commodum necnon 
reformationem morum degentium in eodem, visitare proponimus 
Deo concedente. 

Idcirco te decanum ante dictum peremptorie citamus et monemus, 
ac per te omnes et singulos ejusdem collegii clericos quoque et 
ministros sic citari et moneri volumus, quatenus die Mercurii, vide- 
licet primo die mensis Augusti proxime futuri post datam praesentium 


hora nona ante meridiem in domo capitulari dicti collegii, vel ipsius 
ecclesiaechoroalioveloco congruo veluti [5zc] secure honestocommuni 
et amplo, cum continuatione et prorogatione, ac tam anticipatione 
quam procrastinatione, unius, duorum, trium, quattuor, quinque, sex 
vel septem dierum tunc sequentium vel prsecedentium, et locorum 
hujusmodi etiam prse aut post quatenus et si tunc oporteat, deceat 
aut vobis expedire videbitur, coram dilectis filiis nostris, Magis- 
TRO Roberto Sherton * sacrae theologiee professore, ecclesise 
nostras metropolitanse Eboraci, ac Johanne Altn utriusque juris 
doctore ecclesiaeque cathedralis Lincolniensis, respective canonicis, 
in hac instanti visitatione, nostra activa vestrarumque passiva, cum 
omnibus suis incidentibus emergentibus dependentibus connexis et 
annexis necnon ad omnem juris effectum qui exinde sequi valeat 
delegatis, nostris specialibus a nobis sufficienter et legitime auctori- 
tate etiam praesentium et per praesentes etiam deputatis, compareat 
et compareant, visitationem nostram hujusmodi etiam humiliter 
subituri fundationem dicti collegii ac statum ejusdem. Necnon (fol. 29 b.) 
inventaria duplicata et indentata quorumcunque bonorum immo- 
bilium et mobilium et prsesertim pretiosorum, alias confecta aut 
interim conficienda, fundationesque et ordinationes cantariarum in 
ipso collegio fundatarum atque gratias et licentias beneficiorumque 
et ecclesiarum parochialium appropriationes, ac cetera munimenta 
qujecunque dictum collegium et ipsius ministros qualitercunque 
concernentia. Necnon litteras ordinum ac titulum dignitatis realiter 
exhibituras et ostensuras et veras inde copias penes registrum nos- 
trum nobiscum dimissuras facturasque ulterius et recepturas quod 
justum videbitur et consonum rationi. 

Tibi etiam firmiter injungentes mandamus quatenus prapmissa tibi 
demandata firmiter exequi ac omnia et singula quae ad dictam visita- 
tionem nostram hujusmodi pertinent quantum ad te attinet perim- 
plere cures. Tibi quoque inhibemus in his scriptis et interdicimus 
ne pendente nostra visitatione hujusmodi quicquam in praejudicium 

' Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge. 


ejusdem attemptare praesumas, facias sive permittas, ab aliis palam 
vel occulte directe aut indirecte quovisne alio qusesito colore aut 
ingenio quomodolibet, attemptari. Procurationem autem nostram 
nobis pro hujusmodi nostra visitatione debitam et alia jura nobis 
obtentu prsemissorum competentia ibidem promptam sive prompta 
habeatis pariter et parata. De diebus vero receptionis praesentium 
executionisque tuae ac modo et forma eorundem, et quid feceris in 
prsemissis [ad] nos aut dictos delegatos nostros hujusmodi dictis die et 
loco debite certifices litteris tuis patentibus prassentibus annectendis, 
nomina et cognomina omnium et singulorum per te in ea parte 
citatorum et monitorum in se continente sigillo tuo sigillata. Datae 
in aedibus nostris prope Westmonasterium octavo die mensis Julii 
anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo vicesimo sexto. 
Thes lettres were deliverd the xi daie of Julie 1526. 



Bishop Nix continues his Visitation xii Julii. 
Collegium de Stoke. 

Non [prgesens] Magister Willelmus Grene sacrae theologiae (fol. 34.) 
professor decanus. 

Preesens Magister Johannes Keal in decretis baccalaureus Names of the 

. - prior and six 

vicemgerens et praesidens. prebendaries. 

Prsesens Magister Thomas Whitehed praebendarius ii stalli 
ex parte australi. 

Praesens Magister Thomas Wardall praebendarius ii stalli 
ex parte boreali. 

Non preesens Magister Gil berths Lathum prcebendarius 
iii stalli ex parte australi. 

Prassens Magister Robertus Fabian praebendarius iii stalli 
ex parte boreali. 

Praesens Magister Willelmus Newton praebendarius iiii 
stalli ex parte australi. 

Magister Thomas Norres praecentor \ 
Dompnus Eicardus Brown. 
Dompnus Willelmus Dicons 
Dompnus Petrus Boothe 
Dompnus Eicardus Boroughs 
Dompnus Nicholaus Daxe 
Dompnus Georgius Gelibrond 
Dompnus Eicardus Heyward 

Names of the 
eight vicars. 


Nicholaus Sampson 
Nicholaus Gladwyn 
Hugo Tumour Senior 
Hugo Tumour junior 
Edmundus Chapman 

Conducti laici. 


Names of 
the lay 



(fol. 34 b.) 

The dean of 
Stoke answer- 
able for the 
repairs of the 

The statutes 
have been 

The janitor is 
and in attend- 
ance upon the 

Gelibrond a 

of the dean. 

The dean and 
president each 
had a seal. 
of this. 

(fol. 35.) 

Magister Thomas Whitehed inquisitus et examinatus de et 
super observatione divini servitii et statu collegii dicit quod divinum 
servitium debite observatur juxta statuta. Et dieit quod onus 
refectionis seu reparationis cancelli de Clare pertinet et spectat ad 
decanum de Stoke cujus preedecessores de notitia istius inquisiti 
subierunt onus hujusmodi tanquam annexum dignitati decanali. 

Inquisitus prteterea super observatione statutorum dicit quod 
statuta non possunt recte et debite observari quia viciata cancellata 
et abrasa ac mutata existunt necdum reformata, 

Examinatus de communi sigillo dicit quod erat ereptum a 
collegio per Kicardum Griffith jussu Eeginge cum aliis scriptis et 
munimentis ut patet in billa. 

Dicit etiam quod Ranulphus Raddelys janitor collegii qui juxta 
statuta personaliter resideret et per se exerceret officium, est absens 
in servitio Eeginse et tamen recipit integrum feodum et substituit 
capellanum parochialem ad portas custodiendas et interdum puerum. 

Dicit quod Dominus Georgius Gelibrond vicarius est seditiosus 
litigiosus discordiarum et rixarum suscitator et litium inter con- 
fratres seminator ac quibusdam minatur verbera et vitse pericula in 
perturbationem confratrum dicti collegii in tantum quod peritiores 
vicurii et cantores dicti collegii diutius manere ibidem nolunt nisi 
dictus Dominus Georgius statim removeatur et expellatur. 

Item dccanus revocavit et irritavit dimissiones factas per prsesi- 
dentem et capitulum et de novo concessit, adhibit, secum uno 
canonico non residente, sine consensu canonicorum residentium ad 
hoc non vocatorum. 

Item dicit quod sunt duo sigilla ad causas, quorum alterum 
decanus habet alterum prsesidens in grave dampnum et preejudicium 
collegii quia decanus noviter sine consensu confratrum prsesentavit 
per litteras suas sub sigillo hujusmodi apud eum remanente, 
DoMiNUM JoHANNEM Allson capellanum ad vicariam ecclesise 
parochialis de Stoke cui olira per removibilem.deserviri solebat et 
sic canunt statuta collegii. 

Item dicit quod decanus tenetur facere continuam et personalem 


residentiam in collegio juxta statuta alioquin habebit nisi viginti ^^ ^^^ ^ 
libras annuas de corpore decanatus sui, secus tamen observatur. reside. 

Magister Robertus Fabian sacrge theologiae baccalaureus dicit 
quod nunquam novit vel audivit quin refectio cancelli de Clare 
pertineret decano pro tempore existenti. 

De ii iii et iiii articulis, super quibus praicontestis suus interro- 
gatus et examinatus est, concordat cum Magistro Whitehed. 

Dicit quod DoMiNUS Georgius Gelibrond magis favet 

extraneis et servis nuper decani quam confratribus. 

Et quod decanus modernus admisit eundem DoMiNUM Georgium Gelibrond had 
^ ^ _, . . been forced 

inconsultis residentibus et quod ipse DoMiNUS (iEORGIUS in pnmo upon the 

adventu examinatus per vicarios erat repertus in cantu inhabilis. canons. 

DoMiNUS W^iLLELM us Newton canonicus et prasbendarius in (fol. 35b.) 

eodem collegio, inquisitus et examinatus de statu coUegii dicit quod 

est absens et parum aut nihil novit vel de statu domus vel de obser- 

vatione divini servitii. Audivit tamen, ut dicit, a confratribus dicti 

collegii quod decanus non faciens suam residentiam conatur percipere 

totam portionem decanatus sui decano residenti debitam, contra 

forman statutorum. 

Magister Thomas "Wardoll canonicus et prsebendarius in The statutes 

'■ , need revising, 

dicto collegio dicit statuta omnino reformanda fere quia corrupta 

et viciata, et ante reformationem dictorum statutorum non est spes 

collegium debito ordine regi. 

Magister Johannes Keyll preesidens et vicem gerens decani ^gf^g^J^'^je^n 
absentis, dicit quod decanus non faciens residentiam vendicat et complained of 
petit integram portionem decano residenti debitam, asserens secum 
super hoc auctoritate sufficienter esse dispensatum. Et dicit quod 
janitor neque virgarius exerceut officia sua juxta ordinem statutorum. 

Et dicit quod DoMiNUS Georgius Gelibrond vicarius 
nuperime per decanum sine consensu capituli admissus, est revelator 
secretorum, collegii detractor, discordiae seminator, brigator et per- 
cussor ac inobediens. 

Et quod decanus adnuUat dimissiones factas per vicem gercntem 


decani et canonicos residentes ac de novo, sine eorum consensu et 
ipsis reclamantibus, aliis concedit Hujusmodi firmas. \_Sic.] 

Item dicit quod sunt duo sigilla ad causas in prsejudicium 

Item decanus sub sigillo suo sine consensu capituli preesentavit 
vicariam de Stoake. 
(fol. 36.) Item dicit suppellectilia ad collegium pertinentia perire et male 

observari culpa boni custodis prseficiendi. 
The dean had Item dicit quod decanus sine causa et absque consensu capituli 
Tic™ choral, expellebat et removebat Dompnum Ricardum Hewerd nuper 
vicarium cboralem collegii. 

Et quod ad cetera in billa fatur quod sunt vera. [Sic.'] 


(fol. 36 b.) Magister Thomas Norres dicit quod omnia quoad divina 

servitia bene et sufficienter fiunt cum diligentia et quo ad tempor- 
alia nihil novit reformatione dignum. 

DoMPNUS RiCARDUS Brown dicit quod omnia bene. 

DoMPNUS Willelmus Dicons vicarius dicit litem et contro- 
versiam inter decanum et canonicos sed causam litis ignorat. 

Dicit etiam quod janitor non facit officium suum. 

Dicit praeterea Dompnum Georgium Gelibrond esse minus 
idoneum, indignum et inhabilem ad officium faciendum in choro 
et sic fuit repertus per examinationem vicariorum in primo suo 
adventu ac per dictos vicarios ut inhabilis rejectus, decanus tamen 
ilium admisit inconsulto capitulo et reclamantibus vicariis. Et 
dicit quod idem Dompnus Georgius habuit verba, conviciosa et 
diffamatoria contra Reverendissimum Dominum Cardinalem 
videlicet frequentia. It is pitie that he herith the Rule that he 


doithe, and if other men wolde doo as I wolde, he shoulde hepluckd Gelibrond 
out of his house hy the eyres, ^"c. I wolde to God there were XL card^-^Wof^y 
thousand of my mynde. Praemissa protulit in prsesentia DoM- 
iNORUM Petri Booth, Kicardi Hewerd et Kicardi Bor- 

DoMPNUS Petrus Bothe vicarius choralis dicit quod decanus (fol. 37.) 
modernus inconsulto capitulo admisit Dompnum Georgium Geli- 
BERND in vicarium choralem repertum per examinationem indignum 
officio suo. 

Et dicit quod idem Dompnus Georgius est seditiosus mur- 
murator et detractor et publice in mensa protulit verba injuriosa 
contra reverendissimum Cardinalem Eboracensem videlicet ista vel 
eis similia : It is pitie that my Lord Cardinall herith the Mule 
that he doith, and if men wold doo as I wold do, We shuld pluk 
hym oute of his dores hy the eyres, Et dicit quod multi audierunt 
prsesertim Domini Kicardus Borough, Willelmus Dicons, 
KiCARDUS Heward et alii, &c. 

Dicit quod ignorant statuta quia non habent. The vicars 

Dompnus Kicardus Borows vicarius, dicit quod decanus sine statutes, 
consensu residentium et vicariorum admisit DoMPNUM Georgium 
Gelibrond contra formam statutoruin et quod idem Dominus 
Georgius prius propter inhabilitatem erat rejectus per vicarios 
per debitam examinationem. Et quoad verba contra Dominum 
Cardinalem concordat cum Domino Petro Bothe hoc addito if 
he might haue XL thousand of his mynd he wold f ache him out hy 
the eyres rather than he shuld heyre the Rule that he doithe. 

Et quoad spiritualia et temporalia dicit quod omnia bene obser- 
vantur et fiunt. 

Dompnus Georgius Gelibrond dicit quod omnia bene. (fol. 37 b.) 

Dompnus Nicholaus Daxe dicit quod Dompnus Georgius 
Gelibrond est seditiosus et alia bene. 


Injunctiones summari^. 

The chancel of Iniunctum est vicedecano, sive pvsesidenti nomine decani in remotis 

Clare to be . , „ . , . 

repaired at the agentis, quod reficiatur et debite resartiatur atque reparetur cancellus 

d^aiT^^ ® de Clare citra festum Omnium Sanctorum proximum, sumptibus et 

expensis decani recipientis fructus ibidem. 
The statutes Item injunctum est illis quod cum omni diligentia, et quam 

forthwith. primum commode poterunt justis mediis, procurabunt ut statuta 

sua localia purgentur corrigentur et reformentur vocatis ad hoc 

omnibus quorum interest. 

Item quod facient diligentiam suam pro sigillis aliisque cartis et 

munimentis, jampridem (ut asserunt) ereptis et subtractis eidem 

collegio, quam cito fieri poterit, restituendis. 

Item quod portae sive januee exteriores collegii debitis horis 

claudantur et aperiantur per janitorem residentem juxta collegii 

statuta, alioquin subtrahatur sibi salarium. 
Non processit, Item quod DoMPNUS Georgius Gelibrond contra formam 
monniteum statutorum per decanum adraissus, inconsultis canonicis residentibus 
quod sit bon« g^ vicariis, per quorum examinationem iuxta statuta factam in 
ethonestae . f ^ • -i t 

gesturce non primo suo adventu repertus erat minus idoneus, ac propter alias 

"dY*^^ *°* . causas in visitatione compertas, citra festum [ . . . . ] a stallo 

confratres. Et suo removeatur et a collegio expellatur, vel interim causam coram 

gereSfim*^^™ nobis alleget et probet sufficientem quare sic removeri et expelli 

decani quod si merito non deberet. 

secins fecerit, . i p • -mi • j 

certificet earn Item quia compertum est duo tuisse et esse sigilla communia ad 

^f^t^S^^"^"™ causas in dicto collegio in praejudicium ejusdera injunctum est 
quod alterum sigillorum cassetur et adnulletur et de cetero unicum 
tantum habeant sigillum ad causas. 

Item quod dimissiones firmarum vel earum revocationes de cetero 
non fiant sine consensu residentium seu saltem majoris partis 

Item quod commune sigillum in firma et robusta cista sub triplici 


serura in dicto collegio fideliter custodiatur cum tribus clavibus 
diversae fabricse, quorum primam habebit decantis, seu ipso absente 
vicem ejus gerens, reliquse duae claves penes duos canonicos 
residentes remaneant aut si unicus canonicus resideat tertium clavem 
habebit senior et probior vicariorum choralium. Proviso omnino 
quod nulla clavium dimittatur cum laico vel alio sacerdote non 

Item quod provideatur infra annum proximum sequentem magna 
ac fortis et firma cista in qua cartas munimenta ac jocalia et alia 
pretiosa dicti collegii de cetero fideliter custodiantur sub tribus 
clavibus ut prius remansuris. 

Item quod si deinceps aliquis canonicorum et prsebendariorum Unfit canons 

residentium rixosus et seditiosus reperiatur et post trinam moniti- ^jgg^e^^^' 

onem sibi per decanum vel ejus vices gerentem de consensu aliorum 

residentium non resipiscat quod tunc ab hujusmodi collegio statim 

expellatur et ammoveatur. Et de cetero tantum recipiat xl s. pro 

corpore praebendse suae annuatim. 

Item quod unus clericorum inferiorum cubat et dormiat continue One of the 

• • , r i i i clerks to sleep 

omni nocte m vestiario juxta tormara statutorum. -^ ^.j^^ y^stry 

Item injunctum est quod fiat inventarium bipartitum et inden- An inventoiy 
tatum omnium et singulorum jocalium vestimentorum librorum ^blestTbe^" 
ornamentorum bonorum supellectilium et catallorum dicti collegii produced, 
et exhibeatur una pars ejusdem eidem reverendo patri citra festum 
Paschae proximum. 

7^em injunctum est quod decanus non faciens residentiam juxta The dean to 
forman statutorum recipiat tantum de proventibus sui decanatus 
viginti libras et non ultra. 

Item injunctum est quod virgiferus faciat et exerceat officium suum The verger 
in dicto collegio sicut faciunt virgiferi in ecclesia collegiata attendance at 
Sancti Stephani prope Westmonasterium vel collegio de Wyn- the church, 



Prioratus de Ixworthe, XVI JuLii, 1526. 

(fol. 39 b.) 



There is no 
convent tailor. 


The butler is 

Laxity in the 
(fol. 40.) 


DoMPNUs Johannes Jeeves prior, examinatus de statu domus 
et vita moribus ac conversatione concanonicorum et confratrum 
aliisque articulis in hac parte solitis et dicit quod omnia bene. 

DoMPNUs NiCHOLAUS WiFLiNGHAM supprior examinatus dicit 
quod omnia bene refbrmantur per priorem. 

DoMPNUs RiCARDUS Aldriche dicit quod omnia bene. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Garardde, Asshefeld capellanus,* percipit 
personalia ibidem et decimas minutas pro labore suo. 

DoMPNus Johannes Jonson omnia bene. 

Dompnus Johannes Colure dicit quod quinque solidi debentur 
confratribus in festo Annuntiationis Beatse Marise ultimo elapso, 
debito nondum soluto. 

Item deest illis scissor pro vestimentis consuendis. 

Item dimittit maneria ad firmas absque consilio et confratrum 
consensu et sigillo communi et ibidem non recitantur conventiones. 

Dompnus Adam Ponder omnia bene. 

Dompnus Johannes Smyth dicit quod pincerna floxipendit 
confratres quando petunt cervisiam sibi necessariam nee habent in 
necessitate extrema constituta cibaria. 

Stipendia canonicorum non integre solvuntur sed carent quinque 
solidis pro hoc anno praeterito. 

Dompnus Willelmus Ailbright dicit quod de bonis et catallis 
non fiunt inventaria utensilium ad diversa officia pertinentium 
praesertim camerarii. Fiunt dimissiones et locationes firmarum per 
priorem absque consensu fratrum solo et modo verbo prioris sine 
scriptis. Non habent infirmariam nee sufficienter providetur con- 
fratribus infirmis tempore necessitatis. 

Dompnus Robertus Baracliff, praecentor et elemosinarius, dicit 
omnia bene. 

' i.e. Chaplain of Ashfield receiving the " surplice fees " there, &c. 


Quod fiant inventaria non solum omnium bonorura monasterii 
sed etiam particularia inventaria pertinentium singulis officiis infra 
prioratum citra festum [ ]. 

Quod dimissiones non fiant firmarum vel maneriorum sine con- 
sensu confratrum vel senioris partis. 

Quod provideatur de infirmaria quamcito juxta facultates com- 
mode fieri poterit in loco saltem congruo pro infirmis. 

Priorattjs de Bromehill. 



DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Reynbekd sacrista omnia bene se liabent. [h] 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Blome nimium dicit familiar itatem esse [12] 
inter canonicos et laicos occasione cujus contempnuntur canonici. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Seward dicit quod subtrahuntur quinque 
solidi de stipendio singulorum concanonicorum in festo Annuntia- 
tionis Beatae Mariee ultimo elapso debito. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Fuller dicit quod solebant habere scissorem [i4] 
Anglice a werdroper infra prioratum pro vestibus confratrum. 

Item fiunt dimissiones per priorem inconsultis confratribus. 

Item laicus gerit officium camerarii in prsejudicium domus. 

Frater Thomas Somerton dicit quoad salarium subtractum C^^] 
ut supra. 

Simon Fisher concordat cum priore examinato quoad salarium. [16] 

Frater Reginaldus Takon dicit quod omnia bene. [17] 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS Baelow prior examinatus de statu domus (fol. iOb.) 
vita moribus ac conversatione concanonicorum et confratrum aliisque 
articulis in hac parte solitis dicit quod omnia bene se habent. 

CAMD. soc. 2 I 




No regular 
An annuity 
granted to M 


The chnrch 


DOMENUS Edmundus Bannyard dicit quod concanonicis 
infirrais non debite ministratur nee liabent infirmariam. 

DoMiNUS .Johannes Wetebred dicit quod non liabent certum 
confessorem deputatum sed unus alteri confitetur. 

Dicit prioratum obligatum esse Magistro Redmayn pro decern 
libris annuis nomine pensionis. Et prior nullos posuit fidejussores 
pro indempnitate prioratus loci secundum suam promissionem. 

DOMINUS ElCARDUS Mason idem conqueritur de pensione ut 

Dicit navem ecclesias esse ruinosam. Dicit quod non liabent 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Brecles non servatur silentium in dor- 


Quod quamprimum deputetur unus 
confessiones audiendas. 

confessor per priorem ad 

Thetford Canonicortjm, XVIII Jtjlii, 1526. 

ality of the 
canons com- 
plained of. 

DoMiNus Johannes Thetford, prior, dicit quod canonici 
servientes curis ecclesiarum in diebus dominicis et principalibus festis 
tarn diu moram faciunt in villa quod non accedunt ad supremara 
missam in prior atu, et in principalibus festis. Ex prsetextu non 
fiunt debite in prloratu. 

Baxter et Ivey detinent canonicos diebus festis. 



DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS BuEGES est proprietarius quia recusat [2] 

revelare priori juxta regulam etc. 

DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS Skitt dicit quod potus aliquando non est The [3] 

, , . • 1 1 • i i • beer is sweet 

salubris quia dulcis et tenuis. ^^^^ ^^^^ 

DoMPNUS Thomas Herd dicit quod status domus non ostenditur [-t] 


DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Bernham dicit omnia bene. t^1 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Brydges dicit omnia bene. t^^ 




DoMiNA Sara Frost, priorissa 
DoMiNA Elisabeth 0th, suppriorissa 
DoMiNA Margeria Legate, praecentrix 
DoMiNA Ursula Geryes, celeraria 
DoMiNA Dorothea Smyth, refectuaria 
DoMiNA Emma Gardener 
Conceditur corrodium cuidara Foster. 
Non habent eruditricem. 
Domina Rosa Reve \ 

DoMiNA Agnes Mason ^ovitiae. 

DoMiNA Alicia Wodgate I 
DoMiNA Katerena Hasty / 

Domina Elianora Hanam raonialis professa in Wike. 
Et facta singularum examinatione dominus dissolvit visitationera 
suam ibidem. 

Names of the 
prioress and 
ten nuns. 



ErssHWORTH Collegium, xx Julii, 1526. 

(fol. 41 b.) 
Aut admit- 
tatnr vel 


The schoolboys 
neglected and 
allowed to 
keep sheep. 

The statutes 

and are not 
read publicly. 

The boys not 
elected by the 
Two fellow- 
ships vacant, 
and not filled 

(fol. 42.) [4] 

DoMPNUs Johannes Purpet, custos collegii ibidem, dicit 
quod carent socio de numero confratrum et per annum vacavit 
et DoMPNUS Thomas Stephanus unus capellanorum nondum 
est admissus in confratrem quia non finitur annus probationis. 

DoMPNus Thomas Barnysdale senescallus collegii dicit quod 
vacant duae societates in collegio. 

DoMPNUS EoBERTUS LoK capellanus et socius, unus capellanorum 
Dominae Annse Scrope, dicit quod pueri in collegio non continue 
aluntur sumptibus collegii sed custodiunt pecora parentum non- 

Dicit quod compotus annuatim ostendatur confratribus sed 
quantum superest, deductis omnibus, hoc penitus ignorant con- 
fratres nee ostenditur illis. 

Dicit quod requiritur de statutis Dominae Annas Scrope singulos 
puerorum suorum habere debere togam annuam sumptibus collegii 
et non observatur. Elemosina non largitur prout requirit fundatio 
statutis diebus. 

Pueri Dominae Annae Scropp non recipiunt in obitu suo annuo 
secundum quod fundatio requirit videlicet singuli eorum iid. 

Ordinationes sive statuta Dominae Annse Scropp non leguntur 
coram confratribus semel in anno juxta ordinationes et voluntatem 
dictae Annae. 

Panis minus salubris ministratur confratribus. 

Pueri Dominae Scrope non eliguntur a confratribus juxta statuta 
sed assumuntur per custodem. 

Dicit quod vacavit locus duorum confratrum sive societas duorum 
capellanorum juxta fundationem a tempore ultimse visitationis et 
ante praeterquam quod a festo Michaelis ultimo, [sic] 

DoMPNUS T. Stephanus erat receptus nondum admissus. 

DoMPNUs Johannes Ceoftes confrater et socius collegii admissus 



per bienniura elapsum dicit quod tempore adraisslonis suee in con- Fiat injunctio 
fratrum collegii dumtaxat erant duo confratres collegii ubi requiritur Jg^^com-^** 
de fundatione collegii quod sex proficerentur. potum omnium 

Dicit preeterea quod tantum tres pueri Dominse Annse Scrope bonornm col- 
inveniuntur juxta statuta quibus cavetur vii exhibendos sumptibus j^^^^^"J^jf 
collegii. SanctfE Crucis 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS FissHER admissus in confratrem die P^^'^™^- [•''1 
Veneris proxime post Dominicam in Albis ultimam prseteritam,* 
dicit quod tempore admissionis sute erant tres confratres in dicto 

Dicit quod per totum biennium post recessum Domini T. Great laxity. 
AwNGER erant dumtaxat duo confratres admissi in eodem collegio. 

Dicit etiam quod requiritur ex fundatione Dominse Annee 
Scroppe exhibendos fere vii pueros sumptibus collegia et exbi- 
bentur nunc nisi tres juxta fundationem.*' 

Convocatis magistro et confratribus, dominus interrogavit custodem 
an aliquam causam rationabilem poterit allegare quare propter mani- 
festum perjurium etc. propter [The scribe breaks off abruptly.] 

DoMPNus Thomas Barnysdale } Confratres fatebantur et (fol.42b.) 

DoMPXUS EOBERTUS LoK i confessi sunt quod immediate 

post examinationem et inquisitionem super articulis per Dominum 
factis, IMagister Johanxes Purpet custos collegii misit pro eis et 
sciscitatus est ac interrogavit eosdem quid deposuissent contra eum. 

Dominus prorogavit et continuavit visitationem suani in dicto The bishop 
collegio usque iiii diem post festum Purificationis Beatse Mariae TiSafion. 
Yirginis proxlmum et quemcunque diem citra si necesse fuerit. 

* i.e. Friday after Low Sunday (Dominica in Albis). In 1526 this would fall on 
the 13th April. 

•> Juxta fundationem = on the foundation. 



An additional 



Injunctum est custodi quod conficiat verum et fidelem compo- 
tum de omnibus et singulis receptionibus et solutionibus factis et 
fiendis a festo Inventionis Sanctse Crucis ultimo praterito usque 
idem festum Inventionis proxime futurum et liujusmodi compotum 
exiiibeat eidem reverendo patri infra mensem proximum sequentem 
apud Hoxne, 

Item injunctum est quod citra festum Michaelis proximum exhibe- 
antur vii pueri continue juxta ordinationem Dominaa Annas Scrope 
in collegio residentes. 

Quod fiat elemosina debite juxta ordinationen praedictam maxime 
pauperibus inliabitantibus villam de Russheworth et pueris. 

Et subsequenter de consensu Magistri et sociorum admissus erat 
DoMPNUS Thomas Steven in confratrem collegii qui juravit de 
observando statuta et ordinationes ejusdem praestita obedientia 
magistro juxta statuta, etc. 

[Quarter-page blank.J 


(fol. 43.) Magister Rogerus Rawlyns magister, sive custos ibidem dicit 

quod non reddit compotum de receptis et solutis neque aliquem 
librum facit de hujusmodi. 
[2J DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS MARSHALL confrater dicti collegii ubi 

moram traxit per annum dicit quod non liabent cistam pro com- 
muui sigillo et munimentis juxta statuta collegii nee redditur 
compotus annuus de statu collegii. 
[3] DoMPNUS RiCAEDUS Ramme confrater et socius. 


Priorattjs de Bokenham, 24 Julh, 1526. 

Johannes Milgate peiok, examinatus de statu domus, vita (foi.43b.) 
moribus ac conversatione concanonicorum et confratrum ac aliis 
articulis in hac parte solitis. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Beverley supprior omnia bene. [2] 

DoMPNUS Richardus Norffolke omnia bene. [3] 

DoMPNUS Thomas Brown Sacrista omnia bene. [4] 

DoMPNUS EiCARDUS GooDMAN omnia bene. [5] 

DoMPNus Richardus Winter omnia bene. [6] 

DoMPNUS Thomas Benett omnia bene. [7] 


DoMPNUS Thomas Flixtoune novicius, dicit quod Johannes [9] 
Sampson serviens subtrahit a canonicis quae parantur pro eis et quod An insolent 
solet carpere et reprehendere canonicis et suscitat lites inter priorem 
et confratres suos. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Sharpyn novicius omnia bene dicit quod 
stipendiura noviciorum tam exile est quod non possunt novicii inde 
necessaria sibi providere quia singuli novicii recipiunt annuatim 
xiii s. iiii d. 

WiLLELMUS Harvt novicius conqueritur de Sampson ut supra. 

Thomas Reve novicius conqueritur de exilitate stipendii novici- 

Wtmondeham Abbey, xxvi Jtjlii, 1526. 

WiLLELMUS Castilten abbas, dicit quod Thomas Osmund est (foi. u.) 
rixarum suscitator et discordiarum seminator inter abbatem et con- 
fratres suos et cetera bene. 


[2] WiLLELMUS BuRY prior dicit Thomam Osmunde esse incor- 

rigibilem. dicit quod abbas et conventus de Langley subtrahunt a 

confratribus xxiiii solidos debitos eisdem nomine pensionarum. Et 

dicit quod monaclii non simul ingrediuntur dormitorium post com- 

[3] Johannes Richers dicit quod omnia reformantur per abbatem. 

[4] Johannes Harliston sacrista dicit quod omnia bene. 

[5] Thomas Thaxsted celerarius dicit quod Thomas Osmund est 

litigiosa persona et talis quam confratres suos reducere non possint, et 

velit ad discordiam [sic] . 
[6] Johannes Hengham conqueritur de pensione annua eis ab abbate 

et conventu de Langley debita et aretro solut per xxiiii annos. 
[7] Thomas Lynn, dicit quod omnia bene reformantur per abbatem. 

[8] RiCARDUS Cambrige conqueritur de pensione eis debita per 

abbatem et conventum de Langley. 
[9] Thomas Osmund dicit quod omnia bene. 

[10] RoBERTUS Colchestre dicit quod libri chorales non debite 

[11] Edwardus Saham diaconus conqueritur de reparatione librorum 

ut supra. 
[12] Johannes Wymondeham dicit quod novicii non habent instruc- 

torem ad illos erudiendos. 
pig-i Galfrtdus Snetesham dicit quod omnia bene reformantur per 



(fol. 44b.) Quod monaclii de cetero post completorium simul ingrediantur 

dormitorium, et mane simul egrediantur primo novissimum expec- 


Quod libri chorales quam primum commode poterunt debite 

Quod provideatur instructor ad novicios erudiendos et docendos. 

Westacre Priory, primo Atjgusti, 1526. 

Proposito verbo Dei per DoMiNUM Johannem Clerk canonicum 
ibidem sub hoc themate Ex Egipto vocavi filium meum. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Gyles dicit quod omnia tarn in spiritualibus 
quam in temporalibus juxta facultates donius fiunt et observantur. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Palmer dicit priorem habere officium celerarii 
et iste inquisitus de consensu confratrum deputatur sibi in subsidium 
illius officii infra tamen ssepta prioratus. 

Dicit quod opus est supervisore alio extra ssepta prioratus 
experto et idoneo in munimentis cartis et evidentiis donius pro jure 

Arreragia domus non computantur annuatim. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Barbour dicit quod vestimenta in [3] 
ecclesia et ornamenta egent reformatione. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Clerk magister noviciorum dicit quod non t*J 
providetur infirmis sufficienter, neque habent locum pro infirmis 
deputatum et ministratur infirmis sicut sanis, neque infirmi habent 
linthiamina et cetera ad lectum pertinentia pro infirmis necessaria. 

Statuta papalia non leguntur ut solent in capitulo quotidie. 

Antiquus numerus canonicorum non observatur cujus praetextu 
cultus divinus diminuitur et non sufficiunt praesentes ad supportan- 
dum onus de necessario et ex injuncto, &c. 

Studentes non spatiuntur nee habent recreationes consuetas ad (fol, 45.) 
ingeniorum acumen et consolationem. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Cardon dicit quod nihil novit reformatione t'^J 
vel corrcctione dignum. 



[6] WiLLELMUS Stoetwaite novicius Concordat. 

[7] Walterus Forby alias Symond concordat. 

[8] WiLLELMUS KiRBY dicit suppiiorem in novicios magis severum 

quam in reliquos confratres cum deliquerint. 

[Erased : — D. Jo. Barbour, commisit crimen sod : cum puero 

masculo et deprehensus erat in delicto per seculares et sepius fuit 

detectus super hujusmodi crimine.] 

The sub-prior Supprior dispensat fragmenta conviviorum non in usus pauperum 

comp ai o . ^^j ^^ libitum inter familiares sibi, maxime uxori Waseney et 

Isabellae Seuster quam prior nuper exclusit. 

Silentium non observatur, maxime a suppriore. 
[9] Johannes Thoey novicius dicit quod non debite ministratur 

infirmis. Et quod DoMPNUS Johannes Barbour notatur super 
crimine ut prsemittitur. 

[101 DOMPNUS RiCAEDUS HarTELEY ) t-,. , . , 

^ ^ ,_ > Dicuni quod omnia bene. 


(fo].45b.)[i2] DoMPNUS RiCARDUS AuNGER supprior dicit quod omnia bene. 

[13] DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Peper dicit quod non debite necessaria 

ministrantur infirmis. 
[14] DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS IiIayner dicit Omnia in bono statu, 
n^i DoMPNUS W. Wyngfeld prior concordat. 
Domus oneratur in C libris. 


Quod provideatur quam cito commode fieri poterit de lectis et 
aliis necessariis pro infirmis confratribus, et quod cibaria salubria 
ministrentur eis tempore infirmitatis. 

Quod supprior non magis uni quam alteri faveat in correctionibus 
faciendis sed juxta delictorum qualitatem delinquentes puniat. 

Quod statuta papalia legantur in capitulo more solito. 


Quod elemosinaa de fragmentis fiant pauperibus et non aliis. 
Quod lectiones sophisticae et philosophicaj fiant ut solent ab 

[Here follows, as if it were supplementary] : — 

DoMPNUS Johannes Haw moram faciens juxta pontem Mag- Lutheranus. 

Pentney Priorattjs, Jovis secundo Atjgusti. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS CoDDE, prior ibidem, dicit quod omnia tarn (fol. 46.) 
in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus debite fiunt juxta facultates prior and nine 
domus. . ^^°«°^- 

DoMPNUS RiCARDUS Watton prsBsidens capituli dicit quod prior 
est industrius et utilis monasterio. 

Dompnus Johannes Bachyn \ 

DoMPNUs Johannes Orwell ( 

Dompnus Ricardus Lynne ^^<^"^^ ^^^^ «^^"^^ ^^''^■ 

Dompnus Christoferus Cutherow i 

Thomas Litle \ 

Ricardus Bowgeon 

-r. T5. „^ I Fratres novicii. 

Robertus Bilmy I 

Johannes Smyth / 


Dompnus Johannes Mathew prior dicit quod compotus non 
redditur annuatim de statu domus. 


[2] DoMPNUS Johannes Nightinghale supprior dicit quod prior 

non reddit compotum annuatim nee erat ibidem usitatum reddere 

compotum per XL annos de notitia istius examinanti. 

[3] DoMPNUs Johannes G-reye "^ d u ^ • 1 t-.- ^ j 

^ ^^ „ I rresbyteri Dicunt quod omnia 

[4] DoMPNUs Heneicus Salter J 1 

[5] DoMPNUS Kobertus Porter diaconus ) 


Quod compotus fiat annuus de receptis et solutis et exhibeatur 
ac legatur coram senioribus dicti domus. 

Quod augmentetur numerus canonicorum. 

Quod provideatur prseceptor idoneus ad confratres et novicio8 

Walsingham Priory, xi Atjgusti, 1526. 

(fol. 47.) DoMPNUS Edmundus Warham dicit quod juniores confratres 

absentant se a matutinis. 

Iteon dicit quod non habent prseceptorem ad docendum et instru- 
endura confratres. 
[2] DoMPNUs Johannes Walsingham ^ 

alias Dixe praecentor 

[4] DoMPNus Johannes Ailesham 
custos capellae beatse Marise 

^ Dicunt quod omnia bene. 



DoMPNUS Thomas Wellis sacrista dicit potum et panem, culpa [5] 
servientium, malum et insalubrem. 

DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS Cambrige capellanus prions. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Wylfy dicit quod juniores non habent 
prseceptorem ad eos erudiendos, 

DoMPNUs Johannes Clenchewarton celerarius, dicit quod non 
habent confratrem scholarem studentem in universitate ut sclent, Neglect of 
et juniores confratres non habent magistrum ad instruendos eos in 

DoMPNUS NiCHOLAUS Myleham subcelerarius, dicit quod omnia 
bene et laudabiliter fiunt tarn in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus. 

DoMPNUS Robertus Sall elemosinarius, dicit quod non exhibetur 

DoMPNUS Simon Ovey concordat et dicit quod supprior est par- 
tialis in corrigendo. 

DoMPNUS Willelmus Castelacre, subcustos capellae beatse 
Marise, dicit quod omnia bene fiunt. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Harlow conqueritur de severitate sup- ThJgJij.prior 
prioris qui post correctiones factas solet referre crimina domino complained of , 

Item plus favet senioribus quam junioribus. 

DoMPNUS Ricardus Garnett dicit quod non exhibetur scho 
laris confrater studens in universitate cum olim duo solebant exhi- 
beri istius domus. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Lampley dicit quod non habent praecep 
torem ad erudiendos juniores. 








(fol. 47 b.) 

No scholars at 


Thomas Ufford 
Edwardus Dale 
Johannes Watson xxx annorum in 

habitu per medietatem anni. 
Johannes Karre 
Thomas Wright 
Willelmus Burward 

Novicii non professi. 





Thf Visitation of Stoke College. 

[The four or five weeks which passed after the 12th July, 1526^ 
must have been a very anxious time for Bishop Nikke. He was 
at this time considerably past seventy years old, and had been 
Bishop of Norwich for more than twenty-five years. Cardinal 
Wolsey was almost at the zenith of his power. The project of the 
divorce of the king had hardly been whispered about; except 
among a very small number of such as were in the secret it was 
not even suspected. The Bishop ahnost certainly knew nothing 
about It; yet here was the Cardinal audaciously attempting to 
deprive the Queen of one of her most valuable pieces of preferment, 
and the very existence of the great College of Stoke seriously 
threatened. Having decided on his course, the Bishop evidently 
carried out his visitation with unusual thoroughness and care, 
and he appears to have remained at Stoke till the 15th or 16th of 
the month. Having drawn up his injunctions he proceeded to 
deal with the master of the College, Dr. Green. Green had shown 
himself an unprincipled rogue ready to sell himself and the College 
for what he could get; it would be a point gained if such a man 
were placed upon his defence and the Bishop's authority vindicated. 
Dr. Green had not only taken no notice of the Bishop''s citation 
but had done his best to incite the other Incumbents of the College 
to follow his example; thereupon the Bishop, before leaving the 
college, issued his mandate calling upon Green to appear before him 
at Norwich on the 20th August, there to explain his contumacy. 
After this the visitation proceeded in due course. We can trace 
the Bishop^s movements pretty clearly till the 11th August when 
he arrived at Walsingham. The Colloquies of Erasmus had been 
published about two years before, and the famous relation of the 
great scholar's pilgrimage to Walsingham had already been in the 
hands of the learned for some time. Erasmus had been at Walsing- 
ham in 1511, and many of the inmates of the Priory must have 


remembered his visit. It is tantalizing to have a mere fragment of 
the Report of Bishop Nikke's Visitation of Walsinghain — probably 
the last episcopal visitation which was ever made. 

Meanwhile Wolsey's messenger "oon John Stacy," clearly a 
Norwich man, living in St. Stephen's parish, had waited at 
Norwich to deliver the CardinaFs letter. The man not improbably 
had received false information, but finding that the Bishop did not 
return to the Palace he started in search of him. Unluckily ten 
days had been lost, and the Cardinal's missive was not delivered 
till the 21st July at Thompson College. Bishop Nikke imme- 
diately wrote the reply which follows, and a very wary reply it is. 
There was little or nothing that Wolsey could learn from it. By 
this time, we may be sure, the Queen and her advisers had made 
the most of their opportunity, and, as the event proved, they had 
succeeded in saving the College from suppression. When the 20th 
August arrived, John Kiel put in an appearance, produced the 
original letter of Dr. Green, and the sentence which follows was 
pronounced. At this point we are left in the dark.] 


Bishop Nikke's Letter to Cardinal Wolsey. 

Pleasith it your grace tundrestand moneth of 

Julie at V of the clok after non moost honourabill 

lettres by oon John Stacy in the parissh of Saynct 

Stephan bering date the secund day of ... . 

Julie concernyng your pleasour for the visitation of the .... 

of Stoke Clare where I had been visited the xij day 

of this said moneth before the Receit of your said lettres. So that 
I coude not accomplissh the pleasour of your grace in that behalue. 
Notwithstanding inasmoche as I had knowlege sone after 1 came 
to the said Collage that your grace had prefixid the first day of 
Auo-ust next ensuyng to visite by your commissaries the saide 
Collage I did noo thing there but that youre said commissaries 


may at their comyng reforme and oi'dre as tliey shall seme best. 

The bokes of statutes haue been aforetyme rasid, cancellid, and 
interlined in such wise that it hath caused grete variaunce and 
onquietnes betwix the Dean and chanons ther, and as yet not 
perfightly refourmed and redressid, which bokes as I am infourmed 
remayne at this tyme with Maister Doctor Alayn, oon of your said 
commissaries. In reformacion wherof both your grace and com- 
missaries shall not oonly do a meritorious and graceous dede but 
also thereby cause great quietnes in the said Collage in tyme 

comyng as knoweth God, &c. At the xxii day of Julie 


(foi. 38 b.) Magister Thomas Whitehed j Fatentur se interfuisse et 

oimGieln!^ Magister Robertus Fabian vidisse quando mandatarius 

Magister Johannes Keall 1 dicti reverendi patris tradidit 
Magistro Willelmo GtRENE decano ibidem parte pra^senti man- 
datum dicti reverendi patris sigillo suo sigillatuni ad subeundam 
visitationem suam et ad monendos omnes canonicos et confratres 
etc. virtute cujus mandati idem decanus monuit et citavit dictos 
Magistros T. Whitehed, Robertum Fabian, Johannem 
Keyll ac Gilbertum Lathum tunc prsesentem ad subeundam 
visitationem etc. 

(fol. 30.) The Copie of the lettres sent from Maister Doctor Grene 

Dean of Stoke Collage deliverd and direct to Maister John Keall 
president and vicedeane of the saide collage. 

Dr. Green's Maister Keyll, I hartely commaunde me to you. And wher I 

fully purposed to have com doun at this tyme to my lordes visita- 
cioun of Norwiche this day I perfightly vnderstond that my lorde 
legattes grace wyll vysytt vs. And thervpon I have coramaunde- 
ment to sende doune this his monycion vnto the College to this 
entent that if my lord of Norwiche wold vysytt (accordyng to his 
prefixcion) that ye shold showe vnto hym this my lorde legattes 
mandatum dezyryng hym that he wyll be contented to gyve place 



for this tyme, And not to meddell. If he wyll not the Visitour 
mende is that yo shall nott ne non of the Coledge do no thynge sed 
vivere oportet in silentio (as ther wyll is) to suche tyme as they my 
lorde Commissionars come accordyng to his commaundement. 
Wherfor Mr. Keyll I pray you se that all thynges necessary be 
provyded ageynst ther cummynge. And that ye gyve commaunde- 
ment to euery man accordyng to this his precept. Thus for hast. 
Far the well in our iorde who preserve you. Sciibled this tuysday 
at Powlls by your owne 

William GtRene, Preist. 

I pray you recomend me to Maister Whighthed and Fabian 
and also to Maister Norice. And show to hym that I haue 
spokyn with Maister Chetcheley and he hathe put the matter to 
me. I to order it. And he seith he wyll stond to ytt, what so 
euer I thynke right to be done. 

Facta erat coUatio istius copise cum litteris originalibus in prae- 
sentia reverendorum in Christo patrum. JoHANNiS LiDENSiS 
Episcopi, Johannis Abbatis Sancti Benedicti de Hulmo 
Magistri Nicholai Carr legum doctoris. 

[Endorsed.] To his right wellbeloued Maister Keyll at the (fol. 30 b.) 
Collage of Stoke be this delivered. 

Proceedings taken against the Dean of 
Stoke College. 

Constitutus personaliter Magister Johannes Keill certificavit (foi. 33.) John 
se vigore mandati sibi per dictum reverendum facti, peremptorie J^^t Jf^as^^ 
citasse Magistrum Willelmum Grene decanum ibidem in dome cited the Dean, 
capitulari, forte apprehensum,praesentibus Whitehed et Fabian, ad 
comparendum coram ipso reverendo patrc istis die et loco et ad 
effectum sibi in mandato commisso. Super quo fecit Gdcm cujus 

camd. SOC. 2 L 



virtu te certificavit decanum dedisss responsum infrascriptum. 1 
can not appere nor woll not appere, and ye were to blame and 
folis any of you tappere before my lorde, for I send you lettres to 
the contrary, 8fc. 

In capella palatii Norwici xx Augtjsti 1526, 
coram ipso reverendo patre, &c. 

The dean of 
Stoke College 

Cfol. 39.) 

In Dei nomine Amen. Nos Ricaedus &c. rite et legitime 
procedentes, Magistrum Willelmum Gkene sacree theologiae 
professorem decanum ecclesise collegiatae Sancti Johannis Baptistse 
de Stoke ad hos diem et locum legitime monitum et citatum, 
publice prasconisatum atque ex gratia expectatum et nullo modo 
comparere curantem, pronuntiamus contumacem et in poenam 
contumacise suee hujusmodi ipsum a celebratione divinorum suspen- 
dimus in hiis scriptis. Et decrevimus eum citandum fore ad 
comparendum coram nobis in capella manerii nostri de Hoxne die 
Veneris proxime post mediam dominicam xl dicturum causam quare 
ad graviora contra eum juxta juris exigentiam procedere non &c. 

In Dei nomine Amen. Nos Ricardus Dei gratia Norwi- 
CENSis Epi SCOPUS visitationem nostram ordinariam in ecclesia 
collegiata Sancti Johannis Baptistse de Stoke juxta Clare nostrarum 
dioecesis .... actualiter exercentes rite et legitime procedentes, 
Magistrum Willelmum Grene sacrse theologiae professorem 
decanum dictse ecclesise collegiatse ad subeundam visitationem 
nostram hujusmodi juxta juris exigentiam et pragteriti temporis 
morem legitime monitum prsemunitum et citatum de nostris moni- 
tionibus hujusmodi non parentem sed continuantem sese absentan- 
tem ac nos de et super executione mandati nostri sibi pro visitatione 
nostra hujusmodi in dicto collegio exercenda per nos directi, juxta 
formam dicti mandati rectificare non curantem .... pronuntiamus 



contumacem et inobedientem poenam suarura contumaciee et 
inobedientiae pro loco tempore sibi infligendam nobis reservantes 
et reservatas decernentes et per praesentes decrevimus eundem 
Magistrum Willelmum Grene decanum absentem, infra unum 
diem post reditum suum ad dictum collegium per te Magistrum 
JoHANNEM Keyll, viccm ipsius gerentera ac preesidentem istius 
collegii, citandum fore quod compareat coram nobis aut nostro in 
hac parte commissario in capella palatii nostri Norwici die lunae 
proximo post festum Assumptionis beatae Marias Virginis proxime 
futurum. Causam rationabilem, si quam pro se allegare possit, quare 
propter contumaciam et inobedientiam suas hujusmodi juxta 
sanctiones canonicas puniri non deberet dicturum ostensurum et 
allegaturum Mandamus ineuper tibi quod super executione istius 
nostri mandati nos vel commissarium nostrum hujusmodi die et 
loco prsedictis debite certifices personaliter vel authentice et ibidem 
sis ad recipiendas injunctiones nostras super compertis. 

Lecta scedula de mandato Domini organa voce Magistri 
Ed. Steward. 
Similiter pronunciavit Magistrum Gilbertum Lathum pras- 
bendarium contumacem, pcena reservata. 



Collegium de Metingham, xxiii Augtjsti, 1526. 

(fol. 48.) 

Plate sold. 

An old 

of the master. 

Convocatis magistro sive custode ac singulis confratribus in 
domo capitulari, propositoque verbo Dei et causa congregationis 
per MAGISTRUM Edmundum Steward exhibita statirn mandate 
dicti reverendi patris cum certificatorio et scedula nomina confra- 
trum continentibus, dominus examinavit eos singulatim prout 

Magister Ricardus Shelton magister sive custos ibidem, 
dicit quod statuta collegii continentur in quaterna pergameni non 
duplicata aut exemplificata vel transuta. 

Dicit quod vasa argentea pertinentia ad mensam custodis vende- 
bantur pro mutuo regio. 

DoMPNUs Ricardus Wyburgh capellanus et socius dicti col- 
legii, dicit quod in primo suo adventu et admissione solebant socii 
et confratres quotidie dicere bini et bini vigilias mortuorum. 

Dicit praeterea quod magister sive custos collegii tenet et habet 
superfluam familiam et otiosam et exponit sumptus excessivos et 
depauperat et se et collegium. 

Fiat injunctio quod duplicentur statuta infra annum. 

BuNGAYE Nunnery, xxiii Augusti, 1526, post 


Cfol. 49.) 
Names of the 
prioress and 
seven nuns. 

DoMiNA Maria Lovedat suppriorissa dicit quod omnia lauda- 
biliter fiunt in spritualibus et teraporalibus pro facultatibus domus. 
DoMiNA Cecilia Fastolf priorissa concordat. 


DoMiNA Elisabeth Bedingfeld 
DoMiNA Anna King 

DoMiNA Elisabeth Duke )■ Concordant. 

DoMiNA Elisabeth Notell 
DoMiNA Katerina Hubberd 
DoMiNA Maria Rowse novicia non professa. 
Convocatis priorissa et sororibus in domo capitulari xxv Augusti 
dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ordinariam. 

Flixton Prioratus, xxv Augusti, 1526. 

DoMiNA Margareta Punder dicit quod nihil de temporalibus (fol. 49 b.) 
aut parum novit quia vacat divinis obsequiis quae debite fiunt ut 

Domina Margareta Olton suppriorissa dicit quod claustrura [2] 
[et] refectuarium patiuntur ruinam in tegmine. 

[Priorissa habet ad reparandum quam cito poterit.] 

Domina Alicia Laxfeld dicit quod omnia bene. [3] 

Domina Agnes Assy 7 Dicunt quod omnia lauda- [4] 

Domina Margareta Rowse 3 biliter et industriose fiunt. [5] 

Domina Elisabeth Wright priorissa dicit quod nihil novit [6] 

correctione vel reformatione dignum. 

Et hiis finitis dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ordinariam 





A.D. 1532. 

Norwich Priory. 

[The document is evidently no more than a fragment, and defective at the 
beginning and the end.] 

(fol. 51.) 
Anno conse- 
crationis dicti 
patris xxxii 
incipiente vi 

Tertio die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo 
trigesimo secundo et regni regis Henrici octavi vicesimo quarto. 
Reverendus in Christo pater et dominus dominus Ricardus Dei 
et apostolicae sedis gratia Norwicensis Episcopus visitationem 
suam ordinariam in ecclesia sua cathedrali Sanctse Trinitatis Nor- 
wicensis inchoavit. Et ingressus domura capitularem, convocatis et 
prtesentibus priore et commonachis Dominus Ricardus Norwich 
monachus et confrater dictae ecclesise cathedralis verbum Dei sub 
hoc themate Estate perfecti sicut et Pater vester perfectus est 
(Mathei quinto) publice latino sermone proposuit. Quo finito, 
exclusis omnibus interesse non habentibus, venerabilis et religiosus 
in Christo pater Willelmus Castilten prior dictae ecclesise cathe- 


dralis mandatum dicti reverend! patris una cum certificatorio ejusdera 
sub sigillo communi ad causas ipsius prioratus, nomina et cognomina 
omnium et singulorum commonacliorum et confratrum ejusdcm, in 
quadam scedula eidem certificatorio annexa conscripta continente, 
eidem reverendo patri humiliter prsesentavit et exliibuit. Quibusper- 
lectis de mandato dicti reverendi patris per me Thomam Godsalve 
notariura publicum registrarium suum principalem lectoquo capitulo, 

quia plerique [ ] per magistrum MiLONEM Spenser 

utriusque juris doctorem ex prsecepto dicti reverendi patris [. . . 

. . .] Ipse reverendus pater [ ] voce prsefati Magistri 

MiLONis sententiam excommunicationis in omnes et singulos contra- 
venientes contentiose in hujusmodi capitulo publice coram dictis 
priore et conventu legi fecit prout in eadem continetur. Et deinde 
confratres examinavit prout sequitur. 

DoMPNUS Edmundus NoRWiCHE prior de Alby examinatus et(fol. 5lb.) 
inquisitus de statu prioratus dicit quod ignorat quia absens. ^ -■ 

Et quoad spiritualia et temporalia dicit quantum ipse novit omnia 
debite et commode fiunt juxta vires. 

Dicit tarn en quod supprior habet duos famulos, quia est supprior 
et sacrista, quibus officiis sufficienter potest deserviri per unicum 

Item dicit quod aliqui confratrum sunt singulares in vestibus Laxity in 
videlicet Dompnus Johannes Sall, Dompnus Nicholaus ''^'^^^' 
Attilburghe, et Dompnus Thomas Sall qui utitur calceis 
contra regulam. 

Fiat injunctio quod utantur strailes'^ more antique et non 
linthiaminibus uti jam faciunt omnes. 

» A coarse kind of sackcloth. The injunction refers to the sheets for the beds 
of the monks., not to their clothing. 



Item injungatur quod scolares exhibeantur in universitate juxta 


(fol. 52.) [3] 
The chapel of 
S. Anne and 
the Jesus 
chapel out of 

Two young 
monks give 

Too many dogs 
kept in the 

The buildings 
out of repair. 


DoMPNUS Andreas Tooke moram faciens in cella de Lenn, 
dicit quod omnia laudabiliter fiunt in spiritual ibus et temporalibus 
quantum ipse noverit. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Sall praecentor, inquisitus de statu domus 
refert se ad rationes et compotos, officium sacristae dicit retbrma- 
tione indigere quia ecclesia et capellae Sanctse Annas et nominis 
Ihesu patiuntur ruinam in tectura videlicet plumbo. 

Item dicit quod confratres non utuntur stragulis laneis sed 
linthiaminibus quia non possunt providere de stragulis. 

Item dicit quod non debite providetur pro infirmis custodiendis 
tempore infirraitatis. 

Item Dompnus Ricardus Norwiche et Dompnus Morton, 
scolares^ dedignantur ceteros confratres et seminatores discordiarum 
sunt inflati spiritu alti cordis, et indebitantur in universitate. 

Et cetera omnia laudabiliter fiunt. 

Dompnus Radulphus Sibbys infirmarius setatis lxii annorum 
dicit inquisitus quod nutritur excessus numerus canum in prioratu 
in detrimentum elemosinarum pauperum. 

Et ad alios singulos articulos de quibus inquisitus est respondet 
quod bene fiunt. 

Dompnus Nicholaus Attilburgh, prior cellee de Hoxne, 
dicit quod officium sacristas minus debite super videtur quia ecclesia 
dormitorium et aliae capellae infra ecclesiam patiuntur ruinam et 
deformitatem culpa ut credit malae supervisionis. 

Item dicit quod male providetur pro infirmis tempore infirmi- 

Item evidentiae cellarum remanent in cellis et non restitutae vel 


repositse In thesaurario infra prioratum juxta injunctioncs domini of the bishop 
in visitatione sua 1514. disregarded. 

Item evidentise officiorum remanent in custodia officiariorum et 
non thesaurario. 

Item officlarii et priores cellarum non rcddimt compotum do Records not 
jinihus temporibus suis contingentibus. ^ ^'^ ^ ^^ ' 

Item quando litterae patentes conceduntur non registrantur neque 
manumissiones nativoruni. 

DoMPNUs Walterus Cromer supprior, inquisitus et exami- [-f,] 

natus super singulis articulis, dicit quod nihil novit reformatione 
dignum . 

DoMP]s"US Stephanus Dersham, prior de Yarmouihe, dicit quod [7] 

Featres Willelmus London et Eicardus Lopham nuper moram persist in 

facientes in dicta cella de Yarmouth murmurant adversus dictum P^^>''"o 

priorem pro eo quod ille prior cos pro tempore morse suas apud 

Yarmouth voluit reformare frequentes taxillos et talos ac alios ludos 


7^em dicit quod juniores faciunt inter se conventicula murmur- (fol. 53.) 
ando contra alios conf'ratres et eos dedignando. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Sall infirmarius et unus poenitentiariorum, j. , 

inquisitus et examinatus dicit quod Dompnus Johannes Kirby, 
DoMPNUS Ricardus Undrewod, alias Lopham, et Dompnus Will- 
elmus London, necnon Dompnus Adam Sloley seminant discor- 
dias et lites inter conf'ratres et male gemunt adversus eos et 

confidunt in supportatione domini abbatis Sancti Albani" cui , . , 

... , . [. 'J partv in the 

scribunt litterasi in praejudicium ecclesiae et confratrum, suscitando monastery in 

brigas et sunt nimium verbosi immiscentes se in omnibus causis et ^gj'orm.^^ 

raateriis tanquam capitanei intendentes reformare et regere omnes 

praeter se. 

» This is Robert Bronde, or as he is usually called Robert Catton. Blomefield 
says he became Prior of Norwich in 1504; if so he was very young at the time. 
When Cardinal Wolsey was deprived of his preferments in 1529, Catton succeeded 
him as Abbot of St. Albans, and he appears to have become a creature of Cromwell's 
in the years that followed. 




The sacrist 

An idle set in 
the house. 



No scholar 
monks sent to 


The cathedral 


(fol. 64.) [15] 
The subsacrist 
unfit for his 

The obedien- 
tiaries have 
too large 
households in 
their official 

Item dicit quod sacrista fuit negligens in officio suo non super- 
videndo ea quae pertinent ad officium suum et habet deputatum 
satis etiam negligentem. 

Item juniores non vacant studio sed magis intendunt voluptati 
vigiliis et aliis rebus non decentibus. 

Item DoMPNUS Johannes Kieby, suspectus, conversatur cum 
multis cujus prsetextu infamia oritur in scandalum ecclesiee. 

DoMPNUS Thomas ]\Ioketon iiii prior et gardinarius, inquisitus 
et examinatus dicit infirmis confratribus, tempore infirmitatis eorun- 
dem hucusque male fuit provisum. 

DoMPNUS BoTULPHUS Parker, moram nunc faciens in cella de 
YarnemuthC;, dicit quod omnia bene quantum ille novit. 

DoMPNUs WiLLELMUS Thirkell dicit quod non exhibentur 
scholastici in universitate Oxoniensi prout fieri est solitum cujus 
occasione domus ibidem constructa et asdificata pro scholaribus de 
verisimili patietur ruinam. 

DoMPNus Thomas Leman camerarius et elemosinarius dicit quod 
omnia bene in quantum ipse novit. 

Henricus Manuell, magister Normanm 

mquisitus et 

examinatus dicit quod ecclesia catbedralis in multis locis patitur 
ruinam in tectura, in plumbo. 

DoMPNUs RiCARDUS NoRWiCHE scholaris tertius prior et pieten- 
tiarius, dicit quod omnia reformantur. 

DoMPNUS Kobertus Stanton capellanus prioris, dicit quod 
DoMPNUS Adam Sloley quintus prior subsacrista est levis et 
remissus inter junioies cum quibus nimis est familiaris et vanas 
habet vigilias et communicationes cujus prsetextu tardius accedunt 
juniores ad divina officia, et subtrahuntur tempore jocalia et lapides 
pretiosi e vestiaria. Et credit ilium indignum hujusmodi officiis. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Sall prsecentor raro accedit ad chorum 
in malum exemplum ceterorum. 

Et sunt infra praecinctum prioratus plures perhendinantes in 
domibus pertinentibus officiariis quam solent. 


DoMPNUS Thomas Sall multum absentat se a divinis officiis et The precentor 
habet loca et domos quae frequentat pro artibus suis exercendis curious arts, 
cujus preetextii oritur infamia et scandalum per accedentes ad 
hujusmodi loca. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS NoTTELL inquisitus dicit quod scholares [i6] 
non exhibentur more solito. 

Item conqueritur de terris subtractis per ipsum reverendum The bishop 
patrem videlicet Lollardes, Pittes, the lymeUlne et certum reddi- *<* ^ blamed- 
turn pertinentera priori de Hoxne et cellerario. 

DoMPNUs Johannes King fatur quod propter inobedientiam est [17] 

Dicit quod DoMPNUS JoHANNES Sall prascentor habet pulvinar a silken 
pertinens sumrao altari de serico . ^^^^ ^^ 

DoMPNUS Johannes KiRBY succen tor dicit quod scholares non [is j church, 
exhibentur et cetera omnia bene. 

DoMPNUS Willelmtts London dicit quod infirmis minus euffi- [19] 
cienter providetur tempore infirmitatis. 

Item scholares non exhibentur juxta ordinationem factam per 
abbatem Sancti Albani nuper priorem dictee ecclesiee." 

DoMPNUS RiCARDUS Undrewod alias Lopham dicit quod infirmis [20] 
minus sufficienter providetur. 

IteiJi scholares non exhibentur. 

DoMPNUS Franciscus Yaxley subcellerarius dicit quod turris [21 ] 
juxta stabulum Magistri Townesend est deformis et ruinosus culpa 

Item dicit quod Dompnus Willelmus Gardener moram faciens 
in cella de Lenn oneratur multum asre alieno. 

Dompnus Willelmus Harridaunce cellerarius, inquisitus dicit (foi. 55.) 
quod juniores confratres nimia libertate gaudent. t^^J 

Dompnus Adam Sloley quintus prior et subsacrista inquisitus [23J 
conqueritur de scholaribus non exhibitis more solito in universitate. 

Dompnus Franciscus Norwiche dicit quod omnia bene. j-24] 

• See note at No. 8. 




The fifth prioi\ 
Sloley, shows 
a bad example. 

The precentor 
deprived of 
his private 


(fol. 55 b.) 



The Priory is 
in debt. 

DoMPNus Johannes Wellis concordat. 

DoMPNUs Johannes Elmeham dicit quod quintus prior est 
partialis et favet Domino Willelmo London, Domino W. 
Mynting, Domino Johanni Toller, cum quibus niinia utitur 
familiaritate nee observat silentium sed fabulatur cum eis in 
vestiaria. Et negligens est in officio subsacristae et tarde pulsat 
ad matutinas aliquando hora secunda vel iii post mediam noctem, 

Praecentori subtrahitur camera non injuria quia ibidem junioies 
congregati conterunt tempus et fabulantur. Et praecentor raro 
accedit ad divina officia neque frequentat refectuarium unquam. 

Item DoMPNUS Willelmus London est indebitatus multis 
et omnino indoctus. Anno superior! erat apud Yarmuth. 

DoMPNUs Willelmus Wodhowse accolitus, dicit quod male 
providetur infirinis tempore infinnitatis. 

DoMPNUS Willelmus Mynting, in ordine diaconatus con- 
stitutus, dicit quod omnia laudabiliter fiunt in spiritualibus et 

DoMPNUs RoBERTUs Smyth, accolitus, concordat. 

DoMPNUS RiCAKDUS Wtkham, presbyter, concordat. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS Catton magister Normannorum con- 

DoMPNUS Willelmus Castelten prior ecclesiee cathedralis 
exhibuit statum domus per quern liquebat quod erant indebitati in 
C marcis, videlicet Augustino Steward L marcis et Domino Episcopo 
L marcis, in pecuniis mutuatis 

Dominus ex certis causis ipsum moventibus continuavit visita- 
tionera suam ordinariam in dicta ecclesia cathedrali usque diem 
Martis proximo post festumi Sancti Ceddse Episcopi proximo 



DoMPNUS Walterus Cromer supprior et sacrista habet duos (fol. 5G.) 
famulos et sufficit unus pro utroque officio. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Sall utitur calceis contra regulam. 

Commonachi non cubant in stragulis sed lintbiaminibus. 

Scliolares non exhibentur in universitate prout solebant. 

Ecclesia capella Sanctje Annte & capella Nominis Ihesu patiuntur 
ruiiiam in tectura videlicet plumbo, culpa sacristse. 

J\Iinus debite providetur pro infirrais. 

Domini Eicardus Norwiche et Thomas Morton, scliolares, 
ceteros contempnunt et vilipenduut seminantque discordias. 

Alitur excessus canum in prioratu in detrimentum elemosinarum. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Sall inlirmarius, habens jocalia pertinentia (fol- ^6 b.) 
liuju£modi officio impignorat multa sine consensu confratrum. 

Evidentise cellarum remanent in cellis et non reponuntur vel 
restituuntur thesaurario juxta injunctiones domini prius factas. 

Item evident! 96 officiariorum remanent in manibus eorum et non 
in thesaurario. 

Officiarii non reddunt compotum de finibus terrarum temporibus 
suis contingentibus. 

Domini Willelmus London, Ricardus Lopham, Adam Sloley 
seminant discordias. 

Juniores non vacant studio. 

DoMPNUS Johannes Kirby suspecte conversatur cum multis in 
scandalum ecclesise. 

DoMPNUs Johannes Sall raro accedit ad divina. 

DoMPNUS Adam Sloley quintus prior est levis et nimium famili- 
aris cum junioribus monachis cum quibus habet confabulationes et 



DoMPNUs Thomas Sall habet domos diversas pro artibus suis 
cujus pi-aetextu oritur scandalum et infamia prsetextu accessus ad 
eadem loca. 

[The comperta break off at this point abruptly. They are 
evidently incomplete.] 

Collegium de Campis in Norwico, vii Junii, 1532. 

(fol. 57.) 




praebenda- [3] 








capellauo- [9] 





Magister Milo Spenceb utriusque juris doctor. 

Magister Willelmus Newton. 

Magister Edmundus Steward decretorum doctor. 

Magister Willelmus Hedge. 

Magister Thomas Cappe decretorum doctor. 

Magister Thomas Pellis legum doctor. 

Magister Ricardus Tailour. 

DoMmus Rigaedus Wheiteley senescallus. 

DoMiNUS Adam Hamond succentor. 

DoMiNDS Thomas Cheveler. 

DoMiNus Georgius North. 


Dominus Ricardus Wheiteley senescallus dicit quod redditus 
et proventus dictee ecclesise coUegiatee non sufficiunt ad onera et 
expensas domus. Et cetera bene quantum pro facultatibus collegii. 

Dominus Adam Hamond succentor chori, dicit tam spiritualia 
quam temporalia ejusdem collegii debite fiunt et ministrantur juxta 
vires possessionum ejusdem collegii. 

Dominus Thomas Cheveler concoidat, 

Dominus Robertus Hall capellanus concordat. 

Qua examinatione finita dominus decrevit visitationem suam 
ibidem dissolvendam. 



JuNii, 1532. 

Exliibito mandate cum certificatorio in domo capitu'lari dicti (fol. 57 b.) 
hospitalis, prseconisatis et comparentibus magistro et sociis, dominus 
examinavit eos ut sequitur. 

Dominus Willelmus Hekker confrater dicti ho&pitalis dicit [i] 
se nihil scire quia multum abfuit. 

Dominus Kobertus Churche confrater dicit quod omnia [2] 
laudabiliter fiunt et observantur juxta fundationem. 

Dicit quod pistrinum patitur ruinam in tectura et magna camera The buildings 
supra parluram similiter cum sedificiis annexis. ^° fiecay. 

Dicit quod solebant habere prsecentorem in choro et nullum 
habent in prtesenti. 

Dominus Johannes Fts&her confrater, dicit quod pistrina (fol. 58.) 
patitur ruinam et qusedam ingens camera vel parlura similiter 
patitur ruinam nihil aliud scit deponere quia parum temporis est ex 
quo factus fuit confrater. 

Dominus Edwardus Osberne confrater, dicit quod pistrina General laxity 
patitur ruioam et magna parlura ?imiliter patitur ruinam. Et quod ""*^^ decay, 
sunt servientes in domo maritati, ut pincerna et pistor, et piitat 
illos non esse idoneos dicto hospitali. Et quod necesse est quod 
amoveantur. Prseterea dicit quod obitus Magister Johannes 
Smtthe observatur et Magister Hecker recepit pecuniam 
videlicet xxvi s. viii d. in festo Purificationis ultimo praeterito, 
et non erat solvenda usque ad festum Sancti Barnabae. Et nullus 
satisfecit confratribus pro observatione hujusmodi obitus. 



MiLONEM Spencer utriusque juris doctorem. 

In primo injunctum est magistro quod reparationes defectuum et 
ruinarum congrue fiant quam cito commode poterunt. 

Item quod provideatur de praecentore citra festum Michaelis 

Omnibus peractis dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

Status domus ignoratur usque ad tempus compoti. Oneratus 
erat et indebitatus Magester Hekker die obitus sui in vili. 
xvi s. iii d. 

Et dicunt confratres quod Magister Hekker ante mortem 
suam remisit totum sibi debitura ab eodem hospitali videlicet 
xxvii li. 

[Magister Hekker and Dom: Willelmus Hekker are clearly two 
different pers3ns.] 

In Hospitali Normannorum, viii Junii, 1532, coram 
Magistro Milone Spenser utriusque juris doc- 

(fol. 58 b.) Dominus Henricus Mancjell magister Norman nor u m. 


Margareta Dynn gardiana. 

Katerina Bekkham. Names of the 

Anna Benstye. ^'^ '^''="- 

Alicia Skynner. 
Agnes Lyon. 
Elizabeth Thymylthorpe. 
Johanna Botulphe. 
Alicia Nottell. 
Cecilia Qwarles. 
Margareta Elys. 

Dominus contimiavit visitationera dicti reverendi patris in dicto 
hospitali usque proximum regressum ad Norwicum. 

[Nunnery of CarrowJ decimo Junii. 

DoMiNA Isabella Wigan prior issa. pH^ess^and" 

DoMiNA Anna Marten infirmaria. twelve nuns. 

DoMiNA Margareta Steward suppriorissa. 
DoMiNA Katerlsta Jerves. 
DoMiNA Agnes Warner infirmaria. 
DoMENA Agnes Swanten sacrista. 
DoMiNA Anna London refectuaria. 
DoMiNA Johanna Botolf. 


DoMiNA Matilda Graby. 

DoMiNA Johanna Bound j 

DoMiNA Agnes Hamond > Non professae. 

Domina Cristl^a Browne 1 

camd. soc. 2 n 



[1] (fol. 59.) 

The nuns 
persist in 
wearing silk 
The younger 
nuns are 
addicted to 

(fol. 59 b.) [3] 
No screen 
between the 
naye and the 



The nuns do 
not wear their 
veils outside 
the nunnery. 

There is no 

DoMiNA Isabella Wigan priori ssa inquisita et examinata de 
statu domus et essentialibus religionis necnon de ^observatione regu- 
larum ordinis et de administratione spiritualium et temporalium ad 
dictum prioratum pertinentium. Dicit quod omnia debite fiunt et 
observantur juxta vires et facultate domus. 

DoMiNA Makgareta Steward suppriorissa dicit quod aliquse 
sororum utuntur cingulis sive zonis cericis usum hujusmodi com- 

Dicit quod erat ab antiquo observatum in dicta domo quod 
juniores moniales non habentes officia post meridiem singulis diebus 
in una camera ad hoc deputata, solebant una sedere supervisas per 
unam de senioribus. Et nunc per singulas cameras discurrunt. 

Item fiat injunctio suppriorissse quod semel dumtaxat in septi- 
mana vocet aliquas monialium extra chorum a completorio, et inter- 
dicatur suppriorissas ne sa3pius quam semel in hebdomoda licentiet 
aliquam sororem absentare se a choro tempore completorii. 

Domina Katerina Jervis tertia priorissa, dicit quod chorus 
non habet januas cujus prsetextu accessus fit a multis, et fieri potest 
ad moniales in choro. 

Domina Agnes Swanton sacrista dicit quod omnia debite 

Domina Anna London conqueritur de choro non clauso, cujus 
prsetextu licet laicis quotidie intueri moniales, cetera bene. 

Domina Johanna Botolpf dicit quod festum Reliquiarum 
non observatur apud eas in dominica prcut observatur in aliis 
locis, sed simpliciter fit in crastino octavarum Natlvitatis Beatse 

Item dicit quod moniales non habent facies velatas quando 
exeunt prioratum. 

Item dicit quod moniales nullam habent pensionem annuam. 

Item laici habent accessum et intuitum in chorum deficientibus 
januis sive ostiis 

Item presbyter dicens oflScia vespertina \ix auditur a sororibus 


existentibus in clioro, defectu lecturni pro libro presbyteri lectern 

in the 



DoMiNA Cecilia Suthefeld dicit quod moniales nullam per- [7] (fol. no.) 
cipiunt pensionem de proventu doraus et cetera bene fiunt. 

DoMiNA Matilda Gravell (sic) dicit quod moniales in [8] 
refectuario solebant, juxta regulara, habere unam de monialibus ad strictly 
serviendum ceteris in mensa, et nunc non habent et cetera bene. observed. 

Item dicit quod non celebrantur octavas Sancti Benedicti in 
eodem prioratu. 

The rule not 


Quod juniores moniales non liabentes officia una sedeant tempore 
pomeridiano in eadem camera ad hoc assignanda per priorissam, 
juxta morem prseteriti temporis. 

Item ne suppriorissa licentiet aut vocet aliquas monialium a chore 
tempore completorii, praterquam semel dumtaxat in hebdomada. 

Item quod citra festum Sancti Petri quod dicitur ad Yincula, fiat 
clausura ne laici accessum habeant ad ostium occidentale chori. 

Item quod festum Reliquiarum de cetero observetur ut in aliis 
locis, videlicet dominica proxima post festum Translationis Sancti 
Thomse, et celebretur duplex festum. 

Item quod juxta morem antiquum priorissa provideat ut serviatur 
monialibus in refectuario per unam de monialibus. 


Priorattjs de Ingham, xii die mensis Jtinii, 


DOMINO Domino Eicardo Dei gratia Norwicensi 

(foi. fiOb.) Johannes Sate prior 


Johannes Tunsted vicarius de Ingham 

Johannes Haylesdon 

Christoferus Brumpsted 

nn DoMiNUS Johannes Sate prior, inquisitus et examinatus dicit 

essentialia religionia ac cetera concernentia religionem tam in 

spiritualibus quam in temporalibus debite fiunt et observantur juxta 

numerutn et facultates. 

[2] DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Bartoune examinatus et inquisitus dicit 

et concordat cum domino priore. 
[3] DoMiNUS Johannes Tundstec, qui servit curaj ecclesiae 

parochiali de Ingham, dicit quod nihil est quod indiget reforma- 
[4] Johannes Haylesdon examinatus dicit quod nihil est quod 

opus est reformatione. 
(fol. 6i.)[5] Christoferus Brumpsted dicit quod nihil scit dignuni 


Et quia nihil compertum est in ipso prioratu ex depositione 
prioris vel confratrum reformatione dignum dominus visitationem 
suam ibidem dissolvendam decrevit. 


Priorattjs de Htkeltnge. 

Tertio decimo die mensis J unii anno Domini millesimo quingen- 
tesimo xxxii coram reverendo in Christo patrc et domino Domino 
RiCARDO Dei gratia Norwicensi Episcopo in domo capitulari 

DoMiNUS EoBERTUS BuTTiLD prior ibidem exhibuit statum [l] 
domus et dicit quod omnia debite fiunt in prioratu juxta facilitates. 

DOMINUS RoBERTUS Wal SHAM supprior examinatus et in- [2] (fol. 61 b.) 
quisitus tam de prioie quam de confratribus ac de essentialibus reli- 
gionis divino cultu et servitio ac de ceteris spiritualibus et tempora- 
libus, dicit quod omnia debite observantur. 

DOMINUS RiCARDUS NoRWiCHE prsecentor, inquisitus de sin- [sj 
gulis articulis concernentibus observantiam religionis necnon ad- 
ministrationem spiritualium et temporalium ad dictum prioratura 
pertinentium concordat cum preeexaminato confratre. 

Gradus ascendentes extra clausam in aulam sunt deformes et triti Steps to the 
in periculum descendentium et ascend entium per illos gradus sive dangeroaa 
gressus. ^***®- 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Bastwik sacrista concordat. [4] 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Webster camerarius dicit quod omnia [5] 
debite fiunt. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Hickling diaconus examinatus et in- [6] (fol. 62.) 
quisitus dicit quod ministratur infirmis sicut sanis in cibis et non attendance in 
habent custodem tempore infirm itatis, nisi conductum expensis in- the infirma^ 
firmi. Bick. 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Aleyn diaconus inquisitus dicit con- [7] 
fratres infirmi conducunt custodem sumptibus suis et alia bene. 

Memorandum for cluhhes to he provided. 

Matheus Norwich ]...., • • j- ^^^ 

ROBERTUS RiKiNGGALE m jumonbus constituti, dicunt 19] 

Edmundus Gyslingham ) ^^°^ ^'""^^ ^^°^- tioj 


Dominus injunxit quod provideatur per priorem de sanis et salu- 
bribus victualibua pro infirmis confratribus tempore infirmitatis et 
etiam de custode pro infirmis sumptibus prioratus. 

Item quod gressus ascendentes in aulam reformentur citra festum 
Nativitatis proximum. 

Item quod provideat de fustibus ad defensionem prioratus. 

Et liiis peractis dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 


(fol. 62 b.) Quarto-decimo die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo quin- 

gentesimo tricesimo secundo coram reverendo in Christo patre 
RiCARDO Dei Gratia Norwicensi Episcopo et suae consecra- 
tionis anno xxxii. 

Reverendus in Christo pater et dominus Dominus Ricaedus Dei 
gratia Norwicensis Episcopus in visitatione sua ordinaria ad 
monasterium Sancti Benedicti de Hulmo personaliter accedens et pro- 
cessionaliter more consueto, honorifice receptus data benedictione, 
statim progressus est ad do mum capitularem dicti monasterii ubi con- 
gregatis abbate et conventu, aliisque nonnuUis praesentibus, Domi- 
nus RiCARDUS Barkewey sacrse theologiae baccalaureus common- 
achus dicti monasterii, accepta benedictione ab eodem reverendo patre 
verbum Dei publice sermone latino proposuit sub hoc themate. [ ] 
Quo finito exclusis s^cularibus et aliis interesse non habentibus 
venerabilis ac religiosus in Christo pater Magister Willelmus 
Reppis sacrae theologiae professor, abbas dicti monasterii, man- 
datum dicti reverendi patris pro visitatione sua subeunda, una 
cum certificatorio ejusdem, eidem reverendo patri hurailiter et cum 
ea qua decuit reverentia preesentavit et exhibuit. Quo certificatorio 
de mandato dicti reverendi patris perlecto praaconisatisque nominatim 
singulis commonachis et confratribus dicti monasterii et coram 
dicto reverendo patre convocatis, idem reverendus pater causam 


accessus sui ad hujusmodi monasterium, videlicet visitationis sudd 
ordinarise exercendse gratia, praefatis abbati et conventui declaravit (f^'- ^^-^ 
et publico intimavit. Eosdemque omnes et singulos juxta tenorem 
&c. districte monuit ne quid celarent quod noverint reformatione 
dignum et subsequenter idem reverendus pater, organa voce Magistri 
Milonis Spencer utriusque juris doctoris, quamdam schedulam in 
scriptis conceptam publice legit. Et deinde abbatem et confratres 
per ordinem examinavit prout sequitur. 

Magister Willelmus Reppis sacree theologise professor abbas 
dicti monasterii, inquisitus de statu ipsius monasterii necnon de 
singulis articulis inquiri consuetis exhibuit statum monasterii per The monastery 
quern liquebat monasterium indebitatum esse in * * * * et "* ^®^*- 
quantum ad religionem et ejus observantiam dicit quod omnia debite 
fiunt juxta facultates tam in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus. 

DoMiNus Willelmus Hoentnge camerarius dicit quod monas- [2] 
terium oneratur sere alieno prout in compoto domus plenius 

Item dicit quod Domini Eicaedus Norwtche et Ricaedus The march 
Beekewate utuntur lineis camesiis et iidem Ricaedus Noewyche ^ °^^^' 
et Ricaedus Beekewate utuntur calceis et non ocreis extra 
monasterium. Prseterea dicit quod manerium de Askeby patitur 

DoMiNUS Robeetus Sall refectuarius inquisitus dicit quod (fol.63b.) 
quidam Teyp, quondam frater nunc capellanus ssecularis, versatur a faithless 
in domo comedit dormit et bibit in monasterio quotidie. Praeterea ^^* ^'"• 
dicit quod prsecentor utitur camesia linea. 

DoMiNUS Willelmus Beccles magister cellerarum inquisitus [4] 
dicit quod superfluus numerus canum per quos elemosina distribuenda do^™*^^ 
pauperibus divoretur. 

Item dicit quod DoMiNUS RiCARDUS NoRWTCH, owte-rydeTj est 
negligens in reparando maneria dicti monasterii. 

Jtem dicit quod prior habet alia officia prseter officium priori?, 
et voluit quod prior non haberet plura officia nisi officium prions. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Scottowe prior inquisitus dicit quod officiarii [^] 



The prior 
excuses his 

laxity in the 

(fol. 64.) 

The third 
prior wholly 
given over to 


singuli solebant ofFerre compotum priori et per priorem domino 
abbati et per abbatem et seniores examinari^ et per eos neglectuin 
fuit anno praeterito. Dicit quod ipse utitur caligis et calceis de 
licentia abbatis ex eo quod aliquo morbo in tibiis laborabat. 

Item dicit quod multitudo canuin in domo divoret aescas quse 
Solent distribui inter pauperes. 

RoGERUS Rawworthe sacrista dicit quod negligentia prioris 
juniores monachi non observant silentium et alias ceremonias et 
vagantur extra septa monasterii. Et prior non surgit ad raatutinas 
et non accedit ad alia divina officia. Et in die Sanctorum Inno- 
centium non cantabatur alta missa, culpa et negligentia prioris. Et 
quod cubant pueri in dormitorio cum monachis. Et quod sunt 
quidam juniores monaclii qui nihil intelligunt grammaticae videlicet 


Dylham et DoMiNUS Thomas Honyng. Ac praecentor videlicet 
DoMiNus Thomas Ause non venit [ad] matutinas in nocte nee 
missam celebret semel in hebdomada. 

Item DoMDsrus Thomas Stenham iii prior non venit ad raatu- 
tinas in nocte sed vadet venatura incontinenter vel immediate, tarn 
in aestate quam in hieme, post matutinas. Et quod sit nimia 
numerus canum in domo qui devorent cibaria danda pauperibus. 
Et quod prior utitur camesia linea et calceis et non ocreis. Et 
etiam Ricardus Norwyche cellerarius abbatis ac Ricardtjs Barke- 
WAYE baccalaureus utuntur tam camesiis quam calceis. Et celle- 
rarius abbatis non reddet compotum coram senioribus semel in anno 
prout moris est. 

Item quod victualia non tribuuntur monachis prout consueverunt. 

DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUs NoRWYCHE supprior ac firmarius, inquisitus 
dicit quod prior habet duo officia et idem non venit ad matutinas. 
Et dicit quod Dominus Thomas Ause, Ricardus Barkeway, 


utuntur camesiis lineis, et Ricardus caligis. Et quod multitudo 



Some monks 



canum multum obest et deturpat domum. Et quod compotus 
abbatis non redditur semel in anno. 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Stratford subcentor, dicit quod Dominus (fol. 64 b.) [8] 
RiCARDUS MuLTON est rixosus in confratres praecipue tempore 
prandii et ccense. 

Item dicit quod DoMiNi WiLLELMUS Mtchelles, Ricardus 
Harrydance et Dominus Robertus Cambryge ac Johannes 
Dylham monachi vix possunt legere vel cantare. 

Item quod prascentor abfuit a matutinis a tempore Pascliatis ult". 

Item quod male providetur pro infirmis. 

Item redditus officiariorum non redditur ut solebat. 

Item quod RiCARDUS Multon sacrista subtrahit stipendia a 
commonachis videlicet xiid. pro exsequiis cujusdam Newton. 

Item DoMiNus Thomas Stonham tertius prior est communis 
venator, et alitur excessivus numerus canum, et perraro accedit ad 
matutinas videlicet per decern vel viii dies. Et seniores obligant 
juniores singulis diebus celebrare missam. 

Dominus Ricardus Berkewaye dicit quod Dominus 
Ricardus Multon sacrista est communis diffamator commona- 
chorum tempore prandii et coena. 

Item idem Multon subtrahit salarium commonachorum. 

Item erat quaedam domus in Norwico vendita per commonachos 
et ipse recepit totas pecunias sed an distribuerit in usum monasterii 
vel non dubitat. 

Item Dominus Nicholaus Norwyche pietantiarius subtraxit 
salarium monachorum quia ipse solvebat commonachis viii d. ubi 
alii solvebant xii d. vel xx d. 

Item seniores non veniunt absque aliquo impedimento ad matu- 
tinas. Et caeremonias regulae non observant videlicet ad pulsum cam- 
panaj ad primam in claustro. 

Item male providetur pro infirmis fratribus quod quidam TeOMAS 
Galfridus erat mortuus sine custodibus. 

Item Dominus Thomas Stonham solet exire solus ad venatum 
mane in aurora. Et sunt aliqui qui cajlebrant extra monasterium et 

camd. soc. 2 o 


irregularity in 
the house. 



(fol. 65.) 



The sacrist 
much at fault. 

The conduit 
into the 
cloister does 
not work. 

non cubant in monasterio. Et praecentor non dormit in dormitorio 
sed in domo matris suae. 

Item locus ubi solent commonachi purgare vel caccare non debite 
observatur vel purgatur culpa et negligentia Domini Ricardi 
Mult ON sacristEe. 

Item iste Dominus Berkewat utitur linea camisia de licentia 
Domini Johannis Salcote quondam abbatis istius mon- 

Dominus Johannes Harrydanoe dicit quod Ricardus 
Berkewat et Dominus Ricardus Norwyche utuntur camisiis 
lineis. Et sacrista non solvit stipendia. Et juniores subeant omnia 
onera ministrandi divina et seniores absentant se a choro. 

Dominus Ricardus Norwtche oivte-ryder, dicit quod omnia 

Dominus Thomas Hause praecentor, dicit quod vestimenta et 
ornamenta pertinentia ad ofEcium sacristse sunt detrita et male 
sarcita, culpa et negligentia sacristse. 

Item superfluus numerus canum esi in domo. 

Dominus Robertus Cambryge subsacrista, dicit quod vesti- 
menta et ornamenta indigent resarcione. Et sacrista est nimis tardus 
in solutione stipendiorum monachis. Et dicit quod commune sigil- 
lum est clausum in duabus cistis una magna et altera parva intus, 
magna cista habet duas claves et parva cista habet vii claves. Et 
conductus aquae claustri jam in prsesenti non currit in claustrum. 
Et cloaca communis non debite observatur, culpa sacristae. 

Dominus ex certis causis eum moventibus prorogavit visitationem 
suam ibidem usque festum Annuntiationis Beatse Marise Virginis 
proxime futurae. 


[Enquiry resumed. No date given.] 

DoMiNTJS Johannes Lammes petit licentiam se abscntandi (fol. 05b.) 
gratia sanitatis qui jam infirmus est. 

Item non debite supervidetur infirmis jacentibus in infirmaria. 

Item illi qui habent potestatem audiendi confessionem similiter 
habent potestatem corrigendi in capitulo. 

Item supprior renuit audire confessionem istius deponentis hu- 
militer implorantis ut audiret confessionem priore tunc temporis 
absente etc. 

Item DoMiNUS Thomas Stonham iii prior solet exire solus 
mane in aurora videlicet circiter iii vel iv hora venatum. 

Item DOMINUS NiCHOLAUS NorWYCHE cum pra^fuit officio irregularity 
pietantiarii solet dare monachis uno termino vi d. et viiid. alio ^oSkr^^pJ^^ 
termino. Et iste jam fungens eodem officio dat uno termino com- pocket-money 
monachis xvi d. et alio termino ii s. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Dylham quoad venationem et infirmorum [IR] 
custodian! concordat cum Domino Johanne Lammes. Et quod disorder and 
raissffi quas observare tenentur minime celebrantur. Et hoc negligence, 
prgetextu quod seniores conducunt juniores eorum locis celebrare 
qui sic conducti tenentur pro seipsis eodem die celebrare. Et 
quando celebrant non habent vinum congruum sed acetum. Et 
vestimenta patiuntur defectum culpa sacristse. Prior non venit ad 
matutinas ratione alieni negotii. Et tertius prior non venit ad 
matutinas sed ad venatum exiit. 

Dominus Willelmus Mychell dicit quod non debite minis- (fol. 66.) 
tratur infirmis quia dum ipse infirmus est non habet aliquid de *- 

DoMixus continuavit banc suam visitionem ordinariam usque 
primum diem mensis Martii proxime futuri. 


Summa totalis debitorum monasterii Sancti ) CCCCCC ii. xii 


Benedict! de Hulmo tempore visitationis 1532. J v d. ob. quart. 
[Three quarters of a page blank.] 

Prioeatus Sancti Olavi. 

(fol. 66 b.) Inquisitio facta per reverendum in Cliristo patrem EiCARDUM 

Dei gratia Norwicensem Episcopum die Martis xviii vide- 
licet die mensis Junii 1532. 
Names of the WiLLELMUS Dale prior prioratus praedicti 
pries'ts^.'"^ ^^' Johannes Make supprior 
Johannes Pygotte 
Henricus Westacre 
Johannes Castelacre 
Johannes Dale alias Massyngham 

Confratres et sacer- 
dotes professi. 

Johannes Make supprior inquisitus dicit quod omnia bene. 
Johannes Pygotte dicit quod omnia bene. 
Henricus Westacre dicit quod omnia bene. 
Johannes Castelacre concordat cum prsecontestibus suis. 
Et quia nihil est compertum reformatione dignum igitur dominus 
dissolvit visitationem suam. 

Prioratus de Blibtjrghe. xix Junii, 1532. 

(fol. 6r.) Dominus Johannes Rightonne prior ibidem dicit quod domus 

oneraturaere alienoin xxx ti. videlicet Domino Episcopo xii. et aliis 
in XX ti. 


Et quoad religionem dicit quod pro numero omnia debite obser- 

DoMiNus Johannes Baker inquisitus et examinatus nihil se C^l 
dicit scire reformatione dignum. 

DoMiNUS Edmundus Crowe canonicus examinatus et inquisitus [3] 

DoMENUS Robertus Hoye canonicus inquisitus ut supra con- [4] 

Et examinatione finita DoMiNUS dissolvit visitationem suam 

BuTLEY Priory, xxi Junh, 1532. 

Proposito verbo Dei in domo capitulari per religiosum in (fol. 67 b.) 
Christo patrem Eligium Ferhers sacree theologiae baccalaureum 
Abbatem monasterii de Wymondham sub hoc themate, Exite de 
medio Bahilo7iis vos qui fertis. * * * * Et deinde exhibito 
et perlecto certificatorio, exclusisque laicis et aliis interesse non 
habentibus^ comparentibus priore et canonicis dominus examinavit 
eos ut sequitur. 

Dominus Willelmus Wodbrige supprior inquisitus et ex- [i] 
aminatus de statu domus et essentialibus religionis dicit quod 
domus non oneratur aere alieno quantum ipse novit. Et quo ad 
essentialia religionis et ceteras observantias dicit quod omnia 
debite fiunt et ministrantur per priorem qui est politicus et circum • 
spectus ut dicit. 

Dominus Johannes Bawdresey prsecentor et sacrista inqui- |;2] 
situs et examinatus super singulis articulis concernentibus religionem ^°'^- ''j^-^ 
et ipsius observantiam. Dicit quod prior recipit omnia pertinentia at the 
ad singula officia infra prioratum. Dicit quod non cxhibetur ""^^'^"^^^y- 
scholaris in universitate. 



No doctor or 
surgeon pro- 
vided for. 

The prior 
holds all the 



The presbytery 
out of repair. 


The clerk of 

the church 





pewter mugs 
taken away 
by the Sub- 


A serving- 
man eats up 

DoMiNUS Johannes Norwiche tertius prior, examinatus et 
inqulsitus ut supra dicit quod ministratur infirmis sicut sanis et 
confratres non liabent medicum vel cirurgicum nisi conductum 
sumptibus infirmorum. 

Libri in choro non reficiuntur. 

Prior habet omnia officia in manibus suis videlicet recepta omnia 
pertinentia ad officia. 

Confratres transeunt pedestres pro ordinibus recipiendis in scan- 
dalum domus. 

Parcius ministratur et providetur de piscibus salsis quam solebat. 

Prior non reddit compotum annuatim juxta injunctiones domini. 

Presbyterium ecclesire patitur ruinam in tectura videlicet in 
plumbo et etiam in utroque porticu. 

DoMiNUS Jacobus Denyngton refectuarius dicit quod vinura 
cum quo conficiunt confratres est acre culpa providentis. 

Dicit quod clericus ecclesise est impeditus aliis negotiis sic quod 
non potest perficere et exercere officii sui debitum. 

Domus refectuarii est nimis frigida tempore prsesertim hieraali 
cujus preetextu fratres incidunt podagram et alias gelidas infirmi- 

Parce ministratur confratribus in refectuario tam in carnibus 
quam in piscibus. 

Item tempore xl^* panis nimium grossus et potus tenuis minis- 
trantur confratribus. 

Item quod certa vasa stagnea erant legata ad usum canonicorum 
segrotantium per DoMiNUM Willelmum Pakernan quae subtra- 
huntur per suppriorem. 

Item quod non reddebatur compotus status domus per tempus 
xxx annorum. 

Item quod juniores fratres quando itinerant ad sacros ordines 
recipiendos solent exire pedites et non equitare. 

Thomas Revers dicit quod non habent prseceptorem ad canoni- 
cos instruendos. 

Item non congrue deserviuntur canonicis in refectorio in tantum 


quod quidam puer afferens olera et absorbens ea nescitur quo laborat the vegetables 
^ , ^ ^ and suffers 

morbo. for it. 

Item non aliter providetur pro infirmis quam pro sanis confra- 

DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS OxBUEGH celleraiius inquisitus et ex- [6] 

aminatus dicit quod Dompnus Thomas AVodbrige acccssit ad or(kin°ed priest 

Norwicum et recepit ibidem sacramentum presbyteratus ordinis by fraud, 

sine licentia et notitia prioris et fabricavit litteras nomine prioris. The chapter 

Tectura domus capitularis est deformis videlicet in le seling. re°^fr.^°' °^ 

DOMIKUS RoBERTUS Chipenham, setatis xlvi annorum, dicit quod (fol. 69.) 

sacrista est prsecentor et per exercitium unius officii derogatur alteri '- -' 
nee sufficit ad utrumque officium debite peragendum. 

DoMiis^us Thomas Sitdbouene, prior dicti prioratus, produxit [g] 

et exhibuit compotum et statum domus pro anno finito ad festum The priors 

.,,.,,.., T , . . 1 1 X x' accounts are 

Sancti Michaehs Archangeli ultimo prsetento ante datam praesentium faulty. 

per quem compotum liquebat dictum priorem recessisse a compoto 

in superplusagio xlix. H ii s. ix d. Et super aliis articulis examinatus 

dicit quod omnia debite observantur. 

DoM INUS Thomas Gipswiche in ordine prcsbiteratus constitutus, [9] 
fatur quod ille scripsit litteras pro DoMiNO Thoma Wodbrige ad 
ordines recipiendos videlicet presbyteratus in septimana Penthecostes 

Cibaria minus salubria ministrantur aliquando in refectuario quia The food bad. 
comederunt carnes bovinas infectas et insanas. 

Confratres invicem murmurant et seepe fit inter eos detractio The tone of 
... • n • • i the house 

diffamatio et mvidia et quasi nulla caritas inter eos. worse. 

DoMiNUS Reginaldus Westerfeld inquisitus et examinatus (foi. 69b.) 
dicit quod nimis parce ministratur tam in refectuario quam in infir- [10] 
maria maxime infirmis, quibus tempore infirmitatis male provi- 
detur tam in cibariis quam in lectis. 

Item immunde servitur canonicis in refectuario. 



Memorandum. [Fiat injunctio pro loco congruo pro infirmis et pro custode et 
aliis necessariis.] 

Petit iste dispensationem a matutinas quia tali laborat infirmitate 
quod sine periculo non potest accedere ad matutinas. 

Memorandmn. [Injungatur quod de uno potu serviatur tarn priori quam confra- 
tribus quia serviens prioris melius servitur quam confratribus.] 

The servants 

served by the 

The sacrist 
much to 

(fol. 70.) 




Servientes prioris contempnunt confratres ac vilipendunt. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Wodbrige presbyter et subsacrista, dicit ser- 
vitur Boyton, Butley, Warmesden, Chesilford, Categrave et Capella 
[ ] per canonicos istius prioratus, sed deservitur Categrave 

per fratrem Augistiniensem de Orford. 

DoMiNus Johannes Debenham magister noviciorum dicit 
quod cellerarius non surgit ad matutinas et ejus culpa male servitur 
confratribus in 8esculent[ibus] quia pro majori parte absens est a 

Conqueritur de potu tenui quia eis ministratur sicut agricolis et 
prior et servientes sui bibunt de meliori potu. 

DOMINUS RoBERTUS Walton subdiaconus dicit 1 
quod omnia laudabiliter fiunt. 

Henkicus Denyngton accolitus professus, dicit 
quod novicii non habent stipendium. 

Thomas Hasketon accolitus professus concordat 
cum prseexaminato. Et dicit quod novicii non habent 
sufficientem apparatum. 

Henricus Wikeham accolitus professus dicit quod 
non habent vestes necessarias. 



Quod provideatur de magistro qui instruat novitios et pueros in 
cantu videlicet Priksong et grammatica. 

Quod exhibeatur unus canonicus de Gremio in universitate. 

Quod compotus annuus reddatur in capitulo coram iii vel iiii 
senioribus confratribus de singulis receptis et expositis. 

Quod sufficienter et salubriter provideatur sumptibus prioratus 
tarn de cibariis et potu pro infirmis confratribus quam de medico 
cirurgico et custode et assignetur locus pro infirmis idoneus. 

Quod solvat prior singulis noviciis viginti solidos pro apparatu 
juxta morem antiquum vel saltem sufficienter provideat de singulis 

Quod provideatur de equis et unico servo pro confratribus quando (fol. 70 b.) 
recipiunt sacros ordines sumptibus prioratus. 

Quod presbiterium reparetur et reficiatur in tectura quam cito 
commode poterit. 

Quod unus confrater fit sacrista et alius praecentor. 

Quod de eodem potu serviatur et ministretur tam priori quam 

Quod monitio fiat servientibus prions ne vilipendant confratres. 

Quod domus capitularis reficiatur in muris et tectura videlicet le 

Quod domus refectorii cum mensulis sub pedibus et a tergo con- 
fratrum fiat ad frigus evitandum tempore hiemali. 

DoMiNUS continuavit visitationem suam usque festum Purifica- 
tionis Beatse Marias. 

[Quarter of a page blank.] 




Peioratus Monialitjm de Campset. XX QTJiNTO Jtjnii 


(fol. 71.) 


The prioress 
too parsi- 


(fol. 71 b.) [4] 
The prioress 
too strict. 



The cook a bad 
one, and 

Proposito verbo Dei per Magistrum Eligium Fereours abba- 
tern de Wyraondhara, sacree theologiae bachallaureum sub hoc the- 
mate, Egredimini filicB Sion. 

Exhibito certificatorio et perlecto praeconisatis omnibus monia- 
libus et comparentibus exclusis laicis et secularibus, praefatus reve- 
rendus pater monitionem fecit juxta tenorem &c. Et deinde exami- 
navit priorissam et moniales ut sequitur. 

DoMiNA Ela Buttry pi'iorissa dicit quod moniales habent fre- 
quenter colloquium privatim cum laicis. 

DoMiNA Katerina Stmon suppriorissa dicit quod priorissa non 
permittit suos servos exire pro negotiis necessariis monialium sed 
conducunt extraneos suis sumptibus. Et ulterius dicit quod hospites 
generosae accedentes ad prioratum conqueruntur de nimia parcitate 

DoMiNA Barbara Jernegan dicit quod omnia bene et lauda- 
biliter fiunt. 

DoMiNA Alicia Cooke dicit quod priorissa est austera sororibus 
nee magis favet senioribus quam junioribus et parce ministratur 
sororibus in ferculis quotidianis. 

DoMiNA Margareta Harman sacrista dicit quod ministrantur 
aliquando monialibus cibaria minus salubria et cetera omnia refor- 

DoMiNA Isabella Norwiche dicit quod non providetur honeste 
amicis monialium accedentibus ad prioratum. 

Item dicit quod moniales infirmse tempore infirmitates suae subeunt 
onus sumptuum necessariorum et non providetur sumptibus domus. 

DoMiNA Margareta Bacon aetatis xlviii annorum dicit quod 
caena tarde providetur pro monialibus culpa coci quia solebant 


caenare circiter vi et aliquando nunc negligentia coci est octava 
ante caenam finitam. Et praeterea dicit quod carnes ovinae assatae 
nimium sunt adust». 

DoMiNA Elisabeth Wingfeld cameraria, dicit quod sorores [8] 
omnes uni confitentur et interdicitur eis ne colloquium habeant cum ^^^ austere^ 
aliquo lioet graduato et licet omnes congregentur. and stingy. 

Ite77i dicit quod singulae moniales haberent vi s. viii d. annuatim 
per manus priorissae pro obitu Domini Willelmi Uffokd quos nunc 
non percipiunt. 

Priorissa debet ofiScio camerarie V li. quas ipsa priorissa mutuata (fol. 72.) 
est ab eodem officio tempore praedecessoris istius. 

DoMiNA Katerina Logan elemosinaria dicit quod omnia bene [9] 
et laudabiliter observantur. 

DoMiNA Petronilla Feltoune infirmaria et celleraria concordat. [lO] 

DoMiNA Katerina Grome praecentrix dicit quod carnes ovinae [ii] 
et bovinae aliquando ministrantur insanae et insalubres quia infra verymeaif^and 
mensem praeteritum occiderunt bovem macilentum qui alioquin compelled the 
• , . c • J. • ouns to eat a 

moriretur si non tuisset occisus. sick bullock. 

Ttem dicit quod priorissa est nimis parca tam in mensa propria 
quam in hiis quae ministrantur sororibus. 

DoMiNA Brigitta Coket magistra noviciarum dicit quod [12] 
parce et insalubriter providetur sororibus et parcius solito et 

DoMiNA Anna Bardewell refectuaria dicit quod omnia bene [13] 

DoMiNA Anna Wtnter succentrix aetatis XL annorum concordat. (fol.72b.)[U] 

DoMiNA Dorothea Brampton subsacrista aetatis xxxiiii anaorum [-15] 
conqueritur de cibariis minus sanis. 

DoMiNA Cristina Abell subcameraria aetatis xxxvi annorum [ig] 
dicit quod omnia bene. 

DoMiNA Anna Butler aetatis xxx annorum dicit quod priorissa [17] 
est nimis parca et conqueritur de cibis insanis. 

DoMiNA Katerina Blomefeld capellana priorissae, dicit quod [18] 
omnia bene et laudabiliter fiunt. 


[19] DoAiiNA Makgaeeta Clekk ffitatis xxviii annorum, dicit quod 

priorissa est parca in cibis et cetera bene. 


(fol. 73.) Priorissa est nimis parca. 

Parce et insalubriter providetur sororibus. 

Cocus non est diligens in parandis cibis debitis horis preesertira 
in ceena. 

Fiat injunctio quod satisfiat sororibus pro obitu Domini Willelmi 
Uffokd juxta morem antiquum. 

Injunctum est priorissee quod sufficienter et salubriter provideatur 
monialibus de cibariis et cocus sit diligentior in officio suo. 

Et hiis peractis DoMiNUS dissolvit visitationem suam ordinariam 
data benedictione. 

[Half page blank.] 

WoDBRiGE Priory, xxvi Jtjnii 1532. 

(fol 73 b) DOMINUS WlLLELMUS LuCHAM supprior dicit quod prior est 

The house in remissus et minus politicus. 

debt and very „ . . i i , , 

poor. Ostia prioratus non clauduntur tempore congruo. 

Domus oneratur sere alieno in x li. ex confessione prioris. 

Non habent frumentura neque brasium in stauro pro autumpno 


The south [2] DoMiNUS EoBEKTUS GooDEALL dicit Quod porticus australis 

porch of the • . . ^. , ^ . 

church in ecclesiae conventualis est rumosus quia meremmm est deiectivum. 


Dicit quod domus nimium oneratur cum pensione Magistri Coke 
nuper ibidem. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Penderley curatus de Wodebrige dicit quod [3] 
facultates non sufficiunt ad onera et reparationes prioratus. 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS PoPE dicit quod prior nimium oneratur [<] 
in fabricando molendino aquatico videlicet marine. 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS DoNEBY dicit quod prioratus laborat [»] 
penuria et egestate, et cetera bene, quia domus et molcndinum sunt 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS HoGHTOUNE concordat. [6] 

DoMiNUS monuit priorem quod adhibeat omnem diligentiam in 
resarciendis defectibus et minis prioratus. 

Et sic dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

[Three-quarter page blank. J 

Prioratus Sanctjg Trinitatis Gipwici. 
XXVII JuNii 1532. 

(fol. 74.) 

DoMiNUS Thomas Whyght prior inquisitus exhibuit compotum (fol. 74 b.) 
et statum domus per quern compotum liquebat dictum priorem in 
superplusagio xxv li. xvis. viii d. ob. qu. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Edgore dicit inquisitus et examinatus do et [2] 
super singulis articulis concern entibus religionem et ipsius obser- 
vantiam quod prior non reddit compotum annuatim coram con- 

Dicit quod cibus malus et potus novus ministratur confrutribus Tlic fcx.d bad. 
et etiam grossus panis. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Elys sacrista conqucritur do immunditiu .j.j[,f^QQ^in 
coci et cibi non bene condiuntur sed male sapiunt cum ministruntur bad. 


et in raensa apponuntur et etiara conqueritur de potu et pane 

noviter pandoxatis et ministratis. 
The cook DoMiNus JoHANNES Oarver examinatus et inquisitus dicit quod 

dirty. cocus est immundus circa escas et cibaria. 

(fol. 75.) [5] DoMmus Bevisius Wright presbyter dicit quod omnia debite 

fiunt et observantur. 
[6] DoMiNUS RoBERTUS TuRNOUR diaconus concordat. 


Quod compotus annuus fiat et legatur coram duobus senioribus 
confratribus de statu domus. 

Quod provideatur de novo coco propter immunditiam coci 

IteTTh quod cibaria et potus salubriora et mundiora de cetero 
ministrentur fratribus. 

Quibus peractis Dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

[Quarter page blank.] 

Prioratus de Eia. Secundo die mensis Julii de 
ANNO Domini millesimo quingentesimo xxxii. 

(fol. 75 b.) Exhibit© mandato cum certificatorio continente nomiaa omnium 

et singulorum commonachorum dicti prioratus post verbum Dei 
propositum sub hoc themate, Non sunt condigna passiones hujus 
temporis ad futuram gloriam quce revelahitur in nobis, DOMINUS 
examinavit priorem et commonachos omnes et singulos singulatim 
ut sequitur. 


DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Hadlet prior exhibuit compotum pro [1] 
anno terminato in festo Sancti Michaelis archangeli ultimo praiterito 
perquem liquebat priorem recessisse in superplusagio xlixs. vd. ob. q*. 

Dicit quod commune sigillum sub unica cera servatur cujus 
clavem custodit supprior. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS NoRWiCHE supprioi dicit quod ille solus [2J 
habet custodiam clavis cistae sive pixidis ubi sigillum commune 
servatur cista remanente in custodia prioris. 

boMPKTJS EiCAEDUS YpPESWiCHE infirmus examinatus dicit quod (fol. 76.) [3] 
non liabent ordinale perfectum cujus prsetextu oritur litis queestio 
inter confratres. 

Dicit quod nonnulli extranei utriusque sexus faciunt communem ^^tJJ"^ '^^ 
viam per ecclesiam et claustrum et per hortos. the church 

Item sigillum commune sub unico clave servatur. p^jj. jujonc. 

Item evidentige et munimenta remanet in custodia prioris. tnm in ultima 

DoMPNUS Christofeeus Rikingale prsBcentor inquisitus dicit reforma"^ [4] 
quod habent duo ordinalia, antiquum videlicet et novum, et utrum- '^"^'^^^ 
que est rasum in multis locis et repugnant. as to the 

Item dicit quod non celebrant festa Visitationis Beatae Mariae et ^^"*™*'- 
Nominis Ihesu quia non habent libros ad hoc de hujusmodi ser- 

Item sigillum commune non custoditur juxtainjunctiones domini. 

Jocalia et cetera pertinentia ad officium infinnarice in manibus 
supprioris et infirmarii. 

DoMPNTJS Heneicus Combys cellerarius inquisitus conqueritur 
de custodia communis sigilli male servati. 

Item conqueritur de ordinali minus perfecto. 

Utensilia infirmarise remanent in manibus confratrum et non in (fol. 76 b.) 
commodum et usum infirmorura Supprior cubat in uno lecto per- Irregularities, 
tinente infirmarise et infirmarius in altero. 

DoMPNUS KiCAEDUS Snape sacrista conqueritur de custodia j-g-j 
communis sigilli et de ordinali imperfecto. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Hadley refectuarius concordat cum prae- 


[8] DoMPNUS Franciscus Eya diaconus dicit quod ordinalis 

imperfectio est occasio dissentionis aliquando inter confratres. 

[9] DoMPNUS Johannes Tostes, succentor concordat inquisitus. 

Et dicit quod cubilia et cetera utensilia pertiaentia officio infir- 
mariae non custodiuntur in usum ad hoc deputatum sed sub- 

Item conqueritur de male custodia communis sigilli. 


(fol. 77 •) [This page is blank.] 

Collegium de Wyngfelde. iiii die mensis 
JuLii 1532. 

(fol. 77 b.) Magister Robertus Bddde magister collegii. 

DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS Thurlynge confrater. 
DoMiNUS WiLLELMus SxoRREs stipendarius. 
DoMiNUS Robertus Tompson stipendarius. 
U3 Dominus NiCHOLAUS Thurlyng confrater dicit omnia bene, 

L2] Dominus Robertus Tompson stipendarius et senescallus collegii 

dicit omnia bene. 
[3] Dominus Johannes Robynson capellanus parochise de Sylham 

dicit quod duo deficiunt sacerdotes. 

Et quia nihil compertuni est ideo Dominus dissoivit visitationem 
suara ordinariam in pace. 


Prioratus de Redtlyngfelde [Nunnery]. 

Quinto die mensis Julii 1532 coram Domino Episcopo et 
Magistro Milone Spenser auditore et ofl&ciali principali. 

DoMiNA Gracia Sampson piiorissa dicit omnia bene. H^ 

DoMiNA Johanna Smythe suppriorissa dicit omnia bene. [2] 

Domina Johanna Deane praesentat omnia bene. [3] 

DoMiNA IssABELLA Aleyn prsecentrix dicit omnia bene. [4J 

DoMixA Alicia Bedyngfelde refectuaria dicit omnia bene. [5] 

Domina Anna Drury capellana dominae dicit omnia bene. 
Domlna Agnes Nicoll infirmaria dicit omnia bene. 
DoMLN^A Johanna Petwell subsacrista dicit omnia bene. [8J 

Margareta Poley succentrix. f9] 

Domina Juliana Cornewayll. [loj 

Et quia nihil compertum est reformatione dignum igitur dominus 
dissolvit visitationem suam. 

(foL 78.) [6] 


Collegium de Sudburye. Septimo die mensis 
Julii, 1532. 

Dominus Thosias Legate subcustos collegii dicit quod debitus 
numerus confratrura est defectivus. 

Dominus Robertus Chykeryng confrater dicit quod compotus The nnmberof 
non redditur singulis annis. Et quod debent esse viii confratres et t^^e brethren 

• • T^ • 1 • • • . ^^ SDort« 

non sunt nisi tres. Et quid sit in aerario ignotum est confratribus. 

Et nullus confratrum praater unura intrat in domum ubi thesaurus 
reponitur. Etiara nullus confratrum legit vel audivit inventarium 
jocalium et ceterorum mobilium. 

DoMPNUS WiLLELMUS Fysshee confrater dicit quod non sunt (fol. 78 b.) [3] 
nisi tres confratres nee fuere per triennium elapsum. Et non brethretT*^ 




A lad of 18 
is seneschal. 

reddebatur compotus per idem tempus coram confratrlbus. Et 
aliquando in choro tempore divinorum ex una parte existant non 
nisi duo capellani. Et quod nulli existant clioristse. Et quod 
quidam juvenis setatis xviii annorum est senescallus collegii. 

The master of 
the college 
called to 

The number 
of the chap- 
lains to be 
filled np. 

(iol. 79.) 

In domo capitulari post meridiem diei Martis videlicet ix Julii 
DoMiNUS assignavit Magistro Kicardo Eden, decano sive 
prseposito ibidem, ad exbibendas facultates quibus . . . retinet 
plura beneficia unacum institutionibus et collationibus eorundem, in 
crastino Nicholai proximo in capella manerii de Hoxne, et ad 
audiendam ulterius voluntatem suam tam super perjurio quam super 
aliis ariiculis sibi tunc objiciendis. 

Et juravit dictus prsepositus ad Sancta Dei Evangelia quod 
facultates unacum institutionibus et collationibus remanent in domo 
sua Londini in loco secreto ad quern ipse solus potest accedere. 

DoMiNUS monuit preepositum quod removeatur et excludatur 
capellanus gallic us a collegio. 

DoMiNUS monuit eum quod citra festum Michaelis preeficiatur 
numerus completus confratrum in collegio juxta fundationem vide- 
licet octo. 

DoMlNUS prorogavit visitationem suam ibidem usque festum 
Annuntiationis Beatse Marige proxime futurum. 

Prsesentibus in praemissis Magistro Milone Spencer me 
Alexandro Mather et Thoma Radcliffe. 

Dominus insuper monuit dictum Magistrum Ricardum Edon 
ad sufficienter reparandum beneficium suum de Waldringfeld 
magna, citra festum Nativitatis Domini proximum sub poena juris. 

[Three-quarter page blank.] 


Collegium de Stoke. Decimo die mensis Julii, 1532. 

Magister Thomas Whitehed prebendarius dicti collegii in- (fol.79b.) 
quisitus dicit quod multaB dissensiones et incommoda eveniunt in dispute, 
collegio quia statuta et ordinatioaes sunt imperfecta pro regimine 
collegii ac decani canonicorum vicariorum et aliorum ministrorum. 
Cujus praetextu ignoratur quomodo regcrent se et officia sua. 

Magister Johannes Keyll prsebendarius conqueritur quod [2] 
habet primum stallum pieebendariorum et corpus prajbendie suae ha^^e"falTen°^ 
consistebat in oblectionibus quae modernis diebus sunt admodum short 
diminutee quod non sufficit ad ejus congruam sustcntationcm igitur 
petit augmentationem, etc. 

Et dicit quod omnia in collegio dcbite fiunt et observantur praeter 

statuta quorum reformatio maximam conferret quietem collegio ac 

decano canonicis et omnibus ministris. 

Item dicit quod custos vestiarii non cubat singulis noctibus in The keeper 
•"•"•• of the vcstrv 

vestiaria juxta injunctiones prms factas. docs not sleep 

Magister Thomas HoRSELEY prtebendarius dicit quod mulieres in the vestty. 
habent suspectum accessum ad cameras vicariorum sub colore cor- 
poralium deferendorum. [Query: — taking away the 'body linen' ?J 

Et aliquando interccdunt verba opprobriosa inter vicarios et 
clericos conductos. 

Panni circa altaria sunt immundi. 

Interrogetur ceteri canonici prebendarii quid noverint de corpore 
prasbendae hujus inquisiti quia in decasu. 

Magister Willelmus Newton prcebendarius dicit quod parum (fol. so.) [4J 
novit de statu collegii quia absens continue. 

Magister Robertus Fabian prsebendarius conqueritur de im- C"'] 
perfectione statutorum et cetera omnia dicit laudabiliter obscrvari. 

Magister Gilbertus Lathum prebendarius dicit quod igno- [<'] 
ratur possessiones collegii quia non habent extentam ueque terrariara. 


The book of Dominus monuit Magistrum Thomam Whitehed confitentcm 

been^s^en^lo ^^ dimississe librum statutorum Londini quod inducat et restituat 
London. dictum librum collegio citra festum Michaelis archangeli proxiraum 

sub poena excommunicationis tunc pro nunc. 

Examinati tarn decanus quam prsebendarii, an Magister WlL- 

LELMUS Newton, pr^bendarius dicti coUegii, poterit vigore prse- 

bendse suse facere continuam residentiam in eodem collegio, depo- 

suerunt omnes * » * 


(fol. 81.) 


(fol. 80 b.) Dominus Georgius Gelibrond vicarius clioralis dicti collegii 

l^'^J dicit quod rector de Bradeley parva subtrahit pensionera annuam 
vi s. viii d. debitara vicariis. Et subtraxit per vii viii annos videlicet 
a tempore visitationis suse in eadem. 

Dominus Ricardus Hewer vicarius choralis dicit quod per 
totum hoc quinquennium elapsum Magister Thomas Whitehed 
nihil solvit pro firma certarum terrarum pertinentium vicariis 
legatarum per quendam Toppesfeld pro obitu suo. 
[9] Dominus Willelmus Dixon vicarius choralis dicit quod omnia 

laudabiliter flunt et observantur. 
[10] Dominus Petrus Gateling teutonicus vicarius dicit et con- 

cordat cum praeexaminato. 
[11-] Dominus Willelmus Dicons vicarius choralis dicit quod omnia 

bene observantur. 
[12] Magister Thomas Norreys vicarius choralis. 

Reverendus in Christo pater et dominus Dominus Ricardus Dei 
gratia NORWICENSIS Enscopus in domo capitulare dicti collegii, 
prsesentibus et convocatis decano et canonicis ejusdem, prorogavit 
visitationem suara ordinariam ibidem usque mediam xl™*^™ proximam 
et quemcunque diem citra si necesse fuerit. 


Et ex certis causis eidem reverendo Patri per dictos decanum et 
canonicos expositis, prsesertim turn propter decimam domino nostro 
regi hoc anno solutam turn propter tresdecim libras solvendas eidem 
domino nostro regi pro procurationibus ratione visitationis fiicti 
collegii per nuper Cardinalem pro quibus xiii li. remanet billa 
obligatoria dicti collegii in custodia domini regis ; denique propter 
diversa jocalia dicti collegii ad summam XL marcarum nuper per 
latroncs extra vestiariam et ecclesiam furata et surrepta decrevit 
nullam divisionem fiendam hoc anno de residuo proventuum resi- 
dentise. Scd quod tota divisio convertatur in usum prajdictum et 
in commodum commune collegii reponenda si quid supersit in the- 
saurario dicti collegii. 

Et prseterea dominus injunxit ne mulieres de cetero accedant ad (fol. 81b.) 
cameras vicariorum pro lotione vestium vel sub colore delationis 
corporalium sed ad communem locum , videlicet aulam , publice ibidem 
recepturae vestes. 

Et etiam ne mulieres inserviant in domibus canonicorum et 
prsebendariorum maxime ne pernoctent ibidem. 

Et quod absente aliquo canonicorum nullus extraneus larem foveat 
seu alat familiam in domo alicujus canonici abscntis. 

Item injunctum est ut prius, quod munimenta et aliae evidentise 
collegii sub triplici cera, diversae fabricae, in loco ad hoc deputato 
fideliter et firmiter reponantur et custodiantur, quorum clavium 
unus remaneat penes decanum reliqui duo penes duos canonicos 

Item injunctum est quod unus clericorum collegii pernoctet et 
dormiat in vestiaria singulis noctibus maxime tempore hiemali. 

Item quod compotus annuatim fiat de statu domus citra f'estura 
Purificationis Beatse Mariee annuatim juxta statuta. 

Memorandum conveniatur Rector de Buxall pro pensione xiiis. 
iiiid. annuatim debita collegio de Stoke. 


IxwoRTH Priory. Quinto decimo JrLii, 1532. 

(fol. 82.) Exhibito certlficatorio comparentibus omnibus in domo capitulari 

exposita causa adventus, praefatus reverendus pater eos examinavit 
ut sequitur. 
[1] DoMiNUS Johannes Gbrves prior inquisitus dicit quod omnia 

prout suppetunt facultates debite fiunt tarn in spiritualibus quam 
[2] DoMiNUS WiLLELMUs Reynberd, supprior \ 

[3] DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Alderiche j Coucordant. 

[*] DoMiNus Johannes Scolar I 

[5] DoMiNUS Adam Punder concordat cum canonicis supra ex- 

[6] DoMiNus Johannes Horselaye capellanus parochiaa de Badwell 

praesentat omnia bene. 
[7] Dominus Robertus Beraclyff elemosinarius dicit quod omnia 

bene observantur. 
(fol. 82 b.)[8] Dominus Willelmus Blome capellanus parocliiae de Walsliam 
dicit quod omnia bene et laudabiliter observantur. 
[9] Dominus Willelmus Sywarde dicit quod omnia bene. 

[10] Domenus Thomas Somerton dicit quod omnia bene. 

[11] Dominus Symon Fyssher magister noviciorum dicit quod ex 

^e^^teiy. consuetudine solebant habere sutorem infra monasterium et in prae- 
senti non habent. 
[121 Reginaldus Facon novicius dicit quod 

[13] Dominus Johannes Hunte dicit quod 

[1*] Edwahdus Nunne novicius dicit quod J pr^sentant omnia 

[1^3 RiCARDUS Fylde novicius \ "^^^• 

[16] Willelmus Hurste novicius / 

Et quia nihil compertum est reforraatione dignum ideo dominus 
dissolvit visitationem suam. 

[Quarter page blank.] 



DoMTJs Canonicorum Thetford. xyi Jtjlii, 1532. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Thetford, prior 


DoMiNus Robertus Barneham 
DoMiNus Thomas Heerd 


inqviisiti et 
dicunt quod 
omnia bene 
fiunt juxta 

Johannes Parkyn \ 

WiLLELMUS Leeder | Novicii professi. 

Andreas Fuller I 

DoMiNUS injunxit priori quod instruantur juniores in gramatica. 

Et continuavit visitationem suam ibidem usque mediam XL""™. 

[Quarter page blank.] 





Priouattjs monialium Tbetford. XXI Jtjlii, 1532. 

DoMiNA Elisabeth Hothe priorissa. [i] (£oi.83b.) 

DoMiNA Ursula Gerves suppriorissa. [21 

DoMiNA Margeria Legate saerista. [3] 

DoMiNA Dorothea Smyth tertia priorissa et refectuaria. [4] 

DoMiNA Emma Gardener. L»] 


DoMiNA Rosa Reve succentrix. [7] 

Domina Agnes Mason prseccntrix. [8] 

DoMiNA Alicia Wodgate celleraria. [9] 

Domina Katerina Asty. [lO] 
Johannes Bixley de Thetford bocher 
in ista domo Thomse Foster generoso qui 

vendidit corodium suum 
alit niraiam familiam co 


praetextu, videlicet vi personas, videlicet Foster, uxorem iii proles 
cum ancilla. 

Bixley dicit quod nunquam vendidit corodium suum T. Foster 
et publice ibidem sursum reddidit indenturam. 

Examinatae et inquisitae singulae moniales de articulis concer- 
nentibus statum domus et religionis observantiam dicunt et 
deponunt se nihil scire reforraatione dignum. 

Johannes Jerves generosus habet filiam nutritam in prioratu et 
nihil solvit. 

Silentium vix observatur in refectuario. 

Dominus data benedictione dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 

RussHWORTH Collegium, xviii Julii, 1532. 

(fol. 84.) Magister Georgius Wyndam custos sive magister collegii 

ibidem absens. 
[2] Dominus Thomas Barnesdale \ 

[3] Dominus Robertus Lok / 

[4j Dominus Willelmus Fissher ( ^^^^^' 

[5] Dominus Johannes Croftes ) 

[«] Dominus Thomas Horne conductus. 

[7] Thomas Becon artium baccalarius accolitus praeceptor puerorum 


[8] Dominus Edwardus Hanson socius admissus et prius non 

juratus, jam pi-aestitit juraraeutuin. 

Dominus Thomas Barnesdale confrater dicti collegii inquisi- 
tus et examinatus dicit quod sigillura commune non servatur juxta 
fundationem, quia canunt statuta sigillum commune custodiendum 
sub triplici cerura et tribus clavibus diversae fabricae et deficiunt 
una cerura et una ciavis. Dicit quod habent in thesauro Ix in 
pecuniis numeratis. 


Dicit inquisitus quod Domini Robertus Lok et Willelmus 
FissHER consocii sunt presbyteri Dominae Annae Scrope callid 
my lady Ajines prestes. 

DoMPNus Johannes Croftes confrater (foi. 84b.) 

DoMPNus Willelmus Fissher socius 


Quia igaotum est qui sint capellani Dominae Scrope, injunctum Dominns 
est quod primi qui assignentur presbyteri in specie et nominatim est umiT 
celebraturi pro anima Dominae Annae Scrope juxta fundationem coram, 
ejusdem, et quod hujusmodi presbyteri publice nominentur my lady 
Annis prestes dicturi exequias mortuorum quotidie juxta funda- 

Item quod suppleatur numerus confratrum citra festum Omnium 
Sanctorum proximum. 

Item quod citra dictum festum tam copia fundationis primae 
per Edmundum Gonvile quam fundationis Dominae Annte Scrope 
fiat in libro ad hoc necessario et aperto, ad quern quilibet con- 
frater potest omni tempore habere recursum, quam citius commode 
fieri poterit. 

Item quod tertia provideatur cera cum clavi pro firma custodia 
communis sigilli. 

Item quod fiat verum invcntarium indentatum omnium bonorum (fol. 85.) 
et jocalium cujus copia reponatur in cista thesauri. 

Item quod compotus annuus reddatur coram confratribus, tam de 
singulis receptis quam de expositis et remanentibus, saltem ante 
festum Xativitatis Domini. 



Item quod provideatur de forti cera et robusta cum clavi pro 
inferior! ostio thesaurarise per quod ostium jam omnibus patet 
ascensus in tbesaurario. 

Item reverendus pater ex certis causis ipsius animum in prsemissis 
concernentibus continuavit visitationem suam usque mediam xl""* 

Johannes Massy | inquisitores dicunt quod omnia bene. 


Solvunt xii'' pro denariis Sancti Petri. 

In phiokatu de Hikeling. xiii die mensis 
JuNii, 1532. 

(fol. 86.) 

A dispute as Keverendus in Christo pater et dominus Dominus Ricardus 

to the liability tn • , • t-t t-' ... t . 

to repair the -L'ei gratia JNORWICENSIS EPISCOPUS visitationem suam ordmariam 

wall of the 

actualiter existentem, tam de voluntate et assensu prioris de Brome- 
kolme proprietarii et rectoris ecclesiaa parochialis de Dilham 
Norwicensis dicecesis quam de consensu gardianorum sive oiconorao- 
rum et parochianorum ejusdem parochias de Dilham, litigantium 
super deformitate clausurse cimiterii ibidem et reparatione ejusdem, 
judicialiter decrevit in preesentia Willelmi Paston militis et Edmundi 
Wyndam armigeri. Quod dictus prior de Bromeholme subiret 
onus reparationis refectionis sive constructionis clausuree parte 
orientali dicti cimiterii. Reliquas tres partes, videlicit occidentalem 
australem et borialem, parochiani dictse parochise de Dilham 
sumptibus suis subibunt reparabunt et sufficienter claudent. 

[Quarter-page blank.J 



Exhibito certificatorio, coraparentibus omnibus in domo capit- /-f^^i ggjj> 
ulari exposita causa adventus, praefatus leverendus pater examinavit 
eos ut sequitur. 

DoMiNus Johannes Mylgate prior, inquisitus dicit quod C^] 
omnia prout suppetunt facultates debite sunt tarn in spiritualibus 
quam temporalibus. 

DoMiNus Thomas Browne supprior, dicit quod quidam [2J 

juniores canonici exeunt claustrum post completorium contra 


Et Sharpyng canonicus utitur sotularibus cum cornibus. Pointed 

,.,.,. p . shoes again. 

DoMiNus Thomas Benet dicit quod nihil sen reformatione [3] 

dignum quia multum abfuit. 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Wynter dicit quod omnia bene, [4] 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS Hervy dicit Omnia bene. [5] 

Iste utitur calceis lascivis secundum morera laicorum. 
DOMINUS RiCARDUS Crowder dicit omnia bene. [6] 

DoMiNUS Thomas Flyxton dicit quod post completorium non [7] 

observatur silentium et exeunt de claustro. 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Sharpyng dicit quod nihil scit reforma- (f^>- ^"^-^ [f] 

, ... . 1 '1 ohame hath 

tione dignum quia ipse est maxime reformandus scilicet in sotularibus covered my 

dissolutis et aliis. 

DOMINUS Thomas Reve dicit quod nihil scit reformatione [9] 


EdWARDUS ThEDFORD ) . . , [11] Novkii. 

_, T ( dicunt omnia bene. noi 

RoBERTUS London ) l'-j 

RiCARDUS Godeman dicit quod Dominus Hervy canonicus [i3] 
deservit curae de Stanforde et non est idoneus. 

Item DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Sharpyng est nimis lascivus ct per- 




(foU 87 b.) 

Quod canonlci statim post corapletorium divertant ad dormitorium 
et ostia australia clauderentur et ab eodem non recedant sine licentia 
prioris vel supprioris. 

Quod nullus canonicorum utatur calceis lascivis sed secundum 
moduni et fonnam antiquorum patrum eorundem. 

Item quod nullus canonicorum deserviat cura? ssecularium presby- 
terorum sine licentia Domini Episcopi. 

Et sic dominus dissolvit visitationera suam. 

Wtmondham Abbey, xxiii Julii, 1532. 


DoMPNUS Johannes Richers aetatis Ixxxviii annorum inquisi- 
tus et examinatus dicit quod omnia debite et laudabiliter fiunt et 
observantur juxta facultates. 

DoMPNUs Johannes Harliston. 

DoMPNUS Thomas Thaxsted cellerarius. 


f DoMPNus Johannes Hengham preecentor. 
DoMPNUs Thomas Lynn supprior. 

DoMPNUS RoBERTUS CoLCHESTEE tertius prior et sacrista. 
DoMPNUS Edwaedus Saham presbyter. 
DoMPNUS Johannes "Wymondham, non constitutus in sacris, 

setatis xxii annorum. 
DoMPNUS Eligius Ferrers abbas. 

Omnes singillatim inquisiti et examinati concordant. 


Westacre Priory. Ultimo Jtjlii, 1532. 

Magister Willelmus Wingfelde prior dicti prioratu?, exliibuit rfol. 88.) 
compotum domus per quem liquet cellenirium habere in stauro 
xlv li. 

DoMiNus Willelmus Stortewhaite supprior dicit inquisitus [2] 
quod nihil scit reformatione dignum. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Palmer dicit quod Antonius Calibut percipit [3] 

, . . . • 1 T X — V 1 • • An annuity 

annuitatem de isto prioratu excessivam videlicet lui li. annuatim in paid to Ant: 

prasjudicium prioratus et nullum impendit servitium pro dicta Calibnt. 


Item DoMiNUS Johannes Thory subcellerarius prioris non est The sub- 

idoneus ad illud officium quia minus politicus et non debitus forMroffice. 

naturaliter hujusmodi officio. 

DoMiNUS KoBERTUS Pepir examinatus et inquisitus dicit quod [•*] 

^ . , ^ The poor not 

elemosina consueta in pane parcius ministratur pauperibus quam fairly treated. 

solebat, culpa pincernas. 

DoMiNus Johannes Barbour dicit quod omnia bene. [5] 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Hateley sacrista dicit quod nullum [«] 
habent lumen coram sacramento prout solet. ^^ ' ' 

Dicit prseterea quod Franciscus Calibut pincerna non ministrat 
confratribus panein et potum horis debitis et ab antiquo consuetis. 

Item elemosinaria panis pro fundatore parcius ministratur pauper- 
ibus solito et panis est minoris ponderis quam solebat. 

DoMiNUS Johannes Clerk supervisor evidentiarum inquisitus [7-1 
dicit quod lampas non ardet coram sacramento ut solet. Irregularities 

Evidentice pertinentes maneriis non reponuntur debitis locis et 
bagis ad hoc assignatis more antiquo. 

Antonius Calibut recipit stipendiura iiii li. per annum nuUo im- 
penso servitio. 

DoMiNUB Thomas Giles dicit quod omnia debitc fiunt ct [8] 



The alms have 
grown less. 
(fol. 89.) 



The butler is 
a rogue. 


A new canon 
nominated by 
the King. 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Hall concordat. 

DoMiNUS Thomas Cardon dicit quod minuitur elemosina 
fundatoris quia contineret pondus duarum librarum et nunc vix 
continet unam libram. 

Item panes ministrati confratribus sunt adraodum parvi quod cito 

DoMiNUS Johannes Thory coadjutor priori in officio cellerarii. 

DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Pranke diaconus, dicit quod pincerna 
prions est inobediens et male gerit se erga confratres. 

DoMiNus Johannes Forset subdiaconus dicit quod omnia 
bene Hunt. 

DOMINUS Willelmus Calyson diaconus conqueritur de Fran- 
cisco Calibut pincerna qui habet prolem in villa de illicito coitu 
alimentatum sumptibus prioratus. Et ministrando officium suum 
confratribus male se gerit. 

Edwardus Meek 


Thomas Guymer > Novicii non professi. 

Willelmus Sheltram 

Johannes Maister 

Dominus Thomas Bradman canonicus ecclesi» regularis 
Christi Londinensis ad hunc locum cum litteris domini regis 
destinatus, fecit obedientiam suam priori in preesentia omnium 
confratrum. Et admissus est in confratrem.* 

[Fol, 89 b is blank.] 

* Christ Church Priory had recently been surrendered into the hands of the King, 
and its canons sent to other houses.— See Dugdale's Monast. (1830), vol. vi. p. 160. 


Blackborough Nunnery. 1 August, 1532 

Examinatio capta per venerabilem virum Magistrum Milonem (^o'- 90.) 
Spencer, officialem principalem reverend! in Christo patris et domini 
Domini Ricardi permissione divina Norwicensis Episcopi, et ad 
effectum infrascriptum per dictum reverendum patrem legittirae 
deputatuni, infra domum capitularem Beatee Marise de Blackebourne 
[Blackborougli] primo die mensis Augusti 1532. 

Elisabeth Dawny priorissa, inquisita de statu domus dicit [U 
quod omnia bene juxta facultates domus. 

Margareta Gigges suppriorissa, dicit quod ecclesia est ruinosa [2] 
et senio ferme confracta et hoc praetextu quod non possunt habere ^at S '" 
artifices ad noviter erigeiidum et construendura seu ad minus 

Domina Agnes Grey dicit quod omnia bene, et inquisita quis C^] 
solet audire confessionem consororum, dicit quod quidam frater fri^iT^nf" 
dominicus de Lenn Episcopi ordiuis prcedicatorum audivit. fcs!,or. 

Domina Margareta Colman sacrista, inquisita de statu domus [4j 
et conversatione consororum, dicit quod omnia recta et nihil quod 
novit reformatione dignum. 

Domina Margareta Hasilby dicit omnia relbrmantur juxta (-51 
vires facultatum domus. 

Domina Elisabeth Bulwere concordat cum Margareta [6j 
Hasilby praeconteste sua. 

Domina Katherina Looge dicit etc. 1^7] 

Dorothea Sturges dicit quod nihil sit reformatione dignum. [sj 

Domina Elisabeth Caws dicit quod omnia recta quoad ejus [9] 

Johanna Pyndre ) Quibus quidem (priorissa et consororibus) [loj 
Johanna Bate j examinatis, Dominus dissolvit visitationem [H] 
dicti reverendi patris, etc. 


Priobatus de Penteney. Primo Augusti, 1532. 

(fol. 91.) DoMiNUS RoBERTDS CoDDE prior dicit quod omnia debite 

observantur. . 

[1] DoMiNUS RiCARDUS STAFFORD supprior inquisitus dicit quod 

nihil scit reformatione dignum. 

1^^^ DoMiNUS RiCARDUS BowGYNN moram faciens in cella de 

Wrongaye dicit quod prioratus de Wrongaye patitur decasum. 

The [3] DoMiNUS RiCARDUS Lynn dicit quod non habent preceptorem 

tutor found 

fault with. idoneum. 

[4] DoMiNUS Thomas Lytyll habitans in cella de Wrongaye 

dicit omnia bene. 

[5] DoMiNUS RiCARDUS BowGYN cantarista \ 


„, -rx m o ^ concordant dicunt 

[7] DoMiNus Thomas Smythe . 

[8j Dominus Johannes Chandelour °^^^^ ^^^^ 

[9j Dominus Stephanus Longe / 

[10] Dominus Johannes Shipdham dicit omnia bene, 

[11] Dominus Gilbertus Leman \ 

[12] Dominus Johannes Samage I 

[13J Dominus Ricardus Clerke novicii professi praesentant 

[14] Robertus Fakener omnia bene. 

[15] Johannes Grene / 

Valor prioratus de Cokkesforth. 

Manerium de Rudham xxx li redditus et firma cum merabris. 
Manerium de Titleshale de claro . . . xx s. 
Hillington xxvis. viiid. 


Houghton xls. 

Thorp Market . . . . . . xl s. 

Norwicus . . . . . . . xx s. 

Terrae dominicales xl li. 


Thorp Market . 
Bradfeld . . 
Burneham Westgate 
West Rudham 
Barmer . 
Est Rudham . 

. xls. 
iii li. vi s. viii d. 
vii li. 
iiii li. 


DoMiNUS Henricus Saltir prior dicit quod nullus remanet 
compotus possessionum doraus et igitur ignorantur apud confratres, 
quia preedecessores sui nullum reddiderunt compotum. 

De statu domus dicit quod non stetit prior per annum in fine 
anni promisit exhibere statum. 

Dicit quod DoMiNUS Robertus Porter suscitavit prolem cum incontinence, 
qua domus oneratur et erat propter hoc correctus per Magistrum 
Rawlens prsedecessorem suum.* 

DoMiNUS Willelmus Nevell supprior dicit quod omnia bene et (fol. 92.) [2] 
laudabiliter fiunt juxta facultates. 

Dicit quod non habent infirmariam. 

» It is significant that when the Inquisitors of Henry VIII. went down to 
Coxford four years after this they made no report of Porter's delinquency. 
CAMD. SOC. 2 8 



Dormitorium est ruinosum. 

DoMiNus Johannes Gkate dicit quod juxta facultates omnia 
debite fiunt. Et quoad Dominum Eobektum Poeter concordat 
cum priore. 

1 4] DoMiNUS ROBERTUS PoRTER dicit quod omnia bene. 

[5] Johannes White ") Novicii inqnisiti dicunt quod omnia 

[6] RoBERTUS Kent J bene. 


Non habent infirmariam. 

Dormitorium est ruinosum. 

Compotus annuus non redditur. 

Injunctum est de consensu prioris et confratrum quod de cetero 
utantur domo et camera supprioris pro infirmaria. 

Item quod reficiatur dormitorium quam cito commode poterit. 

Item injunctum est quod reddatur compotus annuus de singulis 
receptis et solutis infra mensem post festum Michaelis. 

Et hiis peractis dominus commissarius dissolvit visitationem dicti 
reverendi patris, adversa valitudine determinants [st'c]. 

Walsingham priokatus. IX Atjgusti, 1532. 

(foi 92 b.) Magister Ricardus Vowell prior exhrbuit compotum cum 

'■ -■ inventario. 
[2] DoMiNUS Edmundus Warham supprior dicit quod omnia bene. 


Dominus Johannes Clenchewarton cellerarius concordat. 


DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS Race inquisitus et examinatus elicit quod ^^^ 

DoMiNus Simon Ovy et Dominus Johannes Harlow non sur^'unt i""ei,'ainr 

J , ,. , . " attendance at 

ad matutinas et plerumque vix sunt ini ex una parte. matins. 

Item parce ministratur confratdbus in cibariis. 

DoMiNUS JSTiCHOLAUS MiLEHAM uHus thesaurariorum elicit quod [»] 

omnia bene et laudabiliter fiunt et obscrvantur. 

DoMiNUS Simon Ovy sacrista concordat. [6] 

DoMiNUS RoBERTUS Sall Concordat. [7] 

DoMiNUS Johannes Harlow elemosinarius et succentor con- [8] 


DoMiNus RiCARDUS Garnet custos capcllffi Bcatte iNJarije con- L9](fol. 03.) 


Dominus Robertas Wilsy coquinarius concordat. [10] 

DoMiNus Johannes West , Canonici de [H] 

DoMiNus Galfridus Fen i Flitcham uniti [12] 

DoMiNUS WiLLELMUS PoTTKYN j prioratui de [i^J 

Dominus Johannes Barnesdale novicius ) Walsingham." fi^] 

DoMiNUS Johannes West examinatus dicit quod omnia bene [15] 


Dominus Willelmus Castelacre dicit et concordat cum C^^] 

Domino Nicholao Mileham. 

Dominus Johannes Mathie capellanus prioris concordat. [^^3 

DoMLNUS Johannes Austen subsacrista inquisitus et examinatus t^'^J 


DoMEsrus Thomas Pall magister noviciorum dicit inquisitus t^^] 

quod omnia bene observantur. 

Johannes Hadley \ C-*^3 

Johannes Byrcham (,-.... ^ . t-^J 

mi TT 1 / JNovicii professi. r.,oi 

Thomas Holt ^ [22] 

Tliomas Walsingham / [2.3J 

Quibus examinatis dominus dissolvit visitationcm suam ibidem. 

» Flitcham was a cell of Walsingham. 


Bestonne Priorattjs. 

DoMiNUS KiCARDUS HuDSON prior exhibuit compotum cum 
[2] DoMiNUS NiCHOLAUS WooDFORTHE canonicus dicit quod 

omnia bene. 
[3] DoMiNus Johannes Yorke concordat. 

Et quia nihil est compertum reformatione dignum DOMINUS 
dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem. 


(foi. 94.) DoMPNUs Launcelotus Wharton prioi. 

[2] DoMPNUS Walterur Thorneham supprior examinatus dicit 

quod omnia debite fiunt. 
[3] Dompnus Johannes Atmer examinatus et inquisitus dicit 

quod omnia laudabiliter fiunt et observantur. 

f4] Dompnus Thomas Norwiche dicit quod Dompnus Edwardus 

Brother Wood "\;^oDE confrater domus percussit istum deponentem cum olla vocata 

person. a croke tribus septimanis abhinc in infirmaria et fregit caput ejus 

etalio tempore prius percussit eum. 

[5] Dompnus Willelmus Cambrige dicit quod silentium non 

observatur in claustro. 
[•g-j Dompnus Nicholaus Colteshale dicit quod Dompnus 
Irregularities. JoHANNES Atmer accedit ad divina officia ad placitum suum. 

Item supprior vilipenditur a DoMiNO Edwardo Wode qui 
vocat suppriorem Churle cum aliis verbis conviciosis nonnullis 
quotiens supprior vocat eum ad officia. 


DoMPNUS Edwardus Wode concordat cum Domino Johanne [7] 

Et hiis peractis dominus dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem data 

Collegium de Metingham. xxi Atjgtjsti, 1532. 

Magister Ricardus Shelton, artium magister, custos dicti (fol. 94 bo 
collegii inquisitus et examinatus de statu collegii et de observatione L^^ 

statutorum dicit quod omnia debite fiunt et observantur. 

Dominus Simon Sisley confrater dicit quod omnia laudabiliter [2] 


Dominus Robertus Bayly consocius concordat. mi 

Dominus Ricardus Charnell consocius et confrater senes- [41 

callus collegii dicit quod omnia debite observantur. 

Dominus Johannes Moreff socius examinatus et inquisitus [5] 


Dominus Ricardus Wyburgh concordat. 

Dominus Willelmus Clerke concordat. 

Dominus Edwardus Shord concordat et dicit quod carent uno 
socio de numero requisite. 

Dominus Edmundus Wodcok socius concordat. 

Dominus Johannes Peoctour socius dicti collegii dicit quod [lo] 

nihil novit reformatione dignura. 

Dominus Robertus Fuller conductus. rij-, 

Dominus data benedictione dissolvit visitationem suam ibidem et The bnrdens 
dispensavit pro uno anno pro xi socio deficiente propter onera haaw. 
eidem collegio plus solito incumbentia. 


Bungay Prioratus (Nunnery), xxi Augusti. 

(fol.95.) DoMiNA Cecilia Fastolffe priorissa inquisita et examinata de 

^ statu domus dicit quod non oneratur sere alleno. 
[2] Domina Maria Loved aye suppriorissa dicit quod omnia bene 

et laudabiliter observantur. 
[3] Domina Elisabeth Beawfelde concordat cum priore. 

[4] . Domina Anna Kynge dicit omnia bene. 
[5] Domina Elizabeth Duke infirm aria omnia bene. 

[6] Domina Elizabeth Nuttell praecentrix dicit omnia bene. 

[7] Domina Kateeina Hubberde concordat. 

[8] Domina Anna Nunne concordat. 

Et examinatione facta venerabilis vir Magister Milo Spencer 
utriusque juris doctor vice et auctoritate dicti reverendi patris^ aliis 
negotiis adtunc praepediti et absentis, visitationem ibidem dissolvit. 

Elixton Nunnery, xxii Augusti, 1532. 

(fol. 95 b.) ^^^ Magistrum Milonem Spencer utriusque juris doctorem dicti 

reverendi patris commissarium. 

Domina Elizabethe Wright priorissa dicit quod omnia tam 

in spiritualibus quam in temporalibus debite observantur juxta 

[2] Domina Margareta Olton suppriorissa concordat. 

[3] Domina Margareta Pundre olim priorissa non est de gremio 

tamen dicit quod se nihil scire reformatio ne dig num. 
[-4-] Domina Alicia Laxfeld sacrista concordat inquisita cum Domina 

Margareta Olton. 


DoMiNA Agnes Assye prsecentrix concordat. 

DoMENA Margareta Rouse infirm aria concordat. rg-i 

DoMiNA Margeria Dedham concordat. r^-, 

DoMiNA Margeria Cockes concordat. 

Et liiis peractis dominus comniissarius dissolvit visitationem dicti 
everendi patris in eodem prioratu. 

[At this point the MS. comes to an end.] 





Attleborougli Coll., S. Cross, 37, 

94, 159 
Beeston Priory, 55, 124, 316 
St. Benet's at Hulme Abbey, 60, 

126, 175, 215, 278 
Blackborough Nunnery, 107, 168, 

Blythburgh Priory, 177, 216, 284 
Bromebill Priory, 85, 154, 241 
Buckenbam Priory, 24, 94, 160, 

247, 307 
Bungay Nunnery, 39, 144, 189, 

260, 318 

Butley Priory, 53, 131, 177, 216, 

Campsey Nunnery, 35, 133, 179, 

219 290 
Carrow Nunnery, 15, 145,208, 273 
Coxford Priory, 28, 111, 169, 251, 

Crabliouse Nunnery, 108, 168 
Eye Priory, 40, 140, 183, 221,294 
St. Faitb's Priory, 18, 101, 316 
Flitcbam Priory, 110, 168 
Flixton Nunnery, 47, 142, 185,190, 

261, 318 

St. Giles' Hospital, Norwich, 12, 

206, 271 
Hempton Priory, 112 
Hickling Priory, 25, 125, 173, 277, 

Ingham Priory, 27, 173, 210, 276 
Ipswich : — 

St. Peter's Priory, 35, 137, 181, 

Trinity Priory, 34, 135, 220, 293 

Ixworth Priory, 44, 83, 149, 240, 

St. Mary's in the Fields Coll., 10, 

208, 270 
Mettingham Coll., 45, 186, 260, 

Norman's Hospital, 14, 272 
Norwich Priory, 1, 71, 192, 196, 

St. Olave's Priory, 38, 129,176, 

216, 284 
Pentney Priory, 29, 106, 167, 251, 

Redlingfield Nunnery, 138, 182, 

224, 297 
Eusshworth Coll., 91, 156, 244,304 
Snape Priory, 37, 177 
Stoke Coll., 42, 81, 152, 195, 226, 

255, 299 
Sudbury Coll., 41, 80, 150, 224, 

Thetford Priory, 32, 88, 155, 242, 

Thetford Nunnery, 33, 90, 155, 

243, 303 
Thompson Coll., 30, 92, 246 
Walsingham Priory, 57, 113, 129, 

147, 170, 252, 314 
Westacre Priory, 49, 101, 164, 249 
Weyburne Priory, 56, 123, 172, 

Wingfield College, 52, 223, 296 
Woodbridge Priory, 134, 292 
"Wymondham Abbey, 20, 95, 161, 



[Names in Italics are those of persons not members of the Religious Houses, 
A. after the name stands for Abbot, T. for Prior or Prioress.] 

Abell, Cristina, Campscy, 134, 219, 291 
Adamson, John, Co.rford, 169 
Ailbright, Will., Ixworfh, 84, 150, 240 
Ailesham, John, Walsinnham, 119, 122, 


. , St. Benct's, 175, 214 

Alayn, Dr., Commissary of Card. 

Wolsey, 256 
Alderford, Henry, HicMing, 27. 
Aldriche, Nicholas, IxKorih, 84, 149 

Richard,, 45, 240, 302 

Aleyn, Isabella, Redlinnfield, 139, 183, 

224, 297 

John, Thctfvrd, 32 

, St. Glare's, 39 

, Dr. of Lincoln Cath., 231 

Robert, IlicliUnfj, 213, 277 

Thomas, Master of Sudhurij, 41 

Alifox, Thos., Lvn-orth, 84 
Alison, John, Stohe, 234 
Amj , John, IxKorth, 44 
Andrew, Rich., Coxford, 112 
Angell, Beatrix, Normans, 15 
Angcll and his wife, Wymondhavi, 100 
Anger, Rich., Westacre, 104, 165 
Angos, B., Black Lion, Walsinghavt, 

Anyell, Thos., St. Faith's, 20 
Aphowcll, John, public Commissary with 

Bp. Goldwell in his Visitations, 1, et.Hcq. 
, Robert, St. Mary's in the 

Fields, 11 
Aske, (, Agnes, Flixton, 185, 190, 


Elizth., Flixton, 143 

Isabella, Flixton, 142, 185, 190 

Asty, Katerina, Thctford, 303. 
Atmer, John, St. Fa'ith's, 316, 317 
Attleburgh, John, Nornich, 8 
■ Nicholas, Norwich, 193, 

263, 264 
Atwodc, Willm., St. Faith's, 20 


Ause, Thomas, St. BmcVs, 280 
Austen, John, Walsiiigham, 315 
Awnger, Richd., Wrst'acre, 250 

Thos.. Busshicorth, 158, 245 

Aylsham, Geoffrey, iVorwicA , 8 
Allan, Walsingham, 59 

Babington, Kath., Campscy,3G 

Bachyu, John, Pcntnnj, 251 

Bacon, Margaret, Campsey, 134. 219, 

Baconsthorp, Will., Norwich, 8 
Bacton, Kath., Bungay, 40 
Baguald, Rich., Westacre, 310 
Baihcey,Bich., preacher at Visitation. 

Baker, John, Bhjthbttrgh, 285 
Baly, John P., St. BcneVs, 63 
Bannvard, Edmund, Bromehill, 154, 242 
Baracliffe, Robt., Ixworth, 85, 150, 240, 

Barbour, John, Westacre, 103, 105, 165. 

249, 250 
Bardeney, Nicholas, Norwich, 8 
Bardwell, Alionora, Thctford, 33 

Anna, Campsey, 219, 291 

Maria, Thrtford, 34, 91 

Barct, Rob., Umshworth, 306 
Barker, Will., St. Bcnet's, 62 

Joanna, 83 

Barkeway, Rich., <S^ Benefs, 175, 214, 

Barlow, Willm., Bromehill, 241 
Barnard, Will., Wi/mnndham, 23 
Barneham, Rol). Thrtford, 89, 213, 303 
Barnes, Galfridus, S. I'eter's Ip.'or., 137 
Barnesdalc, Thos., Rnsshforth, 92, 156. 

244, 245, 304 
Baron, Jolin, St. Peter'*, Ipswich, 221 

Willm. Wingjield, 53 

Barry, John, Stoke, 13 

Barsham, Christr. Walsingham, M 



Barton, Rob. Ingham, 173, 211 

Thos., Stoke, 43 

Bassingbourne, Henry, Btitley, 132, 178, 

Bastwicke, Robert, Hiclding, 212, 277 
Batayll, Batell, Will., Mymondliam, 22, 

Bateman, "Will., JVorii-icli, 7 
Bate, Johanna, BlackhorotigJi, 311 
Bawdresey, John, ButJey, 217, 285 

Walter, Butley, 54 

Baxter, 242 

Bayly, Rob., MeitingTiavi, 187, 317 
Baynard, Will., WmgfieU, 52 
Beawfelde, Elisth., Btingmj, 318 
Beccle.s, Will., St. Benefs, 127, 175, 

213, 279 
Becon, Thos., Bns/mortk, 304 
Bedingfeld, Alice, Redling field, 138, 139, 

183, 221, 297 

Elisth. Bungay, 261 

Bedingham, Nicholas, Norwich, 8, 74, 

75, 78, 192 
Befekl, Elisth., Bungay, 189 
Begot, John, St. Olave's, 216 
Bekenshaw, Robert Magister, Stoke, 

Bekham, Kath., Normaii's Hogp., 15, 


Robt., Wegtacre, 105 

Bell, Margareta, Bungay, 40 
Belyngtry, John, Eye, 41 
Benett, John, St. Bcnefs, 63 

Robt., Ipsnich, Trin. 186 

Thos,, Bucltenham, 95, 160,247, 


Benstye, Anna, JVorman's Hosp., 273 
Berdon, John, Coxford, 111 
Bemesley, Cecilia, Crabhouse, 110 
Bert, Robert, Stohe, 81 

Beteele, Henry, Herrqrton, 113 
Betry, Ela, Canqmy, 36 
Bettes, Will.. WalsingJiam, 116, 117, 

Thos., Trin., Ijismicli, 136 

Bettys, Rich, P., Mje, 183 

BeTerlcy, Thos., BuckenTiam, 25, 95, 160, 

Will., Biitley, 54 

Bemf, W. 78 

BexwcU, Will., NorwicJi, 8 

Beynham, Will., AttJchorovgh, 158, 159 
Bigott, John, St. Olave's, 130, 176 
Bilmy, Rob., Pentney, 251, 312 
Bingham, Thos., WaUingham, 59, 114, 

115, 120, 170 
Birde, Thos.. Coxford, 112, 169 
Blxley, John, bochev, 303, 304 
Blakdam, John, St. Benet's at H^dme, 

Blake, Galfridus, Wcstacre, 50, 51 
Blanerhasett, Anna. Cam^sey, 36 
Blofeld, John, HlcMlng, 212 
Blome, James, Wymondham, 96, 97, 98, 

99, P. 161 

Will., Ixworth, 85, 150, 241, 302 

Blomefield, Katerina, Campsey, 219, 

Blynde, Alice, Redlingfield, 138, 139,183 
Bokenham, Geo , Buckenham, 95 

Henr}', HicMing, 26 

John, Bvckenham, 25 

Rich., BucJicnham, 25, 95 

Thomas, Buckenham, 25, 95 

Boleyn, Anne, ^.,228 
Bond, Thos., Sudhury, 80 
Bonde, Thos., Ixworth, 44 
Bouewell, John, Norwich, 5 
Boone, Martin, Norwich, 193 
Boothe, Peter, Stoke, 233, 237 
Booty, Ela, Camp&ey, 133 
Boroughs, Rich., Stoke, 233, 237 
Boston, Reginald, Norwich, 8 
Boswell, George, Stoke, 152 
Boteley, Rich., Coxford, 112 
Botiller, Rob. P.. Hickling, 212 
^()fo», Jfl/<», 136 

Thomas, Bickling, 27 

Botulphe, Johanna, Carrow, 209, 273, 

Bound, Johanna, Carro7v, 273 
Bower, Thos., St. Mary's in the Fields. 

Coll., 208 
Bo-wre, Thos., Norwich, 8 
Bowgeon, Rich., Pentney, 257, 312 
Boxwell, Will., Norwich, 75 
Boyce, Rob., Norwich, 8 
Bradley, Lodowicus, Wingfeld, 53 
Bradmaii, Thos., Wei^tacre, BIO 
Biuitoft, Agnes, Cradhoitse, 109 
Brampton, Dorothea, Campsey, 134, 219, 

Brannche, Rich. Master, Mettingham, 




Brcccles, Rich., Bromehill, 154, 242 
Bredeuham, John, St. Giles, Nonvich, 

Bredcin, Eliz. P., Crahhouse, 108 
Bridges, or Briggs, Will-, Thctford, 32, 

88, 155, 243, 303 
Brlgat, 3faster, Bishop's chaplain, 

preacher, 164 
Brigcote, Thos., Wcstacrc, 106 
Briggott, John, Westacre, 105 
Bright, Will., St. Mary's in the Fields, 

N.,_ 12 
Brodish '\ 

Brodech V Pentnnj, 30, 107, 168 
Brodjeh ) 
Broiule, or Catton, Robert, Abbot of St. 

Albans, Xorn-ick, 266 
Brown, Christiana, Carrow, 273 

John, St. Peter's, Ips7iuch, 137 

Rich., Stolie, 81, 152, 236 

Robert, Walsingham, 119 

Stephen, Walsinghani, 119 

Thomas, Buckenham, 160, 247, 


William, St. Peter's, Ijpswich, 

137, P , 221 

Brnnipsted, Christopher, Ingliam, 276 
Budd, Rob., Wnigfeld,1<b<o 
Bukke, Margaret, Thctford, 33 
Bulmau, Jobn, St. Mary's in Marsh, N. 
11, 12 


Bulwa, Elisth, Blachborovgh, 108, 311 

Bungey, Thos., Butlnj, 54 

Bunsted, Christopher, Ingham, 211 

Burges, Will., Thctford,'2iZ 

Burg ate, Peter, 115 

Burnham, Henry, Wymondham, 23 

Walter, Nor trick, 8 

Bursey, Thos., WingficJd, 223 
Burton, Robert, liufham, 276 

Burton, Will., Norwich, 193, 198, 202, 

203, 205 
Burward, Will., Walsingham, 253 
Bury, Godwin, P., Lnmrth, 44 

Matthew, 44 

Will., Wgwotidhaw., 96,162,248 

Busshop, John, 'Jfi/, 92, 156 
Butler, Anna, ('iDiipaeij, 219, 291 

John, Ij-H-orth, 45 

Butley, Thos., Butleii V.V2 
Buttery, Ela, P., Canipxeg, 219, 291 
Buttild, Rob., Uichliny, 277 

Byrdc, John, Ij-irorth, 44 
Byrcham, John, Wahi»gham, 315 
Bylney, iSimon, Nonvirh, H 
Bynhani, John, Wymondham, 23 

Willm., St. BcneVs, 175, 213, 

214, 215 

Caly, Robt., Mettingham., 187 

-^ Willm., Nortrich, 8 

Calihilt, Anton//, Westacre, 309 

Franeiseus, We.Htacre, 309 

Calton, Robert, St. Mary's in the Field.'*, 

Calyson, Will., Westacre, 310 
Cambridge, John, Nonvich, 74 

Wymondham, 97 

171, 253 

Nicholas, Walsingham, 121, 

Richard, Wymondham, 96, 

97, 98, 99, 100, 162, 163, 248, 308 

Rol)crt, Wr.'<tarre, 51 

Will., St.BeneVs, 175, 214, 

280, 281, 282 
Will., >S'^ Faith's, 316 

C'aj)2>s.,J). dec, Bp.'s Commissary, 154, 

St. Mary's in the Fields, 270, j)a.<<sim- 
Cappe, Thos., St. Mai-y's in the Fields, 

Caps, John, St. Bencfs, 63 
Cajfill,, 131 
Cardon, Thos., Westacre, 249, 310 
Carr, Nick., Chancellor with John oi 

Chalcedon, 173, et seq. 
Carr, Bieh., 191 
Carrow, John, Fye, 41 

Margery, ('arrow, 17, 143 

Carter, John, St. Faith's, 20 
Carver, John, Master, Sudhuri/, 80 

r//«.,/yM«;6'/i, 220,221, 294 

Castleacre, John,^'^. Glares, 176, 216,284 

Maria, Camp.seg, 36 

Will., lYorwieh, 8 

Walsingham, 170, 171, 

253, 315 
Castiltcn, Will. A., Wymondham, 247 
Norwich, 268 

P., Norwich, 262 

Catfield, Thos. P., Ingham, 27. 'iS, 173. 

Catton, Robert, Norjrich, 8 

v., Norwich, 192. 202 

Cauntcbryggc, Rol)crt, St. Heart's, 63 
Causton, Margarcta, Flijcton, 48 



Caws, Elisth., BlacUormigli, 311 
Chalcedon, John, Bp., 149 
Chamberlayn, Thos., St. Peter, Iinmich, 

137, 221 
Ab., Wy^mondham, 

Chandelour, John, Pentney, 312 
Chanell, Rich., Mettlngham, 187, 817 
Chapet, Thos., Blytlibvrgli, 216 
Chapman, Edmund, StoTie, 233 
Chathonse, Rich., Norwich, 74 
Chatreys. Rich., Norwich, 8 
Chauntre, Rich., StoTte, 43 
Chetchelej, Stoke, 257 
Cheveley, Thos., St- Marxfs in the Fields, 

208, 270 
Chickerying, Roh., Sudhnry, 225, 297 
Chippenham, Rob., Butley, 182, 217, 287 
ChijU'eshy, Mrs., 127 
Church, Rob., St. Giles, Norwich, 271 
Clere, Eliz., Bunqay, 40 
Clerk, Agnes, 87* 

John, Westacre, 103, 105, 165, 

166, 249, 309 

Margaret, Cam^jsey, 292 

Carrow, 17, 145 

Rich. P., Westacre, 

Will., Mettlngham, 188, 317 

Stoke, SI 

Simon, WerStacre, 51 

Clemens, P., Weyhurn, 56, 57 
Clenchwarton, John, Walsingham, 116, 

Cley, Rich., Bvclicnham, 23 
Cleyton, John, Attlehorovgh, 158 
Clopton, Rob., Woodhrldge, 135 
Cobbe, Rich., Westacre, 104, 166 
Cobbes, Margt., BJachhorough, 108 
Cocke or Kerver, Thos., Sudbury, 225 
Codde, Rob. P., Bromehlll. 154 

P., Pentney, 251, 312 

Cohe, Mr., 293 

Coker, Robt., Wei/burne,o& 

Cokes, Margery, Flixton, 319 

Coket, Brigitta, Coympsey, 134, 219, 291 

Cokkrose, Margery, P., jRedUngfield, 182 

Colchester, John, Norwich, 8 

Robert, Wymondham, 248, 

Colteshell, Nich., St. Faith's, 316 
Colyns, Edwd., 96 
Gombys. Henry, Eye, 142, 184, 222, 295 

John, Wi7ig field, 182 

Cony, Robt., Wing field, 52 
Cook, Alice, Norman's Hosp., 15 
, Campsey, 36, 133, 219, 290 

John, St. Mary''s in the Fields, 

Norwich, 208 

Thos., Woodhridge, 134, P. 180 

Copping, Will., St. 3Iari/s in the Fields. 

Coppinger, John, Walslnghavi, 119 
Cossey, Kath. Carrow, 15 
Covland, Rich., Stoke, 43 
Cowper, Rob., St. Bencfs, 63, 126, 128 

Will., TJwmpson Coll. 31 

Cranwoi-th, Thomas, Walsinqham, 
Craske, Rob., Sudbury, 80 
Crawder, Rich., Buckenham., 160 
Cretyngham, Lawrence, Butley, 54 
Creyke, Edmund, Rempton, 112 

Rich., Coxford, 29 

Rob., Walfingham, 122 

Thos., Walsingham, 59 

Croftes, John, Russhworth, 244, 304, 805 
Cromer, Walter, Norwich, 197, 265, 269 
Crowder, Rich., Bnckenham, 247, 807 
Crowe, Edmund, Blythburgh, 285 
Crystey, John, Ixworth, 44 

Cubitt, Rob., ;S^. Bcnefs, 60 
Curteys, Will., St. Benefs, 63 
Cutherow, Christ., Pentney, 251 

Dade, Nich.. Metflnqham., 186, 189 
Dale, Edw., WaUlngham. 253 

John. ^las.sijnqhani. 284 

Will., We-^iac're, 51 

Will. P., St. Olave-s, 130, 176, 216, 


Dallyng, Rob., Pentney, 30 
Dalmerston, Margt. Bungay, 40 
Dalyson, John, Mettlngham, 47 
Dame, John, Weylnirn, 172 

Robert, ll'eyburn, 172 

Damme, John, Beeston, 124 
Damyan. John, We.<<tacre, 51 
Danyell, Ralph, St. Mary's in the Fields, 

Dawny, Elisth. P., Blackborovgh, 311 
Davy, Isabella, Norman's Hosp., 15 
Daxe, Nich., Stoke, 283, 287 
Deane, Johanna, Redlingfield, 138, 183, 

Debenham, John, Butley, 217, 288 
Dedham, Margery, Flixton, 319 
Denston, John, Butley, 54 



Denj-ngton, Henry, Butley, 288 

James, liuthy, 286 

Dereham, Edmund, JS'oi-iv'ich, 8 
Kich., St. Mary's in the Fiilds, 

Rob, Cox ford, 2^ 

Dersham, Stephen, Norw., 74, 77, 192 

P., IIoxiu; 203 

P., Yarmouth, 265 

Dey, John, Mrtfinf/ham. 47 

Thos., }yinff}iehl. 182 

Dicons, Will., Stdhr, 81, 233, 236, 237, 
300 . > , 

Diliars, Bob., Bp's. Ccmmissarv, 149 
^ilham, John, St. Benct'», 175J 214 
Dix, M'aUingham, 120 
Dixon. Will., Stohf, 300 
Dokking, Rich., WaUinqham, 117,118, 
121 J ^ , , 

Donabj, Will., Sf.Prtcr's,Ij)snuch, 221 

Woodbrldge, 293 

Dowe, John, St. Giles, N, 13 
Downeham, al. Norse, Rich., Thitford, 

DowTie, Margery, Crabhoxise, 109 
J)ruTy, Anna, JRedlingJiild, 138,139, 183, 

Bri/e, J/r., preacher, 161, 167 

Jrt.*., 118 

Duke, Elisth., Bungay, 189, 261, 318 
Durham, John, St. Bcnefs, 128, 175 
Dybney, Rich., Thetford, 32 
Dylham, John, St. BeiuVs, 63, 280, 281 , 

Dynham, Oliver, ^S"^. Giles, 13 
Dynn, Margaret, Carron; 15 

Norman's IIosp., 273 

Dynj-ngton, James. Butley, 178 
Dysney, Thomas, Lrn-orth. 44 
Dyson, John, Sudbury, 42 
Dysnyngton, John, Butley, 217 

Eby, Will., Norwieh, 73 

Ede, Ambrose, Master, Thompson, 31 

Eden, Rich., Master, Sudbury, 150, 151, 

224, 298 
Edgour, Thos., Trin. Ipswich, 135, 220, 

Ednam, John, Stoke, 43, Dean, 82 

Rich., Dean Stoke, 42 

Eghton, Johanna, V., Thiiford, 33 
EUzth. Q. 2 

Elmham, Jas., Wymond/uim. 23 

Elm ham, John, Korn-ich, 268 

Ely, Will., Koncich. 193 

Ely.s, John, Trin. Ipsnich, 135, 220, 293 

Margaret, Gorman's llosp., 273 

Thos., SioJi^; 43 

Emmeth, Will., Thetford, 32 
Erasm us, 254 

Ersy. Agnes, Flixton, 143 
Estcney. Will., Stohr, 43 
Ecerard, Elhn, 124 
Everarde, El is., Campxey. 36, 133 
Everles. Rob., Wcstaore, 104 
Eya, Francis, Eye, 222, 296 

John, P., Eye, 41, 141, 222 

Rich., Eye, 41 

Rob., Eye, 41 

Fabian, Rob. :Master, Stole, 195. 226, 

233, 235, 256, 257, 299 
Fakener, Rob., Fentney, 312 
Fakcnham, Will., St. Faiths, 20 

Hempton, 112 

Falhe, Henry, D. dec, Bp.'s Commissar}-, 

1-58 passim 
Fastalff, Cecilia, Bungay, 189, P. 260, 


John. St. Beliefs. 62 

Feildehowse, Will., Wingfield, 182 
Felmingham, John, Aor'wich, 8 
Felton, Petronilla, Qimvseij, 134. 219 

291 ^ ' 

Feltwell, John, Pentney, 30, 107, 168 
Fen, Geoffrey, Walsingham, 315 
Ferrers, Eligius, Abbot of Wymondham, 

285, 290, 301 
Feston, Peter, Master, Atthburgh, 94 
Fcwell, Margaret, Campsei/. 36 
Fisher, John, St. Giles', Sorn-ich, 271 

Simon, Ixn-orth, 241, 302' 

Will., Sudbury, 22(). 297 

Busshirorth, 245, 304, 305 

Flete, John, Butley, 54 

Flixton, Thos., Bvckenhavi, 160. 247 

Folkard, Margaret, ('arrow, 17 

Simon, Xorwieh, 8 

Forby, Tho.s.. W'estaere, U\{], 103 
(alias Syniond,) Walter. West- 
acre, 250 
Forest, Will., .SY. Benrt's, 63 
Forset. John, W'estaere, 310 
Forthe, Henry, Up. Chaplain, 81, rf tea. 
Foster, Will., St. Giles, 207 



Foston, Peter, St. Cross, Attleborough, 

Fox, Rich., Ingham, 173, 210 
Framingham, Rob., JVorn-ich, 193, 197 

Roger, JVorwick, 2-8 

Thos. P., Butk'i/, 53-54 

Fz-ancis, Rob., Bllthborotigh, 216 
Fraunsham, Nich., Noi'wich, 198, 204 
Froste, John, Cox ford. 111, 169 

Sara, Thctford, 33, 91, P. 243 

Fuller, Andrew, Thetford, 303 

Rob., *S^, Mary's in the Field's, 

Mettingham, 317 

Thos., Ixn-orth, 85, 150, 241 
Will, de, Castelacre, 111 

Fulmerston, Petronilla, Campsey, 36, 

Furton, Will., Woodhridge, 135 
Fylde, Rich., Ixn-orth, 302 
Fyncham, Thos., Buchenham, 25 

Master de Marslond, 111 

Gabby, Will., Walsingham, 122 
Galfridus, Thos., St. Benefs, 281 
Garard, John, Ixn-orth, 44, 150, 240 
Gardener, Agnes, BcdUngfeld, 224 

Emma, Thetford, 243, 303 

Will., m>r7vich, 267 

Garnett, Rich., Walsingham, 253, 313 
Gateling, Peter, Stohe, 300 
Gayton, Rob., Pentney, 107 
Geiibrond, Geo., Stoke, 233-8, 300 
George Magnus, Walsingham, 114, 116 
Gerneys, John, Westacre, 51 
Gerves, Ursula, Tlwtford, 243, 303 

John, P., Ixnorth, 84, 149, 302 

Geyton, Paul, St. Mary's in the Fields, 


Robert, Pentney, 30, 168 

Giles, Thos., Westacre, 101, 164, 249, 

Gladwin, Nich., Stohe, 233 
Godewyn. Tho.s.. P., 137 
Godfrey, Rob., St. Giles, 13 
Godney, Simon, Westacre, 105 
Godsalve, Thos., public notary, 72, 261, 

Godying, Edmund, Attleburgh, 38 
Golding, Thos., Norwich, 198, 204 
GoLDWELL, Bp. James, Norwich, 1-65, 


Goldwell, Nich., Archdeacon and Com- 
missary, 58, 1-58, passim 
Goodeall, Rob., St. Peter's Ipswich, 221 

, Woodhridge, 292 

Goodman, Rich., Buchenham, 160, 247 

Goodebody, Simon, Westacre, 166 
Graby or Gravell, Matilda, Carrow, 273, 

Grafton, Rob., Norwich, 193 
Graver, John, Wingfield, 181 
Green, Johanna, Currow, 17, 145 

Kath., Thetford, 34 

Will, et uxor. 118, 119 

Green, John, Stoke, 43 
Green, John, Pentney, 312 

Dean of Stoke Coll., 228, 229, 

233, 254-9 

Margaret. Norman Hosp., 15 

Greggs, Thos., Hichling, 26 
Gi"ei3ham, Jas., Walsingham,, 119 

John, fil., Walsingham, 120 

Thos., Wi/mvndham, 98 

Grey, Agnes, Blachborough, 107, 311 

John, Coxford, 169, 252, 314 

Griffin, or Griffith, Bich., Queen's re- 
ceiver, 226, 228, 234 

Groome, Kath., Campsey, 134, 219, 291 
Grymeston, Thos., Walsingham, 59 
Guymer, Thos., Westacre, 309 
Gygges, Margaret, Blachborough, 107, 

Gyslingham, Edmund, Hichling, 277 

Hadenham, Will., St. Giles, N, 13 
Hadley, John, Walsingham, 315 

Rich., Westacre, \0o,\&Q 

Thos.. Eye, 222, 295 

Will , Eye, 184, 222, 295 

Halesdon, John, Ingham, 211 
Halkej-n, Thos., Wi?igfield, 223 

Hall, Rich., Westacre,' 105, 166, 250, 310 

Rob., St. Mary's in the Fields, 270 

Halley, Peter, Pentney, 30 

Hamond, Adam, St. Mary^s in the 

Fields, 270 

Agnes, Carrow, 273 

Hanam, Elianora, Thetford, N, 243, 

Hangreford, Eliz., Tlietford, N., 33 
Hanson, Edward, Busshworth, 304 
Hanworth, Geo., Norwich, 198, 203 



Hare, TJtomas, D.C.L., and commissary 

examiner, 71 to I Ai^, passim 
Harlcston, John, \]'ymoiuUiam, 97, 1C2, 

248, 308 
Harlow, John, Wahlngham, 253, 315 
Harlyn^, 36h\\,.Eyc, 184 
Harman, Margaret, Camjfsey, 36, 133, 

219, 2[i0 
Harmer, Will., A^oi-7ric?i, 200 
Harpele, Thos., Mittinghavt, 47 
Harrydance, Rich.. St. licnefn, 281 

John, St. Benct's, 175, 214-, 

280, 282 

Will., i\V<r«-iVf, P., 77, 192, 

202, 203, 267 
Harryson, Henrv, St. Glare's, 130 

Thos', Wingjicld, 63 

Hart, Rich., U/w.^/cW," 53 
Hartelev. Rich., Wrstacre, 250 
Harvy, Will., Biiclicnliam, 247 
Harwodp, Johanna, Crah house, 106 
Hasilbv, Margaret, Blaclthorovgh, 311 
Hasketon, Thos., Bvtley, 288 
Hasty, Kath., Thetford, 243 
Hateley, Rich., Westacre, 309 
Hause, Thos., St. Benet's, 214, 282 
Hankforth, Elisth., Tlietford, 91 
Haw. John Lutheran, Westaere, 251 
Hawnys, Sibella, Normam, 15 
Haylesdon, John, Ingham, 276 
Hecker, John, Bp. Chaplain, 13 
Master, jS'. &'*#, 207,271, 


Will., iS-^. 6' i7f 8,207,271 

Hede, Isabella, Normans, 15 
Hedo^e, Will., Mary in Marsh, 270 
Heerd, Thos., Thetford, 303 
Heigham, Geoffrey, EicMing, 125 
Helman, Henrr, Coxford, 112 
Helvy, Will., 'Stohc, 43 
Hemrnyngsby, Thos., St. Benet's, 63 
Hempsted, John, Nomich, 8 
Herd, Thos., Thclfvrd, 90, 243 
Herdonne, Ursula, (Javipsey, 219 
HerplcT, Will., WeyUntrne, 123 
Hert, Simon, Ixn-orUt, 84, 150 
Hervy, Anna, Campscy, 36 

John, Ccxford, 29 

Will., Bvchcnham, 307 

Heverlond, John, Nonrich, 5-n. 
Hewer, Rich., Stolte, 300 
Heydon, John, St. Benet's, 128 
Hejward, Rich., Stvhe, 233, 236, 237 

Hickling, John, Hicfding, 125, 174,211, 

Hillington, Simon, Pentncy, 30 
Hingham, George, Norn-irh, 8 
P. L/gnn at None., 


John, Wymondham, 97, 99, 

100, 162, 248, 308 

Ilohert, Agnes, 97 

Hodgson, Antony, St. Mary in the 
I'irhh; 208 

^"^f""' Jijf • I Wy„iondham, 100 

Hokar, Thos., FJitcham, 110 
Hollins, ^larg., Blachhorovgh, 108 
Holt, Rich., JfieMing. 125, 174, 211, 212 

Thos., M'alxinrfham,Zl'> 

Honyng, Thos., St. Betuifs, 280 
Hoo, Thos, Norn'ich, 8 
Hookyn, Thos., Stolce, 43 
Horham, Stephen, 88, 89 
Home, Thos., livsshivorth, 304 
Horning. Will., St. Benet's, 127, 175, 

214, 279 
Horselcv, John, Ixworth, 84, 302 

'- Thos., Stohc, 299 

Hotest, Rob., Butley, 54 
Hothe, Eliz. P , llutford, 303 
Houghton, Will., M'alxingham, 114, 119 
Hoye, Rob., BUthehorovgh, 216, 285 
Hubbert, Kath., Bungay, 261, 318 
Hudson, Rich., Beeston, 316 
Hunt, John, Ixivorth, 302 
Hutton, John, Siidhury, 42 

Will., \Vahingham,m 

Hykelying, Rich., Hiekling, 26 
Hylliugton, Jas., liuthy, 132 
Hynd, John, Wingfield, 223 
Hyndolveston, Dionisius, Nonrich, 3, 


Ibry, Andrew, St. Mary's in the Fieldx. 

Will., Bnsshmrrth, 93 

Ingham, Nich., Ingham, 28 
Ipswcll, Rob., Cm-nary, Nnrn'ich, 10 
Ipswich, Cornelius, lUythhurgh, 216 

John, Trin., Ipxirich, 34 

Rich., Eye, 141, 222, 295 

Thos., Ualsingham, 120 


lay, 242 

Ixniug, Thos., Bwlu-nham, 95 



Ixwortli, Rich., Et/e, 184 

Thos., Wymonclham, 97, 98, 100 

Jackson, James, St. Giles, JVorwieJi, 207 
Jekkys, John, St. Benefs, 61, 63 
Jeksan, Geo., Attleborough, 158 
Jenny, Isabella, Camjjsey, 36 
Jerningham, Barbara, Camjjsey, 36, 219, 

Jerveys, John P., Ixwortli, 240 

Generosus, 304 

Kath., Gar row, 17, 209, 273-274 

Jille, Rob., St. Faith's, 20 

Jolv, Thos., Norwich Cath., 198 
Jonson, John, Ixn-orth, 150, 240 

Thos., Ixworth, 150 

Joys, John, Thompson Coll.. 31 
Julyan, Norman's Hasp., 15 

Kaa, John, St. Mary's in the Fields, 12 

Karre, John. Walsingham, 253 

Katherine, Q., 226, 228, 234 

Kalli, P., Campsey, 36 

Keal, Kiel, Keyll, John, Stole, 233, 235, 

256, 257, 259 
Kechyne, John, Ingham, 211 
Kefas, Nich., St. Mary in the Fields, 12 
Kelyng, Kath., Norman's Hasp., 15 
Kent, Roger, public notary, 55 
Kent, Robert, Coxford, 314 
Ketylston, Will., Coxford, 29, 111 
Kerver, al., Coche, Thos., Sudbury, 41, 

Keswick, Thos., Walsingham 119 
Kedman, Margaret, Carrom, 145 
King Anna, Bungay, 189, 261, 318 

■ John, Norwich. 267 

Kath., Thetford, 34, 91 

Kingswell, Will., Thetford, 89 
Kirby, John, Norwich, 198, 203, 265, 

266, 269 

Will., Westacre, 250 

Knyght, Margaret, Car row, 17 
Kokersbale, Attleborough, 38 
Kychynne, John, Ingham, 173 
Kyrkham, John, St. Benefs, 63 
Kyrtelyng, John, A., Wyinondham, 21, 


Lakeman, Ralph, Butley, 54 
Lakenham, John, Norwich, 8, P., Alby, 

72, 193 
Ralph, St. Olave's, 130 

Lammes, John, St. Benefs, 175, 214, 

Lampley, John, Walsingham, 253 
Landon, John, St. Benefs, 175 
Langrake, Henry, Norwich, 8, P., 

Yarmh. Cell, 72 
Latami uxor, 121 
Lathum, Gilbert, Stoke, 233, 256, 259, 

Launde, Elis., Flixton, 143 
Lawder, Margaret, Redling field, 139, 

Lawrence, John, St. Peter's, Ipswich, 

137 221 
Laxfield" Alice, Flixton, 48, 143, 183, 

190, 261, 318 
Leeder, Will, Thetford, 303 
Leek, Rich., HicMing, 174 
Legate, Margery, Thetford, 243. 303 

Thos., Sudbury, 80, 150, 151, 


Leigham, Will., Woodbridge, 180 
Leman, Gilbert, Pentney, 312 

Thos., Norwich, 74, 78, 192, 201, 


Lenn, Thos., Wymondham, 100 

Leo X., 71 

LiDENSIS, Bp., 257 

Lichfield, Edmund, Wymondham, 49, 51. 

Cf. Diocesan History, Norwich, 236 
Lincoln, John, Pentney, 30 
Little, Thos., Pentney, 251, 312 
Logan, Kath., Camp.scy, 134, 219, 291 
Lok, Rob., Russhworth, 92, 156, 244, 

304, 305 
Lokton. Kath., 93, 94 
London, Anna, Carrow, 145, 209, 273, 

John, St. Benefs, 214 

Robt., Buckenham, 307 

Will., Norwich, 8, 198, 204, 

Longe, Stephen, Pentney, 312 
Lophani, (al. Underwood), Rich., Nor- 
wich, 198, 203, 204, 2C5, 267, 269 
Looge, Kath., Blackborough, 311 
Lovedays, Marca, Bungay, 40, 189, 260, 

Low, John, Walsingham, 117, 170, 171 
Lowthe, Will., P., Walsinqham, 59, 146 
Westacre, P. 164 

Thos., Walsingham., 117, 121 

Ludham, John, Ingham, 28 



Lychefeldc, Ilenrv, Buchnliam, 25 
Lychebani, Will.," Woodhridgr, 135, 292 
Lj-nge, Rob., M'til.tinff/iam, 59 
Lynn, John, Cox/onL 29, 30 

Rich., Pcntiuy. 251, 312 

Simon, Xorn-ich. 8 

Thos., Wrstacrr. 51, 248 

Vi^iW., Xormch, 8 

Lyon, Agnes, Konnaii's Hosp., 273 

Maister, John, Westacrc, 310 
Mak, John, St. Olavrn, 130, 284 
Male, John, WingJirU, 52. 182 
Maners, Will., Wistacrr, 104 
Alanhertre, Rob., St. Bniefg, 126 
Mannel, Henrv, Xonrich, Master of 
Normans, 194, 197, 203. 266, 272 

Will., Xonvich, 8 

Marshall, John, Xoi-wich, 12 

Nich.. 114, 115, 118, 119. 120, 


College T?io)nj)so?i, 246 

Marshaunt, Galfridu.s. Mettingham, 47 
Martyn, Anna, Qjrroii; 17, 145, 209, 273 

John, Xorn-icJi 74, P. St. 

Lronarda, 192, 197, 199, 201 

Westncre, 51 

FUtcham, 110, P. 168 

Zioml, 136 

Thos., BrnmrhiU, 86 

Rector, Egnure, 147 

Michell. Will., St. Jienrfs, 280-3 
Middlcton, Ralph P., Pmtnrtj. 29-30 
Migo, Hob.,,sy. Mfin/tin thr FirUh, 208 
Milehani, Henry, Jfimpton, 113 

Nich.', Ualxingluim, 121, 170. 

171, 2.53,312 

Will., 121, 122 

Mason, Agnes, T/utford, 243, 303 

Rich., BnwuMIl, 87, 154, 242 

Massingham. John, St. Olave's, 216, 


Will., Wf'stacre, 49, 50 

Massey, John, Runahn-oi'th, 306 
Mateshall, Will.. Pnitnnj, 107 
Mather, Alex., Sndhnvy, 298 
Mathew, John, P., Co.rford, 111, 169, 

Matthie, John, WahtingMm, 315 
Mawnge, Rob., EicHing, 174 
Mave, Will., Sudbni-i/, 80 
MaVner, Will., Wr.^taerr, 165, 250 
Meek, Edw., Westucrr. 310 

John, Weittacrr, 51 

John, St. Olarri^, 176, 216 

Melford, Will., Buthg, 132. 178 
Mendeham, John, Buthg, 54 
Methuen, John, Nonv'ich, 8 
Methwold, Kath., Thtford. 33. 91 
Michell. John, UickUng, 213, 215 


Milgate, John, P., Bitchnliam, 91, 160. 

247. 307 
Mollys, Johanna, Bungay, 40, 189 
More. Thos., Konrich, 8 
Moreff. John. Mettinghavi, 188,317 
Morre, Rob., Trin.. Ipxirh-h, 34 
Mors, Rich.. Thtford 32 
Mortimer, Anna, Campxcy, 36 
Morton. Thos., Norrrlch, 193, 264, 266, 

Morys, John. Stohr. 43 

Thos.. Stoh-, 43 

Mottvs, Nich.. ,Sy. Ptrr'g. Jp/tn-icfi, 137 
Mountney, Elisth., Tlutford, 33, P. 90 
Jloirr, Gregory, Commissarj-, E.xaminer. 

Multon, Rich., St. Brrnfs, 281 

Roger, St. Deiufn 128 

? Eg,; 222 

Mnnk, Margaret, Xorman'tt /Io*j>.. 15 
Mntford, Rob., A'or>rirIi, 8 
Mynting, W., Xonrich, 268 
Mynyet, Thos., Trin., fystvich, 135 

Narburgh. Henry. Pentney. 107, 168 
Nedam. John. Butht/. 54 
Xeel, John, St. Mury'i in thr Field*, 11 
Neling, Rich.. Wymtmdliam. 99 
Neveli. Will.. Coxford. 169. 313 
Newton, John P., Attlrhoroiu/li. 37, 38 

Will.. Bp's. Chaplain. 146. 147 

Stol/e, 233. 235. 299, 300 

St. Mtiry'g in the Field*. 


Nichol. Agnes. Bedlinqp'rld, 1-^3. 224. 

Nichols. Will. St. Benef-o. 128 
Nicholson, Thos. Attlehoroiigh. 94 
Nightingale, John, Cor/ord, 111. 169, 

NicKE. Bp. Richard. \oriric/i, 6.*. 

ef .vry. 
Noon. Matibbi. Flixton. 4H 
Norffolk. Rich . Buehnham. 160. 217 
Norris. Rich.. Stol-e, 257 

T)i„s.. Stoke. 43.81. 154. 233. 236 



North, George, St. Mary's in the Fields, 

Northern, BaHhol., Commissary, 58 
Norwich, Andrew, HicUing, 174, 212 

. Nor wi oil, 198 

■ David, Walsingham, 116, 117, 

121, 122 

Osbeme, Edward, St. Giles, 271 
Osmund, Thos., Wymond7ui7H, 162, 163, 

247, 248 
Otbe, Elis., Thetford, 34, 243 
Oxbm-gh, Nich., Bzitley, 132, 178, 217, 


Thos., Westacre, 51 


Edmund, HicUing, 125, 174, Ovej, Simon, Walsingham, 253, 315 


- Norwich, P., of Alby, 


. Eliz., Campsey, 219 

. Frances, Norwich, 74, 77, 193, 

Hugh, Norwich, 74, 192 

Isabella, Campsey, 36, 133, 290 

John, Norwich, 8 

Butley, 132, 178, 217, 286 

Margaret, Campsey, 36 

• Mathew, Hichling, Til 

. Nich., St. Benefs, 127, 175, 


Eich., P., Eye, 40, 41 

. BucTunham. 95 


277, 279, 282 

mcMing, 212 

Norwich, 8, 264, 



■ Rob., Wyvu)ndham, 23 

Simon, Norwich, 8 

Thos., St. Faith's, 20 

Pentney, 30, 107 

nicUi'ng, 27 

Coxford, 29 

St. Faith's, 316 

Will., Walsingham, 59, 60 

. Ingham, 28 

Eye, 141, 184, 222, 295 

Nottell, Alice, Norman''s, 273 

Elisth., Btinqay, 189, 261, 318 

Rob., Norwich, 199, 267 

Nnnn, Anna, Bnngay, 318 

Edward, Ixn-orth, 302 

Nutman, Will., Sudbury, 80, 151, 225 

Page, Anna, Bungay, 40, 189 

John, Trin., Ipswich, 34 

Pakerman, Will., Butley, 286 
Palle, Rich., P., Westaci-e, 49, 51 
Pall, Thomas, Walsingham, 315 
Palmer. Thos., Westacre, 101, 1T)6, 165, 

1G6, 249, 309 
Parker, Botulph, Norwich, 266 

Matthew, Chaplain of Q. Anne 

Boleyn, 228 

Rob., Walsingham, &0, 115, 117, 


NycoU, Anna, Rcdlingfield, 138, 139 

Olton, Margt., Flixton, 143, 185, 190, 

261, 318 
Orford, Tlios., Butley, 54, 132, 133, 179, 

Ormysby, Rob., St. Bcnefs, 63 
Orwell, John, Pentney, 30, 107, 168, 251 

Parkyn, John, Thetford, 303 
Parmafay. Agnes, Bungay, 40 
Paston, Henry, St. Bcnefs, 128 

ir/Z^., 306 

Patrick, Rob., Westacre, 50, 51 
Pellis, Thos., Norwich, 8, Prior of Hoxne, 
73, 192, 193 

St. Mary's in tlie Fields, 270 

Penderley, Thos., St. Peter's fyswich, 

137, 293 
Pentney, Thos., Pentney, 137, 165 

. Will., Mettingham, 47 

Peper, John, Thompson Coll., 31 

Rob., Westacre, 103, 165, 250, 


Perfey, Nich., Sudbvry, 42 
Person, Rob., Sudbury, 42 
Petit, Rob., Mettingham, 186, 188 
Petnell, Joanna, Redlingfield, 224, 297 
Piqeon, Mrs., 75, 78 
Pikenham, Dr. Stoke. 83 
Foley, Margt., Bcdlingfield, 224, 297 
Ponde, Adam, Ixworth, 84 
Pone, Constance, Thetford, 91 
Will., Wodbridge, 293 
Portenall, Eliz., Campsey, 36 
Porter, Rob., Coxford, 169, 252, 313, 314 
Pottkyn, Will., Walsingham, 315 
Poty, John, Weyburne, 172 

P., Beeston, 55 

Powdych, Thos., Pentney, 30 
Poyntcr, Mrs., 100 



Pranke Rieh., HW/rtc/v, 310 
Prenfrs, Simon, 109 
Preston, Will., Woodbridge, 180 
Proctour, John, Mi:ttingMm, 317 
Pulvcrtoft, Ralph, Master of Carnary, 9, 

Pundcr, Adam, Ixworth, 150, 261, 302 
Margaret, Fllxton, 185, 190, 

Purgold, Matilda, Norimn\<i IIosp., 15 
Purpctt. John, Master, Riisshworth, 91. 
151), 244 .' ' 

Pygotte, John, St. Olare's, 284 
Pjkercll, John, St. Peter's, Ipswich, 137 
Pyndre, Johanna, Plackborongh, 311 

Qualley, John, Buekenliani. 25 
Quarles, Cecilia, Norman's Hospital, 273 
Quyntyn, Will., Sudbury, 42 

Race, Will., Walsingliam, 116, 117, 118 

121, 170, 171, 252, 315 
Radoliffe, Thos., Sudbury, 298 
Radde]y.s, Ranulphus, Stoke, 234 
Rake, John, St. Olave's, 39 
Raninie, Rich., Thompson Coll., 246 
Ramworth, John, St. Benet's, 127, 128 
Ranworth, Roger, St. Benet's, 127. 214 

280 ' . » 

Ra-n-lyns, Roger, Thompson Coll., 246 

■ Mr., Coxford, 313 

Raj^nherd, Will., /.rtrorth, 150 
Rede, Egidius, Sudbury, 42 
Redmayn, Mr., Brome'hill, 242 
Reedniaine. John, Wymondham. mtucr 

Abbas, 100 
Redyng, John, St. Bcnrfs, 63 
Rekingale. Chistophcr, Eye, 222 
Repps, Will., Nor /rick, 71, 192,200,203 

Ah., St. Benet's, 27S, 279 

Revc, Rosa, Thetford, 243, 303 

Thos., Buclienham, -241, 307 

Revcrs, Augustin, P., Butleii, 131, P 

178, 216 

Thos., Butley, 218, 286 

Rcyubcrd, Will., Ixworth, 241, 302 
Reynps, Thos. Stoke 81, 153 
Reynom, Jas. Pentney, 30 

Richcrs, John, Wymondham, 98, 100. 

162, 248, .308 
Richemond, Dionysius, Butley, 132, 179, 

Richere, John, Wymondham, 23 

Rightounc, John P., Bhjthhurgh, 216. 

Rikingale, Christr., Eye, 141, 1 8-4, 295 

~. — ; Robert, Jn'chling. 277 ' 

King^land, Andrew, Norwich, 73, 193. 

Ringstede, Thos., Wahingham,\\%, lly, 

Robins, Simon, Beeston, 124 

— Weyburnr, 172 

l{obin,son, .John, Wini/tirtd, 296 
lioi.iton, Mr., I'rcacbcr, 150. 152, 17(). 

Rophyn, Mrs., 207 

Rose, Thos., St. Bcnefs, 63 

Rowse, Marg., Flixton, 143, 144, l.s5. 

Maria, Bungay, 261 

Riidelsham, Thos., St. Faiths, 20 
Rump, Robert, yy<r.</rtM, ) ,„ 

We,,bournc,\ '2*, 172 

Rasham, Will., Wing field, 52 
Ryall, Cecilia, Carro'w, 17 

Rysby, Reginald, Stoke, 43 
Rysi ng, Adam, Eye, 41 

John, St. Benefs, 63, 126 

Rysle, John, P., St. Faith's, 18, 20 

Sammys, Isabella, Norman's IIosp., 15 
Saham, Edwd., Wymondham, 248, 308 

Nich., Wymondham, 97, 99 

Salcote, John, St. Be net's Ah., 174, 213. 

Thos., St. Benefs, 175 

Sail. .Tohn. Norwich, 74. 77, 192. 197- 

206, 263. 264. 266, 267, 269 

Ralph, Ilickling, 125 

Rob., St. Benet's, 126. 128, 279 

Walsingham, 170, 171, 175. 

Thos., Norwich, 197, 199,200, 204 

205, 263, 2()5, 267. 269, 270 

Will., Norwich, 8 

Salman, , St. Jienct's, 62 

Salter, Ilcnry, ('oxford, 169, 252, 313 

John, Eye, 1 4 1 

Samagc, John, Pentney, Z\i 

Same. Rol).. Stoke, 43 

Samp.son, Grace. P., RrdlinaMd, 138 

110, 193. P. 221.297 
Sampson. Nich.. Stokr, 233 
Save. John. Ingham, 173,210. P., 270 
Scolcr, John, Ixworth, \oO, 302 



Scot, Alicia, Bungay, 40 

Scottow, Thos., St. Beliefs, 126, 175, 

214, 279 
Scrope, Anna, Benefactor of BvssJi- 

7Vorth, 244-6 
Segryme, Kath., P., Carrow, 16, 17 
Senne, John, Stoke, 4.'i 
Senycle Thos., public notary, 45, 58 
Sesely, Rich., Mcttlngliam, 47 
Sevyr, John, Wet/bridge, 130 
Seward, Will., Ixworih, 241 
Sen-all, John, 136 

Sharhawe, Edmund, St. Benet's, 63 
Sharpyng, John. Buchenham, 247 

'- — Rich. Bvehcnhavi, 307 

Shelton, Rich., Master Mettingham, 

260, 317 
John. Norwich, 192, 198, 200, 

Sheltram, Will., Wcstacre, 310 
Shmkwyn Thos., Bp.'s Official, 1-2 
Sheringe, Will., St. Olave's, 130. 176 
Sheringham, Will., St. Olave's, 39 
Sherman, Agnes, Carrow, 17 
Shorten, Rob., Master Pemh. Coll. Camh., 

Sherwood, John, Ingham, 173 
Shilton, John, Norwich, 76 
Shipdham, John, Pcntney, 312 
Shord, Edwd., Mettingham, 317 
Shribbe, John, Trin., Ipswich, 136, 220 
Shuldham, Kath.-, Campsey, 36 

Thos., Wcstacre, 51 

Stutfield, Margeria, Crab/iovse, 109 

Maria, Crahhonse, 109 

Siblys, John, Norwich, 8, 75, 76 
'RaX^'h, Norwich, 8. 74, 75, 201, 

Sickling, John, Siidbvry, 80, 151, 225 
Sisley, Simon, Mettingham, 186, 317 
Slyte, Nich., Thetford, 32 
Skarlett, Will., St. Benefs, 63 
Skerning, Will., St. Giles', Norwich, 207 
Skete, Rich., Thetford, 88, 8'.) 
Skett, Nich., Thetford, 153 
Skynner, Alice, Norman's Hasp., 273 

Will., Mettingham, 47 

Skypton, Rich., Stoke, 42 

Sloley, Adam, Norw. 266, 267, 269 

Smith. Agnes, Crabhonse, 109, 110 

Dorothea, Tlietford, 243, 303 

Joanna, P., Bedlingfield, 183 ; 

Sub. 224, 297 

Smith, John, Ixworth, 240 

Ipswich, 34 

St. Giles', Norwich, 271 

Pentney, 251 

Walsingham, 114, 122 

Westacre, 102, 133 

Rob., Westacre, 102, 164 

Norwich, 268 

Thos., Trin., Ipswich, 34, 135 

Pentney, 312 

Woodhridge, 180 

Will., Stoke, 43 

Westacre, 165 

Snape, Rich,, Eye, 184, 222, 295 
Snelesham, Galfridus, Wymondham, 258 
Snelham, Simon, Pentney, 168 
Somerton, Thos., I.vworth,2^\, 302 
Sosham, Will., Mettingham, 47 
Sparham, Edmund, Hiekling, 125, 174 
Sparwell, Roger, St. Benet's, 63 
Spenser, Alice, Flixton, 4 

Miles, Bp.'s official Examiner. 

263-31 8 ^« 
Spillman, Isabella, Campsey, 36 

John, Westacre, 103, 105, 106 

Spynke, Will , Norwich, 8 

Squyer, John, St. Benet's, 63 
Stacy, John, Wolsey's messenger, 255 
Stafford, Rich., Pentney, 312 
Stalham, Rob., Norwich, 8 

Thos., St. Benet's 128 

Stanbanke, Edmund, Stoke, 82 
Stanton, Rob., Norwich, 194, 202, 204, 

Starys, Rob , St. Olave's 39, 130 
Stele, Will., ,S^. Benet's 
Stenham, Thos., St. Benet's, 280 
Stephanus, Thos., Bnsshn-orth, 244, 246 
Stephenson, Elis., P. Bungay, 39, 40, 

Steven, Thos., Rnsshworth, 246 
Steward, Avgustine, 268 
Edmund, Commissary of Bp., 

210,211,259, 260 
St. Mary's in the 

Fields, 260 

Margaret, Carrow, 17, 145, 

209, 273, 274 

Stinge, John, Fletcham, 110 

Stoke, John, Eye, 41 

Stoneham, Thos., St. Benet's 175, 214, 

281, 283 
Storisse, Will., Wingfield, 223, 296 



Stortwaite, Will., Westacrc, 250, 309 
Stowe, Rob.. Ei/c, 141, 184, 222 
Stratford, Rob., St. Bnufs, 215, 280, 281 
Stretfforthe, Rich., Eye, 141 
Sturges, Dorothea, Thctford, 91 

Blacltborouf/h, 311 

Stntfckl, Margery, Crahhovsp, 109 

Maria, CrahJwugr, 109 

Stytfekeve, Thos., Walslnf/ham, 60 
SuJboume, Thos., Butley, 178. 217. P 

287 ^ , . ■ 

Sudbury, Thos., Butley, 132 
Snthfnld. Cecilia, Carrotv, 209, 273,275 
Sutton, Rob., Hiclliiiff, 26 
Stephen, Xorwic/i. 8 

Will.. St Petn; Ipmlch, 221 

Swaffham, Galfridns, Wcstacre, 51 

Thos. Korn-ich, 8 

Swanton. Agnes, Carro7v, 209, 273, 274 
Swayn. Will., Li-ivorth, 85 
Swennington, John, St. Faith's, 20 
Symonds, Kath., Cam])siy, 134, 219, 290 

al. Forby, Walter, Wcstacre, 


Sympety, Will., n?.9i'rt^rf, 51 
Sympson, Henry, Bromehill, 86 
Syward, Will., Lvn-orth, 160, 302 

Tacolneston, John, P., St. Bend's, 126, 


Roger, Pcntncy, 30 

Tailour, Rich., St. Mary's in the Fields, 

Tailor. Rich, the, Norwich, and his wife, 


Rich., Wymondhavi, 23 

Thos., Buchenhaiii, 95 

Takon, Reginald, Ixworth, 241, 302 
Tavemer, Thos., Biston, 56, 124 
Thawayts, Will., Eye, 41 
Thaxted, John, St. Bcncfs, 127, 175 
Thos., Wymondlmm, 99, 162, 

248, 308 
Thetford, Edw. Btickcnham, 307 

John, Butley, 131. 133 

P., Thetford, 155, 242, 


Rob., Butley, 54 

Thirkell, Will., Xom-i-h, 266 
Thirlowe, Henry, Butley, 54 
Thomson, Walter, Thompson Coll., 93 
Thornhagge, James, Walsinqhom, 59 
Thornham, Walter, St. Faith's, 316 

Thory, John, Wcstacrr, 2.50, 309, 310 
Thnrling, Nich., Winyjirld, 296 ' 
Thymylthorpe, TAiz.^Aorman'it lloni, , 

273 ' 

Titleshall, Rich., Coxford. 112 
Tobbe, Will., Thompson Coll., 93 
Toddy, Alice, Thetford. 91 
Tolle, Henry, Westacrc, 50, 51 
Toller, John, Nnrn-ieh, 268 
Tomlane, Will., Sudbury, 80 
Tompson, Rob., Winyjield, 296 
Tooke, Andrew, A'orn-ich, 264 
Tostes, John. Eye, 296 
To\\Tisend, Mr., Westacrc, 164 
Trcisiny, Thos., 102 
Tresweil, Rob., ,SY. Giles, 207 
Trows, Rob., Aonrirh, 193 
Tryp, 5^. Bnut's, 279 
Tublayne, Will., Sudbury, 151, 225 
Tunsted. John, Ingham, 211, 276 
Tnrnonr, Henry, ^Vo//*?, 43 

Hngh, Stolte, 43 

Senior, St oh-, 233 

Junior, ,S!f<»;!!^, 233 

John. Stohe. 43 

Rob., Trin., Ipsrvich, 294 

Tweets, Rob., Norwich, 192, 203 

UflFord, Thos., Walsingham, 253 
Undrewood, al. Lopham. Rich., Norwich 

265, 267 
Upton, Helena, Flixton, 48 
Ussher, Will., St. Benet's, 63 

Valentine, Agnes, Campsey, 134 

r«Zry, Agnes, 186, 189 
Bobrrt, 186, 188 

T;rr, ,l/rt;y!'., 184 

Vicar, Thos., P., Thctford, 88 

Vicary, Thos., Wcstacre, 51 

Vowell. Rich., P., Walsingham. 170.314 

Vyrley, KHz., P., Flixton, 48 

George, Bp.'s Chaplain. 13 

Wadnow, Rich. Coxford. 169 
Waite. John, Sudbury, 80. 151 
Walbanke. John. StoL\ 43 
Walden. Geo.. Buchnhnm 160 
Wales. Andrew, Hickling. 125 
Wallington. Nich., Ixwo'rth, 84 
Walshani, Andrew, .SY. Benrt's, 127, 128 

Rob., Hickling. 125, 174.212 




Thos., Norwich, 73, 193 

Walsingham, John, Walsingliatn, 59, 
115, 122, 170, 252 

Nich., Ixworth, 149 

Thos., Westacre 51 

Walsingham, 315 

Norwich, 194 

Walsoken, John, Pentney, 107, 168 
Walton, Eob., Butley, 288 
Wandam, Will., Walsingham, 118 
Wardall, Thos., Stoke, 82, 153, 226, 233, 

Warde, John, Mettingham, 47 
Warham, Edmund, Walsingham, 59, 

114, 170, 252, 314 
Warner, Agnes, Carrow, 145, 209, 273 

Isabella, Buokenhani, 25 

Will., Woodhridge, 180 

Warwyk, , Ixworth, 45 
Waferden, Rich., Walsingham, 59 
Watson, John, Walsingham, 253 
Watton, Rich., Pentney, 30, 107, 168, 251 
Wayte, John, Sudbury, 41 » 

Webster, Rob., melding, 213, 277 
Well, Rich., St. Giles, 207 
Wellis, John, Norwich, 268 

Thos., Walsingham, 253 

Wells, John, 143 

Margery, Carrow, 17 

Thos., Stolie, 81, 152 

Walsingham, 116, 117, 

121, 122, 170 
West, John, Walsingham, 315 
Westacre, Henry, St. Olave's, 216, 284 

John, St. Olave's, 176 

Thos. St. Benets, 127 

Westerfield, Reginald, Butley, 132, 133, 

179, 287 
Weston, John, Walsingham, 119 
Wetebred, John, Bromehill, 242 
Weting, Christina, 86, 87 
Weybrede, Rich., Mettingham, 47 
Wharton, Launcelot, P. St. Faith's, 316 
Wheteacre, Mr., Norwich, 77 
Whetely, Rich., St. Mary's in the Fields, 

208, 270 
Whethead, John, Bromehill, 87 
White, John, Coxford, 314 
Whitebred, John, Bromehill, 86, 154 
Whitehed, Thos., Stole, 82, 83, 153, 195, 

226, 227, 233, 234, 235, 256, 257, 299, 

Whitlake, Alan, Attlehorough, 94, 158 

Whitlok, John, Attlehorough, 159 
Whyght, Thos., P. I^'in., Ipswich, 220, 


Dr., Eye, 141 

Maria, Carrow, 17 

Whynbarrow, Rob., St. BenetS, 62 
Whyte, Kath., Normans Hosp., 15 
Whytfield, Thos., St. Benefs, 61 

Will., St. Benet's 63 

Wifiingham, Nich., Ixworth, 240 
Wigam, Isabella, P. Carrow, 145, 208. 

273, 274 
Wikeham, Henry, Butley, 288 
Wiley, Rob., Walsingham,, 122 
Williamson, Elisth., Campsey, 36 
Willoughby, Elisth., Campsey, 133, 219 
Wilsey, Eob. (Cook), Walsingham, 315 
Wilton, Rich., Butley, 132 
Wingfeld, Brian, Butley, 132, 178, 218 

Elizth., Campsey, 134, 219, 291 

Will., Norwich, 75, 77 

Westacre, 105, 166, P. 

250, 309 

Winter, Rich., Buolunham, 247 
Wiott, John, Thomjmni, 92 
Wisbich, Clemens, Ixworth, 44 
Wiseman, Thos., Thctford, 32 
Wither, Will., Thomp.wn, 93 
Wilton, Will., Attlehorough, 38 
Wodcock, Edmund, Mcttinqham, 317 
Wode, Edwd., St. Faith's, 31(5, 317 
Wodebridge, John, Pentney, 30, P. 106, 

Butley, 54 

Thos., i?wf?ey, 218, 287, 288 

. Will., .5M/Zey, 131, 178,217, 

Wodehouse, Margerie, Carrow, 17 

Will., Norwich, 268 

Wodforth, Nich., Beeston, 124, 172, 316 
Wodgate, Alicia, Thctford, 243, 303 

Wolsey, Card., 254, 301 

Wotton, Thos., Bp.'s official, 9, 12, 13, 

14, 16 
Wormell, John, Wymondham, 98 
Wormgay, Thos., Pentney, 107 

St. Benefs, 175 

Worsted, Rob., Norwich, 74, 76, 78, 200 
Wright, Alice, P., Flixton, 185 

Bevisius, Trin., Ipmnch, 294 

Elisth., Flixton, 143, P., 190, 

261, 318 

Nich., Ixworth, 45 



Wright, John, Trin., Jjwrich, 136 

Thos , Walnivgham, 253 

"Wurrc. John. Mcttin(ihinn, 47 
"Wynnrgh, Rich., J/citin//Iuim, 200, 317 
Wykhum. Rich., 2S'(>r7vic/(, 2G!S 
wVlbey. Rob., L'l/f. 41 
Wylfy," Rob., W'ahbujham, 253 
■Wyllyamson. Rob., M'ci/Jnirii, 57 

Will., Mci/hiiTJi, 57 

Wylson. Will., St. Prtcv Jjisivich, 137 
Wymoudham, Jas., Wymtindhavi, 23 
John, WymondJtam, 248, 

WTmondham,Rob.. Hiclding, 2G, 27, P. 


Wyndham, Geo., Mastir, Itvufhirort h . 

M'yiidJiam , Edvivnd, rirvtiger, Ilickling, 

Wyntcr, Anna, CavijtM-y, 134, 219, 291 

John, St. Mary' gin the Field*, 


Rich., Jivch-nham, IGO, 307 

Will., Trin. Jjtgwieh, 34 

WATmegay, John, IVntney, 30, 168 
Wyott, Will , Stoke, 82, 163 

Yarmouth, Robert, Norwich, 8 
Yaxley, Frances, Norwich, 198, 203,267 
Yorke, John, Bcstnn, 316 







ON THE 2d may, 18B8. 

The Council of the Camden Society have to regret the loss, by death, 
of the following Members during the past year — 

The Rev. Wm. Borlase. 

Lord Clermont. 

W. H. BoTHAMLEY, Esq. 

John Ross Coulthart, Esq. 

The Hon. H. F. Cowpkr. 

The Rt. Hon. A. J. B. Beresford Hope, M.P. 

Richard Hussey, Esq. 

Geo. Peel, Esq. 

Frederick John Reed, Esq. 

The Very Rev. Dr. Scott, Dean of Rochester. 

Jas. Whatman, Esq. 
The following have been elected Members of the Society during the 
past year: — 

The Earl of Crawford. 

S. Chadwick, Esq. 

Rev. Robert B. Gardiner- 

Miss Mary Grimston. 

Rev. William Hunt. 

Principal Reich el, of University College, Bangor. 

St. John's College, Oxford. 


The Council have to announce, with great regret, the resignation, in 
consequence of ill-health, of the President of the Society, the Earl of 
Verulam. Only those who have been in the habit of co-operating with 
him constantly at the meetings of the Council can be fully aware of the 
loss which the Society has sustained by the retirement of one who was so 
constant in his good-will, and so ready in helping to forward all the 
objects of the Society. 

Of the books for the present year, the volume containing Pococke's 
Travels is already in the hands of Members. It is hoped that the other, 
the Visitations of the Monasteries of the Diocese of Norwich, will be 
issued before the meeting. If this should not be possible, it will appear 
very shortly afterwards. The Members will probably agree with the 
Council in welcoming it as a contribution of no ordinary importance 
towards the elucidation of one of the dark places of history. 

The volume will contain far above the average amount of matter, so that 
it is proposed to issue only two volumes in the coming year — 

1. Documiints illustrative of the Impeachment of the Duke of Buckingham in 
1626. Ellted by Samuel R. Gardixer, Esq., Director of the Society. 

2. The Travels of Dr. Richard Pococke. Vol. 11. Edited by J. J. Cart- 
wright, Esq., Treasurer of the Society. 

The first of these volumes is already in the press. It will contain a 
considerable number of documents which throw light on some of the 
points raised at the trial, and, being mainly of an ofi&cial description, may 
be roughly described as the evidence on which the case for the accused 

The other volume throws light on the state of England in the 
eighteenth century. 

By order of the Council, 

Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Director. 
James Gairdxer, Secretary. 


We, the Auditors appointed to audit the Accounts of the Camden Society, report 
to the Society, that the Treasurer has exhibited to us an Account of the Receipts and 
Expenditure from the 1st of April 1887 to the 31st of March 1888, and that we 
liave examined the said accounts, with the vouchers relating thereto, and find the sanip 
to be correct and satisfactory. 

And we further report that the following is an Abstract of the Receipts and 
Expenditure during the period we have mentioned : — 

Receipts. £ 

To Balance of last year's account... 126 
Received on account of Members 
whose Subscriptions were in ar- 

rear at last Audit 9 

The like on account of Subscriptions 

due on the 1st of May, 1887 177 

Thelikeon accountof Subscriptions 

due on the 1st of May, 1888 16 

One year's dividend on £4G6 3 1 
3 per Cent. Consols, standing in 
the names of the Trustees of the 
Society, deducting Income Tax... 
To Sale of Publications of past 

1 6 

13 11 

Expenditure. £ 

Paid for printing 500 Copies Pococke's Travels 40 

Paid for Miscellaneous Printing 4 

Paid for delivery and transmission of Books, with 
paper for wrappers, warehousing expenses, &c. (io- 

eluding Insurance) 15 

Paid for Binding 15 

Paid for Transcripts ,14 

Postages, &c 2 

Clerical Assistance 6 

Nine Subscriptions returned 9 

















6 6 

£Z48 3 3 

£\'27 6 
By Balance 220 17 3 

je:348 3 3 

April 26, 1888. Uak. 
Wynne E. Baxteu. 

Uaij 1888. 

(|anuli|ii S jHkS ^^^\^% 


(garlu listoriral and Xitcntrn Remains. 

Tlie Members marked (c.) have compounded for their Subscriptions. 


The Right Hoi^. The EARL OF CRAWFORD, LL.D., 
F.R.S., &c. 

(c.) Rio-ht Hon. Lord Acton, Aldenham Park, Bridfjenorth, Salop. 

G H. Adshead, Esq. Fern Villas, 94, Bolton Road, Pendle- 
ton, Manchester. 

William Aldam, Esq. Frickley Hall, Doncaster. 
(c.) Right Hon. Earl Amherst, Montreal, Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Lindsey M. Aspland, Esq. LL.D. 4, Elm Court, Temple. 

Jonathan E. Backhouse, Esq. Darlingtou. 
J. E. Baer, Esq. Frankfort, 
(c.) John Eglington Bailey, Esq. F.S.A. Egerton Villa, Strctford, 

Franklin Bartlctt, Esq. 161, Nassau Street, New York. 
Wynne E. Baxter, Esq. F.R.G.S. 9, Laurence Pountncy Hill, 

Cannon Street. 


William Bethell, Esq. Eise, Hull 
(c.) John Birkbeck, Esq. Anley House, Settle, Yorkshire. 
William H. Bliss, Esq. 13, Via Gregoriana, Eome. 
William Jerdoiie Braikenridge, Esq. 16, Royal Crescent, 

Henry Thomas Brown, Esq. Eoodeye House, Chester. 
Eev. W. E. Buckley, Middleton Cheney Eectory, Banbury. 
Professor Montagu Burrows, Oxford. 

Frederick Caldwell, Esq. 4, Hanover Terrace, Eegent's Park. 
W. Henry Pole Carew, Esq. Anthony, Torpoint, Devonport. 
Hev. Henry A. Cartwright, M.A. Whitestaunton Eectory, 

Chard, Somerset. 
James J. Cartwright, Esq. M.A. F.S.A. (^Treasurer), Public 

Record Office, London. 
S. J. Chadwick, Esq. Knowle, Mirfield, Normanton. 
(c.) E. B. Cha]icellor, Esq. The Eetreat, Eichmond. 
(o.) William Chappell, Esq. F.S.A. 53, Upper Brook Street, 

Grosvenor Square. 
(C.) Right Eev. the Lord Bishop of Chester, Dee Side, Chester. 
Thomas Chorlton, Esq. 32, Brasenose Street, Manchester. 
Eight Hon. Lord Coleridge, 1, Sussex Gardens, Bayswater. 
Eobert Humphrey Cooke, Esq. F.R.C.S. 73, Church Street, 

Stoke Newington. 
His Honour Judge Cooke, M.A. Q.C. 42, Wimpole Street, W. 
(c.) Fred. Wm. Cosens, Esq. F.S.A. 7, Melbury Eoad, Ken- 
sington, W. 
Eight Hon. Earl Cowper, K.G. 8, Grosvenor Square. 
W. H. Crawford, Esq. Lakelands, Cork, 
(c.) George Cubitt, Esq. M.P. 123, St. George's Square, Pimlico. 

Thomas M. Dalton, Esq. L'idge Place, Hurst Green, Sussex. 
R. S. Longworth Dames, Esq. 21, Herbert Street, Dublin. 


Francis Robert Davies, Esq. Hawtliorn, Blackrock, Dublin. 

Rev. J. Silvester Davies, M.A. F.S.A. St. James's Vicarage, 
Enfield Highway. 
(C.) Right Hon. the Earl of Derby, K.G. 23, St. James's Square. 

Miss J. A. L. De Vaynes, 6, West Cliff Mansions, Ramsgate. 

His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, K.G. D.C.L. 78, Piccadilly. 

Sir C. Wentworth Dilke, Bart, 76, Sloane Street. 

C. E. Doble, Esq. 12, Park Crescent, Oxford. 

James E. Doyle, Esq. 54, Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale. 
(c.) Sir William R. Drake, F.S.A. 12, Prince's Gardens, S.W. 

Rev. Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth, M.A. F.S.A. Molash Vicai-- 

age, Ashford, Kent. 
John Evans, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead, 
(c.) John Leman Ewen, Esq. Southwold, Wangford, Suffolk. 

George Edward Eyre, Esq. M.A. F.S.A. 59, Lowndes Square. 

(c.) Right Hon. Lord Viscount Falmouth, 2, St. James's Square, 
(c.) Sir Walter R. Farquhar, Bart. 18, King Street, St. James's. 

Chas. Harding Firth, Esq. M.A. 33, Xorham Road, Oxford, 
(c.) John Lewis Ffytche, Esq. Thorpe Hall, Louth, 
(c.) Rev. William Fletcher, D.D. The Vicarage, Ulccby, Lincoln, 
(c.) Thomas William Fletcher, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. Lawneswood 
House, Stourbridge. 
Cyril Dudley Fortescue, Esq. Boconnoc, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. 
Francis F. Fox, Esq. Yate House, Chipping Sodbury, 

CO. Gloucester. 
J. J. Freeman, Esq. 2, Poets' Corner, S.W 
(^C.) Frederick J. Furnivall, Esq. M.A. LL.D. 3, St. George's 
Square, Primrose Hill, N.W. 


James Gairdner, Esq. {Secretary), Public Eecord Office, 

Kev. Robert B. Gardiner, 3, Gliddon Road, West Ken- 
sington, W. 

S. Rawson Gardiner, Esq. M.A. LL.D. {Director), South 
View, Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent. 

Rev. Francis Aidan Gasquet, St. Gregory's College, Down- 
side, Bath. 

Henry H. Gibbs, Esq. 15, Bishopsgate Street, E C. 

William Gilbert, Esq. The Close, Salisbury. 

William Bulkeley Glasse, Esq. Q.C. 35, York Place, Portman 
(c.) Henry Gough, Esq. Sandcroft, Redhill, Surrey. 

E. Leigh Grange, Esq. M.A. LL.M. Lansdowne House, Great 

Benjamin Wyatt Greenfield, Esq. 4, Cranbury Terrace, 

Miss Mai7 Grimston, 6, Foulis Terrace, Onslow Gardens, 


Edward Hailstone, Esq. F.S.A. Lond. & Scot., Walton Hall, 

Professor John W. Hales, M.A. 1, Oppidan's Road, Primrose 

Hill, N.W. 
William Douglas Hamilton, Esq. F.S.A. Public Record Office, 

(c.) Joseph Alfred Hardcastle, Esq. 54, Queen's Gate Terrace, S.W. 
H. H. Henson, Esq. All Souls College, Oxford. 
Henry Gay Hewlett, Esq. 6, Whitehall, S.W. 
(c.) Rev. Herbert Hill, M.A. The Master's Lodge, Lord Leycester's 

Hospital, Warwick. 
Rev. WilHam Hunt, 27, Glasbury Road, West Kensington, W. 

(c ) Rev. L. W. Jeffray, Wynlass Beck, Windermere. 


Rev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D. Scarning Rectory, East Dere- 
ham, Norfolk. 
James Jones, Esq. Stoneleigh Rosset, near Wrexham, 
(c.) Joseph Jones, Esq. Abberley Hall, Stourport, Worcestershire. 

WiUiam Kelly, Esq. F.S.A. Ivy Lodfire, Alexandra Road, 


W. N. Lawson, Esq. 6, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
F. de M. Leathes, Esq. 17, Tavistock Place, W.C. 
(c.) F. Kyffin LenthaU, Esq. F.S.A. 122, Mount Street, Grosvenor 

D. Lewis, Esq. Arundel, Sussex. 
Rev. Henry Richards Luard, D.D. 4, St. Peter's Terrace, 


(c.) David Mackinlay, Esq. 6, Great Western Terrace, HilUiead, 

D. J. Maclagan, Esq. 6, North St. David Street, Edinburgh. 
Sir John Maclean, F.S.A. Glasbury House, Richmond Hill, 

Clifton, Bristol. 
Alex. iMacmillan, Esq. F.S.A. 29, Bedford Street, Covent 

Garden, W.C. 
Robert Malcomson, Esq. Bennekerry Lodge, Carlow, Ireland. 
W. T. Marriott, Esq. Sandal Grange, Wakefield. 
Alfred Trice Martin, Esq. Clifton College, Clifton, Bristol. 
W. J. Mercer, Esq. 12, Marine Terrace, Margate. 
W. J. C. Moens, E.sq. Tweed, near Lymington. 


Professor Henry Morley, LL.D., University Hall, Grordon 

Square, W.C. 
Stuart A. Moore, Esq. F.S.A. 6, King's Bench Walk, Inner 

Temple, E.G. 
Jerom Murch, Esq. Cranwells, Bath. 

(c.) George Whitlock Nicholl, Esq. The Ham, Cowbridge, Gla- 

Eobert Cradock Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. F.R.G.S. 5, Sussex 
Place, Hyde Park. 

Francis Morgan Nichols, Esq. M.A. F.S.A. Lawford Hall, 
Manningtree, Essex. 
(c.) Rev. William L. Nichols, M.A. Woodlands House, neai* 

Martinus NihjofF, Esq. The Hague. 

Most Honourable the Marquis of Northampton, K.G., Castle 
Ashby, Northampton. 

Messrs. Nutt and Co. 270, Strand. 

Richard Oliverson, Esq. 37, Gloucester Square, Hyde Park, 
Rev. Sir Frederick A. Gore Ouseley, Bart. Mus. Doc. M.A. 
St. Michael's, Tenbury, Worcestershire, 
(c.) Rev. John Owen, East Anstey Rectory, North Devon. 

William Dunkeley Paine, Esq. Cockshot Hill, Reigate. 

Rev. Feilding Palmer, M.A. Eastcliffe, Chepstow. 

Messrs. James Parker and Co. Broad Street, Oxford, 
(c.) Anthony Parkin, Esq. Sharrow Bay, Penrith. 

R. J. H. Parkinson, Esq. Ravendale Hall, Grimsby 
(c; James Orchard Halliwell PhiUipps, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. Hoi- 
lingbury Copse, near Brighton. 


Rev. William Poole, M.A., Hcntlaiuls, near Ross. 
Right Hon. the Earl of Powis, LL.D. 45, Berkeley Square, 
(c; Osmond cle Beauvoir Priaulx, Esq. 8, Cavendish Square. 
S. E. Bouverie Pusey, Esq. Farringdon, Berks. 
Guy Pym, Esq, 35, Cranley Gardens, S.W. 

James Rae, Esq. 32, Phillimore Gardens, Kensington. 
Mrs. E. S. Reed, Hassness, Cockermouth. 
Henry Reeve, Esq. C.B. F.S.A. 62, Rutland Gate. 
Professor H. R. Reiehel, University College, Bangor. 
Walter Charles Renshaw, Esq. Q.C. 5, Stone l^uildings, 

Lincoln's Inn. 
(c.) Ralph Richardson, Esq. M.D. 10, Roland Gardens, South 

Robert Rigby, Esq., The Grove, Lawton, Stoke-upon-Trent. 
The Most Hon. the Marquess of Ripon, K.G. D.C.L. F.R.S. 

1, Carlton Gardens, S.W. 
J. Anderson Rose, Esq. 11, Salisbury Street, Strand, 
(c.) Right Hon. the Earl of Rosebery, Lansdowne House, Berkeley 

Henry Ross, Esq. Chestham Park, Henfield, Sussex. 
Joseph Carne Ross, Esq. Shian Lodge, Penzance. 

Tliomas Bush Saunders, Esq. M.A. Priory, Bradford-on- 

Avon, Wilts. 
S. R. Scargill-Bird, Esq. F.S.A. Public Record Office, 

R. M. Short, Esq. Imperial Villa, Great Malvern. 
F. S. Seebohm, Esq. Hitchin, Herts. 
(C.) Edward Simpson, Esq. Walton, Wakefield. 

Rev. W. P. Smith, 4, Christ's Church iioad. Wiiiehoster. 
(c.) Rev. William Sparrow Simpson, D.D. F.S.A. V, Amen 
Court, E.C. 


William Smytlie, Esq. Methven Castle, Perth. 

Samuel Spalding, Esq. 147, Drury Lane. 

R. B. Stewart, Esq. 11, Crown Terrace, Dowanhill, Glasgow. 

Robert Stoneham, Esq. 5, Pliilpot Lane. 

John Sykes, Esq. M.D. Doncaster. 

Messrs. Henry Stevens and Son, 115, St. Martin's Lane, W.C. 

Percy M. Thornton, Esq. Battersea Rise, Clapham Junction. 

MissAdelaide Thrupp, Merrow House, near Guildford. 

John Tolhurst, Esq. 60, Tooley Street, S.E. and Glenbrook, 

Beckenham, Kent. 
John Tomlinson, Esq. Polton Toft, Thorne Road, Doncaster. 
Geo. Montgomery Traherne, Esq. Coedriglan, Cardiff, 
K. I. Triibner, Esq. Strasburg. 

(c.) Sir Harry Verney, Bart. M.P. Claydon, Bucks. 

Right Hon the Earl of Verulam, F.R.G.S. Gorhambury, 
St. Albans. 

(c.) Henry Wagner, Esq. F.S.A. 13, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly. 

Edward Walmisley, Esq. 25, Abingdon Street, Westminster. 

Charles Walton, Esq. 22, Newington Butts, S.E. 
(c.) Henry. 0. Wakeman, Esq. All Souls College, Oxford, 
(c.) Right Hon. the Earl of Warwick, 1, Stable Yard, St. James's 

John Weld, Esq. Leagram Hall, Preston. 

Eugene R. Wethey, Esq. 31, Queen's Road, Manningham, 
Bradford, Yorkshire. 

Richard Henry Wood, Esq. F.S.A. Penrhos House, Rugby. 

Sir Albert W. Woods, Garter King of Ai-ms, F.S.A. 69, St. 
George's Road, Pimlico. 

Henry Workman, Esq. Great Hampton, Evesham. 


Aberdeen University. 
Belfast, Queen's College. 
Birmingliani Library. 

Free Library. 
Bolton Public Free Library. 
Bradford Subscription Library. 
Bristol Museum and Library (Bishop's 

Cambridge, Christ's College. 

King's College 

St. Catharine's College. 

St. John's College. 

Trinity College. 
Canterbury, Dean and Chapter Library. 
Cheltenham Permanent Library. 
Dublin, King's Inns Library. 

National Library of Ireland. 

Royal Irish Academy. 
Durham University. 
Edinburgh New Colleo-e. 


Library of the Writers to the Signet. 
Exeter, Devon and Exeter Institution. 
Glasgow University Library. 

Mitchell Library. 
Hull Subscription Library. 
Leeds Library. 

Public Libraries. 
Leicester Free Library. 
Liverpool Free Library. 

London : — 

Athenaeum Club. 

Bank of England. 

City of London (Guildliull). 

Gray's Inn. 

House of Commons. 

Inner Temnle. 

]\Iiddle Teinplc. 

Lambeth Library. 

Law Institution. 

Lincoln's Iim. 

London Institution. 

London Library. 

London University. 

Middle Teni])le. 

National Portrait Gallery. 

New University Club. 

Oxford and Cambridge Club. 

Peform Club. 

Royal Historical Society 

Royal Institution. 

St. Paul's Cathedral Library. 

Science and Art Dc]iartnu'nt, 
South Kensington. 

Sion Colh'ge Library. 
Manchostor, Clict ham's Iiil)rary. 

Free Library. 

Owen's Colh'go. 
Newcasth'-(»n-Tyne Literary and I'lii- 
losoj)hical Society. 



Norwich, Dean and Chapter Library. 
Norfolk and Norwich Library. 
Nottingham Free Public Libraries. 
Oxford, All Souls College. 

Balliol College. 

Merton College. 

Queen's College. 

St. John's College. 

Union Society. 

Preston Library (Dr. Shepherd's) 
Rochdale Free Public Library. 
Rugby, Temple Reading Room. 
St. Andrew's University. 
Sheffield Free Library. 
Stonyhurst College. 

Warwick, Warwickshire Natural His- 
tory and Archajological Society. 
Windsor, Royal Librarv. 

Adelaide Public Library. 
Baltimore Peabody Institute. 
Berlin, Bibliothek des Deutschen Reichs- 

Royal Library. 
Boston (U.S.) Athenseum. 

Free Library. 
Breslau University Library. 
Chicago Public Library. 
Connecticut, Watkinson Library. 
Copenhagen Royal Library. 
Cornell University. 
Gottingen University. 
Greifswald University. 
Hamburg City Library. 
Heidelberg University. 
Konigsberg Royal Library. 
Marburg University. 

Massachusetts, Harvard College. 

Wellesley College. 
Melbourne Public Library. 
Michigan University. 
Miinich Royal Library. 
New York, Astor Library. 

Brooklyn Library. 

State Library. 

Young Men's Christian Associa- 
Paris, National Library. 
Philadelphia Library Company. 
St. Louis Mercantile Library. 
Sydney Free Library. 
Tiibingen University Library. 
Vienna Imperial Library. 
Washington, Congress Library. 
Yale College. 

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